Why Should You Be Doing Cold Exposure Consistently?

When most people think of cold exposure, they shudder and try to avoid it at all cost. However, what if we told you that cold exposure can actually be great for your health? It's true! In fact, cold exposure has a number of life long benefits, including improved metabolism, weight loss, better insulin regulation and heart health. Plus, cold exposure can be done in just 2-3 minutes! Keep reading to learn more about the amazing benefits of cold exposure. 

Cold exposure can be anything from taking a cold shower, to entering a whole cryotherapy room, to even submerging yourself in a icy cold bath.Start slow and work your way up to the whole body submersion.

Cold exposure can cause our body to heat up to stay warm, in a process called thermogenesis. This is where our fat cells "shiver" in order to heat up and make our bodies warm. This makes our fat cells turn brown in color. Brown fat cells are associated with a healthier heart, liver and brain. Over time, brown fat production can decline. That is why it is vital for consistent cold exposure as we age, to keep up metabolically with life and its stressors.

Brown fat production is a foundation piece of optimal longevity. Cold exposure might also help you lose weight since brown fat tends to be leaner than white fat. Cold naturally reduces inflammation, thats why putting an ice pack on a sprained ankle is a great idea. When cold exposure reduces inflamed white fat cells, there is a reduction in the size fat cells around the mid section and chest. This can help with weight loss.

Cold exposure can also help promote insulin sensitivity. Diabetics are insulin resistant. Think about how cold exposure could help promote a positive change in metabolism? We hope that you are now convinced to try including cold exposure into your weekly routine. It should add numerous health benefits to your life and hopefully you notice positive results shortly. Talk to your practitioners about your cold exposure routine and here's to you getting healthier!