iRick Wiggins is a keto influencer who shares about this lifestyle on his Instagram and Tik Tok pages.

"I never thought about health; my mindset was just so far removed from the idea that food determines how you feel."



"I think that's why keto resonated with me. Because it was kind of counter-culture, like what was popular. But at the same time, it was the idea that I was proving myself wrong. I believed I couldn't get healthy, and I found something that worked."


Allison 0:14
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Baldo 3:01
So all right, so welcome to the How Do You Health? Podcast. Friday afternoon. Now we have a great morning, earlier today. And today, this afternoon, We're talking to Greg Wiggins. He's a keto influencer. And we're going to talk things about keto. We're gonna

talk about health as objects. Next up I talked about classical time is so I'm sure we're going to connect on that. And then there's those vitamins. Gregory got a nice little shout out today. So we're gonna talk about that. But here we go. So let's get the party started. So before we were jumping onto recording, you're talking about positivity, which I love this subject, right. You're in the health and wellness world, right. And it's funny because we met through another health and wellness person book and it was on here a couple weeks ago.

Jon Mendoza 3:54
Yeah, and it's interesting because you're the health of all this growth but you're more than food. Right? Like you lead with keto right you say your keto but you were telling me like she knows half her story. Yeah, right. So how did you get into health and wellness in general?

iRick Wiggins 4:09
So it started out with just my personal health journey I guess go from the very beginning Yeah, I was overweight my whole life never like obese or anything but just like the chubby kid like my new thing this week.

So I'm just not good like I just like mac and cheese pizza rolls, so I like it was whatever it was like nuggets, chocolate

Jon Mendoza 4:46
dunkaroos too and all that stuff.

iRick Wiggins 4:51
So just saying like my whole life just eating whatever I wanted. Just being overweight. Didn't think I have like controller for But I just didn't believe it was possible for me to get healthy. And I can't like one time when I was

Baldo 5:06
doing it realize that you were unhealthy.

iRick Wiggins 5:10
I was gonna convincing myself that I just looked, I was like, like the whole big thing. Like, I was like, I just look kinda, I never thought about health, like, the mindset was just so far removed from the idea that food determine like how you feel, but just didn't come on to me to like later I started getting on the podcast, just listening to stuff about like, just health in general. And I was like, wait, so you're saying, if I use types of foods, I could actually like feel like better. So I learned about that. I'm like, oh, let's try this. So it gets to a point where I'm like, probably eating macaroni. I'm so overweight, I'm at my heaviest 40. And, but I started drinking like green smoothies. When avocados, peanut butter and celery smoothies and drink enough, I started eating salads. But at that point, I'm not really losing weight or trying to lose weight. I'm just like thinking like, if I eat healthy foods, I might feel better. Why not? And I feel better. And it's like, oh, there might be something here. And then like from there, I heard about keto, which was like, you don't have to count calories. You don't have to make yourself feel hungry. You just watch your carbs, cut out the bread, the sugar, all that. And then might just end up losing weight. And so I'm like, let's give it a try. Because if I cut up the freedoms to 39 eggs, it's like, let's see what happens. So I did it over a two year period. I was like 80 pounds, the healthiest I've ever been. And kind of like this actually works, what the hell and and I wasn't the cleanest I was still feedings, I would go through phases of like, I would eat like cloves of garlic and like just crazy stuff like where the health benefits but I'm also good like McDonald's. Sounds like half and half. Yeah. And then like, I like a favorite. I think eggs are like a six out of 10. On a scale. Yeah, I just like the idea of like, you could have 39 eggs, it's like, don't have to ever feel deprived. Like if you're hungry, there's always something you can eat. And I think the same mindset applies to anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle. Like say you're plant based or whatever. Just you have the balance, eat as many carrots as you want as many stocks and celery as you want. I think just giving people that freedom of like, knowing that you never have to totally deprive yourself of like the ability to eat seems to work for my type of mindset, because it's like, when I'm hungry.

Baldo 8:02
why there's so much noise What are you doing it for yourself? I can't do that.

iRick Wiggins 8:07
Exactly. Literally, yes. My entire mindset like I I just know, that's how my brain works is like as soon as something's forbidden. It's like, oh, now is now really going to do it. Yeah, yeah.

Jon Mendoza 8:26
Yeah, that is true. Actually. That's funny. Well, ball, his mindset is like, you can't tell me that I can't because I'm going to prove you wrong. Right. So did you have some kind of that like, like, you're not gonna tell me what to eat? Because I'm gonna do what I want.

iRick Wiggins 8:39
Yeah, I think that's why keto resonated with me, because it was kind of counterculture. Like, what was popular. But then at the same time, it was like, it was like, the idea that like, I was, I was proving myself wrong. Like, I believed I couldn't get healthy. And I found something that worked. And it's like, oh, like, I've spent my entire life telling myself, I'll never get healthy. Now, it's like, not really going to do it. And then I just can't, I still can't believe it worked. But I just remember the mindset of being totally helpless. Like, I would like try to go for a run. And I would go on, like, one runs on like, five years. And I just would be like, This is hard. This is I learned about the mental health benefits of exercise. That seems to be a common theme for my health journey is like, I want to get healthier, I want to like look better or whatever. But whenever I learned about like the mental health benefits side of it, that's what I like. And they want to like actually attempt it, and feel more compelled to do it. And then I learned about my coach workouts, you're actually like, hacking your brain into happiness. So now my addiction to working out like I hate having to take days off, but I just I probably run too much to the point where it's like magic. You know, and yeah, that's just like

Jon Mendoza 10:03
Back to like, how did it start? Well, that's gonna say like, it's funny, because you're kind of segue into the next part is that you had this journey just like everyone found out more about myself. This works for me, no one told me about it. I want to explore more and learn more about it. I accepted, this is part of my lifestyle. But you mentioned something interesting that I know you want to talk about is the mental wellness aspect. So you say your positivity, right? Like, that's really what you lead with, right? You say, I'm not keto, a positive, like, that's a positive mindset, it happens to me that my outlet is health. And the way I get healthy is I eat this way. And that fuels my health was was my lifestyle that I desire, which makes me happy. In that sense, I only do this to make myself happier. So if everyone basically just went with the mindset of, if I'm gonna get from A to Z, I need to have a game plan. Right? Most people say, Well, I don't know what the game plan is, I just want to be there was like, well just believe it'll happen. And you'll get there. Be kinda like, I want to have steps. I want to have a game plan. Right? So it is, because I like the steps. Whenever as several notes.

