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In today's episode, we will be talking with Carly Brown about Liver support and detoxification and how it relates to hormonal health. Carly is a holistic health coach and the founder of a raw organic cold-pressed juice company in Austin, Texas called Alchemy Juice.
She shares her story and inspiration to help others detox their bodies and continuing the healthy journey that they are on.

[00:01] Intro
[00:34] New topic and new guest speaker
[00:52] Who is Carly Brown?
[01:07] Her current story of deep healing
[01:35] Signs from the universe to support liver health
[04:23] Benefits experienced from Coffee Enemas
[05:20] Question: When were you diagnosed and did you try conventional medicine or did you started off all-natural?
[09:52/16:49] How to create your own Coffee Enemas
[15:31] Question for Maddie: For someone who does not drink coffee, do you feel the effects of the caffeine?
[18:12] Side effects & benefits of using Coffee Enemas
[18:46] How does a healthy person end up with cancer?
[20:37] What is the difference between a Colonic and Coffee Enema?
[23:25] Why we should detox our bodies often
[25:10] Why would one do colonic only twice a year while coffee enema been done weekly?
[26:08] Midroll
[26:31] Question for Carly: In terms of your diagnosis, where are you at now with the coffee enemas that helped you?
[31:14] Did you know the liver can be regrown if it was cut?
[32:49] Importance of replacing electrolytes after doing a coffee enema
[35:11] Detoxing the liver in terms of hormonal health
[36:25] Coffee enemas historical context
[38:05] Any questions about coffee enemas?
[38:25] Alchemy juice nutritional facts
[40:02] Inspiration for building Alchemy Juice Co.
[41:23] Outro



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Maddie Miles

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Maddie Miles 0:00
Hello, hello Hello! Welcome to another episode of The Maddie Miles Podcast. I'm your host Maddie Miles. This podcast is created for both females and males who are looking to optimize their health through an integrative approach to overall wellness. Today we have such a cool episode where I'm chatting with Carly Brown about liver support and detoxification and how it relates to hormonal balance. Now let's get to it.

All righty, I'm super excited for today's episode, where we'll be talking about liver support and detoxification and how it relates to hormonal health. And today I have curly here with me Carly, do you want to introduce yourself really quickly before we get into what exactly we'll be talking about? Yes, yes. Well, thanks for having me. Maddie joy to be here. I am. My name is Carly. I'm a holistic health coach. And I'm also the founder of a raw cold pressed juice company here in Austin called alchemy juice. It's delicious. Thank you so much.

Carly Brown 1:07
Really, my current story of is one of deep healing. I've been healing thyroid cancer cancer naturally over the past year and a half, which really really led me into deep detoxification and cellular health healing cellularly from the inside out. So you know you and I met we started talking about detoxification which led us into coffee enemas and and now here we are today to chat about all things detox and liver health.

Maddie Miles 1:33
Yes. And I feel like as I was getting so many signs from the universe, to number one try coffee enema and then to like after I actually did it and experienced it myself and experienced the benefits. I was like, Okay, I need to get Carlyon to talk about this. Since you are an expert in it, and like I'm just you know, one of the doers. But yeah, I was getting so many science because we talked about it when we saw each other and you know, a couple of days beforehand, I saw another girl or I met another girl who also like specializes in coffee enemas. And before then I literally want my entire life never hearing about this and then I learned about it in school after talking to both of you guys about it. And I was like, okay, hold up and in school we're learning about we're just diving deeper into you know, Ru, Vedic medicine and punch of karma, which panchakarma It just means five therapies to purify the body from like toxic

from toxic materials. And so one of those five is the herbal enemas, coffee enemas. And so that's why I you know, I want to talk about it. I mean, there are some other therapies in there like self massage, there's the sauna lymph massage, which you can do through dry brushing, which I do every single morning, the herbal enema and then nasal irrigation, which I that's the only one I haven't done yet. Um, have you done like a metal? Metal pot?

Carly Brown 2:53
Yeah, I actually did one in India.

Maddie Miles 2:55
You did?

Carly Brown 2:55
I stayed in a yoga ashram there. And that was the first time that they taught us about that as a purification method. And it's but it's really good if you have cold flus sinus, anything going on, I mean, there there are powerful tool.

Maddie Miles 3:07
Okay, so that's, that's the next one. I'll try one.

I do everything else. But you know, I really enjoyed the coffee enema. And, you know, it's, it directly supports our liver, because, you know, I had to do like a little bit of research into it myself, because I was like, I just putting coffee up my butt. Like, what? Like, what is this gonna do to me in the long term? Um, but no, I mean, it really it specifically targets liver. So for all of our listeners, coffee enemas, and Carly, I want you to even go like deeper into this, but my understanding of it is that they target the liver specifically to help cleanse and support them. And I preach all over my page, like liver love liver health is super essential. You know, our liver has a crucial job, or liver has like over 499 functions, which is insane. But a main one is to take hormones out of our blood and remove them through our body, remove them through our digestive tract and out of our bodies, which is super important considering that we experience or we encounter over 100,000 toxic chemicals on a daily basis. And so our liver and everything like they know our body knows how to detox, but sometimes it just needs a little bit of support. And so coffee enemas, let's get into it. Can you just explain to us how coffee enemas, like how you set it up? what it does for a liver, what benefits someone may experience from it?

