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In today's episode, we will be talking to Kate, the owner, and founder of Funk It Wellness. Kate was a clinical dietician, worked in pediatrics. She also moved to New Zealand, got involved in sales and product creation there.
Let us talk about periods and hormones. Get informed and inspired to help your body support your cycle naturally and ditch PMS. What other fantastic way to support your cycle than to feed your body with natural ingredients? A healthy normal cycle is seed cycling.

[00:11] Introducing Kate founder and owner of Funk It Wellness
[01:11] Kate's hormone and Funk It inspirational story
[01:57] Who is Kate and what is her hormone story?
[04:18] Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) ... What is that!? 
[04:48] What inspired Kate to create Funk It Wellness?
[06:48] Cycle syncing: Hormone balance & diet
[08:44] Stories of party pooper birth control methods
[16:39] Seed Cycling is the way to go - A Healthy Normal Cycle
[20:33] Nuture Funk It Kit - Follicular Phase
[29:58] Radiate Funk It Kit - Luteal Cycle
[34:49] What happens if you eat more of the seeds?
[36:53] Alternatives for people with allergies to sesame seeds
[39:18] Future Episode of Cycle Syncing
[39:58] Why you should shop and join the movement of Funk It Wellness
[41:04] Help your body support your cycle naturally and ditch PMS
[45:03] Quick Recap
[45:59] Everyone loves a discount
[46:59] Thanks to our sponsor MSW Nutrition
[47:33] Chile Supplement from MSW Nutrition

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Maddie Miles

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Maddie Miles 0:00
Hi guys, it is Maddie and welcome back to the Maddy miles podcast where we talk all things Integrative Health, with a focus in female hormonal health and today I'm so excited. I have one of my best friends here in Austin. Kate, who is the owner and founder of funky, wellness, funky, we should do like a cool, little like noise and

Baldo 0:27
I'm gonna bring a bunch of toys. Yes.

Maddie Miles 0:35
Anyway, this is Kate. She's the founder of blanket seed funds. We have them here right now if you're watching the video. These are the seed blends. We are going to talk all things seed cycling today, when it comes to balancing out your hormones and optimizing your home hormonal health. We also got Baldo over here with MSW nutrition. He is our amazing fact checker. He's gonna be checking us the whole time. And he's gonna

Baldo 1:02
make sure you guys are not lying to people.

Maddie Miles 1:04
Exactly. You guys can fully trust us. Um, but yeah, so I think I just want to start off with you, Kate, and explaining what got you into this also getting into your hormone story. And what you know sparked the inspiration for funk it and then we can talk about the science behind seed cycling, because seed Cycling is amazing. I was introduced to it a little bit before meeting you. But I didn't get into it myself truly until I started using your blends. So I'll let you take it over from here, sister.

Kate Morton 1:40
Yay. Thanks for having me, Maddie. I'm so excited to be here. Like Maddie mentioned, my name is Kate. I own fucking wellness. But I'm also a dietitian and my hormone journey is 100% why I'm a business owner. I never thought that I would be Yeah. So I was a clinical dietitian, I worked in pediatrics and a hospital and I got an amazing opportunity to move to New Zealand, where I couldn't be a dietitian. And I had to kind of learn a whole new world of marketing and sales and product creation. I got really lucky to work for Lululemon and another really cool wellness startup in New Zealand. So simultaneously, I got off birth control, I was really far away from home. I had horrible cramps, acne, I didn't get my period back for like six months.

Maddie Miles 2:25
Wait, can I ask you? Why did you get up birth control? What was your reasoning for getting off?

Kate Morton 2:31
Oh my gosh, it's such a good question. So I have the implant in my arm. familiar with that.

Maddie Miles 2:36
I didn't have it. But I might. Yes, I'm familiar with it.

Kate Morton 2:39
Oh my gosh. It's literally the worst thing. I could tell anyone if you have it. I mean, no, I'm not a doctor. Don't listen to me about that. But I bled for an entire year. Oh my god. It was horrendous.

Maddie Miles 2:51
Then a client in your arm.

Kate Morton 2:52
Yeah. And it got lost.

Maddie Miles 2:54
That happened to my sister too. It was to get boss and moved and she had to go get it.

Kate Morton 2:58
Yeah, I guess like mine, like got embedded in my muscle. And I've got like photos of like, when I got taken out my arm from my elbow. The shoulder was just like, bruised and had to dig to pull it out. It's progesterone. Oh, God. Yeah. So I had all this artificial progesterone, which ended up causing a lot of issues with my cycle. Like once I was off my period. That's why I was told it took so long for it to come back ways. My body wasn't making progesterone effectively anymore. It was too I'd had that implant in for like four years. So I got it taken out. And then I started experiencing the worst PMS ever. Alex my partner has like the funniest story where he like to all his friends was like, yeah, k doesn't have PMS. I don't even know what you guys are talking about. And I got my thing out. He told us friends he said I had to tell them I lied because it's so real.

Maddie Miles 3:47
And what were your symptoms? So I had cramped

Kate Morton 3:49
we didn't have a bathtub. We were living in a 400 square foot apartment. I barely had a shower. I would curl up in a ball in the shower, turn it on hot and just sit because I couldn't get up because my cramps are so bad. I mean, I'd have to miss work. I would throw up and be really sick. The mood swings. I think it was really bad for me like being so far away from home. I think it was highlighted even more. Yeah, I'm usually like really happy person. I was like so like borderline pmdd like really unstable.