Unknown Speaker 11:15
It's just

Jon Mendoza 11:17
it was the reward thing, right? Because I think, I don't know who brought up maybe it was someone else's said like, well, when it gets there, like, is that a satisfaction that you're looking for? Because what's the end goal is that you say like, it's not about money. Right? It's just to make money, you can make money, Lucky figure out a way to do that, right? Is that what makes you happy? What makes you happy?

iRick Wiggins 11:43
My surgeon said, I don't even like enjoy that. But I think doing things that you know are good for you is like a shortcut to happiness, right? And it's like, people, you have to get accustomed to that activity before you really feel the benefits. It's like, you take somebody who's never worked out before and say, let's work out this week, you're gonna feel happy, they're not going to feel happy, because it's like, you're still getting used to the process of it. Once it sticks and becomes a routine. It's like, now these things that you don't look forward to, you know, that it's it's so much more fulfilling, rather, like just a pleasure. And that's like, the path to happiness is like taking steps towards fulfillment that aren't always comfortable.

Jon Mendoza 12:34
I love that, because fulfillment is a different type of satisfaction. Right? You have to be satisfied. Because think about a person who needs a meal. They are looking forward to my favorite dinner all week. I ate it. I feel happy. Do you really feel happy? Is that really what the result was? Right? Because what will happen is, you ask someone, especially with like, here in Texas, you're Mexican, right? People gloves into they feel miserable. They're eating and so they body says that was too much food. And then something goes off in their mind that says now. Yeah, that's so odd. Because now you're like, I have 10 cans of sardines. It was probably 300 calories. And I'm super happy. Like, I'm so happy. I feel bloated. I'm not tired. I feel full. I feel like the workout here. And I'm not slowing down.

iRick Wiggins 13:27
Yeah, exactly. It's what it's what do you want? It's like I said, I've been saying this a lot lately during my lives is a lot of times we think like this, like the half project. But like, do you really want that? Because you know what comes with that? It's like, do you want to be passively equate your energy, your time you and your brains have just like short circuit randomly throughout the day. Because if those aren't the things you want, then I don't think you actually want you actually want to do so it's like, like finding happiness is really about realizing a lot of the things we want our athletes father, the father, he was like the cause and effect of like, Okay, I have this thing that I think I want. And then I'll be like, like you said earlier if I can do for 10 days, what's gonna happen to my body? It's like, if you just follow the results from doing what you think you want, you realize, Oh, this actually is

Unknown Speaker 14:41
what I do want I can be

Baldo 14:45
okay, but also nobody can pretend like at all to make a difference and see the journal the difference? Because I think you choose. It's not even a choice.

iRick Wiggins 14:59
Yeah thing is

Baldo 15:00
a lot of times you can just don't even take the time. You know, I told you,

Katie, which again,

Unknown Speaker 15:10
she just did a four day class recently. And like, her biggest thing, her biggest takeaway, which I kind of told you that this is probably what your takeaway from it was like, I realized that a lot of times I just just because I just like food.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
I also realize that because I just do some salsa.

Unknown Speaker 15:31
Sometimes it's like a, like a electrolyte imbalance. It's not really 100 patient. Yeah. And it's like, and I also realized that I wasn't hungry. Yeah, I don't know. It's just like, yeah, like those are those are all the things that that that I always like to talk about. Because it's crazy now because Alice, she's on the other side of her first lashes. Like I realize.

Unknown Speaker 15:57
Like, it's just an excuse, just because I feel more like habituated to

Jon Mendoza 16:06
eat a lot. Like you said, the Mexican border with Mexico probably happens. It's like, it'll get the seconds that you give up. You don't love because you didn't eat all my food. So here's this connection to emotion, right? The idea is that if you celebrate How do people celebrate a big way, high five, someone should go run six miles. If you say I'm going to go page, I'm going to like I deserve this shit, right? And it's kind of like what you said before about, even like, today's like, I would ask why do you eat today's Academy in a row? Like why? Why do you do that yourself? What was the result there? Well, I would celebrate that I've succeeded doing this cool. Is that going to make you feel better after you celebrate? Because I would celebrate and maybe think like crying is a great release. To me that's more therapeutic and beneficial, actually all the positive benefits of doing 10 days crying a row, but yet goes back to the negative connotations of a crying child. You could make yourself cry two days in a row. What kind of effort does it take to get those emotions to come up? Because think about food. we're lazy, right? Who gives us these pleasures, sensations, tastebuds and these ideas, and it's very easy. All of us open our mouth and shoot. But then it's like, what is the feeling? Describe it the JT movies you're eating right now what is it? Like when those flavors hit you now? It's your fork. It's orgasmic. It's like there's a party going in my mouth. It was fine. That's essentially what it is. I'm saying Why do you feel that when you chocolate? Why don't you feel that way? Well, my mom didn't grow up raised broccoli for me. She raised me this chocolate chip cookie. I used to love all the time she painted all my birthdays. Oh, that's what she hears, celebrate. Because you want to feel that sensation of that love. You ask your parents when you were younger. people consume more because they were mortified to eat your feelings, or feelings? Or am I going to be happy to get back to that board is stressful. I'm stressed, I don't know how to compensate. All I know is if I eat this is gonna be a sugar high or crash and dopamine response. I'll feel good. I'll work out the crash later, was created because I have a lot of recipes in my family. They never really

Unknown Speaker 18:28
cooked the way I was like, and it wasn't

Baldo 18:33
like it didn't get me there somehow evolved to more and healthier versions of salsa. It's fantastic, right? But it's something that I just had to learn because we know there's things that weren't all that great. But it's just like, it's more about the sensation that we're talking about the precipitation sensation of sensing. What's going on besides just the first thing? Well, I would like to evaluate because I mean, you said you started off as a recipe page. So let's say for example, you make a meal. And you're like, Alright, I'm gonna take a photo of this video this I'm gonna chat about this. What's going through your mind, you're looking at the food, you're preparing, like before you eat, like what's going through your mind.