Other than balanced hormones and everything that comes with balanced, balanced hormones like reduced PMS symptoms, but yeah, I'll let you take it over. Sure. So I mean, I didn't set out to be an expert on expert on coffee enemas.

Carly Brown 4:45
That wasn't something that I was looking to do were born No, I mean, I didn't go to a school program or anything like that. I I actually when I was first diagnosed and decided to go about my healing completely naturally, I went to a holistic cancer clinic in Florida.

So I spent nine weeks at a clinic in Tampa. And that was the first time that I actually had heard about coffee enemas. So I arrived there. And we did every we spent about two to three hours a day doing IVs, vitamin C, collation, gluten ion, stuff like that to support our immune system, then we would do

Maddie Miles 5:17
Wait, can we as backtrack?

Carly Brown 5:19

Maddie Miles 5:19
So when were you diagnosed? And did you try like conventional medicine? Or did you right away? right away? Were you like, I want to try the natural route? How did that?

Carly Brown 5:29
Yeah, so I was diagnosed with papillary, thyroid cancer, November 2019. I've been a health coach for a decade, I understand that the body is designed to be a self healing mechanism. So the what the doctor wanted me to do was to have surgery to open up the entire left side of my neck, take out all of the lymph nodes from all the way underneath my ear, to do radioactive iodine therapy and be on hormone replacements for the rest of my life. And as a 35 year old, considered myself healthy woman that wasn't something that I was willing to jump into. So I pretty much put the brakes on that pretty quickly and said, if that's the worst, worst case scenario, I need to do that I will but I also understand that there are other ways to heal out there. So I started driving all around Austin, just from going from appointment to appointment, I learned pretty quickly about oxygen therapy and started doing hyperbaric oxygen chambers. I was getting vitamin C IVs. But it was Austin, Texas traffic. So I was sitting in like three to four hours of traffic going north, south east west, seeing all of these different practitioners. And I thought, you know, I really need all of this in one place. Yeah. And so it was that point that my mom had had a friend who had just gotten back from this cancer clinic. She went for eight weeks and walked out breast cancer free. Wow. And it comes with quite a hefty press price tag. But when you are given the word cancer, you're pretty much willing to do whatever it takes. And so I found a way to make it down there. And so it was you know, surgery, I've never been anti surgery, but I've always been pro education research and trying things my way first, you know, and we're like year and a half in and I've had incredible results. I still have my thyroid so that's incredible. And so we I got to that clinic in Tampa and he told me about coffee enemas. He said, I want you doing three coffee enemas a week. That was in addition to I went there five days a week for those eight weeks.

I did a colonic once a week we did infrared sauna. I did therapy, all different types of healing modalities.

Maddie Miles 7:38
This sounds incredible. Honestly,

Carly Brown 7:40

Maddie Miles 7:40
I kind of just want to go myself.

Carly Brown 7:43
People always say

Maddie Miles 7:43
Do you have to have cancer to go?

Carly Brown 7:45
No, I usually that one. I actually don't read recommend anymore. topia wellness. I didn't love the doctor there. Okay, I now go to a different clinic in Mexico called hope for cancer that I highly recommend. And you can go to that one if you don't have cancer, right? Yeah. So we'll go some time. What is it called again? It's called hope for cancer for cancer.

Maddie Miles 8:05
Okay, wow, that's awesome.

Carly Brown 8:07
And it's an integrative, it's an integrative cancer clinic, they do give chemotherapy, low dose chemotherapy, if they feel like their patients need that.

But they lead with the spiritual, the emotional boosting the immune system and looking at cancer as a disease process. You know, going to the root, same with hormone imbalance, you know, hormone imbalance is not the problem. It's the symptom of something else going on in our body. So that's the same thing for cancer too. Yeah. I love that. You mentioned that. Yeah. So so I get to the clinic. He says he wants us to do three coffee enemas a week. I'm like, I'm sorry. You want me to put what where? And do what was?

Maddie Miles 8:45
My reaction a couple weeks ago.

Carly Brown 8:48
I sent it to everyone like I talked about coffee enemas very openly on my Instagram page. Now I show myself doing coffee enemas, because I do them daily. I don't recommend that everyone does them daily. That's prescribed to me for my dietary fat. Yeah. Yeah. Because I'm healing cancer, right. So you know, 123 times a week is probably good for most people. But either way, you want to be working with a practitioner who could recommend why like, Why Why do you want to do a one time a week versus three times a week versus daily? Yeah. And essentially, at the very the base of it is that you boil coffee. So you want to use a light roast coffee, because light roast coffee is higher in palmitic acid, and palmitic acid is what stimulates the detoxification of the liver. So people say first and foremost Okay, Carly, I've got like a cup of Starbucks Can I think I said that to you?

