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Here is part two of the Cycle Syncing Series. In today's episode we will be talking about the exercises that you should do during each of the four phases, and also how to structure your personal and work life around each of the phases. Thereafter, we will be sharing steps to guide women who has not yet tracked their cycle, and who are not confident enough in tracking their cycle.

[00:00] Intro
[00:44] P.S. If you have not listened to Part 1 of Cycle Syncing Series, you need to do so before going deeper into this current episode
[01:09] Topics for today's episode 
[01:45] What I do: I do it for the passion - Cycle Syncing
[03:07] First phase of Cycle Syncing (Menstrual Phase) - time for reflection 
[05:07] Exercises to do during this period 
[05:44] Note - Avoid strenuous exercises & eat right during your menstrual phase
[07:46] Love for all the supporters
[08:21] Second phase (Follicular Phase) - ready to plan, plan, plan, plan?
[12:06] Third phase (Ovulatory Phase) - sunshine and rainbows
[14:29] Midroll
[16:06] Fourth phase (Luteal Phase) - time for self-care
[20:47] If a woman hasn’t been tracking their cycle... what are the steps to do so?
[30:58] Recap of episode
[31:39] Outro



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Maddie Miles 0:00
Hello, hello Hello. Welcome to the Maddie Miles Podcast. I am your host Maddie Miles. This podcast is created for both males and females who are looking to optimize their health through an integrative approach to overall wellness. We will uncover why your health may be struggling due to imbalances within the body, mainly hormonal imbalances. By following along the Maddie Miles podcast, I will hope to educate and inspire you to take control of your health and to heal your body the natural way. Now let's get to it.

Hello, my lovely friends. Welcome back to part two of this two part series for Cycle Syncing. If you haven't yet listened to part one, I really recommend going and listening to that because I go over what the heck cycle thinking is. I explained the four phases of a female cycle, and the foods and seeds that go to support each of those four phases. So definitely go check that out if you haven't listened to that yet. And today's episode, part two, we are going to talk about what type of exercises that you should be doing for each of the four phases, and how you can structure both your personal and work life around each of the four phases. Just because you know, like I said in the first episode,

our hormones are really changing and fluctuating throughout the month. And there are different things that we can do when it comes to movement and eating. And the way that we spend our time that really helps us feel our best depending on how our hormones are for that phase. And of course as always, I have Baldo here with me, he's going to ask some questions. I wish I just had a whole panel of like dudes here, just like asking questions, because I think I told you this other day, although but I was in the sauna. And there's a guy in there. And he was like asking me what I did. And so there's no really short answer for like, what I do. So obviously, I got into sort of what time on what day? Yeah. Like, you need to buy me dinner over this, but I like went into it. Oh, and he's asking me so many questions. And I ended up seeing the sauna way longer than was healthy it to stay in a sauna for because I was so determined to explain to this guy like just female hormones and cycles in Keene. And, you know, our four phases and how our hormones fluctuate throughout the month. So clearly, it's a passion of mine. And so that being said, You know,