iRick Wiggins 19:22
It's it's anticipation of pleasure. And then it's also thinking there's a lot of people right now who think that keto is boring. They're gonna see this and be like, Oh, I could have that. You know, you make them simple. Right is the

Baldo 19:44
last one. The last one I saw was just some cheese, some grumpy design. Just a little pity for triangles. Yes, Yep,

iRick Wiggins 19:52
exactly. Yeah, that's easy. Yeah, people don't realize how easy But like, for any health journey, and it's like, we like listening, there's a card for her there's a keto recipe or a healthy recipe for everything great, except a few things except like McDonald's fries or not gonna, like I've tried it with like every like root vegetable, whatever, it's not going to happen. But there's pretty much every, there's something you can make as a healthy version of whatever you grade in. A lot of people don't realize that. So like, when, when I first started keto, my entire first year, I ate a lot of like, boneless burgers, toppings off pizza, like really like not food at all. But I've stopped, that's what you ate. I was like, going just like, don't eat the bread off of the burger. But then it's like, I start learning about like, not like, I'm actually going to get into cooking and stuff. And, and then I realize I don't like baking, but I like simple recipes. So I just started by saying I'm pretty creative, like all this like Big Cheese that turns into chips. You take vegetables, and you put them in almond or coconut oil. And they actually taste good. And it's like compared to like, when you just like boil them or something.

Baldo 21:16
Yeah. Plus, you're taking away all the features. Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 21:21
Yeah. But it still takes a whole approach to like, are turning our attention towards nutrition upside down, like the idea that fat was the basis of your meals. keto, is unheard of. Because 10 years ago, that was not the case. It was still grains. There's still bread sugar, like essentially sugars as your meals, carbs. 65% carbs. Now we're saying no fat, imagine 65% your diverse fat? Yeah. Would you be healthier? You said yes. Your prime example. Which is that why I think it's incredible that we are all in oil. sardines, right? We have surgeons all the time. And what I eat food now, when I'm preparing food, as house is going to help my body. And I think the cookie brings a whole nother dynamic to being in tune with your body and the connection and what you put in it. Like, if you go to a fast food restaurant. The prep time is Neil. Because I'm thinking I don't have time to think about what I want. Give me something just stuff in my mouth right now. There's all my faces. Nobody in the parking lot. Yeah, I got something else I got to think about. So think about those times up. And you're not even tasting your food and sustenance. Which is counterintuitive. Because I hear you thinking about all that. And he just like stuffing, joy. But imagine, though, you say okay, well, is that a bad or good thing? I don't know if it's a bad thing. Because imagine, if you say why don't you start eating are very healthy. I mean, they're not tasty. But I'm going to eat them because I need to get some nutrients in my body. So what we'll do is like I was leaving office to who still has lunch. Like I don't have time to sit for hours, it was just like, because I think I go outside. And I eat a can of sardines, and all caught me 12 mercados. And that took me what 510 minutes for it to have this whole preparation, right. I like to cook but actually cook a bolo. That's hard to create, right, you get to create, you're creating the snack jacket to create for thousands of people. Right? And so your fulfillment is probably different.

iRick Wiggins 23:34
Right? It is. How do you do it?

Baldo 23:39

Unknown Speaker 23:46
someone else will

iRick Wiggins 23:47
write Yeah, yeah, I don't. I'm good at not identifying with anything. I'm pretty decent. I don't know where it comes from. But I'm just like, well,

Unknown Speaker 24:01
if someone bothers you, mainly from like, I wish I could just throw it away

Unknown Speaker 24:07
from that, because I want to do it already. At that point. I already know what I want to change my life is that you saying you don't like the food because most everything I've eat produce pretty good. Yeah, there's times that which is which is great. Because there's been times and on the capital grant. And I mean, I wouldn't I wish I could, like reverse it maybe and then redo it again, because I already haven't.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
But I thought this is amazing.

Unknown Speaker 24:40

Jon Mendoza 24:42
But what I learned is an analysis of people to try and push people. Why that matches you with you. Like you were putting this stuff out. You said Well, I'm going to do live TV now. Right? I no one ever saw something feels awesome. Like you took off moreso you were abstracting that?

iRick Wiggins 25:01
I didn't know what's gonna happen, right? I was like, Oh, I actually like this.

Jon Mendoza 25:06
Yeah. Why are you just?

So what's the difference?

iRick Wiggins 25:15
It feels more like I'm out with people. It is a live stream. It's not a live stream that has a huge audience audiences like, they see the recipes on this, whatever. Live Stream is not that many people. So it's really like I can get through every live stream. And sometimes there's, like November, December whenever I talk about these live streams, and basically I've been ever since I started when I was in the kitchen. Like my way I used to go live at nature bars and stuff. So now I have trouble getting through all the comments, but it still feels like, man like this is like a it's a combination of our friends. But it's also like I'm sharing valuable information that could change someone's life. And I had never thought about this education.

Unknown Speaker 26:06

Jon Mendoza 26:09
That's cool. We just have to emphasize and why do you feel that?

iRick Wiggins 26:13
way? What if your wife changed someone's life? Oh, because people overcomplicate things in the brain. But when I just say it, and like the app, just a very simple person under General. And whenever I could just say it with how I think about you, like, Oh, I don't have to track every time you macro, and you always pick overcomplicating things. It's like, always something like you have such a chill the first check. And it's like, yeah, I can just do what I have. In my cart.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
From there.

Jon Mendoza 26:48
Okay, another question. So, when you're doing the live, people they're asking you, I'm sure the last very question, right? Like, hey, if you're dealing with this, what do you suggest for this? Right? I don't know. I'm not. I can't give you advice on that. Yeah, exactly. Like, but you hear it enough. It's a trend, like people keep asking about this seems to be the hot topic. Logic. Right? Yeah. I'm curious, though, because they're looking at you for more than just food advice. By you changing the way the food, they're changing their mindset on life. Right? Because food is a source of that's all food is we just glorified a passion project, right? But he basically said, Look, this is how I function. I want to make it taste good. And I don't like to cook. So it's very easy for me to do it this approach. You show a person outreach, you teach them health. So that's what you're dealing with. You're a teacher of health. Right? That's what what is it to you, as far as we talk about, you can't just talk about food all the time, we do talk about other things.

iRick Wiggins 28:03
When I was moving to Austin, I've just talked about the process of I got yesterday after this picture was submitted. So it's kind of like I'm just like, I've transferred from like, we're talking about, just like, I'm sorry.

