About Us

msw nutrition - about us
At MSW Nutrition - "Feel Optimized" it isn't just a hashtag, it's our Mission Statement. It started with 2 best friends helping each other help others understand and optimize health. They knew it had to be different, so a holistic care clinic baring the name Lounge (MSW LOUNGE) was born. At the lounge, one of the main attractions is a Vitamin Bar, where guests can approach the bar and order drinks, in a traditional fashion, except it's all vitamins and water. With their knowledge of biochemistry, a culture arose where the "Health-tenders'" favorite question is; "How Do You Want to Feel". Depending on the guest's answer, the healthtender mixes an ideal drink to make that feeling happen - all using MSW Nutriton Supplements - that's how MSW Nutrition was born, and why it's meant to stay. 
The team at MSW Nutrition is committed to always producing the highest quality supplements, from the cleanest sources and processes, and only using labs that have been approved by the FDA. We want to make sure we take all the guessing work away from the customer, and our vetting process in working with any supplier is extensive and we are very proud of that. 
Doing vitamins from MSW Nutrition, and customer can be confident that they are taking ingredients that have been tested and retesting for quality, purity, and taste.
That's why thousands of happy customers like to say,
"I Do Vitamins"