I again, cycle thinking, it's just so amazing, because I feel like a lot of females feel like, they're just at the mercy of their cycle and can't control what's going on. And they're just going to get this terrible PMS every single month. And I want to help females realize that that's not that doesn't have to be the case. And when we begin to track our cycle and understand what phase we're in, we know what to do to make sure that we feel our best. And then we feel empowered, and we feel in control. And anyway, this is just knowledge that you can use to your advantage to help you plan your month accordingly. So let's get into the first phase, which if anyone remembers from my first episode, it's the menstrual phase, a lot of people you know, think that it's like bleed or not bleed. And so then they would assume like the menstrual would be the last phase, but it's actually the beginning of our cycle. So let's get into the menstrual really quickly. And it's going to give you an overview of what our hormones are looking like during the menstrual. So all of our hormones are at their absolute lowest during our menstrual cycle, everything estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, they're all really low. And also what's really wild and cool about this phase is that our left and our right brain hemispheres are communicating the most during this time. So you actually feel most in tune with like your gut and your intuition, which is why we say that it is a great time to release anything that doesn't serve you. And it's a time of reflection as well. So it's a time to look back on that month. And you know, both that like what happened socially and in your work life and kind of just reflect like, Okay, what went well with you know, work and you know, what friends are in my life that are really like suiting me well, and they add, you know, joy and love and positivity to my life and who are the people that I feel like I may need to like go, you know, because they're not really serving me and my life's purpose. So, you know, that's, um, and again, our menstrual phase. It's not too long, everyone's different. But you know, it's compared to like the luteal phase, which is two weeks, it's really not that long. It's only about like, you know, three to five days depending on the female, but it's a time of rest for sure. So if you want to do any type of movement, if you're like, a Vata personality like me, who likes to, you know, kind of be doing stuff a lot of the time, I really challenge you to just take this time to reflect and to rest for sure. But if you want to get moving, yin yoga, or any type of restorative yoga or stretching with lots of twists, nice, juicy twist would be great during this phase, as well as walks again, not like crazy, long walks, where you're pushing your body because you just don't want to push your body during this phase, you really just want to relax. You've been working hard all month long in your social life and your work life, you know, keeping on top of everything hitting deadlines, so just give yourself these few days to rest. Give yourself that permission. So that is the menstrual and that is the first phase now getting in a Yes,

Baldo 5:45
well, as I say, I mean, I hate to make this comparison, but it's kind of like when you go give blood you're not supposed to go exactly exercise or did I do something really strenuous because you'll just pass

Maddie Miles 5:57
thank you for saying that. That's amazing. Yes, because we are losing a lot of blood which is why you know, and I broke down the foods that we should be eating during our menstrual cycle during part one, but you know, you should be having these the grounding, very nourishing foods that are that's replacing all of you know, all that

Baldo 6:16
mistake before when I was at tennis and college. I went to give blood and so went to practice afterwards I passed out oh

Maddie Miles 6:24
my god, that's so bad. Okay, so at and where I went to school, we would do the blood drive during the Greek week and it was basically like the fraternities and sororities with could like compete with who could donate the most blood. Oh, man. But anyway, we're just like, yeah, I could never do it because I I was anemic. And so they wouldn't let me like donate blood. So I would just like show up for moral support for everyone. But no, like, I mean, they wouldn't make you stay there and they would like give you orange juice. And like all these snacks, which like looking back on it, they were not the best like that they should have been feeding them like if I was there, I would have been like some homemade mushroom broth certain like all this stuff. But

Baldo 7:06
on a regular basis. Maddie is the best snack person. Like any snack recommendations is header.

Maddie Miles 7:11
I always have snacks on me like I I'm just known as like, yeah, Maddie has the snacks whenever we're like out somewhere to like, everyone can just assume that I at least have one protein bar on me like a nut and seed date bar on me. It's very true. You gotta have your snacks, smash tag that snack. I'm gonna start adding that to my Instagram post. Hashtag the hashtag peace, love hormones, hashtag that snack. Unless they're listening to this episode, which by the way, for anyone listening to this, I love you. Thank you so much for tuning in again. And for supporting me and you know, whenever you guys throw up stories on your Instagram or DM me or comment on my photos that you love and enjoy my podcast, it means the world to me. So I just want to say thank you again, thank you so much. Follow don't they get like really emotional about.