Jon Mendoza 28:24

iRick Wiggins 28:28
And I messaged back and forth. Like, there's probably a lot of people struggle with losing weight at a pace that everybody must lose weight today. And I really describe it. lexical sets that is half a pound. Half a person. Yeah, exactly. And once I guess someone tells you're saying that we're in this for the long journey for health. And it's like, that becomes like the corner. And like, it's just like such a malware. It feels so good. Because like, I can't get to every question. So when I'm in the live stream, there's other companies that will answer questions. And it's like, you just become like, if I'm just induced.

Jon Mendoza 29:27
Yeah, but she stood up and said, here's my voice, or you feel like your representation piece

iRick Wiggins 29:32
out. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:34
That's cool.

Baldo 29:36
So how do you approach because I'm sure you can

iRick Wiggins 29:47
use way slower.

Jon Mendoza 29:53
I love it. You know if you would like to explain it myself. That's the best way I've ever heard

iRick Wiggins 29:58
you. Could you get that question? Right, every day, yeah.

Jon Mendoza 30:03
And they're like how many carbs is right for a while, man, you're gonna lose weight.

iRick Wiggins 30:08
It's still the same 25 to 30. If you're guessing, probably standard 15, because you're messing up, give yourself too much. And it's like, it's like distributions. That's like counting ketosis. And it's like, Alright, let's work on the sleep. stress. Let's see if that helps. And if that doesn't help, it's like, let's work on fasting. That doesn't help. It's like, let's try to sit mostly Whole Foods instead of all these like, it was like, that doesn't work. All right? Men calories. It's like, that's the hardest thing to say. Because I feel. But it's like that might have to. But I don't think that's the case for 90% of people.

Baldo 30:58
Yeah, you want more? Because at that point, it's probably one of

your answers. Yeah. That was, I guess.

iRick Wiggins 31:14
And it's also they've tried everything I told them in a week. But the way sales went down, it's like, man, we try everything I said for like a year. Yeah, the person, the person is willing to spend three years other health journey is the person who gets Silikal. In one year, the person who has to get to their goal in three months, never gets to the goal. Like maybe they do if they're like, David Goggins level of discipline, just like, can come in their self to do. Yeah, but the average person, if you embrace patience, which says, she could, like, Oh, I can. Because like, a lot of you misinterpret, patience is like, Oh, I have three years to get to my goal. So if I have the McDonald's today, it's not gonna throw me off. But it's like, when you have three years five, what's your choices stuff today? You know, it's like, you also have to forgive yourself and you have. That's the first essay when people say he did this. First step, they say, How do I get back into ketosis achievement as they forgive yourself, you get stressing over it, it's going to send you into a downward spiral. It's just going to make you eat more carbs, you're just gonna keep just re entering the cycle, if you can give yourself side of it. And you're able to now, like a kid that I bought myself into self love. That's I'm gonna get back on track. Never get back on track. Listen. I can't stick like yourself talk is prophecy. So she on Friday, and on Saturday, you're saying, Man, I'm so terrible. I suck. Your subconscious. It's like, oh, you're terrible. We suck. Let's go. Like, that's really good. Yeah, seven weeks later, a very big lesson. And you're asking me like, yo, quarantine me off track, what do I do get back in. So let's start with self love. In my second book, or really my third book now. What I'm working on today is Scott is I don't know the exact title, it's going to be like related to keto and self love. Because it's like, that is where it all starts. It's like it's going to be like a daily affirmation. And it's all going to be centered around like loving yourself is more like eating healthy is the ultimate form of loving yourself. Because if you want to take care of yourself, can't do it by saying, I hate my body. Yeah. That's awesome.

Baldo 33:56
I love that. I love everything. Yeah,

Jon Mendoza 33:59

Baldo 34:00
The one thing I always say, like the self, which sets up

your brain.

iRick Wiggins 34:09

Baldo 34:09
your brain wants to be right one wants to be successful.

Oh, yes. Yeah, I can't. Because

our brains are so involved in its its its goal is not to

iRick Wiggins 34:30
survive. Yeah.

Baldo 34:36
That's right.

Jon Mendoza 34:38
Yeah, yeah. And I it's, it's part of the adaptation. Right. And when you do food as a means of survival, you're approaching to so like, people who were hunter gatherers back in the day, the women were gathering all the berries what people forget is that Yeah, man laughs look at the food, but they come home with food all the time. Yeah, this place Many times they did. And so they come home in advance. It wasn't me. But at the same time, that was the only reason like they could have come back with technology. Well, yeah, it wasn't. So so it wasn't like, there's bad food. And there's, there's just food that just happened to, right. So so that's easy to get into, like, obstacle good food. And just because we have so many options now, our brains are trained graceling Actually, I food Well, back in the day was just like, there wasn't like, how do I pick the right? You know, it's just like you just pick food. But it's just the status. Yeah. Right. Because it's more of like, look at how much food I can waste rather than look at how much I can consume. Right? It's like, yeah, just give me a bounty. Effective smorgasbord. You know, there's only there's always bad, you know, buffets and all that. Like, when is buffet a fake? Like, you don't need to eat four plates of a meal. Right? But the whole idea is like, look how, look how well my family's doing wiki, whatever we give scraps to the dog will never, ever there was a period of being like fat status. For too long. Yeah. It's just incredible. Because it's kind of a status thing. We've always talked about how

Unknown Speaker 36:20
like, not like, it was like, Oh, we have money, or we're gonna splurge on

