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This episode we’ll be talking about:

  • Who is Faith? What is That Healing Feeling all about?
  • How Faith got interested in podcasting
  • What Faith has learned about the fact that what you put in and on your body impacts the way that you feel and the way your body functions
  • How Faith came to empower others by sharing her own story

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WWelcome to That Healing Feeling Podcast! In this episode, Faith introduces herself and That Healing Feeling to her listeners. She speaks about how she got into podcasting, what she's learned about her body, and how she hopes to inspire others by sharing her own story.

Full Episode Transcript:

Full Episode Transcript:

Faith Ashenden 0:00

Welcome to that healing feeling podcast. My name is Faith Ashenden and I'm a patient empowerment coach and biohacking expert who is obsessed with helping you holistically heal and optimize your health no matter where you are in your healing journey. And I've created the first and only comprehensive patient advocacy framework in the world today, which has helped 1000s of people from all over the world, hack the system and get their health back. If you're looking to understand why you have certain symptoms, where to get the answers that will get you feeling 100% or you're wanting to massively up level your house so that you can have the most fulfilling life possible, you are in the right place. My goal on this podcast is to give you the tools you need to start getting answers and results today, by transforming the way you approach the healthcare system, adding to your healthcare toolkit, and challenging previous thought patterns that might be holding you back. Think of this podcast as your weekly health coaching and mindset development as I bring you interviews from world renowned practitioners and share everything I know about how I healed naturally and have stayed feeling 150% thank you so much for passing play. Let's dive right in.Hi, hello, and welcome to my first ever Podcast. I am so excited to be here recording this for you guys. It's kind of blowing my mind that this is happening right now. Because when I look back on my journey, I really discovered this whole world that I'm in through listening to podcasts, when you know, the medical system didn't make sense to me. I turned to podcasts, and I listened to other experts in the field. And ultimately, that's how I ended up healing. So to be able to sit here and produce this for you guys today is just like wow. So this is this is so exciting my first ever episode. Just so you know, I am a patient empowerment coach. Okay, so basically what I do is I coach people who have either diagnosed or undiagnosed chronic illnesses, just to give you context, chronic is the opposite of acute meaning that these are symptoms that persist over time. So what happens is, anyone who falls into these categories comes to me, and I help them hack the system and ultimately heal from the inside out. So that means really using an integrative medicine approach, root cause approach if you'd like to use lifestyle changes, and food and mindset work to ultimately heal, and not experience symptoms in the future. So it's pretty amazing how my life has come full circle to get here to where I am today. Because not that long ago, I was working at a huge marketing company, working in the government division doing something that I wasn't passionate about. And ultimately, I was a slave to my own autoimmune disease, which is graves disease. Graves disease is an autoimmune disease that triggers hyperthyroid. So you might have heard of hashimotos, which is really in essence, the opposite of graves disease. So I was diagnosed with graves disease in 2012. And at that point, I was not an empowered patient like I am today. I was in college. And you know, I just kind of thought, well, when you're sick, you Google doctor near me, you go to the doctor, you get a diagnosis and you take medication, right. So that's what I did. It took me about a year to get diagnosed. That's really the first piece of this puzzle, of course, you know how long it takes people to get diagnosed. So it took me about a year, I was pretty sick, and then I underwent radioactive iodine treatment. I'm actually mentioning this because anyone who has graves disease will ask me, what did you do after you got your diagnosis? So at the time, I was not aware of root cause medicine. And I was told I could only do surgery or radioactive iodine. So I did radioactive iodine, which is a pill that you take that your thyroid absorbs, and it basically just kills your thyroid. So think like Chernobyl, right? It's like that very small, small scale. So you know, that wasn't great. I never recovered fully. So I had to take quite a few medications to kind of like get by, at that point. Come 2018 I'm still working in the corporate world. Um, and I relapsed. I undergo a really stressful event. And I started getting symptoms again. And here's where I start going from doctor to doctor to doctor to doctor. I mean, like, I probably saw 20 doctors in Austin alone, which is pretty much like all the doctors because we don't have that many doctors in Austin. And then I would drive to Dallas. I was looking at things like Mayo Clinic Cleveland Clinic. And I was told that it was in my head that I was making it up. The blood work came back Everything was fine. I went to a million specialists. And you know, this is including not just people I saw in person, but I also did a lot of telemedicine. So,yeah, ultimately, I was left bedridden without a diagnosis. So I had to leave my job. And I, you know, didn't