Maddie Miles 9:44
Can I go get some cold brew from Starbucks and you're like, I wouldn't know.

Carly Brown 9:50
Let's not do that. So most people, I guess, I guess we go to dark roast because we're used to drinking dark roast. But you want to do a light roast coffee and you die.

Bentley 100% want it to be organic. So there are actually like coffee enema coffees, I've gave you a link to one, it's got sa Wilson's and you can get that through Amazon. Or there's also a company called pure life enema. I think the URL is maybe pure life calm or pure life. enema.com we can confirm that. And through them, you can buy coffee enema kits, and you can also buy coffee, coffee from them. So you get the bucket, the tubing and the coffee through them. Or you can buy it on Amazon, you know, across the entire kit with the coffee should be about $25 in total. It's not very expensive. Yeah. And so you brew your coffee, your light roast coffee, and I can if you want I can walk you through the whole process, but you like Do you mind just doing that just because yeah, I think a lot of my viewers like, they'll just wanna they'll want to know Okay, not have to go somewhere else to like, look deeper into it. Yeah. Cool. And give us the rundown. I have a highlight on my Instagram. My Instagrams Carly loves Galen. It says coffee enema. You can click it and I like show you show me doing one. Yeah. Oh, I saw. Oh, yeah, it was like so grateful for it. I was like I need a step by step. We'll tag your Instagram in the show notes. Cool. Okay, so you're gonna start with two cups of water, you put two cups of water into a pot on the stovetop, I do two tablespoons of coffee, your listeners might want to start a little bit lower, they might want to start with two teaspoons, or just one one tablespoon. And then work their way up. But in general, two tablespoons is a good ratio of coffee. So boil your water, put your two tablespoons in a coffee and let it boil for 12 minutes. After the 12 minute mark, you turn the heat off and just let it cool for 10 minutes you have to think you don't want to insert boiling coffee into your colon. Picture. That idea Do you want to let it cool so I usually just boil for 12 minutes and then I set my timer 10 minutes and I let it come down. At that point you have a mixture of water and coffee grounds in your pot and you want to strain it I strain it into a glass mason jar. Ideally, you want to be using glass throughout this entire process. Why? Because of the chemicals in plastic that also get released when things are hot. So if you put hot food into a plastic Tupperware, that plastic is going to break down those those you know estrogens, estrogens congest, the liver, you have hormonal imbalance now you need to bring in detoxification. So if we can just take plastic out of all areas of our life that is I 100% ideal we're talking about, you know, plastic Tupperware not using plastic water bottles you want to use I use the glass mason jar, I have a 32 ounce mason jar right here I'm drinking out of and I'm drinking out of your your juices come in glass jars, and I drink my water out of them. Yeah, I love it represent an alchemy. And so I've just pour that mixture through a strainer into a glass mason jar 32 ounce mason jar. Now you only have two cups of water in there right now. So that's 16 ounces of water. Now you add cold water or room temperature water Distilled water, I use my Berkey Water Filter, you don't want to be using

it for water, I can recommend the Berkey I can recommend mountain valley spring water they do door to door delivery, you know so you can get their water delivered to your house. You don't want to be using tap water for any part of this process. Yes. And that's very important to note too.

Maddie Miles 13:29
And I want to do a whole episode on just water and like where you should be getting your water from and why you shouldn't be drinking tap water. But yeah, it's definitely a good idea to not put the mix that and then put it into your Yeah, as a detoxification. detoxify you with your neighbor's pharmaceuticals. Yeah.

Carly Brown 13:49
That's true. So you you have your two cups of mixture, you add two more cups of room temperature distilled water, and you're ready to go at that point. At that point, your coffee is ready to go. Now one question I get a lot is, oh my gosh, that sounds like a lot of work to do every day. It's really not. Yeah, I mean, people make their morning coffee every day. But for some reason this, I don't know. But you can make it in bulk. So you can make three days at a time of your concentrate. You can store it in your fridge in a mason jar, and I only say three days at a time. You don't really want to push it longer than that. But three days in at a time of concentrate that way. You just can warm up a little hot water, add it to your concentrate, and you're good to go. Does that mean three consecutive days? Or like could you make it for the week? If you? Let's say you want to do like a Wednesday and a Saturday or something like that. Could you make it batch it on? No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't. I guess I sent them do i do them every day. I'm thinking three consecutive days, but I would say they're good for three days. Scott. Yeah. So you wouldn't want to make it on Monday.

Maddie Miles 14:49
And so for that person who's maybe just doing it like once a month or something like that, they should just make it Yeah, fresh. Make it fresh. If you're doing it once a week. Just make it fresh each time.

Carly Brown 14:59
I promise. It's Not that long your 12 minute boil 10 minute cooldown.