Maddie Miles 4:17
Right? Do you want to explain to people what that is? We have not touched on that yet. But

Kate Morton 4:22
yeah, it is very real. pmdd is so real. And I'm not the expert in explaining it. But it is a severe form of PMS that causes extreme routine disruption, extreme pain, depression, anxiety, it can put people in the hospital it and it just really disrupts your entire month. So I was bordering there like thinking I kind of had that going on and simultaneously was working with clients trying to figure out okay, I don't have any supplements or recommend to my clients because they're all full of crap. Yeah. And so then I was like, well looks like I'm just gonna have to Do it myself. So then that's when funk it was born. It wasn't originally seed cycling, but seed cycling was something I was introduced to. And I was so impressed with natural benefits of it. And there's research behind it. If anyone's listening to this, and you want to have the research, I've got so much up to you.

Maddie Miles 5:19
We can I'll link it up in the show notes as well. Um, yeah, but yeah, cuz you told me, but before funk it, the seed blends, you were trying to start a supplement.

Kate Morton 5:29
Yeah, it was like a totally different route. And I, it just didn't feel right. Like to me, I was doing it. And I wanted to help people. And I was trying to figure out how, but what I was creating just didn't quite feel right. Because I'm such a food based person. And Maddie knows this. And I'm super open about it. I had an eating disorder. And I've been in recovery in and out and foods just so important to me, because seeing direct nourishment from food into our bodies. Yeah, powering food is medicine it is. And that's what really changed my perspective on my body and food. So I feel like seed cycling to me embodies everything I want other women to have, yeah, to feel. So that's how I was born. And I called my best friend in the middle of the night. She was in the states and Colorado. I was there. She was a designer. I said I had this idea. Totally expected her to shoot me down and tell me to go back to bed. Please tried to start like a million businesses together. And she said I'm in what do you want me to do?

Maddie Miles 6:28
So your friend designed these bags?

Kate Morton 6:30
Yes. Look at which bags people yeah, are stunning and clear.

Maddie Miles 6:34
Anyone not watching the video who's just listening to the audio. They are these like hot pink bags, and then funk it, which is the brand name. Obviously it looks like it's almost graffitied on the bag. That was the

Kate Morton 6:47

Maddie Miles 6:48
Yeah, it's so cute. And then so there are two blends. So there is the nurture blend. And then there's the radiate blend. So do you want to get into the nurture blend each of the blends? What is in both of the blends, and then how those actually help and benefit our hormones on like a biochemical Yeah, Apple.

Kate Morton 7:08
Okay, so to start, I dug in being a dietitian, I am founded in research, I don't believe in giving people false hope, or saying something works for everybody. So I spent about a year researching this before launching this company. And what I found was what we eat impacts our menstrual cycle so much, which

Maddie Miles 7:29
is why I love and preach cycle thinking and our foods. Yes, you know, and that's not it's not like one or the other, like you just seed cycle or you just cycle sync your foods. It's together you do the both of them. So yes, it's so important to do both. And that's where like we're working on resources for everyone right now around

Kate Morton 7:48
cycle thinking. I know Matt, he's got a great ebook on cycles thinking and we could probably do a whole nother podcast. Oh my gosh, yes.

Maddie Miles 7:55
We Yes, we definitely will.

Kate Morton 7:57
And so with the blend, so the first day and this is something I did not know until I really dug into hormone health and got off birth control. So your menstrual cycle isn't just your period. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I didn't know that.

Maddie Miles 8:10
Not ridiculous. We're not taught you know? Yeah, I think like oh, like we just go about for three to four weeks and then we bleed for a couple days. And then we just go about like you know, like bats that we didn't know like we're not taught that there are four cycles Well, actually I mean spent on there's like the luteal and then the my brain Friday not

Baldo 8:31
go into like, what did it what is taught? I know it's not a lot. But yeah, because of that way our listeners can be like, yeah, I have heard that before. And I guess that's not it.

Kate Morton 8:39
I can tell you what I was taught in Alabama. Sure. In school. I was taught don't have sex because you're gonna get pregnant. I was gonna say I was like,

Maddie Miles 8:47
I literally wasn't taught anything was not taught anything. The first time I'd ever heard of like follicular luteal. I know some people pronounce it luteal. And Javi latorre phase outside of the menstrual phase was literally eight months ago, when I Oh, gosh, I guess it's over eight months now. But that was the first time I'd ever heard of any of this. First time I'd ever heard of cycle thinking, seed cycling, any of this stuff, even getting into the breakdowns of like hormones. So like estrogen, progesterone, progesterone, testosterone, any of that, like I wasn't taught any of this, it was pretty much just like, Okay, look, if you have sex, and it's unprotected, yes. If it's unprotected, you're probably going to get an STD. If you're not on birth control, you're going to get pregnant. So that's what was taught to me. And like, I think we spent like one two class periods on it in high school and that was it. So that's how I went on, you know, does let them life I was like, Alright, which also is, you know, speaking of false hope, like being on birth control or any type of birth control, whether it's the pill, it's an implant IUD, that does not guarantee that you're not going to get pregnant either. So my mom had both of my older siblings while on

Kate Morton 10:04
birth control. So many of my friends, it's been the same thing. Yeah. So I wasn't really taught if I was maybe I wasn't paying attention. I mean, I can't totally blame my teacher here for what I learned in high school,

Maddie Miles 10:15
but right? Well, because they're not taught. It's just like this. It's like this cycle of like, no one's taught, so they can't properly teach people, which is why this it's like this awesome breakthrough with people like you and I, who are like taking the time and energy to learn about this stuff. And then going and talking about it on Instagram, through products through podcast books, you name it. So yeah, we just jumped around. But yes, to answer your question while though we learned about planning.

Baldo 10:45
And that's, that's what I was getting at.

