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We are here today for this week's episode with our guest, Cassandra as we talk about Vaginal Steaming. Under this topic, we relate to how vaginal steaming is important for the health of our female reproductive system, benefits, and side effects of vaginal steaming if not used properly.

[00:00] Intro
[00:43] Hey, Cassandra!!!
[01:42/ 02:23] Question: What phase are you in right now?\
[03:19] Cassandra's favorite phase
[04:24] How the topic of vaginal steaming came about for this podcast episode?
[06:07] Question for Cassandra: What sparked your interest in learning about your hormones?
[09:43] Side Note: Stress is bad for the female hormones.
[11:55] Let us go into the topic of Vaginal Steaming
[12:35] Historical and Modern approach to vaginal steaming
[14:02] Other benefits of vaginal steaming
[15:06] Is vaginal steaming age restricted? What are the rules of vaginal steaming?
[16:09] Should women experiment with vaginal steaming?
[16:42] Vaginal steaming tools and procedure
[20:02] Midroll
[20:23] Vaginal Steaming Tools continued
[21:55] Question for Cassandra: What benefits have you noticed personally from using this type of method?
[22:33] Can you use plain water or we definitely have to use herbs?
[24:36] What kind of herb would you recommend for a female who has an irregular cycle?
[25:29] What kind of herbs would be used in vaginal steaming for parasites or bacteria?
[26:00] P.S. Do Not Use Essential Oils in the Vaginal Steaming Process
[26:32] Where does Cassandra buy her herbs?
[27:31] Are there any places that are specialized in vaginal steaming?
[28:23] Recommended usage of vaginal steaming
[30:24] Question for Cassandra: What were your favorite ways to nurture your hormones?
[31:30] Outro



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Maddie Miles

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Maddie Miles 0:00
Hello, hello Hello. Welcome to the Maddie Miles Podcast. I am your host, Maddie Miles. This podcast is created for both males and females who are looking to optimize their health through an integrative approach to overall wellness. We will uncover why your health may be struggling due to imbalances within the body, mainly hormonal imbalances. By following along the MADI miles podcast I will hope to educate and inspire you to take control of your health and to heal your body the natural way. Now let's get to it.

Hello, everyone, it is me. Maddie, Baldo our awesome fact checker's here and we are joined by Cassandra. Hi, Cassandra. Hi, I'm so happy to be here. I'm so happy that you're here. I'm so happy that we connected you know, it's we're definitely in a niche for sure, like female hormonal health. But I'm so glad that we found each other and we went live together on my Instagram, at least a month ago and just connected really well. And now we respond to all of each other's stories. You have an adorable puppy as well. Yes, just like you. I feel like they need to be friends. I know mine actually. Colby is eight years old. Isn't that crazy? But she's a puppy, but she's eight years old. She's an old lady.

And your your you have a Corgi named Oliver. Right?

Cassandra 1:31
Yep. And he's like four and a half months. So he's, he's getting so big.

Maddie Miles 1:35
Gosh, one of my best friends here in Austin just got a Corgi and his name is also Oliver. So. Okay, well, I must ask you, I want to start, you know, my podcast off whenever possible with asking my guests. What phase Are you in right now.

Cassandra 1:54
I'm on day 16. So I am oscillating, feeling fertile. And

Maddie Miles 1:59
this is amazing, and that we're doing this podcast during your oscillation. Because for all of our listeners who you know, track their cycle and know each of the four phases or observation is when we're feeling like the most social and vibrant and bubbly. So this is the time to be going on first dates and to be pitching on business ideas. That's awesome. I love the ambulatory phase.

Cassandra 2:23
Yeah, what phase Are you in?

Maddie Miles 2:25
I'm about to be in molecular starting tomorrow. Which is cool. It's it's really didn't like you're very inward this past like menstrual phase. I mean, I definitely have lower energy. And I, I did make plans with friends both Monday and Tuesday night. And I was like, why did I do this to myself? But, um, I don't know, it's I mean, it's always you know, everyone's different. And it's dependent on who the person is. But I still feel pretty energetic for the most part during it. Um, but I still like take time off of exercise. And I just walk and I do restorative in yoga. But I'm excited tomorrow to like actually, like, give myself permission to go work out. Because this week, even though I've had so much energy and like, Nope, I can't do it. I can't do it. We're just going to do yoga. Um, but yeah, so I really like the follicular phase. But actually my favorite is the luteal phase. Do you have a name? Right?