Maddie Miles 15:03
Okay. Yeah. I mean, it's really I also was one of those people who's like, this seems like so much work that you told me to go over your two story highlight too. And I went, there's so many stories. I was like, I'm not going to do this was like, just absolutely no. And I was like, okay, like I did like the first time was like, that wasn't that bad? I also don't drink coffees. I don't like no, I don't go through that process every morning of like making a cup of coffee. So it was kind of like a lot for me, but like now I'm like a pro at it. I feel for someone who doesn't drink coffee. Did you feel the effects of the caffeine when you did a coffee enema? No, I wasn't like energetic. No. Is that a common?

Carly Brown 15:39

Maddie Miles 15:39

Carly Brown 15:40
Yeah. Well, because some people are really sensitive to caffeine into coffee. And they say, Oh, I can't do a coffee enema. But it gets it's absorbed by the body in a different way. And so exactly, you don't have that jittery. Caffeine feels so interesting.

Maddie Miles 15:52
Because I am incredibly sensitive to caffeine. Like even green tea is like I can maybe have max one cup of that as green tea. Black tea is like out of the question like that will make me jump off the walls. So that's really interesting that I didn't experience that.

Carly Brown 16:06
Yeah. And people say, well, what's the best time of day to do a coffee enema? You know, they're worried that they can't do it at night because of the caffeine I that's not really the case. Sometimes I do them at 6am sometimes I do them at 9pm. What I would recommend is if someone who does want to try doing them at night, do a smaller amount just make sure that you're you know, all of our bodies are different. We're all have different chemical compositions, right? So even though you and I don't feel the caffeine, maybe someone else might so we don't want them calling us at three in the morning. Like what you guys tell me to do.

Maddie Miles 16:36
Right? Like just to be safe. Just do it in the morning. Yeah, in case

Carly Brown 16:39
Yeah, or do it at night, but just use a smaller amount, do one teaspoon and then if you don't feel it, then you can go up to your normal two tablespoon amount. Okay. So yeah, so now you have your coffee mixture, and then you just pour it into an enema bucket. So that's again, something you can find through pure life. Anima you can find it on Amazon. I just bought one from Australia from the reverse Coffee Company because it's glass. But I do believe that pure life enema actually has glass bucket. So maybe we could link to that for people.

And and then you just pour your concentrate into your bucket, there's a long tube, and then at the bottom of the tube, there's a really there's a rubber catheter, so you're inserting a rubber catheter into your colon.

Maddie Miles 17:21
So it's rubber. Okay, I know like, I know, the lowdown on plastics are no, no, but what about rubber?

Carly Brown 17:27
Yeah, no, there's no problem with that.

Maddie Miles 17:29
Those are okay?

Carly Brown 17:30

Maddie Miles 17:30
In general, like with food as well, because I have a lot of like food storage bags that are rubber. reusable. I don't heat food up in that.

Carly Brown 17:37
Yeah. As far as I know. That sounds fine. Yeah, I don't I haven't come across any research. And I've come across a lot of things that says yeah, that's a no no. So okay. And so you do, if you're just starting, you can start with inserting the catheter for senate form inches not centimeters, four centimeters into your colon. But over time, you actually want to insert 12 inches into your colon. So what I do is I apply a bit of coconut oil to my bum and I apply coconut oil to the catheter, I insert it, I open up and let the water flow into the colon. Now you might feel some cramping or some discomfort and I just recommend that you breathe through it, it will pass the entire bloodstream filters through the liver every three minutes. So if you're holding the coffee enema for 12 to 15 minutes, which is recommended, you're purifying the blood system four to five times over that. So it is extremely powerful for detoxification to cleansing the blood to releasing congestion in the liver. It's one of the most valuable things that we can do on a healing journey. I like I mentioned several times already lived a very very healthy lifestyle. How does someone like me who's eating organic? Does yoga goes you know, I do all the right things for my body. How do I end up with cancer? And I kind of realized I was putting all the good things in and I wasn't taking out the trash right? You know, detoxification never became a major part of my lifestyle until it was forced upon me until I had to be and so now every human that I talked to people all the time. Carly, what can I do for prevention? What or what do I do to live a healthy lifestyle? I'm like we have to focus on detoxification because like you said we come into chemicals and come into contact with 1000s and 1000s of chemicals every day. It's not a problem. That our world is not pristine, right? It's the day and age we live in. It's it is what it is we get the gift of being humans what an incredible blessing and the world is just not a very clean place to beast but we had we can bring in the tools needed to keep our vessels clean. And I find that really exciting that we can pull in you know eating well drinking enough water getting sleep stress relief detoxification in

For red sauna, colon hydrotherapy coffee enemas to keep our vessel clean, like yeah, that's that's what that's what lights me up. I get really excited when I

can empower ourselves to be well

Maddie Miles 20:11
yeah, no, it's incredible and you know, coffee enemas to like are they don't cost a lot, whereas, you know, sauna is to like be a member at a gym or a wellness clinic that has an infrared sauna. A lot of these other things. It does cost a lot of money. But the you know, the perk to coffee enemas are it's super easy. And you can do it at your house too. And so I did have a question that came up and I was writing it down, because I didn't want to forget, but so what is the difference? I know, but I want you to tell our listeners in between a colonic just a regular one and the coffee enema.