Jon Mendoza 36:25
like. And that was a thing because my parents grew up rock side tracks in robot farm, my dad used to see organic food was in the back and pick it up by the ground. And then we grabbed the chicken, rake it by the neck, feathers off, we had organic chicken into us. We're like, yeah, that's barbaric. I'm like, No, that's where your food comes from. Yeah, that's what happened. So if you really want to look at saying, okay, what's the disconnected calf? The idea is that we don't even know the source of our food. Because we don't have time to learn about it. Look up soils been shipped for the last hundred years. It's we have 70 years of farming left. And that doesn't scare the bejesus out of humans, like, gee, really care about other people around you? Because the truth is, we don't have a food problem. We have a waste problem, at least in America, though the rest of the world. People like what do you need, you have a bunch of fat people walking around, you just don't eat food, you see precisely what the hell is supersize, like, what are sodas? You know, like, it's so it's like, man, we're so we're so lucky to have what everyone has to suppose. But then it's like, what is it that we really need? Right? You have too much of this, you don't have enough of that. And yet we have this huge shame that comes with, you know, one of the talks lately is I can't afford organic minorities can't afford organic gold, which shamed me to say nasty resort, where the conversation is notes, just understand where your foods coming from, understand that the food in your body affects you. Right? And what if it wasn't that we emphasize the idea that we said, eat like you're trying to prevent diabetes? What if you ate like, you're really trying to keep your mental wellness on point? Because it is more ideal. People's stress dictates what if I'm stressed, I make poor decisions? Using gateway to this panic? Right? For as long as I did. I have a lot of friends today, most of your friends by two and you're like, why would I gain weight when it's stressful outside? Yeah. But most people don't see it that way. So let's get into that. So your mindset SP so I want you to leave or uncomfortable with yourself. If you're not comfortable with limar. You won't ever except for really what should so go to the positive mindset say, okay, someone comes to you. They don't lose weight. They try to they try this workout. Is there a certain point where you're like, there's a mental aspect of this condition.

Allison 38:52
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iRick Wiggins 39:38
Yeah, yeah, I think it comes down to what you actually want. What is your purpose in life? How do you get there? And then it's like, are you taking the steps towards getting there? And like you said, a lot of people get stressed out. But what if what you're doing could prevent the stress from happening in the first place? They will just tell people like, there's a different way to do this. And the way you're feeling right now, is the result of that entire view, but a percentage of how you feel. And why do you feel helpless is from the beauty the eating? So let's say you start eating healthier, you start eating different foods and personalities actually going to change. Like it all starts in the gut, your second brain, whatever, it's like,

Baldo 40:32
your will you make more serotonin in your brain?

iRick Wiggins 40:37
Yeah, like 90%, right? Yeah.

Baldo 40:40
And some people have forgotten.

your gut, actually is formed first, like, whenever you do B.

iRick Wiggins 40:52
That's your first.

Baldo 40:56
Which is interesting. Yeah,

iRick Wiggins 40:58
yeah. Like

Jon Mendoza 41:01
you mentioned, serotonin. nurturance. By default, you've ever learned that? You understand food so much better.

Baldo 41:12
So much happier.

iRick Wiggins 41:14
More. It's like, how do you guys? It's like, what I don't like kimchi. I really don't like it. And it's like, I know.

Jon Mendoza 41:26
That's crazy, though. Because you don't most people either listen to like I would. Why would I eat something that I

iRick Wiggins 41:32
don't like? If I go on a run? I feel so good afterwards. Yeah, but I don't know what that feels like. Exactly. So how do you

Jon Mendoza 41:43
convince someone, it's like, you're going

iRick Wiggins 41:44
to feel amazing. Oh, it's baby steps. It's let's take the top button off your burger, you can still eat the fries. Let's just take the top button off. And you'll be left with one piece of bread. And then it's like, I did that for a week next week that's like the half of your fries, and also decides that you actually need more volume of food. But like you're not, you're just taking the most tiny steps. And then a year later, it's like, Oh, damn, like I'm eating the salad for much. I never thought I could do that. I know. And it's like, it's like, what if you told someone to go on a one minute walk every day for an increase of IgM every week. It's like the most cliche thing ever. But it's like, what happens in a year, you're walking an hour a day. Now, for some people, that's not even an option. Like they don't believe they can do that. Yeah. But if for one minute, you just walk to the kitchen. And that doesn't mean it's like, you can break things. And that's like the root of psychology, right is like just break things down to the most impossible thing to not do. It's like it's impossible to not walk for a day. So you just break them down to like the tiniest level. And someone's not willing to change. You just start them. They're so hurt. And then you celebrate it. And it's like the thing it's like to feel good about it. A lot of people see me doing whatever. And I tell them the baby step into and I'm like you hit a 200 carbs a day. And they're like, but that's not enough. I don't feel good about that. Like, how many cards Did you have yesterday, it's like 400, it's like, but if you're doing twice as good as you did yesterday, if we go with some circuit cards, and a

Unknown Speaker 43:30
celebration is very important. It's crazy, you're smashing the fastest way to create new

iRick Wiggins 43:35
neural pathways. If you read tiny habits or atomic habits, even as they they explained the exact science of why that is the case. And it's amazing. It's everything I've known worked, explained in like the actual like, references of like, the things you intuitively know if you're on this. Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 43:55
But we wouldn't have been able to realize that you're on that path. Like, let's say, maybe it was like how do you know that you're on the right path? Right? You need to check you need validation. Right? I think why measurements like Judy correct. Weight Watchers has always worked because he checked. He was checking with you. There's kind of this like, this expectation that if I'm not aware, I need to be out failing. No. Like you said before, eight women lose weight as a story. Just accept it. Okay, cool with that, Matthew, give a heads up say, Hey, this is gonna be a difficult growth. This isn't going to be 30 days, this is going to be like a year. What if losing weight and planning things out for next year? Right. If you give people that expectation, they tend to not be disappointed if they're not getting the results they need because then maybe they're like, you know what? We need to troubleshoot. Yeah, it's not working right now. I'm on the wrong and there's been times people come in. It's not working. Everything you told me. I'm doing. It's not it's your fault. Almost like what do you mean? I I told you this works for everyone else in this troubleshoot What seems to be the problem. It uses die like it's always dying. Ah, you're right. I've been eating super clean. But then on the weekends, I cannot do this. I'm like, okay, we can't do that. If you want to get there, understand this is what she looks like on the meals, let's say shit on the weekend. But you see,

you don't want to reach your metabolism. What is your cheat?

iRick Wiggins 45:25
Yeah, that makes so many big differences for me. Yeah, my first year. He did. I felt terrible for three days, or four days. And it was a cycle in my second and third year. So it is. In my fourth year of keto, I hit a 60 day period where I didn't cheat. And I was like, it's time today now.

