The Forgotten Antioxidant That May Be the Key to Good Health

Do you want to live a long and healthy life? If so, you should be taking Resveratrol! This little-known antioxidant may be the key to good health. Resveratrol is a natural nutrient found in grapes, cacao, and peanuts. It has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including improved metabolism and longevity. In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why you should be taking Resveratrol!

5 Reasons For Taking Resveratrol

1. Weight loss occurs when our bodies convert food into energy, and Resveratrol can help to improve metabolism, making it easier to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Resveratrol has been known to help support healthy blood glucose levels and insulin regulation in the body, which can lead to weight loss.(1,2.)

2. Longevity – Resveratrol has been shown to promote longevity because of its support for mitochondrial health(2). Mitochondria are cells responsible for energy production in our body and when they are healthy, we are healthier. Resveratrol can help to support the health of mitochondria, leading to better overall health. Resveratrol not only helps to activate a proteins called SIRT1(2,3), AMPK(2,4), and the eNOS(2,5, 7), which can help protect your cells from damage, but when a person is in an optimal state of health, activation of AMPK, SIRT1 and eNOS can promote the activation of mitochondrial biogenesis(2,6). This is where we can make new mitochondrial cells. This is true longevity!

3. Heart health – one of the biggest benefits of Resveratrol is that it helps to protect heart health. Resveratrol helps to reduce inflammation and oxidation in the blood vessels(2,7), which can lead to a decrease in the risk of heart disease. It also helps to improve the function of the endothelium, which is the lining of the arteries(2,7). Resveratrol helps increase Adipoinectin(8) production in the body, a brown fat cell hormone that helps protect the lining of our arteries from plaque instability which could lead to stroke and calcified arteries(9). A deficiency in Adiponectin could put a person at risk for heart disease(10).

4. Anti-inflammatory properties – one of the key ways that Resveratrol helps to protect our health is by its anti-inflammatory properties(2). Inflammation is believed to be a leading cause of many diseases, so reducing inflammation is key to good health. Resveratrol helps activate anti-inflammatory pathways in the body such as the AMPK and eNOS pathways that tend to be activated when a person is healthy(2). Taking a daily anti inflammatory supplement could help support optimal health.

5. Makes brown fat cells - Most people are familiar with the "bad" types of fat, such as white adipose tissue, which is the type of fat that stores calories(11). However, recent research has shown that there is another type of fat called brown adipose tissue, which is actually beneficial because it helps to promote a healthy metabolism. Brown fat has been associated with a healthy heart, brain, liver and body weight(12). Brown fat helps to burn more calories for energy, which means that taking Resveratrol can help your body to burn more calories and stay healthy.

We hope you are excited to take Resveratrol now because of all the health benefits! This antioxidant has been shown to improve metabolism, longevity, heart health and reduce inflammation. It can also help to make brown fat cells, which are beneficial for a healthy metabolism. So why wait? Start taking Resveratrol today and enjoy the health benefits!





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