Carly Brown 20:46
Cool. Okay, my mom is actually colon hydrotherapist. So I know a lot about Colonics. She had me doing colonics like in the height of my binge drinking college years. And that wasn't fun, because I was quite toxic. Yeah, I'm sure. Yeah, it's okay. We all have not, I guess not all of us but I have those years. Yes, those years, okay, no shame there. So a colon, a colonic is something that you go and work with a therapist on. So you it's like a you know, you go see someone for a massage. There's the massage therapist, there's a colon hydrotherapist, you make an appointment, you go to their office, the colonic is actually used for colon cleansing. Most all of us have nearly seven pounds of toxicity caked on to our colon wall, I did not know that seven pounds, seven pounds of toxicity,

Maddie Miles 21:34
my goodness.

Carly Brown 21:36
And we could all benefit from doing some deep colon cleansing, it's good for our health, it's good for our digestion, it reduces inflammation, but it's also really good for your mood. You know, when you start thinking about gut health, there's twice the amount of messages going from the gut to the brain than there is for the brain than there is from the brain to the gut. So we're talking about mood of just feeling overall happiness and joy. I mean, all of that is affected by your gut and your colon health. And when you think about taking out that toxicity, there's a lightness physically, energetically, spiritually. So that's, that's what colon hydrotherapy really is it is colon, deep colon cleansing, I recommend that people do a series of six, once or twice a year. The first one is really just to get in to get things moving. The second one, you start seeing some movement. And usually by the third or fourth one you are you are dumping some things that you you really need to get rid of. Also, 70% of humans today have parasites. So colonics are a really good way to get in there and start cleaning out parasites along with toxins and just old matter that that doesn't serve you.

Maddie Miles 22:44
It can be like years and years about, like we could have stuff from when we're like children's so backed up in there, because again, we're not taught in school or anywhere, how to detox our body, you know, and I feel like a lot the diet culture has totally taken that term. And just given a negative connotation where it's like, I'm detoxing because I'm, you know, going to Mexico for spring break, and I want to lose some weight. And it's like detoxing your body at its core. It's not about losing weight. I mean, if that happens, that's not it's not like the sole purpose of detoxing, you know, detoxing your body is just getting all of those heavy metals and chemicals and environmental toxins that have been, like, just pushed in and they're just locked in there.

Carly Brown 23:24
Yeah. And I actually, after all of my learnings from going to two different holistic cancer clinics and all of the detox work I did, I created a program called the daily detox. And it's exactly this that like a detox is not some quick fix beauty thing. I mean, if people want to use it that way, have add it. But that's not my approach to it. It's that every single day, we are coming in to contact with toxins and chemicals, which means every single day, we should be inviting practices to detox our bodies consistently. And it doesn't have to be expensive. I mean, you don't have an infrared sauna. You can do a detox bath yet one cup of Epsom salt, one cup of baking soda, put the water on as hot as you can to, you know where it's still comfortable and let yourself sweat. You want to be sweating every single day, you know, in the middle of summer for getting a sauna. I just go for a walk outside,

Maddie Miles 24:16
especially in Austin, Texas, and it's 105 degrees. Yeah. Just walk outside.

Carly Brown 24:21
So it's like every day for our longevity, for our health, for hormonal balance for just our vitality. We want to be detoxing every single day in some capacity and you know eating whole foods drinking the right water, you know all the

Maddie Miles 24:37
making sure to get all the micronutrients as well needed for phases one and two of liver detoxification. Yes, yes. Um, so that's the difference. It's at its core that colonics are for your colon

Carly Brown 24:48
and coffee and you're right, I didn't finish that coffee.

Maddie Miles 24:50
Oh, I interrupted you though.

Carly Brown 24:53
coffee enemas are for the liver. Okay, for liver cleansing and detoxification. They still do some colon cleansing, but really

If you're looking at the reason you could you want to pair them side by side, deep colon cleansing with the colonics liver detoxification via coffee enemas.

Maddie Miles 25:09
And so why would one only need to do the colon the colonic two times a year versus the coffee enema can be done weekly?

Carly Brown 25:20
Because the colonic just goes so much deeper we don't want to be we don't want to be consistently deeply cleansing. You know we want that could mess actually with like the good bacteria. Yeah, right. Exactly. And you want it when you do a colonic, you want to, you know, always be taking a probiotic when you're doing a colonic, I recommend taking a probiotic all the way all the time anyway. But it's just not necessary to be deeply cleansing the colon but the cost, like I mentioned, we're coming into contact with these toxins every single day. So it makes sense that we could be equally inviting in detoxification practices every day. But I've been doing a coffee enema everyday for a year. Someone might be doing it once a week for a year you see what you need. It depends what your lifestyle is, and how clean you are. Yes, already.