Baldo 8:10
I love it. Like honestly, if you're thinking about saying something, just say it because she loves it and and seeing her is when it was the best thing. So

Maddie Miles 8:19
it makes my day. Okay, so space to, like killer. This is when our hormones, mainly estrogen are starting to increase. And we like to brainstorm and plan during the space. So this is so so cool to know this because, and a lot of females, when they start cycling can be like, Oh my gosh, like, I just planned out my entire month's worth of like content if you're like a content creator, like a photographer, videographer, you know, blogger, or, honestly, no matter what you do, like you always have to be creating something in whatever line of work that you do. So this is the time that you're brainstorming for your business. You're planning out what you want to do. You can also plan social events like you're planning trips, which is kind of a little bit hard right now, depending on where you live in the world or in the country. But I mean planning trips, planning, even if it's like a little staycation planning social events like okay, I want to do you know, a dinner with my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. This is just an example because I don't know when this episode will be released, but Valentine's Day is sort of soon. So let's say you want to plan you know that and you're like, oh, it happens to line up also during the literary phase, which is when I'm so social. And you know, we'll get into that next but um, anyway, so plan out social events during this time, just plan out everything workwise social wise, you got it, you're going to be super creative, imaginative. So really tap into that, take that and use it to your advantage. Because during the other phases, it's not that you won't be you know, creative and you won't be good at brainstorming but this is the time where you are most able to do that you're most likely capable to do that. So just tap into that and take advantage of it for sure. I love doing this at the beginning of my follicular phase is like just planning everything out that I want to get accomplished within that month. And then planning out okay, well, like you know this that I want to do like the creating content. I'm gonna do that during the purchase hit my window.

Unknown Speaker 10:22
No, sir.

Unknown Speaker 10:23
Oh my gosh, Kofi. Sorry,

Maddie Miles 10:26
guys, Coby is here. We're recording this right now from my home and Colby is being a little frustrated. But anyway, so you're planning stuff out for you know, like your business. And you're like, well, if I want to be doing a bunch of photo shoots, I'll probably plan to do that during my ovulatory phase, when I'm super energetic. I'm also glowing, and I'm just like, super excited about life. So yeah. Anyway, that's pretty cool.

Baldo 10:52
So this is when when you're hitting me up, and you're like, I have this idea. I got this other idea. Like, it's almost on two or three times a day, you're just like I have, and I'm just like, all about it. Rapid Fire. Like, we can do it this way. I'm kind of like, let's let's do it. Yeah,

Maddie Miles 11:08
that that is like when I'm

when I do that. Whenever I like rapid fire ideas for you. Um, that's it's mostly during follicular phase. Yeah. I mean, I come up with it interesting, because I noticed it sometimes

Baldo 11:19
I have ideas all the time, right. And I'm just like, and sometimes you're, like, extremely receptive. And then sometimes you're not. Yeah, let's talk about some other time.

Maddie Miles 11:31
Like, yeah, like us, females who are very in tune with their cycle or dislike, and like how we're feeling throughout the month, or like, yeah, we keep the males in check to like, Yeah, that's great. But like, now's not the time to do that.

Baldo 11:44
That's cool. So I don't know, if I know it's a really good idea to just like, I'm gonna bring it back. Because I know it's a good idea. It's not just her like, like, Tommy, in a very nice way that this idea sucks. It's just her not being in her face. Yeah, cool.

I just got done.

Maddie Miles 12:03
That's amazing. Okay, next, the third, third phase. Three out of four. avi, literary. So this is a very, very, this is a flippin fun phase. It's only three to five days, sadly. And I actually just posted something on my Instagram today. And it was Bustan some sex ed myths that females do not oscillate. We're not fertile all the time, there's only one day that we actually oscillate. But there is a grace period of like three to five days before that oscillation day where the sperm can stay alive in a female's body, just because of how you know our pH levels are at the time and our cervical mucus. But anyway, yeah, there's only about 12 to 24 hours of actual fertilization time. So it is however, the ambulatory pace is our fertile phase. So I do just want to you know, say be careful if you are sexually active, be careful during this time, use extra protection or if you want to get preggers pregnant. Now, you know, now's the time to go. But anyway, energy wise, you're going to feel so energetic and competent, you'll be able to connect with others the most your libido will be high. So my recommendations for the gym, or try something fun and new. So like do group fitness classes or try a different workout that you haven't done before. And you're you'll be able to do those higher intensity workouts. So like spin, hit whatever your body can handle healthily, though, like I must say that because everyone's different. So for me, like, during my ovulatory phase, which I like, just got out of Actually, I still wasn't doing I mean, I wasn't doing anything crazy intense, just because like, I'm still healing my own hormones. After just years of abuse between an eating disorder and then being on birth control for so long. I don't I mean, I used to be a huge runner, and I haven't ran in like a couple of months. Like I'm really just taking it easy on my body. And I mean, I feel great. So you know, sometimes I'm like, Oh, I just need a poultice go for a run or do something crazy, because I feel great, you know, but it's like, no, we're not to that point yet. You know, it's it was a year