Jon Mendoza 45:52
I have felt like what is good? Yeah.

iRick Wiggins 45:57
Like, I like it. Like the reason I did it. It came down to it also, I recently started lifting or whatever. And I kind of messed up my shoulder. And I was like, Mother's Day, it's been two months since my last sheet. And I was like, I read a pros and cons list of what if I cheat? And there were just too many things, or too many cons to it. And one of them was I was like, I don't I want my shoulder to get better and start looking again. So I was like, Well, if I cheat. Like I think writing down for some of us could have saved me. I don't know if it would have stopped my first year because my first year I was crazy. Yeah. But I guarantee it goes to the second and third year I could have interrupted them. He doesn't deserve anything of life. What actually happens in English? Anyone know what is going to happen? It's like, you start associating that with like a, like a musician that's like that, again, when they have a feeling I have is much smarter, just like I'm going to eat. like sweet potatoes. My cheap. It's more like McDonald's. fries, chicken nuggets. Eight sizes. It's our last possible in the subway, because it seems to have later on in the day. I'm also going to talk about, I'm also going to Walmart to get a tub of ice cream. And that's going to be what you did. That's incredible. That's a lot

Jon Mendoza 47:33
of effort right there.

iRick Wiggins 47:36
It was expensive to Yeah, it was like about probably 50 or 60 bucks. We're probably more honestly, it's like we do that every week. It's just like, the way it's unnecessary. Let me ask

Jon Mendoza 47:48
you this. Do you? I know you mentioned earlier you get to do keto. At like eat the same food you love. Do you still like eating? like chocolate ice cream? Pizza? Do you still get to do that? Yeah, all day, all day. Just do

iRick Wiggins 48:05
a keto style. Well, I have one huge meal. That's not pleasure.

Jon Mendoza 48:11
So each day, how about Mark? Yeah, that's cool. Meal looks like what?

iRick Wiggins 48:18
Last night it was like I took this like mixed in a particular bread. And I made like a BLT with a with Turkey picture on it. Something like I don't, I don't usually do Mayo, because I know that sort of on manor house. But for the sake of the picture I want to get from this episode. So I saw that but it's like that's like an example. Another example could be like probably the entire chicken recipes. You say like chicken cheese. pepperoni. Pregnant like it, but it's like, so good. And I think at a certain point, you're about

Baldo 49:05
it kicks it out. Right? Like it's almost like,

Jon Mendoza 49:08
Well, I think you should like you said you allow yourself you have to really have a relationship with foods worth allow yourself to enjoy those things. Because if you say I want pizza, eat pizza, just eat it very differently than what you used to write like, lots of pizzas down the road, since it's tomatoes, so there's times I'll get it put all at once. That's meal sauce. Yeah, I'm like this pert. Like I still have my pizza because most of the everyone thinks I'm being they asked for the two because he has he eats sometimes and they're like, what do you like? Like you eat super healthy all the time? And he's like, Yeah, I do but I still eat barbacoa tacos. You know I have my coffee and just don't put cream in it. You know I don't you know put like cheese all over my tacos when I do corporate videos. Right? See if the chips if we can go so it's I love ice cream. I have a sweet tooth. So I have to have chocolate or sugar. I just, I only Hershey's chocolate bars. Yeah, I can't do that. Because if I eat my stomach

iRick Wiggins 50:08
hurts, it was like, would you really want to feel good?

Jon Mendoza 50:12
Right? Can I want to feel good. So if I eat this, it doesn't make me feel good. Then I stay away from it. And I've noticed that true that my pal is James Webb like, I don't crave the same foods I use. Great when you have that mouse morning, Bill. I mean, I remember there's the Beagle, Beagle to deal with Dr. Pepper and cherry flavor in there to just mouthwatering, right, I look at my stuff and say, I had a big rant like 10 years ago as having forever. I grew up on it. I was like, how can I treat this as too syrupy? This is too much and yet it doesn't taste. Right. And it's incredible. Because I said Why? Why did I like there's so much going on? What was what was it that I loved about it? And I think it's more of like, the mental aspect behind it. When I it's a commercials. I feel like they're walking around with a beach on hands with their family. They just say their favorite fast food dinner. I want that feeling with my family. That's really what I you know, that person looks incredible, right? And beats have a six pack of apps. I want those apps because then I feel confidence when I take my shirt off when I go to the pool. Yeah, maybe that's what I need in order to have 100 realize that those commercials were like, commercials and it was still like the six pack and it was really cool.

No, not at all.

I found out to like, the guys have a six pack abs that are one of the natural supplements. They're on testosterone and on the back cutter, passive passive. And they're like, basically have an eating disorder. And like they go through because they tell you like there's an image that I have to withhold. Yeah. And like guys have body just a war. Right? And I'm sure you have a lot of guys invite yourself to a certain stage. I was like, man, like, I look like the guys like you on TV. I mean, the same thing. Why doesn't my body like that?

iRick Wiggins 52:11
Yeah, I would love to have abs. But like I said, I have that musculature and everything. So cool and extra belts, but it's like, a little good.

Jon Mendoza 52:21
You have to enjoy, right? You're not going to starve yourself. I've been down that path where I'm very strict on my diet. And I can't do it all the time. Because basically is my day, I eat the same thing over and over again. And it's like this morning, but this is sustenance. food doesn't have to be mouthwatering all the time. Because I

iRick Wiggins 52:42
right. So that's why that's why keto helps us instead of getting the blood sugar spike in the crash. And you're actually craving like you physically need the stickers for keto or any diet where you cut out the sugar. You're now in a place where it's like you don't eat food. You're not a virgin food from like a neediness mindset. It's more of like a nurturing.

Unknown Speaker 53:06
Yeah, that's it. How

iRick Wiggins 53:08
long did it take? You did that myself for a while? Right? Yeah. It's incredible.

