My name is Faith Ashenden, and I am the face behind That Healing Feeling. I am 20-something year old social media advocate, blogger, and speaker who is passionate about patient advocacy, holistic healing, and wellness. My background is in grassroots, “get your hands dirty” start up launching and tech global marketing. It was the flare of a chronic condition that forced me on medical leave. During this year of bedrest, I began to seek alternative methods of healing as I found that the traditional healthcare system wasn’t set up to support me. When I became aware of the amount of people suffering just like me, I decided to quit my job and go full time on That Healing Feeling so that I could help others.

"I started my conception journey, I started preparing for it a year in advance, right, but I did very non-traditional things, like all my friends, and people I work with who are really deep into IVF. They're not touching the sides of what we worked on." 





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"There's so much more to the picture, like what made your thyroid flare, like what's causing the imbalance? You know, it's not just like, I need some Synthroid and to move on with my day. It's like, why do you need it?"


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Baldo 0:57
Alright guys, welcome to the How do you health podcast it's Wednesday and we are here with baith avid we're going to be talking about she does a lot of health coaching for people because she had her own health journey which I can't wait to get into. And but I don't know who we connected pretty recently. Through through Maddy miles. Yeah, we did a podcast with her and it was fantastic. And we're blessed because we got CJ in here as well. And and then there's those. So when we talk about a lot of health, I know gut health and a bunch of different aspects. But why don't you first start by doing a quick little intro and tell us about how, like you told me earlier like you went through a sickness and then you had to discover a bunch of this these paths on your own, which is how you started coaching. So tell us about that.

Faith Ashenden 1:41
Awesome. Thanks for having me. Awesome. Yeah, so I myself have something called graves disease, which is an autoimmune condition that affects the thyroid. So basically, autoimmune disease triggers hyperthyroid people are usually more familiar with hashimotos, which is essentially the opposite. It triggers hypothyroid. So I was diagnosed with graves disease in 2012, relapse in 2018. That's when I had to leave my job. And I started seeing doctors and doctors kept telling me that I was fine. My lab work was normal, my thyroid was in range. I did so many different tests, I probably saw like 15 different specialists ended up having to fly out to see specialists, only to be told everything was normal. When I left my job, I didn't qualify for short term disability because I did not have any diagnosis from the doctors. But I was still bedridden, I knew something was wrong. So I started sharing on Instagram. And it turns out, a lot of people are in the same boat. And it grew in that year to about 10,000 people who just were following along the journey, wondering what was I going to do to get my health back. And that's when I found root cause medicine, functional medicine, integrative holistic work, you know, you might have heard some of those buzzwords. And I started using that and I got my life back. And I didn't want to return to work because, you know, I was working at a big tech company doing marketing. And I wanted to help the people who were in my DMS asking me questions. So I started a business. And that's how I got to where I am today. And it's all been just like a wild ride. It's happened super, super quickly. And it's it's just so incredibly fun and fulfilling.

Baldo 3:25
That's fantastic.

Jon Mendoza 3:26
So you handle chronic illnesses. We were talking about that before. So what what are chronic illnesses look like? I mean, is it autoimmune disorders? Like what do you see?

Faith Ashenden 3:36
Yeah, all over the board. But autoimmune is very common. I'm working with people who have any type of chronic symptom that can essentially be reversed with lifestyle changes. So if it's something that you weren't necessarily diagnosed with, at birth, obviously, but you know, at some point in your life, typically, you see that in your early 20s, you have some sort of flair. Sometimes they have a diagnosis, and sometimes a diagnosis is a guess, sometimes people are really invalidated and told that nothing's wrong with them. And you know, they just kind of self medicate their way through life feeling guilty, like they, you know, aren't doing well enough. They're seeing everyone else live their life, and they're not fulfilled. So they come to me in either of those scenarios. And the symptoms are typically the same thing that you see with any chronic illness, right, like fatigue, you have gut issues, the bloating, food sensitivities, it shows up in your skin. And then we have issues obviously with our nervous system, and they just have some some sort of arbitrary label from some specialists, you know, and we worked through that sounds like

CJ Finley 4:37
me, like five years ago. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I got a whole colonoscopy and everything and they were like, oh, you're good. Here's a probiotic. And then I still was sick and was losing weight and couldn't figure it out. So it's nice to know that there's people out there now that are actually diving deep into helping people like that,

Faith Ashenden 4:54
that you get told that it's all in your head and you start to believe it and that it is helpful. is its own trauma on the body, and you start to construct this belief system that it is in your head. And that's your reality. And so it's deconstructing that and also diving into the physical side as well as the emotional trauma that people are undergoing being told that it's in their head or that this multivitamin or you know, probiotic, which both are great in isolation, but it's not going to solve your problem. It's not the root cause, you know, of what's going on. So that's great for optimizing your health. But first, we have to figure out what's causing it what's what's the trigger?

Jon Mendoza 5:30
So whenever you deal with a chronic illness client, how are you referring to what's going on with them? Are you labeling as a as a medical diagnosis, like referring to like, Oh, you have diabetes? Or is it more of like, Are you saying you have dysfunction of this? Like, how do you reference it? Because a lot of times, I hate to almost like, label someone with a condition because then it stays with them? Right? They think they're sick all the time. I don't want them think they're sick. Right? I don't think that's the case. So how do you refer to it usually.