Baldo 14:21
doesn't mean you should

Maddie Miles 14:22
exactly that is beautiful. I'm just not even that. Yeah. And on that note for that. podcast is sponsored by MSW nutrition, one of my favorite supplement brands, all of their supplements come from FDA approved labs and our third party tested for purity. My favorite supplements are their liver love and their chill. You can use my code Mmm, one, five to save 15% on your order. And then yeah, pitch your business ideas during this time. Take those clients out to lunch or you know, I don't know what line of work that you do. But you know, this is Time to really just show up and just be your beautiful vibrant self that all of you guys are all month long, but especially during the ambulatory phase. This is also like if you have a business in which you have like clients, this is a great time to be following up with your clients. Like I said, You're very communicative, and a very able to connect during the space. So use that to your advantage and nurture those relationships. put yourself out there, go on first dates, do social outings. You know that content that you planned during your follicular phase, this is when you should be doing it. So during those video shoots those photoshoots you'll be looking and feeling your best. So do that. Yeah, I mean, for the foods, you know, I talked about this in the previous episode, but you are estrogen is really high. And we want to be eating those cruciferous vegetables to flush out the excess estrogen and having like lighter greens. You know, just because again, we have so much energy we don't need like the extra boost from the food per se. So but yeah, anyway, episode one for that. Now, the last one, the luteal phase, which I'm in right now is okay, so our estrogen and testosterone drop, our FSH and LH also drop, and progesterone dominates. That's just a little recap from what I went over in episode one about what our hormones are exactly doing and looking like during this phase. And so this is two weeks long, it's like a longer, it's a longer phase, and we're starting to turn more inward. So at the first week, like the first half of the phase, and again, everyone is different, but most females do still feel like pretty energetic, because you're just coming from an ambulatory phase. So there's certain feel energetic, and, you know, they're still able to do like the strength and the cardio workouts at the beginning the combo with hit. And then towards the second week with like the half the second half of this phase, you really just want to do stretching and walking, yoga, Pilates are really great. And I'm telling you, if you push your body during that part of the phase or during your menstrual, you're just gonna feel really, really crappy. And you can even reverse progress that you did throughout the, you know, earlier parts of the month. So that's something really good to keep in mind, it's like, you could actually be doing more harm for your body. And that's the goal is totally, I don't know,

Baldo 17:32
but I'm thinking it would feel like you're working twice as much for like half the results