qualify for short term disability because I didn't have a diagnosis. So I was left without a job without a diagnosis, and pretty much convincing myself that I was crazy, like I'm making all of this up, it must just be anxiety or depression, because the lab work is inconclusive. That's when I started to listen to podcasts, right, because I'm like, someone else in the world must be experiencing what I'm experiencing right now. And so that's kind of like why this blows my mind. Because I'm not kidding when I say I spent like, three months, every day listening to people's experiences, who have chronic illnesses, and who've basically been let down by the system who fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system, and they literally have nowhere to turn. And that's when I learned for the first time in my entire freaking life, guys, I'm like, What 25 at this point, 26. For the first time in my life, I learned about root cause medicine, about integrative medicine, about how what you put in and on your body impacts the way that you feel and the way that your body functions. And it's bizarre to me that for my entire life, having you know, gone through an autoimmune diagnosis, no one had ever said like, hey, faith, maybe you should eat something different, or, hey, faith, maybe you should look at the products that you're using, or let's look at, you know, the medication that you've been taking in, and the impact that's had on your body. It really bizarre to me, but that that is the way that the system is. So there's a major flaw in the system. And you know, my goal, in essence is to expose that. So people understand that there is a much better way to heal, and that there is, you know, light at the end of the tunnel. And there is hope, even when you're turned away from doctors, because that is unfortunately in this day and age, what happens to people with chronic conditions. So I finally learned, you know, there's this whole lifestyle component that's been missing, and I need to know more. And that's where I started my journey to healing. It took me a little over a year, I had to really go deep into, you know, some functional medicine testing test kits that are unfortunately not covered by insurance, because again, our system, our system is broken. And we don't practice root cause medicine. And I finally figured it out, hacked it, and I healed and it came out and I just felt better than I would say I've ever felt in my entire life. Like, I guess before, I always just thought I felt good. But the thing about human beings is we have this amazing ability to adapt to not feeling good, right? We just adapt to this new normal. And we get up every day and we self medicate with coffee, or Adderall or cigarettes or whatever you know, people do because they have to because it's the only way they know how. And then one day you find that there's a better way and you feel fantastic. And you're like whoa, this is what it means to feel good. So I figured it out. I hacked it, I healed, I felt amazing. And I was like I cannot go back to the corporate world. Like, I don't even slightly care. It wasn't serving me. I want to help people who are in my boat. Throughout this process, you know, I'm sharing on Instagram, you know, from diagnosis to today, I share the journey. And I say hey, you know, if you are someone with chronic symptoms, and you, you know aren't getting answers, or you're still sick, like, share with me your story follow along. So the first year I gained about 10,000 followers, I would say 99% of these people were in that category, they had chronic illnesses, they had nowhere to turn. So in sharing my story, I started to empower other people to ask the same questions, to look in search and research in the same places and to start questioning their belief systems. And that's how the business started. I created a patient advocacy framework that, you know, I basically made up I said, Here are the pillars that people need to master in order to heal from a chronic condition. And I put it in a course I brought it into my one to one coaching and I started taking on clients and people started healing. And I think that's where I see the biggest gap today. We have Western medicine this whole I like to call a pill for an ill meaning if you have a symptom, you get a pharmaceutical to suppress your symptom. And then we have the more Eastern medicine Which is an essence, a lot of times opposite of that I like to bring the two together, and then help people, vet practitioners that protocols and work on the mindset piece that oftentimes is missing. With practitioners, it's very compartmentalized, I suppose the care that people are receiving. So I bring it all together, I do this because nothing else like this exists. I know that because I looked for it. And I couldn't find it anywhere, not just like in America where I am. But you know, because you can work with people in other parts of the world, but it didn't exist anywhere. So I was like, right, this is exactly what is needed to take people from point A to point z, which is, you know, literally from the onset of symptoms, anywhere to chronic symptoms, to a diagnosis to 10 years down the line of a diagnosis, to actually healing and being an empowered patient, which is why I am a patient empowerment coach and mentor. These are the people that I that I support.You know, when I now find myself supporting people, learning different medical systems, even you know, I have clients in the UK and clients in Canada, most of my clients are in America. But I think the big problem that I see here today, and this probably will resonate with you, if you're listening to this, I bet that you're someone with