Kate Morton 10:49
It's really interesting to go on another little tangent before we jump into seed cycling, it was really interesting to me, is actually so I've been using the fertility awareness method for three years. I'm not pregnant, I have not been pregnant. I track my cycle. I just started doing population tests, which I'm like, super into right now. But yeah, I mean, I track my cycle. I don't even go as in depth as a lot of people do. And it works. And I had fertility testing done at my last guy, no appointment, like she was like, everything's working the way it should, you're just, you're really tracking your cycle effectively. And that I like to point out, I'm not anti birth control, because I do think birth control really does enable women to have control over their bodies. I am anti not educating people, right, just to

Maddie Miles 11:35
bond, right. And I love to emphasize that all the times, like I don't care at the end of the day, whether it be my sister, or best friend, or random girl who follows me on Instagram. And she wants to say on birth control. I think that's amazing. I just want her to know all this information. Because, you know, I I didn't know, I was just put on the pill and I was on your choice. It should be a choice. Yeah. And you know, I think a lot the nature of the situation will be that once females do find out though, like what it actually does to your body, on the short term and long term, that people are probably going to opt out and be like, I don't want to put this into my body because I don't I don't want to mess up gut. I don't want to increase my chances of

dealing with cancer. Yeah, like yours

Baldo 12:21
wasn't the same way that people choose to eat vegan or to like have a certain diet because they've learned all the different things and you're gonna eat everything and holidays, you almost have don't have a choice because there's so much food. Yeah. But But it's important to have a choice

Maddie Miles 12:37
for sure.

Kate Morton 12:38
It's not a choice. And so I don't know what my whole tangent on telling you guys. Oh, that was but it's all we have to it's all important.

Maddie Miles 12:45
Yeah. And I think you know, with birth control, we just need to start also educating like the doctors who are prescribing it because for a while I was a little bit ticked off at like my doctors and my gynecologist because I was like, why would you guys put me on this, you know, but now that I'm in school for like integrated health. They're teaching us that it's not the doctors fault, because it's all like, it's the system's fault. You know, they're sitting in class, and they're spending their time and money and energy learning and pretty much how to match symptoms up to a medication. Yeah. And so it's not that they're going like, Okay, guys, actually, birth controls terrible for your patients. But like, still do it because we want them to die. Like you know, that's not, at least I hope not. That's not that's not the goal. It's just that they're not taught that and also, Faldo Weren't we talking to someone earlier this summer, I think someone who works at MSW is her sister is a gynecologist. And she was like, telling you that I feel guilty. Now, whenever I prescribe people birth control,

Baldo 13:54
yeah, it happens a lot. So there's also there's also boards, right, that they have to have to abide to, and, and then there's also the insurance game, which is two different things that control the medical system. And so yeah, they feel guilty about it, because first of all, they don't learn it. And when they finally do learn, and then they're stuck with like, well, I really can't do anything about it. Because in order for insurance to pay for stuff, I have to do these things or prescribe these things and these methods, and at the same time, like, I know that I don't agree with this, but you know, these people need to get some sort of help. And, you know, if I just tell them to go and you know, and first of all, once again, they're not very highly educated, and they and in some cases, they can even lose their their, their, their medical licenses if they don't go by what insurance goes by or what they've been taught. And so it's like that's, that's a difficult thing. I mean, obviously you have a license, so

Kate Morton 14:50
it's hard. It's really hard. You have to walk a really fine line, be very careful. And the other thing is like if you think about the general population, I like to point out It's up to people to it is a privilege for us to be able to sit here and talk about our choices around health care. And, you know, I went to six different gynecologist before I found one that would listen to me like, I recognize that's a huge privilege. Like I was able to pay for that and to do that. And so, yeah, I just think that, the more we talk about this stuff, and the more like, we just talk about it with random people, like, I was sitting in soccer, and some guy walked up, he was doing like a crowdfunding thing. He's like, Can we take your picture? Like, we're doing crowdfunding for a music video? And we're like, sure, whatever. And he's like, what do you guys do? I was like, I make food for people's periods. And he was like, oh, how does that work? And I think like, the more we talk about it, and like, we give people the tools to advocate for themselves, is where we'll see change. Like, exactly like what we're both doing, what we're all doing, is giving people the tools to be like, hey, there's actually this option that and like, seed Cycling is super affordable. And that's something I love what Toby

Maddie Miles 15:56
I was gonna say, I was gonna say, like, you know, and we're having, you know, a little vent about this tomorrow, but you can, quote unquote, biohack your hormones, you can balance out your hormones. That's really what that means is just balancing out your hormones. Naturally, you don't need to spend No, of course, everyone's different, like some people have some major damage done to their body from Yeah, what I did. Yeah, and I was gonna say, I mean, I have had some, between my struggle with anorexia and then being put on hormonal birth control, which I, for anyone listening, there's going to be a whole separate episode just on my journey, that you can listen to more about that. But yeah, my body is messed up. So I have need, I mean, and again, a total privilege that I have been essentially shuffled in and out of so many different medical professionals, everything on the conventional side, all the way to the naturopaths. And it's like, just trying to rebalance your body, but it's possible it is 100% possible and you can do it through food. So let's get into these seeds because I flippin love them. I want to just take a shot of them right now, which I do I do that sometimes when I like. Just forget to take my seats for the day and

Kate Morton 17:07
whatever give them like they're like my baby like they are your baby. My baby. This is my labor,

Maddie Miles 17:12
then and are your babies. I love the bottom. Okay, wait. So let's Okay, let's get into days one through so days one through 14

Kate Morton 17:20
our cycle. Do you want talk about what's going on? So we can talk about start there? Maybe? Yeah, so Day One is the day you start bleeding. And the way I define that is your some people have a little bit of spotting before I define day one is like full on like your cycle has started. Yeah. And I mean, it's like so hard because we do have these like love hate relationships with our period because it's like, hurts all these things, but doesn't have to. So now I really look at day one is kind of like the reason it says nurture, it's like your new start. Like your new cycle is starting your new month is starting, it can be really empowering.