Jon Mendoza 53:15
And you still like you're as you're diagnosed? change the future?

iRick Wiggins 53:19
Yeah, cuz I started keto. I was very unhealthy with it. And I was unhealthy with it. Because obviously, I was getting healthier. But I was just very, I didn't care about whatever. Now I've got back, like two years of it, you know, I decided, really two and a half, three years, and I decided, let's cut off inflammatory oils. That means no more. Maybe like once a week. But it's very rare. And it's like, it's harder, but it's feel better. And then we'll have that last night. And I feel I feel like I know why. But you're the base level of how you feel prior to every book into the self titled life so you don't know. You don't know. Because it's just marvelous. Yeah, I wake up feeling terrible. This feels terrible to keto thing and it's like, you don't feel terrible after a cheat day because you feel terrible after cheating, because that's how that makes you feel. You will just serve in the past didn't have a reference yet. Yeah, exactly.

Jon Mendoza 54:43
Yeah, yeah. Awareness is everything. How does my child feel after a certain meal?

My tire 30 minutes 60 minutes after I would see my animals. Last year, I avoided health care, which is really hard to be around that time. Just come around like October through almost arch. It's all holidays, that's all holidays, get your buy chocolate and buy this and all that they'll eat of your periods and people will be like we're right. Magic not giving chocolate on Valentine's Day. Right? You know, it's great. But people break keto bread and they'll do all this stuff. So like Firebird, the Halloween motion and they have a bunch of Halloween candy at

every speed.

I love I've been having forever, you know, that nostalgic came back to the idea. Five minutes later. I'm like, and I was like, I know it is why Now, of course, because I don't introduce it The night is now our alphabet at all. And most people don't know how good it feels to feel good. And what I imagine is you have to use the emotional connection to food, which is so mentally Yeah, that's all it is. People are actually where you literally have 500,000 followers watching your meal, your meal, every time you cook a meal, they say I went overseas. That's incredible. Right? And it's like, the I got the I pulled out of the camera. And like, here's the fan behind his finger. Like it's very simple guys. Like,

iRick Wiggins 56:25
you know, you're a few

Jon Mendoza 56:26
couple things here and there. It's not rocket science, you know? But yet, it helps you if they look at you and say give me guidance. You've seen what you figured out is incredible. Because you said I lost weight, but they're like I lost weight. I figured this out. But why? Right? Why do I feel good now? Yeah. Am I supposed to feel like this? Also, imagine you need someone's

iRick Wiggins 56:50
coffee? Yeah. Okay. How many cups of coffee? It used to be one to two. Okay, so but you cut

Unknown Speaker 56:57
it off at a certain point. Yeah. Right. Like you have too much. Good. Yeah. How many cups of coffee we have?

Jon Mendoza 57:04
Yeah, well. You could drink it late. Well, I could drink.

Unknown Speaker 57:12
Yeah, but

Jon Mendoza 57:13
you at this point in your life. Now. go a day without coffee. And then have you can I just I don't do

Unknown Speaker 57:23
what are you?

iRick Wiggins 57:25
I don't know. Because I've never taken the day off. I don't know.

Baldo 57:33
Right? Yeah. Yeah. Today No. Yesterday, like even

like, I'll make coffee.

Today with

the other day when we also had

iRick Wiggins 57:59
really good coffee.

Baldo 58:03
The rest of the week?

Jon Mendoza 58:07
Is it because he said coffee? I have to drink this wine.

Baldo 58:16
But yeah.

That's really big. But then I still

have a boost. And that's where?

Yeah, that's different. Right? Because it's not, it doesn't. It's not like, Oh, I drink this coffee as a boost. It's more like,

boost. And I've also had to reach before

you know, because I want to energy because

iRick Wiggins 58:41
yeah, I think my coffee is it's about 50% days for me. Because I don't just drink it for energy or I also drink coffee. It's like the taste.

Unknown Speaker 58:55
Yes, even

iRick Wiggins 59:00
if there's one that tastes really good, that's how you do that or whatever. Yeah. Yeah. That's why I can't pass. I can do a 10 hour meeting. But I can't get it smaller than that. Because I have to cut my caffeine off in a certain point. And I also believe maybe there so I can eat but it's you know, I've got it down to six. But I better if I do it to an hour because I don't like pushing my coffee too far into the day. And then also, it's not gonna I can stop being a 30 but I know that if I eat later than that, it's it's not going to be

Unknown Speaker 59:47

Jon Mendoza 59:52
If you like coffee,

Baldo 59:55
or coffee, like this is worth it. Right? Yeah. Well, the other day I ran the conversation. There's a couple over here. genic.

And we were talking about the car, someone else.

Really good. And

I was like, Oh, yes, that tastes

took off. So we'll be talking afterwards.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
The imagery and all that stuff. They were just like, pressed by my cup of coffee. Because there's a whole process for

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
that part, which is what I used to drink.

iRick Wiggins 1:00:32
Wine is the thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:38
There's a whole process. It's not to say that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
I never had that. It's always

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
made in a civil case inside. As long as

iRick Wiggins 1:00:51
you were really the source of it. Yeah, sure. That's especially

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
I don't get coffee, I

iRick Wiggins 1:01:02
guess. Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 1:01:07
Yeah. Yeah, I look, I don't drink coffee anymore. Because it makes me so anxious. And so what was interesting is that I used to have my boost, and I'd have coffee at the same time. And my heart was going to jump out my chest. And I was like this too much caffeine. So I tried to coffee because you know, the white everyone drinks coffee if you don't drink coffee. Right? Like that's not a deal. So it's like, why energy, right? I was like, I don't need to get energy from coffee. Why the hell am I freaking Oh, like, the taste like, you know, the smells great. But I don't like to be hydrated. My pee smells like, you know, I'm like it. I take this boost and has B vitamins, like I need in my mind, like, opens up. So I was like, I'm gonna choose this. But then I'll have a drink in a day. So there's like, hours all go inside. Especially when I look up. It's 2pm. And I would weave around all day. Like, aren't you exhausted? No need to eat something? I'm like, No, I'm fine. Yeah, cuz if you ever done a prologue fast, we tell people to steal, like, you're gonna have hundred pages, you're going to be hungry. The idea is you're really supposed to borrow. So check in throughout the day, how many times you actually eat when you're truly hungry? Yeah. Now through this whole process. We'll be up here to say burgers and girls and girls and all that hungry. But what if you just die the whole time, because I tell people, when they stop your hunger pains last longer than 30 minutes. They'll go away and they're not going away. And then it's probably stuck with it. There's a difference between being like lightheaded and being like, if you're lightheaded, you're like blood sugar is dropping. That person's off like, you're hangry. Right? But if you're like, I'm really hungry. But I'm fine. Imagine someone says no, you need to eat something. You're hungry. Yeah. But I'm like, No, I'm fine. I'm actually more thirsty. Any more water? That's not good, solid hunger. I can go 30 days and eat but I can't go you know, three hours without water. I need some water. Yeah. And then you start there. And then what? And I've had people say, What if I didn't want to eat? What if I only wanted to do like, protein IVs. So as to get that which fiber? You need the digestive aspect that we're going to give you? Because they're also going to atrophy, right? Like if you're not using your muscles. Well, okay, well, well imagine like, Alright, so do you salivate. Look, do you actually do. Okay? Think about next slide. So the second you start creating a saliva if you're producing enzymes that will help break down whatever macros you put by?