some sort of symptom is that we live in such a toxic world. And that's not just toxic substances, but also just emotionally toxic, everything toxic, and we're constantly trying to decipher what is safe to bring into our homes to bring into you know, with our families and ourselves. And, and our bodies. Obviously, were not designed to live like this. And so we're seeing so many people being triggered, and we see you know, autoimmune diseases left, right, and center and chronic symptoms. And it's because of this because we're not educated on the fact that, hey, what you're putting on your body makes a difference, or, you know, this amount of stress makes a difference. I can say this with my hand on my heart that in no time of going to my traditional practitioners did a single one of them say to me, hey, faith, you know, the way that you're eating is going to have an impact on your autoimmune disease. And like, I know that that might seem normal to you, some people blows their minds to me, it blows my mind, because I know that that's life changing. But the problem is our doctors aren't trained to to look at the body as a whole and to understand that, you know, what the triggers of autoimmune diseases, right? So. So this is, you know, these are the things that I learned over the past few years. And now I not only coach people, but I share about this, I share about it on Instagram, on Tick tock, and now I get to share about it on my podcast, which I think I'm most excited about. Because over the past few years, I have learned so freaking much about biohacking about just, you know, simple brain training exercises and lifestyle changes just by connecting with experts from all over the world. And these are the things that constantly helped me up level my life on a daily basis. Every day, I feel like I feel better, I feel more empowered, I feel encouraged, I feel wiser. And so I am just like dying to get this information out there to people who need it. Because you know, just thinking about how listening to other people's podcasts changed my life, my ultimate hope in life is that in any way possible, I can do the same for someone else who's feeling like, Oh my gosh, I have nowhere to turn and I have no answers. And this is just my life now. And I just want to say like, hey, that's not your life. Now, there's 100% hope, there's a different way and it's accessible to you. So I'm just really overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to sit here on this platform and provide that information. So moving forward, you will expect lots of this from me, I want to share with you everything that I know and all the tips and tricks that you can implement today to make an impact on your health and on your healing. But beyond that, I'm going to bring in some of the most, I think well renowned practitioners in the world that I've had the privilege of connecting with on Instagram. And actually even some of them working with, I'm going to bring them in so they can share their expertise with you. These people oftentimes, you know, are either close for patients, or they have a waiting list that six months or you know, their appointments are like a million dollars now, like you know, 15 $100 and I'm like, Hey, I can get this information out to people. So at least they have a starting point, you know, and so that's my goal. I'm going to bring those people, those experts to you, I'm going to bring my own expertise to you. And what I ask from you is that You make sure to ask me any questions in the comments on my podcast I am. My deep desire is to, you know, tailor it to the actual need of anyone listening. So like if you're like, hey, faith, I'd love to know about this. Please leave it because I will answer it. I can make a podcast episode. Also, if you don't, please follow me on Instagram, that healing feeling I literally pepper my stories every day with all of the tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis. I link over to my website, that dash healing where I post all my blogs and interviews and courses and all that good stuff. Sofollow me on Instagram, I'm gonna be posting all these resources there. Like I said on a daily basis, my website has my resources as well. And stay tuned on the podcast episode. I would really appreciate it if you liked and subscribed and like I said leave a comment if you need anything at all. And ping me on instagram if you've listened to this to let me know how you liked it. I'm just really excited to kick off this journey with you. I think it's going to be really life changing for hopefully you guys but but me as well. Thank you so much for listening to today's podcast episode. I'm so happy that you're here. I would absolutely love it and it would mean the world to me if you would review this episode and as a thank you, once you read review, screenshot it and send it to the email faith dot that healing and I will send you a free module from my program. This module is this symptom tracking module. It's extremely powerful. It's what I use to heal, I refined it over the course of an entire year and it is literally help no less than 1000s of people today. As always follow me on Instagram at at that healing feeling. I share daily tips and tricks on here as well as all of the updates on my programs when they're going live, how to get on the waitlist and how to get those discounts that are only for people who follow me on Instagram so make sure to connect with me there. I would love to hear from you. And also follow me on Tick Tock at that healing feeling. I drop daily tips that you can use today to start healing. Thank you so much and have the best day


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