Maddie Miles 17:54
I thought of it as like nurture yourself, because everyone wants to cocoon with their period. So it's like nurture your body. Exactly. I was actually like literally like get on the couch. Have your like nice bowl of oatmeal with your seeds in it. Yeah,

Kate Morton 18:07
yeah, that's what we picked the name is because it is a time where you need support and nurturing, you need to be held and loved whatever that means to you like your body's bleeding, like it's a state of disruption routine. So that's the first thing you start with your nurture seats. And so if you think about what's going on, so you're burning more calories, you are having a lot going on with like hormonal shifts and changes, and your uterine lining is literally shedding. So you're literally like getting rid of a part of your body. So you need to like nurture and restore. And so I kind of look at our cycle like nesting dolls. So that first follicular phase technically is like, if you haven't air quotes, typical cycle, which I don't just FYI, that's why there's extra product in these bags, my cycles, like 32 days, so I wouldn't fit into a normal 28 day hike, which

Maddie Miles 18:59
is actually if it fluctuates, like, about four days, that's still considered No, it's when it goes beyond that four days. For all our viewers listening, that that would be considered not normal, and there's probably a hormonal imbalance going on. Before days. They're 2832. That's good. Yeah,

Kate Morton 19:18
I'm consistent. So I am always between 31 and 32 days. Okay. So consistently a little bit longer. So,

Baldo 19:26
how long did that take you to get back to your normal?

Kate Morton 19:31
That is such a good question. So when I got birth control, no period for six months, I thought I was broken. I was like, Oh, no, like, it's never gonna come back. And you know, like, I never even thought about having kids. But that's the first time it came to my head. Like, what if I have done something to where like, this is gonna impact me? And yeah, it took I mean, it's been three years, I would say I started seed cycling about a year and a half ago, and like when I first cuz I launched it in August. So yeah, I've been doing it about A year and a half my cycle just regulated out about a year ago. So it took two years, just like before. And I wish I would have found seed cycling earlier. I wish I would have found all these things earlier. But you know, that's all of our journeys are different. And that's why we're so young. Like

Maddie Miles 20:17
I say the same thing. I'm like, I wish I would have found out sooner and like I talked to females who are older than me, and they're like, you're so young. This is so awesome. Yeah, yeah. So much time. Um, so Okay, I don't think we said what's in the nurture.

Kate Morton 20:31
Yeah. So the nurture blend has

Maddie Miles 20:34
flaxseed and pumpkin seeds. Okay. And how much do you take, I already know that's

Kate Morton 20:39
yours. How are for listeners? How many tablespoons of each to two. So we blend them together, we batch ground them and early small boutique process by another female entrepreneur who does all our manufacturing in the United States. So we do it really quickly. And we ground them together. So they're mixed perfectly together. When you use our plans. You just need two tablespoons of our blends. If you're not using ours, you need one tablespoon of each seed. Beautiful off to ground them.

Maddie Miles 21:07
Okay. Yes. So if you Yes, make sure that their ground or else we do not properly absorb literally no poop. Yeah,

Kate Morton 21:14
you'll see a whole pumpkin seed in your body.

Maddie Miles 21:17
So our bodies are so smart. Like, oh, like, we can't break through this show on the seeds. So

Kate Morton 21:23
what do you think about going?

Well, we have seeds, his birds eat them, they poop them out, they plant more seeds, they grow more plants. So like we're not made to break them down. But on the flip side of that they have everything you need to grow a whole new plant. That's why they have everything to nurture your body. There's so much like symbolism and

Maddie Miles 21:42
all that. Yes. Okay, so let's talk about, like, What is going on? Yes, the nutrients in those two specific seeds, pumpkin flax that help our because during our like menstrual like the actual bleed, all of our hormones are super low. Yes. And then as we get into the next phase, the follicular phase, things are starting to ramp up, especially estrogen. So do you want to talk about why like pumpkin and flax? Why those would benefit your hormones that are doing those type of fluctuations during those first 14 days? Yeah, so

Kate Morton 22:17
it's like so like you said, it's like a nesting doll. So your menstrual cycle nest inside of your follicular phase? Why you feel low, just like you said, all your hormones are low, you're tired, you're rejuvenating your reprocessing. As we get into our follicular phase, everything is ramping back up, it's getting ready to release a new egg. So it's follicle stimulating hormones going, it's getting ready, it's getting ready. And it's going to pop a new egg out at ambulation. So this is a really important time that while estrogen is ramping up, you don't want it to ramp up too much. Right.

Maddie Miles 22:47
So because do you want to talk about symptoms of like too high of estrogen? Yeah, so

Kate Morton 22:53
it's different for everyone. I mean, a lot of people report like low libido. It can delay ovulation, there's all kinds of different ways. Everyone's a little bit different. I know my estrogen was really high. When I was kind of going through all of this. It can also cause like, hair loss, all kinds of other crazy symptoms, some weight gain around like the midsection as well. Yes.

Maddie Miles 23:17
Yeah. And estrogen dominance. You were talking about this the other day, I think I was talking with you about it. But that doesn't even necessarily mean your estrogen levels are crazy high. It just means like your estrogen could be normal and everything else, like progesterone are super low, which is exactly

Kate Morton 23:32
what happened to me. Yeah, like it wasn't super high, but everything else was super low. And so it just throws everything off balance. And then that really impacts the rest of your cycle. So if you're having an imbalance in the first part of your cycle, populations Not going to happen at like the right time, or it may not happen at all right, and you're really not going into your next phase. And I'm not a doctor, so like excuse if like unexplained anything a little bit off. This is how it is for me. So it's really important. Why these are so great. There's tons of research on flax seeds and pumpkin seeds, but the flax has Phyto estrogens in them. So it actually helps to bind with estrogen and remove that excess estrogen or if they're too high out of your body. And it just gets excreted through your digestive system, which is amazing. Yeah. And that's why you will eat a lot of broccoli sprouts. Anything that can kind of bind with estrogen.

Maddie Miles 24:24
Yes, there. So which is Yeah, that's, you know,

Kate Morton 24:28
the omega threes are really great too, because your period can be a state of inflammation, even in your period. It can be a state of inflammation due to the bleeding.