Cassandra 3:20
That's a good question. I honestly love being on my period. because like you said, we learned about that before. And I loved

Maddie Miles 3:27
that post.

Cassandra 3:28
Yeah. Because we are so compassionate to ourselves during that phase. And I love having that extra invitation to just be really kind to myself.

Maddie Miles 3:37
I love that. Yes, I always say the luckiest my favorite because all my favorite foods. The best foods like thank god, it's two weeks long.

Cassandra 3:49
Which is so funny. That's the hardest phase for a lot of people. So that's beautiful. You've reclaimed it.

Maddie Miles 3:54
Yes, I know. You gotta you know, find the positives and all the phases in everything in life. You know, just try and find the positive. So yeah, even though it's a lot of that phase comes with a lot of PMS symptoms for people who are experiencing the hormonal imbalances, especially if at least you can eat bananas and sweet potatoes and wash. I mean, you can eat those foods at all time of the month. I do at least but they just give your hormones some extra love during those two weeks. Yes, exactly. Well, that is awesome. Um, okay, well, let's get into it. badgal steemians. So literally, I had never heard of this before until I saw your post a couple weeks ago and I was like, Oh, I need her on about this because you know, I of course want to cover like all of the essentials and the basics when it comes to like cycle thinking and just your hormones and hormonal health. But I also want to find like cool, edgy topics to talk about, that aren't being talked about anywhere. So thank you for bringing this to my attention a couple weeks ago. I'm not quite on.

Baldo 4:58
It's crazy that I took Did you about that yesterday to about? We have a friend that had a miscarriage? Yes. And we took her, we took her hormones, we took bloodwork, like, two days after for her. And she came in yesterday. And she told us that she had been doing vaginal steaming to regulate her. You know, her hormones back after the miscarriage, and it's been like, less than a month and she's back on track.

Cassandra 5:21
Wow. That is a testimony if I've ever heard one.

Maddie Miles 5:26
And like the synchronicity of just like the universe, you know, um, yeah, I mean, most of our listeners already know this. But while though who's my best friend or my best friends here in Austin, fact checker, him and his best friend from, you know, college, they have a wellness clinic here in Austin. So all holistic and functional. So they see a bunch of people come in and out, you know, issues like this. And that's how they heal their bodies is the natural way. So yeah, it's really cool. And he has his screen up right here. And we Yeah, I have that article too, about vaginal steaming by Harvard hope.

Yeah. Like, I

want to do a little bit of like research. But I also just want you to take over Cassandra and you just tell us like, Well, before we get into vaginal steaming, and how about you tell us and all of our listeners, how you got into this whole space? Like what sparked your interest for like, like, I want to start learning about my hormones, you know, because we're not taught any of this from a young age, we have to go out and information. So you know, it makes me curious as to what your hormone story is. And what got you into this? Yeah, such

Cassandra 6:32
a good question. I think like a lot of people, it started as a personal journey, because in my adolescence, I was very underweight and an athlete. And so my periods were very, very irregular and inconsistent. And when they would come, they were very heavy and very painful. And so I dabbled in birth control, thinking that that was obviously the fix, because that's what modern medicine had to offer and was, you know, quickly educated. But that does not fix your period. And it definitely did not help my symptoms. And so I knew I wanted to go into naturopathic medicine. And so when I started my doctorate, I had an interesting array of hormone imbalances really manifest for me. So for me, it was a lot of thyroid and adrenal stuff. But I went within about a course of a year from feeling really bright and vibrant, to very sickly and frail, my hair was falling out and had these big bags under my eyes. And at the time, people were constantly asking me like, are you? Are you okay? Girl, like, you look like you. You need like a little something, you look pretty sick. And at the time, I didn't get it. But when I look at pictures now I'm like, Oh, my God, no wonder everyone was so genuinely worried. And so I think from the stress of school, from the stress of being in an unhealthy relationship at the time, you know, an array of things, it really manifested for me in a very visceral level. And so, as Hippocrates says, you know, heal thyself. And so it became a very personal journey for me to start to understand women's hormone health and cyclical wisdom, and why like you said, we're not taught any of this and why a lot of the literature is not really usable, or something we can integrate. And so that's what my whole doctrine ended up being about was fixing myself healing what was going on for me, and now sharing, sharing those tools with other people, because I know how lonely and overwhelming it feels when you're like, something is not okay. And no one has any options.