Maddie Miles 26:09
[AD] This podcast is sponsored by MSW nutrition, one of my favorite supplement brands, all of their supplements come from FDA approved labs and our third party tested for purity. My favorite supplements are their liver love, and they're chill, you can use my code mm, one five to save 15% on your order.

So I was just, I mean, I want to ask you like what you if like you're open to talking about it.

Carly Brown 26:36
I'm open to talking about all things.

Maddie Miles 26:38
Okay, that's what always I say too.

um, but in terms of like your cancer, like where are you at now? And how do you think like the, the coffee enemas have helped you?

Carly Brown 26:50
Okay, so right now I am. I get my labs drawn every single month. And right now my labs are all completely perfect, like, perfect. I have absolutely no inflammation in my body. I all of my cancer marker numbers are in the normal range. I, my naturopathic doctor, I worked with a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor team. And she said that if my labs continue to, for the next six months as my lab continue to show up the way they are right now we can call me no evidence of disease.

Maddie Miles 27:23
Oh my goodness, congratulations.

Carly Brown 27:25
Thank you very much. Yeah,

Maddie Miles 27:27
that's incredible.

Carly Brown 27:27
So I do about two to three hours of therapy every single day of my life. So my morning routine is pretty much that I get up, the first thing I do is put my feet on the ground and I say gratitude, a moment of gratitude. I thank God that I'm here. I think that every day that we get to open our eyes and be a human being here is the greatest blessing. I also have a two year old son and so you know, when I was first diagnosed, the fear of thinking that I wouldn't get to be around from him is something that really changes your perspective on life. So first thing every day feet on the floor Thank you God for another day that I get to see my baby grow that I get the opportunity to heal myself. build businesses that I believe in connect with incredible people like you what a gift. Then I go outside and into the my kitchen and I drink 32 ounces of water. So hydration first and foremost, every day. I think if people drink coffee, that's I'm fine. I'm not against people drinking coffee. But I think that we should hydrate first and foremost, hydrate and eat food. Yes. Okay, I'm into that. I like that hydrate and eat food before we have our coffee.

So I drink my water and I start making my coffee enema first thing in the morning. That's the first thing that I do. After my coffee enema. I do oxygen therapy. So cancer cannot live in an oxygenated environment. So I have an ozone machine where after I insert coffee into my colon, I then put a tube of oxygen up there and oxygenate my body. The ozone therapy. Cool. I do an infrared sauna every day jump on the rebounder for lymphatic cleansing.

Maddie Miles 28:59
Ah, I love that

Carly Brown 29:00
Yeah, the lymphatic system is the sewage system of the body

Maddie Miles 29:05
It literally is, yes. The sewage system it gets out all those nasty hormones and toxins Yeah, I dry brush every single morning right when I wake up because like my lymph nodes have just been laying stagnant for the last eight to nine hours. Everyone should be sleeping at least seven hours but preferably at nine. So I get up and I just dry brush right away and I just feel like all of like the juices like I just get like the chills. Yeah.

movement. Yeah, walk my dog.

Carly Brown 29:30
So it's so important, so important for our overall health. And so, you know, I think that the coffee enemas, how are they related to my journey? I it's reduced inflammation in my body. You know, I believe that. What I say it's the coffee enemas alone that have contributed to my healing. No, I wouldn't say that. But I say I would say that they've been a really, really powerful part of, of my healing. And I think that everything works synergistically. If someone came to you and said, How do I balance my hormones, I doubt that you would

Say you can do this one thing, and that will fix you.

Maddie Miles 30:02
Of course now Yeah, it's always a holistic approach. Yeah.

Carly Brown 30:05
So it's, it's the synergy of all everything working together. And I think you know, the funny thing too is that people the same things that I'm doing to heal cancer, it's, it's the same things that we can do to heal anything that's going on in our body movement, rest, sleep, stress relief, proper nutrition, detoxification, like weather, really, at this point, if anyone came to you or II with any ailment, we could probably give them the same approach, right? drink enough water, eat whole foods. Detox your body! Yes, exactly. And so I'm like, So guys, you know, I healed the cancer diagnosis. And you know what I learned? Get enough sleep, eat real foods and manage your stress levels? Yes. Oh, my goodness, managing your stress to talk about a whole nother like, series of episodes that I need to do on stress.

Maddie Miles 30:53
Wow, well, that's incredible. I mean, I, I don't think I have any more questions. You were absolutely amazing. And like, we're such a great guys follow? Do you have any questions for us?

Baldo 31:05
It was pretty complete,

Maddie Miles 31:06
You've been quiet over there.