Faith Ashenden 5:57
So they come to me with whatever has they've been diagnosed with, right? A lot of people have been like what you said, it could be like diabetes, or like hashimotos. Graves is what I say. I don't give them a new diagnosis. I help them find ways to navigate understanding what pulled the trigger for those symptoms. So that's how we look at it. So I'm not the one giving the medical advice, but I'm helping them navigate the system and sort of saying, Hey, this is how we're going to find the right practitioners. This is how we're going to know if the protocol is working. And the only way I look at it is some trigger pulled, you know, some trigger was pulled to flare up these symptoms, whether it's because a lot of times people, for example, they'll have like a thyroid issue. They don't actually even know if it's hashimotos No one's ever actually tested their antibodies. It's wild. Yeah. So it's, it's like, I don't even use it anymore. You know, because it's like,

Jon Mendoza 6:49
it's funny, you say that. So I don't order TSH, as much as I used to. I used to order like, thyroid t three t for like, free and total and then TSH, and then the TPO, I'd order at as well. I actually stopped ordering all that stuff. And we're just kind of focused on TPO. Just because you're right, like most people have no idea they have hashimotos. Like I actually I find hashimotos amongst a lot of endurance athletes, especially men, which is really interesting because it goes under diagnosed. And then what happens is I don't know how you feel about this, but I think that thyroid is more of a dysfunction of something else going on in the body. Totally like some other imbalance going on. Right? Totally.

Faith Ashenden 7:27
And it triggers it triggers that thyroid imbalance. And then it's like, oh, well, this is it. I'm like, there's so much more to the picture, like what made your thyroid flare, like what's causing the imbalance? You know, it's not just like, I need some Synthroid and to move on with my day. It's like, why do you need it?

Jon Mendoza 7:42
Why is it hypo? Well, it's almost like when I was first going into functional, the functional healthcare world, everyone wants to label it as like you have a deficiency of something like iodine was the biggest thing, right. Dr. Brownstein? If you've ever read his book, or they stop the thyroid madness, he basically would talk about iodine was good or bad for you, depending on what your individual needs were so hashimotos, it could be you know, like a flare up. But then people like is it Selenium? Is it bieten? I really don't know at this point, right? Because I think we're kind of missing a boat with with with the thyroid. I think whenever we give someone Synthroid, which is t four, I think it's I think is the wrong medication. To start off with someone, I think it's going to send them down a downward spiral of basically masking the metabolic dysfunction in their body. And I know you see Synthroid all the time with people and I don't like it, I don't like I don't want people on it. It's like GMO, thyroid hormones. That's essentially what you're giving someone.

Faith Ashenden 8:37
That's I don't like Synthroid, either. Some people what I find is they're, they're up against it when they're trying to get something like armor or just an alternative in general. And that's a battle that people come to me with. They're like, I would love to get on something else, but my doctor won't prescribe it. But I never did well on Synthroid. So I totally get where you're coming from?

Jon Mendoza 8:58
Well, most of the hormones that I've kind of encountered, it's funny because you probably see hormones all the time since, you know, thyroid, we keep focused on thyroid graves. I prescribe less hormone replacement therapy, rather than like, I guess nowadays than I used to. Because I used to think it was like just replacement replacement replacement. Now, I think it's a balance. So like, if somebody has a thyroid issue, one of the most common things I find is that they usually have adrenal issues along with it as well. I don't know if that's something that you see as well. Yeah,

Faith Ashenden 9:29

Jon Mendoza 9:30
So what what tests Do you normally look at when it comes to adrenal health?

Faith Ashenden 9:33
So I myself, basically, this is the way that is I don't, I'm very careful with this line. In terms of like medical advice, right, so I'm not like qualified to, I will look at someone's labs, but like more so I'm, Dell have a ton of labs from the traditional doctor that they've worked with. And we're delving into the functional medicine kits. Yeah, that's where like they haven't been tested before. So I just kind of helped them with finding the right doctor, getting those kids, and then the doctors interpreting it, and we take that information and implement the protocol. So to say that like, I'm, like looking at their interpreting, they're like any type of adrenal test is just like not really accurate because I don't do that, if that makes sense. Yeah, but what I see is like, nobody wants to get those tests done because they're out of pocket. And that's a big problem that I focus on, right? Because my whole thing is like, we hack the system, right? We're trying to hack the system and find ways to make this affordable and accessible to people. Yeah. Yeah. So you know, I'm not gonna be the one to sit there and interpret it. I haven't like, I can sit here and have this conversation with you. But I'm careful with clients, just from like, legal perspective,

Jon Mendoza 10:39
I get that, I get that. But it's it, there comes a point when you're probably talking to the client, and I think it comes down to probably the practitioner you work with, because you have to work with a practitioner, who knows what they're doing. I mean, I've gotten and told people literally, like, I need you to tell your doctor to order this. Because, you know, it might be like insurance purposes, right? And if that's the case, somebody might say, all right, well, I really don't know, you know, if my doctor knows what they're doing. And so if they have to, like, you know, order these test forms, so the doctors will order it, but they won't even actually know what they're kind of looking at. And so what I find with women, especially, is that women are the ones who get screwed up the most on hormone issues, because I mean, I just have a guy talking about hormones with women, like, and we talk about infertility and issues with like their cycle. And for some reason, you know, pcls is a big thing, right? And so most women, like if you think about this, women in the prime years of their life, like say, their teenagers were told at the doctor's office to suppress their sex hormones at the time when they need them the most. And no one batted an eye. I mean, like, yo, you got a problem, we'll put you on birth control. And you'll just be on that until you want to have kids. And once you get off birth control, you're good to go. It doesn't happen that way. Right? Hardly ever,