Maddie Miles 8:21
Yes. And I think that's why we connect so much is because we have very similar stories that inspired us to get into this space. And, yeah, you have to really, you know, go through it yourself and heal your body. And then you get that like that wisdom, that knowledge. And that inspiration to go and help other people because you're like, I've been on both sides. And I know that it feels way better to be on this side. So I'm going to go and inform them. And by the way, thank you so much for opening up. I didn't know that you were in, you know, a bad relationship. And I know now I see your stories and like your Is it your husband? Married right? No,

Cassandra 8:59
not yet. We

Maddie Miles 9:03
will make this up. No, hurry, I always hear stories. He's so cute. How like, feel like he knows what to buy me during my menstrual phase. Flowers and like, wow, like, That's amazing.

Cassandra 9:15
I know, like take notes fellows, like,

Maddie Miles 9:18
you should have a whole other separate account like public Goodfellas. And just like all things that he does for you during your whole Yes, but that is so beautiful. And I love what you're doing on Instagram and helping educate other females and collaborating with other females like myself to get the mission across. So thank you very much. My pleasure. Um, okay, so also the suicide note like, I mean, I stressed all the time. That's, I shouldn't say I use. I really tried to get the point across to everyone that stress is really bad for female hormones and it's short circuits, our cycle and then when our eating HPA axis starts to crash, it starts to affect the HPT axis the thyroid. So, um, thank you for touching on that. Because Yeah, like, I think we fail to recognize how much stress really does to our bodies and our minds. And so we want to just because we live in a society that's like hustle, hustle. And if you're not hustling, then like you're a failure. Know, when we're blessed, whether it's from school or from work, or just like, Oh, it's life is supposed to be that way. And we don't connect a lot of our symptoms that we're experiencing to stress, you know, for me, it's like, tracking my cycle, and I track my mood along with it. It's like, okay, you know, I like I'm experiencing these symptoms, but like, for example, like when I break out, I'm like, okay, I didn't sleep well, the night before, you know, or I had, like, you know, some wine or like, you know, I went and had a couple of drinks. I know, like, Okay, well, no, duh, I'm gonna break out. My body responds to that, you know, so, because it's all stressors on the body. And, you know, that's another thing I want to do a whole nother episode, teaching people like, the different forms of stress, because no goes way beyond just like, Oh, I'm, you know, I'm arguing with my spouse, or I have a lot of schoolwork to do, or a ton of projects and deadlines for work. It goes into, like your gut stress and your, like, bacterial overgrowth or viruses, it also goes into, you know, yeah, I mean, like, if you're drinking alcohol, like it, it may be super fun, because you're out with friends, but it can cause stress on your body. So it's just, you know, ways to know, and to kind of predict things with when it comes to your health. So

Cassandra 11:45
that's gonna be a juicy one. Ooh,

Maddie Miles 11:47
I know God, and it's gonna need to be like a whole series. I feel like the best series. Okay, well, awesome. So let's get into badgal. Stevie,

Cassandra 11:58
hit us, girl. All right, well, all you really need to know is it's the best thing ever.