Baldo 31:08
Pretty complete. And any questions that I had, you were like, on me as well, too. But I do want to say, the liver is the most important like detox organ, I always like to mention how the liver is remarkable, because it's the only thing you can cut in half. And it'll grow back.

Carly Brown 31:24
I didn't know that

Baldo 31:24
Oh, yeah. from an evolutionary standpoint, any other organ or anything else that gets cut off doesn't happen, that doesn't happen. So like, you would think, if if it wasn't the case, that we wouldn't evolve to this case. So that important, right? But with the coffee stuff, it's really interesting, because that we know, I drink a lot of coffee, and I love coffee. That it it does help deliver. But it also stimulates so many other aspects of your body, right? Like, you get super hyper or you get like, you know, jittery, increases cortisol. And there's all these other things. So you would imagine from the from the doing a coffee enema, that it's like, well, you're directly burning from the liver, because it's closer, we're doing it that way. But you're not getting all those extra side effects from the jittery. I mean, you're, you're a testament to that, like, you're like, I know that you've had had caffeine because we gave you booze one time and has a little bit of caffeine, you're like,

Maddie Miles 32:17
I didn't sleep that night.

Baldo 32:19
And that was like, offered like two sips, right or a whole drink. I was.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
So I was like concerned,

Baldo 32:25
I'm sure that that people still get that effect of like the caffeine thing. But it's probably not as much doing it that way. Because it's not going through your blood system and creating all these other side effects first, as opposed to like it's going straight to the liver. And the liver is already starting to detox when it doesn't need and do the do the good things. But I just wanted to mention that other than that, it was great. I mean, it's terrific. I love I love talking to you guys.

Carly Brown 32:48
Yeah, the other thing that I would want to note is that it is important to replace electrolytes after doing a coffee enema.

Maddie Miles 32:53
Good point.

Carly Brown 32:54
So, you know, people say can I eat before, I know I recommend, you know, just some little details since we I've walked you through how to do the coffee enema how to actually make it and do it. After you insert the coffee into the colon, you're going to want to hold it for about 12 to 15 minutes, you might not be able to do that in the beginning, it might only be two minutes, three minutes that you're able to hold it, you'll start feeling some rumbling like you need to have a bowel movement, you get up and you go on the toilet and then you'll have a release on the toilet. Afterwards, you want to drink some coconut water or have a green juice or you know some water with minerals in it just to replace the electrolytes. And other than that you just go about your your day is normal. So you know that's just a couple tips. And one other thing that I wanted to note on is that gluten ion is a master antioxidant that's produced by the liver naturally in our body and coffee enemas stimulate the production of glutathione this master antioxidant permisson. So yeah, which is so helpful for for healing and overall health. So, you know, we inject we can take glutamine ion, what are these IVs I have a vitamin C in my arm. So we can do glutathione IV is we can supplement with glutathione or you can support your body to naturally produce glutathione right? Yeah, coffee enemas. Oh, is one of the other really incredible benefits of doing coffee enemas.

Maddie Miles 34:17
Yeah, and I did want to note too, that you know, someone it shouldn't be. And we did kind of touch on this. It should be a holistic approach though. It shouldn't just be like, I'm going to you know, eat super poorly and not move my body and I'm going to say terrible things to myself like have this terrible like physical and emotional health, but then I'll do a coffee enema once a week. It should be like a holistic approach to like, you know, healing your body and detoxifying your body.

It might my good now sorry, I always have the microphone like inching away from my face. Um, but you know, to fix the gut and to fix the digestive system as well because if you're doing one of the punch of karma detoxification

practices, you know, if you don't have a good gut and digestive tract, then the toxins will

Free circulate within your body instead of being excluded. So that's something I definitely wanted to note too. And I had in my notes that I wanted to know, not for weight loss, but we did already touched on that. And, you know, hormonal in terms of hormonal benefits, it cleans out excess hormones, it reduces inflammation, which can you know, both of which can help with bad PMS symptoms. And I did see something and I did I tried to do a little bit more research into it. But they recommend it's recommended to do it during your observation phase. So I don't know why. Exactly. Hopefully, by the time this comes out, I'll have some more information as to why it would be recommended to do it during your population pace, but interesting. Yeah, sure about that. I don't know. I think what how I when I read that I was like, because during your ovulation phase is when you have the most energy. And it's probably like the most energy to do something like

take the time to like, Yeah, I don't know.

Carly Brown 35:55
I actually do coffee enemas when I'm on my cycle. I don't know if

Maddie Miles 36:00
you do them like every single week. So clearly, it's not like you can only do it during your ovulation cycle. But I was just thinking, well, maybe that's just because we have so much an abundance of energy during that phase. So may as well take on something like this that may be a little bit newer to you. And

also to help like, clear out that that excess estrogen is what I would imagine that comes from the first half of the cycle. Right, right.