That's really funny.

So yeah, I'm all that to say the omega threes, the Phyto estrogens, you also have zinc and magnesium in there which are really amazing. Magnesium, there's something I think you can fact check me I think it's 68% of Americans do not get enough men. museum

Maddie Miles 25:00
I believe it at least I feel like yeah, it's up there. It

Kate Morton 25:04
might even be higher. Now that's a stat from 2019. And so magnesium is something I honestly was heat cycling, we get reports almost my mood so much better this month. I'm amazing. And I'm like, I promise it's probably the magnesium. Yeah. And also you need all these micronutrients to actually have these hormonal reactions. Right. So micronutrients which you've which are like zinc, magnesium, all those type things for anyone listening, you need all of those. Yeah, to Sure. Have it and so the other thing, iron, which you definitely need after bleeding, yes, you're plant based.

Maddie Miles 25:39
I was gonna say that's very firm. Yes. Because we always need to make sure that we're getting in the urn. But yes, especially after bleeding.

Kate Morton 25:48
Yeah, and so and B vitamins as well. So all those things,

Maddie Miles 25:51
is packed as so many micronutrients.

Baldo 25:54
So you can look at lots of Google searches. And those there's numbers that are up to like 90%. But PubMed, which is one that I do, and I trust, that's the one that I trust says that 48% of the population, so half are going to be magnesium deficient. And yeah, we find MSW nutrition we find that it's magnesium is a big one. And when we put it pretty much in all our supplements to make sure that because it's also magnesium tends to be a cofactor. So it helps complete a lot of things a lot of times like you you're doing all this other stuff, but he's not gonna do much without the magnesium helping complete that cycle.

Kate Morton 26:32
Yeah, exactly. And that's why it's so big to have that in the seeds. And so really, I think the heroes in that first are the magnesium, the zinc, the Phyto estrogens and the lignans, lignans. I always say that wrong Why GaNS, lignans and just like luteal luteal. That's something that also is astounding like with the female body, so they're really like harrowing, those Phyto estrogens and binding, getting everything out really helping you. also great for gut health, because you're getting good fiber. And if you're coming off birth control, gut health can be a huge thing as well as B vitamins.

Maddie Miles 27:10
Yes, both of those. I know that myself, personally.

Kate Morton 27:14
Oh, my God is still like I'm a dietitian. I haven't worked so long on it. And it's still like, it's a fragile balance.

Maddie Miles 27:22
Yeah, I know. I want to one of the next episodes I do. I want to bring on an expert just because I'm like, do I take probiotics? Do I not take probiotics? You know, it's so conflicted. Yes, I know. I'm like consultant, please just come in here and talk about it. Okay, that is so cool, though. Can I like it's just so cool that flax seeds and pumpkin seeds contain that much. like

Kate Morton 27:47
pumpkin seeds are linked to hair growth and strength. Week soon everyone is asked me. Why is your hair so long? I'm like, I swear it's because I see it cycle and the pumpkin

Maddie Miles 27:56
seeds. This may be a dumb question. But can you get the same nutrients from just pumpkin? Or is it only from the seed? So

Kate Morton 28:05
that is a very valid question. We get it all the time. So pumpkin seeds have different nutrients and pumpkin flesh. Both are great. Actually. Some people recommend pumpkin flesh and the luteal phase. Oh, yes. Oh,

Maddie Miles 28:21
I love the luteal phase. The fields are so good. Although it's like all my like it's like all my favorite foods. keto squash, bananas. Yeah, no, literally all the good foods can always get so excited. If not that I don't eat those foods or the other times of the month, but I just get excited because I feel like extra good about like eating them

Kate Morton 28:42
personally so that wraps up kind of what nurture does. Yeah, I think the heroes are really the omega threes in there. The lignans Phyto estrogens and magnesium. Yeah, that's where I think it's like a team right there. Yeah, super team helping you through your period being your best friend also like the packaging, super fun. So hopefully when you open

Maddie Miles 29:02
up you're happy. It's very fun. It's so cute. I love the I just so you know all the listeners know how I use my funk at seed buns. I'll put them into overnight oats let them soak in overnight. I experimented doing the eggs with them with the flax one just because flax expands so I did flax eggs for baked recipes. You can sprinkle them on toast. Like I said, I mentioned earlier I take shots of them straight up if I like if it's like 3pm or something and I'm like I haven't had my seats yet today boom take a shot of it.

Kate Morton 29:34
One of my favorite things was Claire, his are my best friend co founder graphic designer. She seen cycles and she was like running out of time and she was about to go like out for dinner and so she like took a shot of her season like chase it down with a little bit of wine and I was like life's about balance. Life is all about balance 8020 8020 it is and then we can go into the next phase. So yeah, you do have oscillation which is kind of like so you would go like first day of your period till like the day before you ovulate then when you ovulate is when you switch. Yeah, not everyone knows when they ovulate. I recommend I, I always have a small like pinch. So I always know which side I'm oscillating on. Sometimes I'll be late on both sides, like

Maddie Miles 30:18
I can call you. Well, also, if people are distracting their cycle, too, you can get a rough estimate of like, yeah, you know, I mean, there are many other ways which, you know, that's

Kate Morton 30:28
on an episode that will we could get into, like, really cheap on Amazon, like 100 oscillation test strips, or like $8

Maddie Miles 30:36
Yeah, there's so many ways that like, you can test stuff a whole nother episode. But with the plans, it's nice because you can just use like that day as like a kind of a rough Mark like, okay, one through 15 you know, like, one through 15 I'm going to use these seeds and I'm going to switch over and our bodies are super smart. So they're either going to dis adapt to those days, you know that you start consistently cycling, or they're just gonna be like, okay, you just ate some of these yummy nutritious seeds. We're not really going to benefit them from them until like two days later when we're actually in that phase. So it's not like an all or nothing and I don't want anyone to freak out like he goes yeah, do not freak out. They're literally the seeds they have their food. It's your Okay.