iRick Wiggins 1:03:57
Oh, so

Jon Mendoza 1:04:00
well, like you'll do amylase, amylase, protease, lipase, all released from your pancreas, you actually release it your saliva in your mouth. So the second you start salaries, there's enzymes, they're ready to break down food, so it's less strain on your digestive tract. Right? So you're eating, there's signals that are going to your brain and your stomach. They're telling you whether or not you're hungry or full. So like rayland tells you you're hungry. So in order for you to get the signal left to the brain, it has to travel from your stomach and your pancreas and your digestive tract and go all the way up to your brain which is a long way isn't late right? Because you remember eating the chips at the Mexican restaurant. They read another bag you're eating does not you have not taken a breath. The signals trying to get up to the brain if I used to the brain. Cool. I'm bloated. Oh here comes my entre.

iRick Wiggins 1:05:00
That's what I always tell people is always always like, when you're hungry or just eating a habit. Because it's fun. It's like, whenever next time you're eating, let's eat like a good amount of food or whatever, it will not stop for two minutes to finish have a desert desert but let's make sure we're actually hungry. Right? A lot of you that are just end up vortex leisure, they just can't say that. Well.

Jon Mendoza 1:05:32
I've eaten so much. I just walk in the kitchen, or in the fridge like there's the food. And now as we were hungry, my psyche, I don't know how to

iRick Wiggins 1:05:40
work. Yeah, being bored is something right? If you just sit with your thoughts, your meditation or yoga or something. Find small ways with your water without the difference between using lighter weight. Like much on your board. It's always just gonna happen. No matter even if you're doing keto, paleo vegan, even whatever you're doing. If you're eating every single time your board, game your home all day.

Jon Mendoza 1:06:19
Yeah, move around. You got to get up off the couch. TV dinners kind of ruined the conversation amongst families, right? You don't really sit down and talk about your day. But if you do, and you converse with family, everything centered around food. Like it is especially culture. Foods, everything. Yeah, that's when you Converse. And if you go to countries outside of your restaurant, they're not rushing in and out. Like you're there for three hours. Right? Because they're talking there's a three course meal the waiters don't come by bother you because you're in conversation. Yeah, right. But imagine you go to beat someone's to go talk with him. especially nowadays. Coffee Shop. You come here get an ID go for a walk. Yeah. I saw

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19
y'all y'all walk

Jon Mendoza 1:07:25
out. Which thing

is different than most carbonated water?

iRick Wiggins 1:07:31
Yeah, it's not like

Jon Mendoza 1:07:35
we try to express.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
It doesn't taste the same.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:51
When it's my

Jon Mendoza 1:07:53
biological Oklahoma, my sister or brother Andy, really know how to write and then he came to Oklahoma. And Baker was top of the water in Austin. Austin was like, what's the Mexican influence to trade with trucks, and Balto grew up drinking. So naturally, he was like, that's what we're here. And I remember we went to Oklahoma not long ago. And

stop off at HP. Before we go.

You don't have to upload Oklahoma ASIC. I don't know. I really, I don't want to risk it. Like I really, I don't want Lacroix like I care. And we went to Jackson Hole while I brought tobacco with me. Just because I saw tobacco like a boxer. They didn't sell it. So what flew it in? Because they wanted to book Jackson Hole analysis. But it's like you don't even know to get it is actually really good. So just the little differences here. It's cool. This extended like we tacos. People like their breakfast tacos. Like No, those are just the tacos in the morning. He never talked about today in the morning that just makes Yeah, that's the only difference. Which is kind of cool. But, you know, as far as food goes, I know you're quiet. Continue it. You know, I know that we probably have many more conversations just met. But let me ask you this to kind of close this out. Positive. Someone's listening. They want to take away something. What is it want to get through to something that comes to the positive?

iRick Wiggins 1:09:32
I think it's like if you imagine where you want to be there, but it's not going to be the way you get there. You have to open your mind to the idea that it's not going to look exactly how you imagined it. But you can get there if you just embrace different paths to get to what you're trying to do. So it's like sort of pulling off this belief that I'm going to I'm going to go I want exactly how I want. And that's gonna take me a while ago. Like, understand that what you think you want now isn't gonna be what I really like, like when you're looking back from the perspective of like so like it's just like embrace the journey. grace.

Jon Mendoza 1:10:24
Grace, the journey is here. Yeah, that's that's tattooed by His grace. Apparently, they're awkward.

iRick Wiggins 1:10:32
But I think before you said earlier about your brain was bright more than successful. I'm going to

remind yourself

Jon Mendoza 1:10:49
that something out here in Austin, these conversations, pick up something and use it Right, right. So for the listeners, how do they find keto snacks on

iRick Wiggins 1:10:59
Instagrams just with a Z for keto snacks? I was on Instagram. But I'm not really on YouTube. Basically just live on Instagram, which is

Jon Mendoza 1:11:11
awesome. That's awesome. Well, welcome to Austin,

iRick Wiggins 1:11:14
guys at my favorite conference

Jon Mendoza 1:11:21
this is great.

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Guest - iRick Wigginz
Podcast production - Allison Wojtowecz (Flabs to Fitness, Inc. - www.flabstofitness.com)
Guest coordinator - Baldo Garza
Intro/Outro song - Benjamin Banger