Maddie Miles 12:05
I'll give her

Cassandra 12:07
No, but it is an incredible tool. And I continue to be blown away by my own healing with it. And then also with many of my clients, because when we hear about it, we often think like, what could be that significant about some steam, you know, moving through the vaginal canal towards the cervix? Like, what what healing could really come from that. But I think to understand that we have to go back to the history of vaginal steaming and why it was such a powerful tool that culture is used all over the world. So it's, it's been around for 1000s of years. And there are historical evidence of it being used in Hawaii, in different parts of Africa and Mongolia, parts of eastern Asia. I mean, all over the world, women were using this one tool, to specifically help them heal after childbirth. And, you know, in those times, the female healer was really the midwife that was the expert in all things, women's wellness. And that was who passed down this wisdom from Woman to Woman to Woman. So after a woman would give birth, in that postpartum phase, they were encouraged to steam to help their body heal, whether they tore were cuts or just simply had trauma from childbirth, which is just part of the the process, right? But now we see a gap in in definitely no gynecologist is advocating to steam. And that's because most women just don't give birth with midwives, less than 3% of women in the United States actually give birth with a midwife. So the wisdom has simply been lost. But there's been a really epic resurgence. In this wisdom, a lot of women are choosing to go back to more of the traditional routes, because we're seeing where the gaps are in our current medical approach. And especially in the postpartum phase. There's very little support that's typically given for that healing. It's like there's all this prep for the pregnancy. There's all this prep for the birth and then it's like, go home and you're on your own figure it out. Right. Exactly, exactly. Yeah, exactly. And so vaginal steaming, though, is not just for the postpartum phase. There's other benefits that women have found in terms of helping to rebalance their vaginal pH or clear chronic yeast infections. Some people find benefit in fibroids and cysts. I've not seen it personally, but I've heard some women share that they've passed full, intact fibroids. I know it's kind of intense. I don't know what that was like. I wish I could see pictures. Other people have shared it was really instrumental in their healing of cervical dysplasia or addressing their HPV, so anything cervix related, and some people find it's really supportive in healing trauma. So there's a lot of different layers to it. And even if all that sounds far fetched, or even if those aren't conditions that you personally suffer with, it is such a simple, gentle way to really restore balance to the vaginal area or the womb the cervix, and permits us to have such a simple self care practice every single

Maddie Miles 15:01
So do you you practice it yourself?

Cassandra 15:03
I do twice a month.

Maddie Miles 15:04
Yep. Okay, and so, okay, so that answers my question. So you it doesn't need to be like postpartum, like you can just do this. It's great for all females would you say? Or is there any, like specific group or age group that shouldn't be doing it?

Cassandra 15:19
That's a good question. So for most people, it's a great fit, there are a few contraindications. So for example, if you're menstruating are actively bleeding, you would never steam because steam will soften the cervix. So that may cause more bleeding. You're never ever to steam while you're pregnant. Because again, we want that cervix to be locked in, you know, we don't want anything disrupting that could cause an issue for the baby. And even in that postpartum period, we wait until the blood is no longer bright red, we wait until it is darkened a little bit, that would tell us that the internal bleeding has stopped. And this is just old blood. You also do want to be really careful with an IUD. So you would never steam for more than 10 minutes, because we don't want anything to get dislodged there.

Maddie Miles 15:59
Okay. Yeah, that one's that we actually just recorded a podcast yesterday about alternative birth control. And then, and we did cover the IUD. So yeah, I think anyone you know, experimenting with that, like, would you advise that they probably don't do it just to be on like, the safer side just because a lot of people misuse things?

Cassandra 16:21
They can. Yeah,

I mean,

I did a steam certification a few years ago. So I'm in that Facebook group. And so I personally have never seen any issues. And in that group, many of them do have IUDs and do scan, but I think just the time limit is the most important piece. Okay,

Maddie Miles 16:37
so about 10 minutes, you said, Yep, no

Cassandra 16:39
more than 10 minutes.

Maddie Miles 16:40
Cool. So is there a specific like, tool that you use? What do you use?

Cassandra 16:45
Yeah, well, so there's kind of like the basic setup. And then there's like, the Queen said, Oh,

yes, we

can say like,

Maddie Miles 16:52
I literally was like, I was picturing like, I have one of those steam things. Steam for my clothes. That was the one I'm gonna be able to use this. And like, Maddie, let's

wait to see what

Baldo 17:09
they said she had a she had a custom made like, wooden seat for middle where she places the herbs there.