Kate Morton 31:19
Then we're hopping into our luteal phase which is luteal phase is actually considered if you're experienced like the PMS phase. Which phase gets a bad rap? So

Maddie Miles 31:32
has good food allergies.

Kate Morton 31:36
luteal phase anxiety can be a real thing. Yeah. You know, you've talked to the agenda period. Like I track my cycle now and I put little affirmations in my calendar during my luteal phase because that's when I do find my questioning myself. Like, like my confidence is like a rock solid like yes of the month. But there's this weak gentle luteal phase. It's really fragile. Wait,

Maddie Miles 31:57
I didn't even ask you. I should start asking this as being of all my episodes. What phase Are you in right now?

Kate Morton 32:03
I just on Saturday. So yeah, my luteal phase. I'm in my little fragile phase. This is my friend this week. Do

Maddie Miles 32:12
you feel confident though? You look so cute.

I know. You always look you but then I get a little

funky. But um, now we need that like little sound. Everyone's like,

Kate Morton 32:25
Oh, your skin looks great. Oh, yeah, that's good. Like, thinks it's the seats. Um, but yeah, I mean, no, this week's always hard for me every month, and I'm super open about that. Like, I think vulnerability is valuable. Yeah, I'm not rock solid. 24. Seven most of time. Yes. But this week is always a weird week for me. But adding those affirmations to my calendar has really helped me in doing meditation in the morning and like focusing on anything that's restorative. Yeah, I also create routine around my scenes. I'm notorious for like, just running myself into the ground, which is so counterintuitive for a hormone. Yeah. So I figured, you know, entrepreneurs,

Maddie Miles 33:01
I feel that I

Kate Morton 33:03
figured, like, if I'm gonna really want to help people, I've got to help myself. Yes. So we can't go into that too. Like, you know, I gave him coffee and like all these others are, you know, I'm proud of you know, my relationship with alcohol, which has been a whole journey. Yeah. But yeah, so going in Yeah, my luteal phase. So I'm eating my radiate seeds right now. And so these are really great for they've got more vitamin B, six more vitamin E, they still have Phyto, estrogens, lignans, zinc, magnesium and iron. But the heroes here, in my opinion, are going to be still the magnesium A B six. And the vitamin E, B, six and vitamin D are directly related to decreasing breast tenderness before your period. Most people will experience that in the first month. Wow. Okay. So directly, arrows here, they also have more fat in them. Mm hmm. What do you think about you're going into your menstrual phase where you're going to be burning a little bit more energy off? Right? It makes sense. And these have a little bit more fat in them? Yeah. So that you really can't and they're really good fats. So that you can Yeah,

Baldo 34:07
not that also helps with serotonin production. So like I was with the happiness

Kate Morton 34:13
yesterday, the magnesium, all the things I know all the things, in fact checker in my

life, like,

little drops of knowledge. Yeah, so they're amazing. And honestly, when you look at them, so just two tablespoons of seeds, and we get in the pack now, I mean, 15% of your daily vitamin E 10% of your daily magnesium 8% of your B six 8% of your calcium 10% of your zinc 8% of your iron. I mean, that doesn't sound like a lot, but when you sit back and think that all comes from two tablespoons, though, like that's a lot in combination with the rest of your food that will make a massive difference

Maddie Miles 34:49
question for you. And I've never thought about this before. What happens if you were to eat more? Would that benefit you? Would it not do anything? Would it actually be counterproductive?

Kate Morton 34:58
I don't think it would be counterproductive. But I think it depends on what it just depends for everyone. What are you getting in the rest of your diet? Like, what does the rest of your diet look like? Are you cycle sinking? Are you getting these foods like, okay, I don't usually eat eggs. I always crave eggs during my luteal phase. They have vitamin D in them, which is important. Oh, yeah. So that's why my Instagram name is sometimes vegan ish. Because I'm not vegan during my luteal phase.

Maddie Miles 35:24
Yeah, I eat because you need to nourish your body. Yeah, exactly. What?

Kate Morton 35:32
Hey, I mean COVID.

Maddie Miles 35:37
Exactly. Well, MSW has a supplement called the D.

Kate Morton 35:45
Vitamin D spray. I used to getting the D. Fun. Yeah. But yeah, so that's like the heroes there. And then that really like, I mean, I'm not getting you. I get messages in our teams constantly. I'm like, we're still new. And we have a group of women who have been cycling with us. We call it like our beta phase before we officially launch. They've been doing it almost a year. I get DMS daily. Like, I had no PMS this month I took I didn't have any symptoms. So I thought that maybe I was pregnant. Like, we weren't trying. And then I have other people who had tried for a long time before starting to seed cycle. And they work with natural paths. And they say, you know, I seen cycle with you guys. And it extended my fate. I think one of them they needed to extend their follicular phase a little bit longer. And then she articulated and got pregnant

Maddie Miles 36:43
like incredible. I know I got my, my sister in law, who's off birth control to order some of these and then the Luna adaptogens as well. Oh, gosh, I get my head against this. Okay, so this is very important, because I think a lot of people are sensitive or allergic to Sesame like I am because that's one of the major allergens. So for people who are like me, and you struggle with that. So you already knew this, but I you know, a tablespoon right now I'm in my luteal as well. luteal. And I have a tablespoon of sunflower butter every single day, which is delicious. And amazing. Um, now for sesame. You said that you were doing some research on maybe hemp seeds, replacing them. We've been

Kate Morton 37:33
doing some research on a few different things. And I I'm gonna be honest with you guys. Like I haven't found anything. Okay.

Maddie Miles 37:39
Sorry to jump the gun. Should I start pounding the hemp seeds when I get home?