Faith Ashenden 11:55
it doesn't. And what's really interesting is that my main point of contact my main doctor, she specializes in functional medicine in relation to conception. So like, I started my conception journey, I started preparing for it a year in advance, right, but I did very, like non traditional things, like all my friends, and people I work with who are really deep into IVF. They're not touching the sides of what we worked on. Yeah. And I love to like to I talk about that I get a lot of people coming to me saying, like, Oh, my God, I've never, you know, I've paid X amount of money for IVF. And we never talked about any of these things. And it doesn't even slightly surprise me. But um, it's a really, really good point. And I was on the pill, you know, forever. And I worked with her. And it took a lot of a long time, and it took a lot of work. It is not something your doctor is going to talk to you about period,

Jon Mendoza 12:44
what how it's gonna screw you up, how

Faith Ashenden 12:45
it's gonna screw you up, what it actually does to you. And what happens afterwards, like what now kind of a situation like, it's not just you stop, you know, today, and tomorrow, you're gonna get pregnant, it can be, but it's not a guaranteed, is it? No, it's not. And let's talk about the repercussions of any pharmaceutical. But if we're focusing on the pill, we've got a lot going on, you know. And so that's just not something that you get when you go to the doctor, people who come to me have all these symptoms, that's in their history. No one's ever said, oh, by the way, you took this medication for 15 years. Yeah, right. They maybe check their vitamin D because you might have a vitamin D deficiency symptom. But no one's really looking at how seriously depleted you are from taking the pill, for example, I know, you know, we know I told you, but like, yeah, so you're right. I mean, it's not something your doctors talk to you about? Well,

Baldo 13:33
I've seen it well, hormones are the way your body communicates, right? And so people get, or, especially females get put on birth control suppressing that communication for you know, 1520 years, and then it's like your body almost saying, Oh, so now you want to talk to me, like now you want me to talk to you, like I don't even know how you speak. I don't know your language. Because you've been suppressing me all the time is imagine doing that to a friend like I just don't want to talk to you. Like, don't talk to me about that. And then like 20 years later, you're like, Alright, I'm ready to talk to you.

Jon Mendoza 14:01
Well, it's cuz they're signals. hormones are signals, right? So whenever you have a signal that tells you by you do something and you don't listen to it, it's like pain, right? Like pain comes up. And you're like, man, my toe hurts. I wonder what's going on? I should probably get that checked out. And then you forget about it. Is that my Toki target. Now my ankles hurting? Right? Imagine if the hormone signals were causing dysfunction were like graves. One of the big things with graves textbook is that your eyes pop out. Like they get really big and they look like they're about to jump out of your eye sockets. That's extreme though, right? Like I don't know if you had that at all. But like that's that's not always the case. So thing with thyroid like I keep going back to it. Clinically, we are teaching the future practitioners of the world wrong information from the very beginning because here's why. hypo and hyperthyroidism is as followed over and underactive, hyper over under hypo. If a woman has hypo underactive thyroid, they typically in the clinical textbook are overweight. They're sluggish as far as the metabolism and they're cold all the time. All right, hyper is opposite. They're skinny, they have a hyper active heart rate. And they're hot all the time. I can say right now, I never saw that in practice. From day one, it was always opposite. Like someone just like you comes in, and you have an underactive thyroid, and I'm like, Why in the world, this doesn't look like it's supposed to. It's not what they taught me, it's not what they taught me. So here's what they teach you as far as birth control, that it's safe to take. Whenever you're taking birth control, you're taking minor doses of estrogen and progesterone, right? You're basically taking micro doses to suppress your own production with the idea that your body's gonna say, oh, you're getting it from another source, you're not gonna need to produce that anymore. Hence why you don't produce sexual hormones to get to like a woman to feel like a woman. But here's the other thing is, so this estrogen that they're giving them as birth control is synthetic, which means it comes from another source not from yours, which means that you get comes from a petri dish, or it most likely comes from a pig or a horse, I mean, a cow. So whenever you take estrogen is birth control, it's basically synthetic GMO estrogen. Alright. And if you're taking GMO synthetic estrogen that's inflammatory. And I think that's the same type of cancer. And I'll say it has that's been linked to things like breast cancer, and things like ovarian cancer. And if you think about it, could you say that there's a link between long term birth control and all these chronic illnesses and women as they get older? I think so.

Faith Ashenden 16:33
Totally 100%. I mean, these, the very notion that these chronic illnesses are reversible means that they're triggered by something, right? Like, this is why we live in a toxic world. It's not supposed to be this way. But it is this way. Because we live in the toxic world, and people aren't aware that what they put in on their bodies is going to trigger some sort of chronic symptom that will persist until we figure out what it is that's triggering it. Right, that's at a very basic level. So 100%, I completely agree with what you're saying. But that is not a popular opinion. If you're going to go Google functional medicine on Wikipedia says a pseudo science, right.