Maddie Miles 17:17
Oh, this is Yeah, wait,

Cassandra 17:23
hey, maybe there's a business idea for that, I don't know. But most people don't do that way. But hey, you know, you never know, people do the basic at home setup would be to take a large pot, like a 10 inch pot, and you put the herbs in there, you put the water in there, and you boil that on the stove for about 13 minutes. And then you remove that from the heat, you set that on the floor, like on a big towel. And then you can either squat over it or come into like a really wide legged frog pose. So on your hands and knees, open your knees as wide as you can, and then wrap a big blanket around you to hold this demon. And obviously, you're being intuitive, you know, like, you're gonna wait a minute or so for the steam to cool down, make sure it's okay for your hand before putting a very vulnerable part of your body over it. Honestly, that's the way I did it for years because I didn't have the steam stool like he just mentioned. And honestly, if you're into yoga, then he probably won't that, you know, be that difficult to stay in that pose that long. Now, if you're not super into yoga, or if you feel like your hips are really tight, you're probably already shaking your head like no, not. The other option then is what was that?

Baldo 18:46
The work on that squat? It's I mean, there's so many benefits. I read some because I'm like, focused on living to like 120 and it's like people that live over 120 like the most common feature that they have is they can all squat. Mm hmm. I don't know why but that's the thing.

Maddie Miles 19:04
Like, fetal position almost when I do that. So like obviously I'm not doing that in restaurants, but I have my own home. I am such a floor sitter, like I love being on the floor. And then yeah, getting into that


But anyway, so people could like I was kind of picturing even use like an instant pot and boil their herbs in there, maybe and then because that's like a

Baldo 19:34
I'm gonna jump on. Jump on your.

Maddie Miles 19:36
Yeah. Gotta make. Yeah, I can't really do frog pose. Actually, full disclosure, it hurts my knees too much. But okay, can you show me both on our end what the school looks like? Yeah, link it up in the show notes. So people can check it out. This podcast is sponsored by MSW nutrition, one of my favorite supplement brands, all of their supplements come from FDA approved labs and our third party tested for purity. My favorite supplements are their liver love and their chill. You can use my code Mmm, one, five to save 15% on your order. They're super cool. And there's different ones, there's

Cassandra 20:24
some that are more like really simple. So they're just like a stool with a little hole in the center. And then others are more of like a little sauna, where it's an enclosed little box with a lid that you remove with a hole at the top so you can sit comfortably on it.

Maddie Miles 20:39
Cool. So this, this is what you call the Queen setup.

Cassandra 20:43
Totally, totally far more comfortable. And if you feel like you're gonna steam more than a couple times, then it's worth investing in one. Right? Yeah, because it's what like 100 bucks for

Baldo 20:53
this one, and then you can decorate it and make it all pretty.

Maddie Miles 20:57
I would definitely decorate mine. I would like the dazzle mine.

Cassandra 21:01
Totally, totally.

Maddie Miles 21:03
Awesome. Yeah, we're finding one for like, 100 bucks. So yeah, if you're doing that twice a month, that's totally worth it. Totally.

Cassandra 21:09
The other thing is just, yeah, exactly the only thing you'd want to look for if you're buying a steam sauna. And that's why there's a huge variable in pricing. Some are 100. Some are like four or 500 is to make sure it is a high quality wood and that it's not stained with any chemicals. So yeah, things like a beeswax and then ideally, two, they're not used with any glues. So any good company that will will, you know, say all of that because they understand the heats in the steam will cause chemicals to Leach.

Maddie Miles 21:39
Right. That's super important. We're going to do I'm doing a whole episode on environmental toxins that that one I really need a whole series for it. Yeah, I mean, that is stress. Like I got my work cut out. But Wow, these are awesome. So what benefits have you noticed personally, from using this type of method?

Cassandra 22:00
Yes, I feel like it definitely was part of me really regulating my cycle and finding more consistency in oscillating around the same day every single month. And then this may sound kind of funny, but I don't know a better way to say it, but you really feel like it replenishes and restores your vagina, like it resets your pH, it resets the tightness, like everything just feels refreshed. Like after you know, go get a facial or something your face feels really nice and vibrant again. It's like a replenishing practice for that.

Maddie Miles 22:30
Yeah. Wow. Okay, and then, um, I don't know if it was your balls, though. I think it was balls. Oh, and the patient that they had yesterday, but mentioned herbs. Do you put herbs in yours? Or do you just can you just do water and like have the steam?