Kate Morton 37:44
I mean, they're full of irons. Yeah,

Maddie Miles 37:46
I mean, they're good. Yeah, they're good no matter what. But

Kate Morton 37:49
yeah, so it just depends. And that's where I tell people like we have a button on our Instagram, which, to be honest, we are growing and I don't know how much longer we're gonna be able to keep it where you can book a free 30 minute consultation, and we'll get you in touch with someone who can personally look at what you're doing. Sometimes it's me sometimes other people who work with us, but dieticians who can take a look into your diet. Yeah, see how we can help you. Even if that means maybe like, it doesn't mean you buy what we have, but we hope you find something. Yeah. Yeah. And we're also looking at selling them individually. So there's some different things, but Oh, that would be a good

Maddie Miles 38:25

Kate Morton 38:26
Yeah. So I highly recommend still getting that sunflower seed and somehow, whether it's some flour, butter, and then reaching out to like me or you or someone else who has more knowledge and helping you find a good alternative for your allergy. Yes. Okay, because there are alternatives. But everyone's a little bit different. So that's where we're like, okay, cuz usually, sometimes people have one allergy and a bunch of us, tell me what

Maddie Miles 38:49
my alternative will be

Kate Morton 38:51
next to each other to dig into your whole diet.

Maddie Miles 38:53
Okay, we'll do that later. Okay, it's my key. And I hang out a lot, everyone. Yes, we talked a lot, too.

Kate Morton 39:02
I think that was all we talked about.

Maddie Miles 39:05
But we do talk about it a lot. For sure.

Kate Morton 39:07
Yeah. So there are alternatives. And that's something that I'm always happy to help people with. And we can look at your diet and see kind of what we can plug in to support you in that ideal phase. So we met cycle thinking helps a lot to cycle thinking is amazing. And I can't wait to do an episode on cycle thinking foods and exercises. I just pulled a big research doc. I've been putting it together for like six months about cycle thinking and we're releasing it hopefully this week. Yeah, I'm just amazed by

Maddie Miles 39:37
Can I share my discount code with my listeners? Okay, sweet. Um, I don't even know that we changed it right. Mmm. We need to change it to mm, what link it in the link in the show notes. Yes, but it's before like, I just want to do it old school and go to the website myself. I don't know why anyone I did that will link it will link it well.

Kate Morton 39:58
We make it really easy. So it's only $35 a month we're organic, non GMO, which is really also

Maddie Miles 40:05
very important,

Kate Morton 40:07
organic, non GMO, we're boutique background, which means we don't mass grind everything because you lose a lot of nutrients. So that's it took me it took six months just to get our manufacturing process in a place where I was happy with the nutrient profiles. Yeah, the right texture. And it's all done in the US. So it's really fast turnaround, it ships directly to your door, beef, a really cute little scoop in there. So yeah, just always have a little scoop. Yes, it's bamboo. And it's reusable. And we also like, I mean, we love to connect people with like you or other people we work with. We really believe that this is a community, you shouldn't have to deal with your hormone health by yourself. And it's not just one product or one thing. It's figuring out what works for you and getting connected with the right people. But it's also being able to like complain about stuff like, your hormones do suck sometimes. And when I was going through all this, I was, I mean, I'm so loud. And I was scared to talk about it my period. So like that just shows you like the stigma around it and totally people saying it's gross. Like, it's not you should be able to talk about it. And yeah, come join nice communities. Heck, yeah.

Maddie Miles 41:19
Love it. Let's talk. To you. I

Kate Morton 41:23
know, it's such an ecosystem, like it really is an ecosystem. Honestly, I think you need Western medicine. I think you need naturopathic medicine, I think you need a good

Maddie Miles 41:32
support, integration of all of them, all of it,

Baldo 41:35
and sleep,

Kate Morton 41:36
and sleep and sleep. I tell everyone, this is my I can come to work with me as a good client because I do like female hormone health as well. They're like, Okay, what is it? I'm like, Alright, it's not sexy, but I'm going to tell you exactly where we need to start. We're gonna drink water. We're gonna eat regular meals and keep our blood sugar balance. And we're gonna sleep at least like, everyone's different. So there's different tests you can do to figure out how much sleep people need and like, and you're gonna sleep that much. And we're gonna develop a sleep hygiene routine. And they're like, oh, like, what about like,

I'm like, No,

we're gonna do these things for ya. And that's awesome. And honestly, people see huge results. Like there's my free advice for everyone that I usually charge for about like

Maddie Miles 42:18
sleep, drink water, eat regular meals, get your pff

Kate Morton 42:22
protein, fat fiber, every single meal that will change your life.

Maddie Miles 42:28
Yeah, and it's it's excellent.

Baldo 42:29
12 hours and last night was awesome.

Maddie Miles 42:32
I threw nine the night book nine and a half the night before an eight last night.

Kate Morton 42:37
I need a minimum of nine and then I'm like, good to go. I don't nap because I just like to get really solid sleep. I also like have to leave my phone in the room many experiences like and we both do this. There's no getting a hold of us after like 830

Maddie Miles 42:51
Oh, yeah. Someone actually asked me the other day one of my friends is like, Do you ever get worried that like someone's gonna call you in the middle of the night? So? No. No. Yeah, like, honestly, I sleep with like Bose Bose sleep headphones anyway, cancels out everything. I'm like, even if someone were to call me like I would. I'm out.

Yeah. And I need it.

Baldo 43:13
I disconnect my wifi. I like

Maddie Miles 43:15
Yeah, I just turn on airplane mode.

Kate Morton 43:17
I just leave it in the other room because I can't seem to do anything.

Maddie Miles 43:20
Turn it on airplane mode to block those EMF waves. Another episode coming soon. It's definitely

Baldo 43:26
airplane mode. And I also go and disconnect the Wi Fi router.