Jon Mendoza 17:09
So how it does I do I use DuckDuckGo.

Faith Ashenden 17:13
So I don't know where I heard that someone was like, this is a dangerous notion, Google functionalized, Wikipedia pseudoscience. So same thing for naturopath, anything like that. And it's super dangerous. And you see in the I was talking with my friend Carly who's healing her cancer, naturally, she flies to Mexico. Yep. And I was talking to, you know, like, in the media, you see, you know, people being made fun of like me, having these conversations of like, this wacky person who like puts their oils out and like says that it has an impact on how they feel, or whatever, you know, like, and so like, this whole idea that like anything, any disease, or any symptom like that could have been caused by long term birth control use or just by like, the cleaning products you use is just not accepted. And I come up against it all the time with my clients, like even people who are in this situation like you are experiencing right now. And they don't want to believe it. So I completely agree, which

Baldo 18:05
is interesting, right? Because like they came to you, after all, like, Wait, you're still like, ultra questioning me? Yeah, basic little thing that Come on, like, it just makes sense. Chemicals do not do well in our bodies.

CJ Finley 18:17
And one of the things I've noticed because I'm, I'm on the spectrum where I went the normal doctor path, and none of them helped at all. And then I started doing micronutrient testing and looking at my own bloodwork and started solving my own problems and started really thinking logically about things. And this is where, when people, if they buy an Audi, they go and they put premium gas in it. Now if I put shitty gas in that Audi, it's not going to work properly. It'll still work. But it won't work efficiently. And I think that's where people, I don't know why, in the health space, we don't think logically like if you put something in your body, every everything that you put in is going to cause some type of reaction or response. And the belief that all the responses are going to be good. Just because it's a doctor, this one system that we created around cough, cough money, like they just ultimately believe it. And that's the confusing thing for me was always How come? We can think logically in this one area of our life? For everything else, where you going? Yeah, people care more about they putting their pets food, whether it has heavy metals in it or not, rather than their own food. And the other thing is just like, for me, I wasn't looking at water. Like that was a huge thing for me. So I think when I when I think back, no one is questioning, like the food distribution and the water system, but they'll raise hell if a gas attendant throws the wrong gas in their car. Yeah. And that's really what in fear to me. It's

Faith Ashenden 19:47
wild. It's absolutely wild. Because when you look at it, I mean, it's very simple. Like you said, it's like you're putting it in on your body, what your body every part of your body needs nutrition to function needs nutrients to function. So that's when we come To a food perspective, let's break down what you're eating. Are you getting anything? And beyond that? What are you absorbing? I mean, that's a whole other problem, you know? Or like you said, you know the the chemicals you use in your home, or what's hiding in your water, even the water you shower in water you bathe your children in, like, there's so many things that people are doing, and they're just not aware. But it's because it's not portrayed in the media. And if you go up against it, you're seem to you're seem to be crazy, right? I have people in my family, a lot of physicians in my family, and I am like this person who thinks that it matters to talk about, you know, the cleaning products, like I did a whole non toxic nursery campaign when I had my baby and I shared Hey, like, this is a resource you can use for free. Everything, the ingredients and everything we use, it's all non toxic. And this is why it matters to my family, you know, that could be wild, like why does it even matter? Like this is not important? To me, it's the most important, you know, but yeah, you become that person when you talk like that.

CJ Finley 21:00
It's so interesting, because what's wild to me is how many people are sick? Yeah, like that's the wild part. Like how many people actually need drugs to function every day? That is wild, trying to solve it through if you like, oils if you like, however you do it naturally. That how Why would you deem that as wild when there's more sick people I

Baldo 21:20
just because it's not sexy, right? Because even like there's even movies about like, how some company polluted the water and like the the lawyer thing and like taking them to court and like the battle that that is, but it's like, what about the story about the person who said, Why don't care about all that, because I'm just gonna go ahead and do my own thing and figure it out on my own. There's not a movie about that. Right? Like there's not a movie about someone that healed themselves. Trying to go into all these wild places, Mexico, the Amazon finding out like, these medicines are these type of waters that because it's not sexy. It's not but it's not