Carly Brown 36:25
And I think that if there's anyone who's listening who's interested in coffee, and was to learn more about it, I learned a lot from the coffee enemas have dated, they've been in medical journals from the 1800s. Like this is not a new, trendy fad. Not

yet Not a fan, not a fan and not new. It's been around for a very long time. But it was made more popular by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1950s, who was he has the Gerson therapy that is essentially a food, food and natural healing protocol for cancer. So if there's people who are interested in learning in coffee enemas, as it specifically rates relates to cancer or to healing, I would have them look up the Gerson therapy and the usage of coffee enemas there.

Maddie Miles 37:09
I see it right now on Google Play for $10. Yeah, you could despite the book, this will be my next read.

I'm trying to read like, two books a month. So which you guys are like, that's not why you guys are giving me a love. Like, you guys are looking like we do two a day. I wish I did, too.

Carly Brown 37:29
I go for one a month Really? is what I get through. Yeah, audible. Yes.

Baldo 37:33
Yeah, I still can't get into the into the audible books yet. Cuz

Carly Brown 37:38
I fall asleep when I read. Just shout them out.

Baldo 37:41
But that's part of my morning routine is like one of my things. Like I read a chapter of two different books.

And I like doing that because it's part of my like, I just, I don't know. I like to wake up slowly. morning routines.

Maddie Miles 37:53
Add that to the list of ideas for a podcast episode.

It is I'm adding it right now. Well, I mean, this has been such an awesome episode. Thank you so much for joining us. And if anyone has any questions about coffee enemas? I mean, I would say referred to Carly's page, because she, I mean, it's way more of an expert in this than I am myself. But of course, DM me as well. If you have any questions, I'll probably just refer you over to amazing Carly. And if you're you're in Austin, you should definitely try out her alchemy juice her fresh pressed juices, you want to talk about that really quickly. Also.

Baldo 38:28
alkaline stuff, right? That that's also an important factor is is disease can't live in an alkaline state as well.

Carly Brown 38:34
Yeah, yeah, disease can't live in an alkaline state and it can't live in an oxygenated environment. So I do a lot of things to create an alkaline environment in my body every single day, I put baking soda in my water on an empty stomach to help shift into an alkaline state that's recommended from my naturopathic doctor. Again, always work with a practitioner to find what works well for you.

Unknown Speaker 38:55
But yeah, absolutely. alkalinity and juicing and juicing creates an alkaline environment and as well in the body. So in the beginning of my healing journey, and even to this day, I do 64 ounces of juice a day, I like to think of juice as a nutrition IV, it doesn't have to go through the digestive tract. So it gets absorbed by the bloodstream in three to five minutes and you put those that nutrition to use immediately. In every bottle of juice, there's two pounds of produce. So I'm drinking you know, four of those a day even if you're drinking one of those a day. Most of us don't eat two pounds of produce every single day. So it's a really good way to get the nutrition into your body to make it bioavailable. As it doesn't have to break down in the digestive tract, it

Maddie Miles 39:37
would be a great option for people suffering from like IBS or any type of digestive issue who can't you know, digest because a lot of people get bloated after the vegetables and again, that's not the vegetables fault. It's you know, you need to heal your gut. But juices are great juices and even smoothies too. It's just easier to digest. But you're saying that juices just hit your bloodstream right away. Wow. Yep, yeah, that's cool juice knowledge. I didn't know that.

Carly Brown 40:00
Learning. Yes. And so I was doing the 64 ounces of juice every day. And there were a couple days that I couldn't get to juicing. And I looked around Austin for 100%, organic, cold pressed juice in glass because I wanted it in glass. And I couldn't find it. And so my mom and my husband and I said, Well, if if it's not here, there's definitely other people in this incredible city who are looking to food to heal their bodies. We launched it out of my kitchen at home and within a few weeks, we were in a commercial kitchen space. We have a full time team now and service all of Austin we ship nationwide. We deliver down to Dripping Springs all the way up north to Round Rock and Leander. And we deliver right to your door. I actually made it a delivery model before COVID even hit because I didn't want people to have to go out and get it. I was like if you are willing to drink juice, I will make it I will juice it. I will drive it to your house. I will drop it.

Maddie Miles 40:52
I love that. And I posted about it on my Instagram for anyone listening. I mean, I've had alchemy plenty of times and He's incredible.

Carly Brown 40:58
Thank you so much

Maddie Miles 40:59
I've had alchemy. I've done the coffee enemas doing so much

Baldo 41:04
we're Carly fans.

Carly Brown 41:06
Fans of you guys. Yeah, that's that's alchemy, juice my handles at alchemy juice if you want to check it out, or if you have any questions they can always ask me

Maddie Miles 41:14
amazing. Yeah. All right. Well, thank you so much, everyone for joining us today on another incredible episode of The Maddie Miles Podcast. Until next time, peace love hormones!



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Violet Fog Bundle 

Pair the Violet Fog Stack with another on of Katey's Favorites - BLISS - for an extra serotonin and dopamine boost and save 15% Instead.

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the Violet Fog dailies

The Violet Fog Dailies



Total: $198.00



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