Kate Morton 43:33
But yeah, sleeping is amazing. Drinking Water scene cycling. getting connected with your food is like a whole nother subject we can talk about Yeah, I'm a huge believer in the power of food.

Maddie Miles 43:43
It's Yeah, viewing food as medicine and that you can use it to your benefit.

Kate Morton 43:47
My hormonal acne was so bad that my grandma FaceTime me while I was living in New Zealand.

Maddie Miles 43:53
And by the way, everyone Kate does not have any acne, which is crazy to believe that you had

Kate Morton 43:59
it was like ear to ear my grandma FaceTime me it was like, Oh my god, what happened to your face? Are you okay?

Maddie Miles 44:05
You don't even have scars. No, I'm

Kate Morton 44:07
telling you. Like, I just I changed my diet completely started seeing cycling. And I went to a million dermatologists. Yeah, they they wanted to they want to Yeah, I was too nervous about I just had gone off the birth birth control, which, like I know people have gone Accutane, it's fine. But I was just like, just coming off birth control and healing from that. And I was very nervous about going on another medication that I didn't understand.

Maddie Miles 44:31
Yes, rightfully so. All right. Well, this has been a beautiful episode. And I feel like we covered everything. I mean, so it's a clean it's like, so magical. But it's it's not that difficult. It's not at all and so, I mean, like Yeah, let's do a wrap up. Like if people just just trust and believe us like it's good. We'll link up the research kits research in their kids. Amazing research. I've looked over myself. But yeah, quick wrap up. Let's do it. Okay. See Cycling

Kate Morton 45:05
is using seeds at different times of the month in tandem with your cycle. to support your hormones from the year period to population you have flax and pumpkin seeds, two tablespoons of our blends or a tablespoon of each scene. If you're doing it on your own. Then you switch over to your for your luteal phase and you're going to have sesame and sunflower seeds. Using our blends, I'll be radiate and you'll have two tablespoons of that or one tablespoon of sesame one tablespoon of sambar if you're doing it on your own, you need to give it at least three months before you make up your mind on it to boom three months.

Maddie Miles 45:42
You also do that for supplements as well anything

Kate Morton 45:44
three months like I mean, any routine change it takes time for our body to really process Yeah,

Maddie Miles 45:51
cuz you're studying your your rhythm, you're setting what your body is used to. So three months. Okay, well, thank you so much, Kate. I will link up my discount code as well which I'm pretty sure is like mmm 15 Yeah, it was

Kate Morton 46:04
mc 15 so it'll be mmm 15 by the time this comes out, I'll change it after this.

Maddie Miles 46:09
mm 15 because as you guys all know, I was previously madman's cookbook but by the time all of these episodes will be out I will be the Maddie miles on Instagram website YouTube all that stuff. Oh my gosh need to change my YouTube. Um, but anyway, thank you so much for tuning in to today's episode. If you have any questions for myself or for Kate about seed cycling, please leave a comment or reach out to us on Instagram, you can find Kate over at funcom Wellness, or it's funky on Instagram, right?

Kate Morton 46:40
Fanta dot wellness. Funny story I actually own both of those Instagram handles but I can't find the password of the first one. I had to we have a different one with that. Okay, so got spunk

Maddie Miles 46:51
inside bunk, period it period wellness, and then I'm at the MADI miles. And thank you so much to our sponsor MSW nutrition, you guys already know I love MSW. My favorite product by them is the adrenal support. You can also use code and M 15 to save on any of their products. But the adrenal support is incredible for your hormones, the liver support as well, I'm a huge advocate for taking liver support every single day, in the form of a supplement and through the foods that you eat, always supporting that labor. And they also have a great chill supplement, which is great if you're like me, and who is always on the go and going crazy about Oh, can you tell us exactly what's in the chill that is so good. You're talking to the doctor about what is so great about the chill

Baldo 47:39
for your hormones. The biggest, the main part about it is a is the gap but it's in there. There's some touring also that helps produce some some bile into to, you know, reduce stress a little bit, but the Gabba that's in there helps you put in to put you in parasympathetic mode, which is important, right? Because I need to stress puts you in fight or flight stress. Yeah, I mean, it puts you in sympathetic. So anything that can help you put into parasympathetic is gonna help you do all the things correctly, right? Because your body, your body will stop like doing some essential, some essential jobs, just because when it's when it's in fight or flight, it's like, well, right now the idea is to survive. And regardless, if you don't feel like it's a survival situation, that's how the body treats it. So it's like, we're gonna put everything else on hold while while we survive right now. And so anything that helps with gets you into parasympathetic mode helps a lot. And so, and I'm

Maddie Miles 48:36
going to touch on that too, we need to have a whole episode on this. But if our body if the female body is like we are under attack, or we're stressed out, it's super smart. It's like we're not going to bring life into this world. That's not good for the baby. It's not good for the female. And that's what having a menstrual cycle is all about, you know, whether you actually like to get pregnant or not. It is about procreating lips. So if your body feels stressed out if you're in sympathetic mode all the time, which most of us are, I'm speaking about myself as well. You need to calm down in order to have healthy balanced hormones and a consistent cycle. So yeah, we'll get into you know, the supplements that I use on a future episode. But again, thank you so much for everyone for tuning in. Thank you, Kate. Thank you, valdo and we will talk to you all later. Peace, love hormones.



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slenderella bliss




the Violet Fog dailies

The Violet Fog Dailies



Violet Fog Bundle 

Pair the Violet Fog Stack with another on of Katey's Favorites - BLISS - for an extra serotonin and dopamine boost and save 15% Instead.

Total: $198.00



Violet Fog Bundle 

Pair the Violet Fog Stack with another on of Katey's Favorites - BLISS - for an extra serotonin and dopamine boost and save 15% Instead.

slenderella bliss




the Violet Fog dailies

The Violet Fog Dailies



Total: $198.00



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Guest - Kate Morton. [@carbsandkate]
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