Cassandra 22:43
That's a good question. So generally, you are using specific herbs depending on what cyclical imbalance you're noticing. Some people though, like people that are very, very sensitive, they can just do water with a little bit of salt in it. But that would be the very basic setup or for someone that was really young, you know, like pre menstrual time even and was just wanting to give it a try. So in terms of the herbs, it is important to have them curated to you there are, you know, like say a lot of spas and things that are starting to notice that vaginal steaming is trendy, and they don't necessarily have their training in herbs. And so they are putting kind of random things in there that just sound good. I had one client come to a retreat. And I was talking about vaginal steaming. And afterwards she was like, Can I ask you a question? I said, Yeah. She said I I went to one of those spas and I got steaming done. And she was like I broke out in a rash. I was burning like my labia was all inflamed and raw for weeks. And I was like, Oh my God, I've never heard of a reaction like that. I said, What do you remember what they put in it? And so she thought about it for a while and she was like, Yeah, they did Wormwood? And now if anyone knows anything about Wormwood, like an anti parasite, really caustic herb, like that's the last thing you'd ever seen with.

Baldo 24:01
Absent with

Cassandra 24:03
Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Baldo 24:07
Yes, no, don't do that.

Maddie Miles 24:10

Cassandra 24:11
I sounds like girl, but that was just huge neglect, and you should definitely let them know that that's not the herb to use. But so all that to say, if you're gonna do it at home, it's great. You know, you can buy prepackaged ones online that match the ones that you're you know, the symptoms or the irregularities you have. Or if you do go to a spa, just you know, use your intuition and make sure that it makes sense like the scheme they're about to give you.

Maddie Miles 24:36
So if a female is experiencing an irregular cycle, what type of herbs would you recommend for that?

Cassandra 24:44
It really depends. The reason I say that is when you say as like a steam facilitator, do an intake with someone you're asking them like upwards of 60 questions typically to find out do they run hot or the cold? What are their exact irregularities? Do they have any of the things that would indicate that Need a shorter steam versus a longer steam so it's, it's pretty on tensive but some of the like typical herbs that are gentle and ideal for most people. This would just be like a very gentle kind of like balancing blend, not specific for any yeast infections or anything like that would be like lavender and rose petals, lemon balm, Yarrow, red raspberries, so pretty gentle herbs that don't cause a reaction for most people. Gotcha. Okay.

Maddie Miles 25:28
And then just out of curiosity, because I'm curious, um, for like parasites or any bacteria, what would those herbs be?

Cassandra 25:36
So with those, you could start to add in things like rosemary is a really nice one. mugwort is a nice one or motherwort to

Maddie Miles 25:46
have, yeah,

Cassandra 25:47
but definitely not like cinnamon, or something really intense.

Maddie Miles 25:52
I love rosemary. I just love essential oils, but Rosemary is really good for your skin as well.

Cassandra 25:59
Well, I want to say one thing, just because you mentioned essential oils, because that's a common thing people ask is I don't have the actual like loose herbs. Can I do essential oils? And the answer is absolutely not. That's a totally different ballgame.

Maddie Miles 26:11
Yeah. Okay. So your knees are like just the dry crackly. It's

Cassandra 26:17
like making tea, honestly. So as you're making your steam, you could pour some out, you know before you steam and enjoy it and drink it at the same time. Like it's the same thing.

Maddie Miles 26:27
Coming in both holes. Where do you buy your herbs from?

Cassandra 26:34
I love mountain rose herbs online. You Yeah. Or if you have a local apothecary. I know in Austin. There's some awesome ones. Oh, yeah,

Maddie Miles 26:43
we got everything in Austin. Have you been to Austin?

Cassandra 26:45
I have and it's epic.

Maddie Miles 26:48
Here is so epic. And it's so amazing for what we do.

Cassandra 26:53
Yeah, it's kind of the Mecca. And I feel like everyone that I knew in LA is now in Austin. So I'm like, trust me. We know.

Maddie Miles 27:04
We're like, Hey, everyone is welcome. You have to accept the weirdness that comes with it. It's not changing. We're gonna stay weird. This is awesome. I love this. I wonder if there are clinics here who like specialized and fashionable steamy Austin.

Baldo 27:20
We can look at that.

Maddie Miles 27:21
Yeah, definitely look it up. But yeah, where are you located again? Cassandra.