Jon Mendoza 21:53
CJ always. The CJ is always like a good voice of reason. When it comes to the story of I had to figure it out on my own. Yeah, that CJ is like a proof. And so are you. And I think most people who are in health and wellness had to do it on their own anyway. But I'll never forget, CJ said something one time I was speaking. I don't know, I think it was December. And I was talking, I got on my soapbox reason I started bashing the medical industry. I've come from that. So I can bash the fact that I was there. And there was a physician that was sitting in front of me. And she did not like what I had to say, because she wrote her raise their hand and said, it's not the doctors fault that they don't know, nutrition, they just weren't taught that. So you know, it's it's you can't hold it against them. They want it you don't think doctors want to do what's right for the patient. And CJ stands up and I'm gonna butcher the way he said it. But he put the doctor in her place by saying, why should we glorify a system or a person who buys into a system that we know is failing us as a whole. And it's your fault if you choose to buy into that system, because you could easily leave and go do something else. But you chose that position. And it doesn't. And it's not the same as it was 30 years ago, the doctor now has has no ground to stand on when it comes to helping someone feel healthy because they don't know how to do it. They were not taught it. They're in a system that holds them back. And they're bought by a system that basically fans their pockets with people being sick. All right. So then if you fast forward to now, I'll say something that's going to be triggering for somebody. This American healthcare system is a failure. The healthcare model right now is broken, it's going to continue to fail the way it's going right now. And it's failed you as a person, as a listener, it's failed one of your family members, it has failed your loved one, it's going to fail many, if not hundreds of millions of other people right now. And here's why. But it's making a lot of people but here's the thing, I want to say you go to the doctor and you take what they what they give you with a grain of salt, literally because here are the numbers. And if you look at a business and and if you just analyze what's working, what's not analytics are the key, right? This is what's working, not a gut instinct, instinct. It's what are the numbers telling us one in four Americans that will have heart disease in this country, and probably die from it. It's still the number one killer in 10 years is going to be depression, which is incredible the way things are going which is true, but $360 billion a year spent on Alzheimer's treatments, and research with zero treatments or cures 250 billion are spent on diabetes with zero cures. If you spend almost that much money on something that's failing, why the hell do we enable Why do we empower it? Why do we ingrain it into our taxes to where now you were forced to take this health care system and make it your bread and butter and your lifeline to where if I get sick in today's age, no one's going to the hospital because they know if you go to the hospital, you're going to die. The longer you stay in the hospital, the worse you're going to get. And if you don't believe me, here's another trigger. Just go look at the mirror later system in the past year. The doctors who are giving you these recommendations were taught at two years ago in either residency or taught by a pharmaceutical rep. And it's going to last as long until the next product that comes out by pharmaceutical and says, This is the new thing to give them. And if you don't believe me, all that money spent on diabetes, Alzheimer's, no treatment, and yet Pfizer has made almost $25 billion this year on vaccines alone. And right now, in the medical industry, the only thing they know when it comes to curing or treating any type of disease is either the vaccine has to come out that's not there yet for us, or there's gonna be some breakthrough in science that we're waiting for. It's not here yet. It's been 4050 years and diabetes is still killing people. Heart disease is still killing people to things that could literally be prevented by watching what you eat. And if you don't believe me, look at cancer, colon cancer in China, when fast food was introduced? Oh, yeah, it's gone up. I mean, I can't tell you how much has gone up. So if you have a doctor who doesn't understand a bit about nutrition, that doesn't believe in vitamins, because we've gotten that too. All right. It's not a fucking religion. It's not cold. It's like I believe in chiropractic is not a religion. It's facts, like you want a better back, go get adjusted.

CJ Finley 26:18
Speaking of facts, I like how you brought up what I said at the native hustle. So my background is engineering. So I come from more of like, if I build a bridge, and it breaks and kills people, I'm done forever, like, I go to jail. If a doctor prescribes medicine, and the person keeps coming back, they're glorified. And that's the innate problem. So imagine if we had a system where the doctor got paid more every year, if you didn't have a patient come back.

Faith Ashenden 26:51
It's funny that you guys are saying this, because I was just going on a similar soapbox on my Instagram about this very thing, because Blue Cross sent me a little card that said, Your health is our top priority. And it fired me up so much, that I said, Oh, my God, I just I have to say something about this, because this is just so wrong. And I said, How many of you believe that your health care puts your health first? One person said yes, but they actually meant no. So nobody believed that, you know, in my, my little like, bubble in my community, if you will. But I said exactly what you said, Imagine if the sign of success was that your your patient never came back, or they came back once a year to continue to optimize their health? And, you know, right now doctors will have 15 minutes to see you. Maybe, you know, yeah. Well, and and, and imagine a world where other modalities of healing, were covered by insurance, I don't live in that world, I had to pay everything out of pocket, what worked for me was not covered by insurance. And it was actually deemed so wild, that I failed to meet the requirements from a legal standpoint, in my jurisdiction for short term disability insurance deemed my doctor who's an MD, but practices differently to be not like, traditional enough, you're right. So it's like, these are people who are falling through the cracks of the health care system. And that's a whole other conversation, how unfair it is for the people who need it most, who can't afford to pay out of pocket for what, you know, for the people who trying to actually do it properly. Trying to do it, right. It's absolutely broken, and your health is not their priority. Now, there are doctors who are amazing and your health might be their priority, but they're bound by the restrictions of you know, health care, and they can only do so much student loans and student loans. It's a broken system, you know, so, and my job is like, Hey, you know, I see all these people falling through the cracks. And there's people with tick borne illness it to me that really gets to me, people with tick borne illness are the most amount of debt, and they're having to pay their entire life, they'll be in debt, because they're not acknowledged as you know, a reasonable for whatever reason, right? Because, and it's absolutely wild to me, and everything else is out of pocket. And I might say you have to be like a millionaire just to be bitten by that tick. Like, it doesn't make any sense. It's absolutely unfair.