Maddie Miles 17:38
Exactly. Or even like I said, like reversing literally reverse because like, if you're just creating more and more inflammation and increasing your cortisol levels, you can hold on to fat, you know, it can actually do the reverse. And exercise is supposed to be done for health and longevity and to make us feel good. So this is not a time where it's going to make you feel good and it's not going to make you healthier. If anything, it's just going to make you you know, not healthy, your hormones won't like it, okay, hormones really won't like it. This is the time that you're supposed to be doing some self care, taking extra personal time for yourself, go get a massage or facial, definitely don't over commit to anything like business wise or, if possible, business wise or socially. And I know not all of us are our own boss and we can't always control what we're doing in, in like the office, but that's totally okay. That just means like you take care of yourself outside of the office, you know, like yeah, you have to, you know, meet these deadlines for work during this phase. But you also didn't make any social plans really, or any type of social plans you did make it stuff that's you know, more relaxing and kind of just, you know, with your friends or your partner at home and you're kind of just watching movies and you're still being social, but you're in the comfort of your own home. So yeah, just don't overcommit don't over schedule yourself. If you have a busy week at work during this phase during the luteal phase, schedule a massage or something that's going to help bring you into the parasympathetic parasympathetic mode and allow you to just relax a little bit this also is the phase that we start to get some of those bad PMS symptoms if our hormones are imbalanced, and if we aren't, you know, eating properly for our phase or working out, so working out properly for our face, so that's also to you know, kind of bounce off like that. Don't push yourself in the gym. Don't push yourself in the gym, don't push yourself outside of the gym either because, you know acne really flares up when we're stressed out. And you know, like it's literally the worst thing to hear from someone when you're like getting a breakout and they're like, don't just about it, it makes it worse. You're like, I want to squeeze you like stressed about it, okay. But it's true. It's like stress and I think I have I had to hear it myself like, from, like so many different medical professionals, like naturopathic doctors, like everyone across the board, like stress makes it worse in order for me to finally just like, get it, you know, like, okay, yeah,

Baldo 20:15
no stress and inflammation. And what you're trying to do is reduce inflammation, right? You know, we at our clinic, we always talk about gin, genetics, inflammation, and nutrition, being the key to all health, I think with hormones is balancing, right? Like, trying to balance those things.

Maddie Miles 20:30
It just like that's like the name of the game, always, no matter what phase you're in, no matter what age you are, where you live, literally, it doesn't matter what it is like balance is for all of your hormones. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 20:45
Do you have any other questions? Do you have a question?

Baldo 20:48
So and maybe this is, maybe this is an easy answer. But so what's crazy about it is that I've females come into the clinic all the time. And now I've been asked, I've asked, I've have heard myself asking women now, like, do you track your cycle? And just because we talked about it all the time? anyway? If someone does,

Maddie Miles 21:08
say yes or no. If

Baldo 21:11
I've asked, I don't know if I've asked him people, but if I asked him, people would say like, six of them would say, yes, but not very confidently. Which is why I was like, yeah, you know, like, and I'm like, Wait, is that? Is that a yes? Or like, I don't know. So which is what brings me to this question, if someone hasn't been tracking their cycle, and they're or they're not confident in the way that they're tracking your cycle? Or what do you what are some steps for like, for someone said, like, right, starting today, I'm gonna start tracking my cycle properly, like, what do you if that's it properly is even a thing like I don't

Maddie Miles 21:46
know, I am very, like, type A, and very organized. So my personal recommendation be, first get a journal, if you like to handwrite stuff. Or, if you're more like, Nope, I just want my phone for that convenience. Start a note on your phone that says like cycle thinking, or if you are willing to, like pay for an app, I mean, most of them are pretty cheap. I think it's like, five bucks a month or something like that for but there are amazing apps out there. I like natural cycles, because it actually syncs up with my basal body thermometer. But anyway, whether it's an app, it's a handwritten journal, or it's a note in your phone, I say definitely have something that helps keep you accountable. And they say it takes like 21 days to build the habit, but like, depending on who you are, sometimes it's like, literally after a week, you know, you just I look forward to like waking up and like, okay, like, what was my temperature this morning? How do I feel this morning, um, you know, just doing very simple little things like that, just to get in tune with, like how you're feeling, you know? And then, you know, for females. So I say that across the board, all females should do that, for sure. that's step number one. Now, step number two, this is where it gets like a little bit tricky, because some females may not be you cycling because they're on birth control, or they have amenorrhea, or whatever it is. So for that group of females who don't get a period, for whatever reason, I say sync with the moon. So thinking with the moon means that on the new moon is your regulatory phase. So that's like, New Moon is here. I'm searching up. Oh, yeah. I for sure. Well, um, but yeah, okay, so moon phases for Austin. So the full moon is the 28th. So Full Moon is like, full moon is the ovulation days. So that would be like your pinpoint, like, I'm populating on the full moon. And so then you can go Okay, well, those four to five days beforehand, would be the start of my ob military phase. So that you know that window is your avatar face then afterwards. And again, this is all like stuff that you can track on your own. You don't need an app, but an app would make it easier. And then you get into so after population what comes after ovulation, though? Let's Let's test you.

