About Us


At Slenderella®, "Love Your Liver" isn't just a hashtag, it's our Mission Statement.

It is our belief that evolution declared the liver to be of the utmost importance.The proof is in the fact that the liver is the only organ to completely regenerate itself, even when cut in half.  It is your body's main filter, and our goal is to keep it in optimal health. With that comes energy, weight loss, and even brain health.  You can expect any product that carries the Slenderella® name to be produced to the highest standards.  We only allow pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids - from labs that have been cleared by the FDA - that target Liver Health, first and foremost, to be used in our products.

Since 2016, Slenderella® has become a well-known Vitamin and Supplements company throughout the US.

What started out as an energy, weight loss, and liver detox vitamin injection, has now become a national vitamin supplement brand that encompasses those three pillars. We’re proud to have assisted so many customers in their health goals, and look forward to continuing our work for years to come! Our love for health education, lifestyle and high-quality natural supplementation drives us to always provide the highest forms of vitamins to our consumers.