Jon Mendoza 29:08
I hear that. I hear that with mold. I hear so one of those a mold patient of a God by God, you're taking out a second mortgage. Yes, they were literally cleaned their entire house and move because there was mold in there and I get that part. But I still think like there's too many niches, we're looking at it too narrow minded because, like I'm a chiropractor, nurse practitioner. So you have to look at the innate intelligence of the body in addition to like individual symptoms. And really what we're coming down to is like it's all mitochondrial and how hormonal dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies like any of those mixed in with genetics and you have a recipe for disaster doesn't mean it's going to happen, but it explained a lot more and so it's a broader picture. Whenever someone just focuses on one thing. You can't tell me that like just the thyroids off or just the gut is off. If the guts off, everything's off. Think about the common sense and this everyone's walking around with this antiseptic. Right which will kill everything except the thing it's trying to kill, right? It's funny soap actually kills bacteria and viruses way better than anti septic just and that's still the standard today. Anyway, whenever anti septic, okay, which is like you know the alcohol cleaning, right? You're wiping out everything that you come in contact with. Well, here's a newsflash, we have bacteria and viruses already in our body, you can make the case we have parasites on our body, we have mold in our body. We have all those things already here. Why is it that I don't die or gets really sick because I have bacteria or viruses in my body? It's because your body was designed for it. It's something called your microbiome, or your flora. Your probiotics that you take are basically good bacteria. When you take an antibiotic, you wipe out all the bacteria, not just the good bacteria, and the bad everything. Whenever you take medications, he had a history of sinus infections, ear infections, which everyone drink that purple and the pink medication the amoxicillin, right, you still remember tastes like cotton candy. You tore up your gut, you tore up your gut and you wiped out your communication, motherboard that connects with the brain. That's the whole reason the gut is there, just from the beginning of the mouth to the anus to basically communicate with the brain told what to do, it makes all your neurotransmitters, it bases assembly line for absorption, all your nutrients. When you take medication, you impede that absorption of the breakdown of food in there. And every time that you do an anti septic you wipe away some of that bacteria and the viruses you already needed. The only reason you eat food is because you're trying to get the bacteria and viruses out of the soil. Because we're mirrors we're a product our environment, we're only eating what's designed for us in nature because someone told us that's what we needed to live iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, all that stuff comes in the ground and apparently all that shit so depleted that we can't get that anymore. So guess what, when they invented breakfast, the cereals invented breakfast. They invented fortified breakfast because guess what, there's no nutrients and fuckin oats. Right? There's no nutrients and rice flour. There's no nutrients in corn. So they said oh, guess what? peligros developing B three deficiency remember rickets and scurvy and all it's that that was real. So they basically had to put nutrients in there to basically give you something you're not missing. So they're essentially giving you supplements. So every time you eat Frosted Flakes, it's fortified with minerals. It's basically you're eating crap mixed in with some crappy supplements. And that's the start of your day. Yeah, it's wild. And wash it down with some orange juice and some cow milk that you were not designed for to begin with. Oh,

Baldo 32:29
no, cuz

Faith Ashenden 32:32
I completely agree with you.

Jon Mendoza 32:34
But this is what we were taught. I mean, 60 years ago, there was a doctor in a white coat, handing you a cigarette in the office saying, hey, doctors prefer camels. And I mean, it was

Baldo 32:46
like the cutest cartoon to write like the camel.

Jon Mendoza 32:49
Yeah, there was cocaine and Coca Cola. morphine was like almost over the counter. I mean, at one point, LSD was illegal drug for the sole purpose of treating depression and anxiety. And all of a sudden, that got pushed the wayside because Hoffman started using it, all of a sudden you start having these psychedelic trips, and then Prozac and Zoloft and Wellbutrin and all those crappy medications came into play. And if people still don't believe that their doctors has their best interests at heart, think about this. Every time you put on an antidepressant, an SSRI or tricyclic acid, you have a 50% increase of Alzheimer's and developing cognitive decline, the longer you stay on antidepressants. I could not tell you how many doctors prescribe antidepressants because they think depression is separate from their Alzheimers. Yeah.

Baldo 33:34
Or you can just take some bliss.

Jon Mendoza 33:36
It's ridiculous. or

CJ Finley 33:38
outside. So you could

Jon Mendoza 33:38
go outside for crying out loud. And what do they tell people? The last year you had the top doctors and I say in quotations because they're idiots. These top doctors that are bought, literally are saying, What's the one thing that we can keep people away from the most powerful, beautiful way to make your body healthy? The sun? Yeah. If they could block the sun, they would they didn't not like Mr. Mr. Burns? Did. They basically said go inside and not go outside and go get sunlight?

Baldo 34:04
Yeah. This is totally off topic, but sort of related. I was reading I ran into this article yesterday about sun gazing because it's so powerful, right? And that the how that could be a key to levitation, which is something that him and I have been working on ourselves is how to liberty.

Jon Mendoza 34:26
Courage now. It's funny because Einstein we celebrated his 100th year of him winning the first Nobel Prize in Physics. It was early last week. Einstein was always considered nuts, like always went against the grain and then start developing theories that people still Tuesday are debating right. But the most proven form of science to this day is quantum physics, which talks about level consciousness and frequency and vibration, which is incredible, because doctors don't think of it that way. They think of it as like as Voodoo shit. Yeah, right. But I'm like, come on, man. Imagine you take a plant and you just blast it full of the most Negative songs and music, you could imagine that plan is going to die in a day. Oh, yeah. But if you talk nicely to it and give it positive vibrations and good energy, it thrives. I mean, what are people doing all day by watching TV, watching crappy social media and not getting sunlight eating processed foods? I mean, it should have been outlawed to have fast food at the beginning of the pandemic. And I guarantee you he would have saved billions of dollars and saved 1000s of lives. You can't blame the President on that one. You can blame the idea that the corporations are the ones paying the politicians to shut the EFF up. Yeah.