Baldo 24:11
Is they the first phase?

No, no, that is the first phase.

Unknown Speaker 24:17
No, it's not.

Baldo 24:19
population is not so it's not luteal

Maddie Miles 24:23
phase, the next phase? Yes. That comes after it.

Baldo 24:26
was the first phase. No. I still got it right.

Maddie Miles 24:32
You're confusing our listeners now.

Baldo 24:35
Just just rewind. Rewind. So Moodle is after the

Maddie Miles 24:44
Yes. So yeah, so anyway, yeah, I would say sync up with the moon and this is also in my cycle sinking guide which is like great. You know to look at it has grocery list has recipes, it has all the information for your seeds and if you're cycling with the moon Yeah, the new moon, you'd be like, okay, New Moon is like my, you know, oscillation day quantum air quotes. And then after that it's luteal phase, which lasts about, you know, 14 days. So I'm just going to plan out for the next 14 days, I'm going to act as if I'm in my luteal phase. And I'm going to do those higher intensity workouts towards the first half of it. And then the second week, I'm gonna start doing more restorative things.

Baldo 25:23
The second week is where you start getting those PMS kind of symptoms.

Maddie Miles 25:26
Yes, that if it not everybody can. Yeah, they can. They will arise if there's an imbalance within the body. And so coming up for that, yes. Yep. I'm sorry. I'm just really excited right now. And I don't know if it'll be out by this time. But

Baldo 25:45
yes, well, at some point,

Maddie Miles 25:47
it will at some point after this, and there'll be a whole episode on them. So okay, but anyway, so that then it's your luteal phase. You know what foods to eat, what type of you know, recipe inspiration, because you're following me on Instagram, and you have my cycle thinking guide. And then after the luteal phase is our menstrual. And the menstrual normally happens on a full moon. Again, there are and I can get into this on a different episode. But when you're cycling with the moon, I'm just talking about right now. Like if you're a female who doesn't have a menstrual cycle, this is like what I'm, I'm referring to you right now. Because there are some females who like cycle in like men straight on, like the White Moon and on the red moon. And then those are like, called, like red moon leaders, and like White Moon leaders, that's a whole different topic that like that. I just want to clarify, like, I'm just talking about, like, you have amenorrhea you're on birth control, you're menopause, for whatever reason, you don't get a period.

Baldo 26:45
So it's like a vampire movie.

Maddie Miles 26:48
That's such a typical a boy comment, because he. Um, but anyway, so that's just a great way to sync up with the moon. And if you do, if you and then there's other group of humans who actually do cycle and I'd say, Okay, get in, get in tune with it. You know, like, if you track like, when you're bleeding in those days that you're bleeding when you're done bleeding, you can say, so the first day of your bleed, that is the first day of your menstrual cycle. So that's the first day of your first cycle. Does that make sense? Yeah. And then after those, you know, four to five days, however long you bleed for, then once you're done bleeding, you go, Okay, I'm in the follicular phase. And then the follicular phase, you know,

Baldo 27:32
so technically, when you're bleeding is when you are on the first part of your cycle.

Maddie Miles 27:36
Yes. Yes. And yeah. And then from there, it's just like, as long as you know that when you are bleeding, which every female knows when she's bleeding, of course, then you just go, Okay, well, next is follicular.