Cassandra 27:26
I'm in Salt Lake.

Maddie Miles 27:27
Okay. Oh, that's so awesome. Are there any, like clinics there that specialize in vaginal steaming? Or is it still not mainstream enough that,

Cassandra 27:36
you know, there? I don't know of any clinics. But, for example, the person I did my certification from she's called steamy chick. If you go on her website, she has a directory of everyone that's done the certification and it's like 1000s of people. So you can also see you know, like, Oh, I live in Denver. Is there anyone that's certified, you know, meaning they should know, you know exactly what to do and not like, give you horrible herbs. So you're able to find there is a practitioner near you. Okay.

Baldo 28:03
Wow, there is one it's called in her love. And it's a vaginal steaming spa.

Maddie Miles 28:07
Oh, love that name in her love.

Baldo 28:10
Yeah, it's a in a womb wellness clinic.

Maddie Miles 28:14
Well, that's amazing. Cool. If we cover all the basics of Is there anything else that you think people should know when it comes to national scheming?

Cassandra 28:26
So in terms of how often to do it, that's usually a pretty common question. And so one to two times a month is usually plenty and just remembering not to steam every while you're actively bleeding. So usually I'll recommend steaming like day eight or nine, and then steaming again day like 2024 or something. And then if you're trying to get pregnant, that's another common question. Can steaming actually help that? And the answer is yes, because it is a cleansing kind of tool. But you just wouldn't want to steam around ovulation because that steam will kill sperm. So just might counterproductive to what you're trying to do.

Maddie Miles 28:59
Well, also, I mean, that could act as like a good birth control. Right.

Cassandra 29:05
I've wondered that I, you know, I can't say for sure. Because I've never seen anyone else really connect the two but it seems like right, this scene would help kill off sperm.

Maddie Miles 29:15
Yeah. Right, because the sperm has certain pH in order to survive. So you're ruining that environment for the sperm.

Cassandra 29:24
So there's any researchers listening?

Baldo 29:27
No. So don't go and try and blame us if you get pregnant.

Maddie Miles 29:33
This will prevent you from getting well awesome. That's so cool and informative. And I'm probably gonna go to this in her place here in Austin to do it myself. Because, you know, I always want to try everything out myself. People to try out so I'm going to do this. Thank you for inspiring me, Cassandra. Yay.

Cassandra 29:52
I expect a full Instagram post. Your experience,

Maddie Miles 29:56
I believe? Well, I definitely will. And if I love it, I'll get myself pimped out actually, you should do

Baldo 30:01
it before this is over in the wall.

Maddie Miles 30:04
Yeah, I'll probably do it. Before we release this podcast episode, that's even better. So then you can firsthand and feel like it was the best. Yeah, I think it's a requirement now, I must conclude is, I want you to tell our listeners, what your favorite way to nurture your hormones.

Cassandra 30:29
It's a beautiful question. What's coming to mind over and over again, and kind of what we've been talking about in this episode is that permission to rest. Because I think you can eat the most beautiful diet and you can drink the most perfect alkaline, you know, balanced water and do all the things that we think we're supposed to do. But if we're neglecting the most basic component of hormone health, which is resting, prioritizing sleep, ensuring that your stress levels stay balanced, then we're kind of missing the whole point. Right? So for anyone listening, take that permission, you know, when you need rest, so honor it.

Maddie Miles 31:04
I love that and, you know, just to kind of think off that, yeah, we can eat like the most colorful, you know, diet and really nourish our bodies. But if we're stressed, we're not going to be able to absorb any of those micro nutrients. So vitamins and minerals is going to go in and out. So yeah, thank you for saying that. I'm beautiful. And how I like to conclude it is peace, love hormone.



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the Violet Fog dailies

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Violet Fog Bundle 

Pair the Violet Fog Stack with another on of Katey's Favorites - BLISS - for an extra serotonin and dopamine boost and save 15% Instead.

slenderella bliss




the Violet Fog dailies

The Violet Fog Dailies



Total: $198.00



Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles]
Guest - Cassandra Wilder [@menstruationqueen]
Podcast Production - Andy Havranek [@ajhavranekphoto]
Intro/outro - iamalex [@iamalex]

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