CJ Finley 35:32
So one of the most interesting things I've seen when that when it all started was the lazy liquor stores. Yeah. What is the real reason? Because people on social media be like, Oh, we can't quit. We couldn't close them. Because people have addictions. I'm like, Okay, cool. Have them go through withdrawal and like, get literally get over it.

Baldo 35:50
Well, cuz I traveled in South Africa for the years, and I was one of the things they did they banned alcohol sales across the board, because it lowers immunity. And I was like, Oh, that makes sense. That was an easy like they would that would that decision would have not happened here. Because they were as a fear.

CJ Finley 36:05
I literally can't could not understand it. Like,

Faith Ashenden 36:08
yeah, sorry. It just Yeah, they absolutely. I was talking to having this exact conversation with my husband on a walk. And we were talking about we're going to visit his family in the UK. And he was like, you know, I? Am I allowed to touch on the vaccine.

Baldo 36:22

Faith Ashenden 36:23
So you know,

it could be polarizing. I know, talking about it, love it. Here's the same thing. And he said to me, don't you feel a sense of social obligation to get it? Because I said, I'm not going to get it? And he said, Don't you feel a sense of social obligation? And I went on this huge rant about, what do you mean social obligation? Well, you know, what about other people, like we've created this option to like, protect society? And I said, you know, what, if the government actually cared about society, they'd be focusing on all the things that you just said, right here, we would be not allowing people to have fast food we would be giving out and educating people on nutrition and supplementation, and we would be covering these functional medicine tests to ensure that their guts are working, you know, and I went on this long rant about how like, is that is the responsibility, not this reactive, whatever. But it's funny, because, well, it's not funny. But there's this whole talk about the restrictions, you know, like not being able to travel without it. And it's a really scary time for me, because it's like, Am I not going to be allowed to see my family? Like, have we come to this point where like, you're trying to control us so much like you can't strip it back? And do it exactly. Like you said, like, we know what's causing this problem? Why is it not addressed here at all?

Baldo 37:30
Yeah, well, the thing is it a lot of it just doesn't make any sense, right? Like, we be running a nutrition company, like we used to have, like this bio, is that we put a bunch of different things in your in your bag. And because she's getting an IV, and we decided, like, Well, why don't we combine like for the things that we that we use all the time into one little vial and sell that to people? And we did, we started doing that it was great. And then all of a sudden, they shut us down. And there was this whole idea that like, Well, you didn't go through this like whole seven year process and like, of confirming that it works properly, and that it's shelf stable, and blah, blah, blah, and like, so many different things. And it's like, but it's for things that we already do. We're just putting them together to make it easier to draw for one vial, make it easier for everyone and sell it to other people. So that way, they can also do it. And the same response. It's like a no is you has to go through this whole process. And all of a sudden, this vaccine gets done like in three months. It's like, what happened like, and you invented something for it. So it's not like it was like, well, that's what,

Jon Mendoza 38:25
I'll tell you the facts right now. Okay. So it's an mRNA. Alright, these are facts. This is science. Okay. Science says mRNA is something similar to gene splicing, okay. So if you remember your DNA, it's a helix. Okay? It's like an X. If you were to remove one of those x's and you have just half the DNA helix, the double helix changes. Now it's one helix mRNA takes a photograph of that one part of the DNA helix, and then it makes a copy to basically complete the double helix again, think of Jurassic Park, when they talk about they filled in the gaps in the DNA chain with frog DNA. Okay, that's essentially what they're doing. They're just making a duplicate of whatever DNA they had to base off of. So they usually do that in oncology. They've never done that in the history of vaccinations. This is not a typical therapy for vaccines. Usually, vaccines are live or attenuated. They're live or dead. And what you look at now is, look at Jurassic Park, those creatures evolved, and they couldn't tell the gender. They didn't know how aggressive they were. Those vaccines are being injected with things that we don't know what's going to happen to our body and to us and long term. The biggest things I've heard are autoimmune disorders, infertility, and then change of gender. Okay, so you tell me how I expect that thing's not going to evolve and mutate in our body because everything we've ever known bacteria, viruses, thrive and want to live. So when you inject it into your body, I don't know the long term repercussions. In fact, there's a few people in the media who have also said that on tape, and people still don't think anything of it. I mean, the head of one of the biggest, if not the biggest social media platforms said on video, we don't know what long term repercussions are from this, we have to be careful about how we basically spread information is correct on the media and keep misinformation from being out there. This is real information. Now take it a step further. So SARS to is the virus COVID-19 are the symptoms. The quote unquote vaccine will prevent you from getting really bad symptoms, possibly of COVID-19, it will not prevent you from getting SARS to. So in that sense, it is not a vaccine. It's essentially like the flu shot, which the flu will not keep you from getting the flu at all. It keeps you from getting really bad symptoms. So that's what everyone's succumbing to basically say, Well, if I'm going to travel when I was seeing my family, I mean, if I'm going to get it, it won't be that bad if I get this thing. I get that part. But here's the other facts. There's plenty of proven therapies that work. I can't tell you how many nurses I've talked to that work in the ICU in the ER and they've said exactly it. I had a nurse coming here last week traveling nurse for 15 years ICU nurse for 15 years, sitting there saying I don't have antibodies, I'm not going to get this. Why should I take my vitamins? I mean music to my wife, she's getting an IV and when she said tell me all the facts, and everything that we have access to we can prescribe will help people. What you look at is saying why in the world? Would they suppress this information from us? Why in the world? Would they want to do that share? Is there any political gain from this? Is there any financial gain from this? Look at this idols of March, we're just this past week, Julius Caesar got stabbed by his own brethren. Right in the back. assassinated, like, wasn't it before, right after he saw the Senate, like literally said, Ah, boom, right. Easter's coming up? Right, Jesus was betrayed, and stoned to death for what he proclaimed. So when you talk about it, people don't like the truth. Imagine if we really knew the truth about JFK, what happened there, people would flip out 911 the same thing. It's all triggers the Catholic Church. It's very powerful. Financially, right? There's a reason why power corrupts absolutely. And the people who are in play right now are pharma. And they are controlling everything that's going on to a certain extent. And I could say right now, every single dollar that you've ever seen coming from them, or the pharmaceutical or big AG, all of it or promoting the idea that they want you sick, because then if you're sick, you can't think for yourself, you'll eat whatever they tell you, you'll take whatever you want. I mean, literally, you will take a jab in the arm with something that's never been developed science, most drugs take seven to 10 years to get even considered to be released to the market. It took seven months, and there's no official FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine on the market. That's facts. It's everything's EU a emergency authorized use, right? So when you talk about that, people won't care about it. Because they it doesn't matter to them. But I can travel, I can travel. That's all. How does it affect me.