Baldo 27:51
And honestly, the people, the women that I told you that I asked, I don't know, if they were on birth control or not birth control. This is more of like, they were talking about something. I was like, Well, do you track your cycle? And, you know, I think maybe one of those, I felt very confident when they said yes, that they that they were confident that they said yes to

Maddie Miles 28:06
Yeah, well, it's I mean, it's, like, we're not taught this anywhere, you know, like, even just like the idea of like tracking your cycle. Like, I had never even heard of that concept before. I got into all of this. So I mean, we live in Austin, Texas, where people are very, like, I don't know, hippie, and kind of woowoo. So it, you know, makes sense that, but if you went to a place like Chicago, and like, you would not get many people talking.

Baldo 28:31
I mean, I was raised as an only child by my mom. And I also have a fourth half sisters who I'm very close, but I've never heard about this sounds Yeah. to you so

Maddie Miles 28:39
well. Yay. It's my favorite topic. But yeah, so then the molecular it's, you know, about seven to 10 days. And, um, you know, so you know, like, Okay, once I'm done bleeding for the next seven to 10 days and my follicular phase, and you'll feel it too, like if you'll feel the creativity and you know, wanting to brainstorm and all that stuff. Also, if you're tracking your basal body, you know, temperature, which that we need to do a whole episode on just that. Because that's like a really cool way. I mean, we did get into it a little bit on the alternative birth control methods, because it's a part of natural family planning, but your basal body temperature is about like 97 to 97.7 during the follicular phase, so it's like, oh, okay, well, I'm waking up every single morning for the next 777 to 10 days. And this is what my temperature is I'm, again, you're tracking this all in your app in your journal. And then after that, you have ab literario, which is about three to seven days. Yeah, three to seven days. And then you have your luteal phase, which is about 14 days. So yeah, you just cycle through these. And, and voila. Did I answer your question? I

Baldo 29:45
can oftentimes No, good.

Maddie Miles 29:46
Okay. Cool. Well, do you have any other questions?

Baldo 29:51
No, I think that I think that I'm good. Yeah, that question was about like, what do you do if he never tracked your cycle and you want

Maddie Miles 29:57
us yeah. So yeah, I mean, just like getting into I'm going to hold you accountable, like a journal. And you know, for females who do cycle, start to pinpoint, okay, your first day of your bleed and then go off of there. If you don't cycle, no sweat at all, cycle with the moon. And, you know, there's so many great hopes out there, like beyond my cycle thinking ebook, you know, just like, there's so many other great resources out there. You know, like, even one of my really great friends, Shannon, she has a whole cookbook on just like cycle thinking recipes. And so that's a really great, you know, resource as well. They're just, there's so much out there. You know what I mean? There's not enough, I don't think but there is, there's more and it's growing as well. And also just reach out to me, like so many females are just like, okay, like, I think I'm in this space right now. Can I tell you what I'm feeling? And let me know. And I'm like, sure, girl, let me know. So yeah, I mean, this is my jam. And I would love to help anyone out. But that is that. And that concludes our part two of cycle thinking, where we went over how to track your cycle, what's going on with your hormones throughout your cycle, in each phase, because there are four phases, and how to best help your body and help your hormones during these phases through foods and seeds and exercises and what you do in both your work and your social life. So until that until next time. Until next time, if you guys have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. This is Maddie from the Manny miles podcast in baldomero. And we would like to say sign off by saying peace, love



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the Violet Fog dailies

The Violet Fog Dailies



Violet Fog Bundle 

Pair the Violet Fog Stack with another on of Katey's Favorites - BLISS - for an extra serotonin and dopamine boost and save 15% Instead.

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Violet Fog Bundle 

Pair the Violet Fog Stack with another on of Katey's Favorites - BLISS - for an extra serotonin and dopamine boost and save 15% Instead.

slenderella bliss




the Violet Fog dailies

The Violet Fog Dailies



Total: $198.00



Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles]
Podcast Production - Andy Havranek [@ajhavranekphoto]
Intro/outro - iamalex [@iamalex]

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