CJ Finley 43:22
So I want to get back to your social point. This is how I flipped it on people. So if you cared about me, you would allow me to care about what I actually put in my body. And once you say that, to them, it's like a, it's like a mindfuck to them, because they're just like, if I care about you, I'm like, I'm not telling you what to put or not put in your body. But you're telling me what to put on. So that means you don't care about me. Because like maybe I have some something that I'm not, I'm not going to disclose to you. But this could harm that. And also, like, I want to have kids in the long run, so does me my wife, right? So I don't know if this thing is going to affect that. That's my choice. Right? So now you're telling me that this could potentially affect me not having kids 100 that you're not caring about me. So then as soon as you flip that lens, it's just like, oh, like this is a way trickier thing to that person with the socially acceptance thing, because you're telling me what to put in my body?

Jon Mendoza 44:13
Yeah. And on top of that, if something were to happen, no one's gonna be held liable for it. The doctor won't be the pharmaceutical and your rights, your rights wait for your rights are taken. There was a farmer school industry. I think they were j&j that wanted Brazil, the nation of Brazil to accept all liability for any of the vaccines they were about to distribute to the entire country. Brazil said no. I mean, think about that. You will accept repercussions and liability for anything like we didn't develop this. Like I'm not going to take responsibility for

Baldo 44:43
that majority of countries said yes, but majority countries said

Jon Mendoza 44:45
yes. Out of fear of causing this major disruption of what I don't understand. I mean, if we put the focal point functional medicine it's funny because I don't I don't really search for that anymore because they're bullshit to begin with, right? Most of the people who bash all stuff, whether it's new, or, or whether it's quack watch or whatever it is, they were put in place. And they were paid. They were paid to do all that should come at me tell me I'm wrong, because the sugar industry years ago said heart disease was caused by cholesterol, and they made the whole egg industry go on its backbone, because they said, You're causing all the plaque builds, it's causing heart disease, guess what? They lied to us? They straight up lied to us. And if you don't think the medical issues lie to us this because the Tuskegee experiments with all the African Americans and syphilis, you are going through the clinical trial right now. Because like I said, there's no approved vaccine, which means you were the guinea pig. You know, you were the guinea pig right now. So good luck with that.

Faith Ashenden 45:40
100%. I always say I will not be the guinea pig for this. And I'm also Mind you, I'm nursing. Yeah. And I've been told Oh, yeah, it's fine. During pregnancy, oh, yeah, it's fine. I'm seeing people that I know who are pregnant and or nursing, doing it. Yeah, but yeah, I mean, it is what it is. But it's your choice. But it's my choice. And there's, the thing is like, this is just an example for everything. There's no liability in any sense of the word. Like I'm seeing so many people who have so many symptoms and repercussions from all the drugs that they were put on. But there's no liability there. There's never liability, of course, is just one of many, many, many, many, many examples of your health not being put first. And like I say to people, if you don't do this for yourself, nobody else will, nobody else is gonna think for you. Nobody else is going to seek out this information for you. You have to constantly fight for it. And that's just the way that it is like, and until this system changes which won't happen anytime soon. This is how you have to be if you want to feel good. So

CJ Finley 46:37
naturally, to me, it seems like it just doesn't follow true science because like true science is you can you can prove something undeniably false. So like a good example, when I explained to people is like, Okay, my phone in my hand right now, I know that if I say this will not fall out of my hands. Okay, it fell on my hands. Therefore there is gravity because I proved, yep, that it couldn't stay in the air. So there's

Jon Mendoza 47:01
science research right there.

CJ Finley 47:02
But we don't prove like you just said with your nursing, we can't scientifically prove it false, that you'll have no repercussions. So therefore, it should be up to your choice. That's the easiest way that I look at things.

Jon Mendoza 47:17
Yeah, but see pharma thinks of this way. They're like, because we can't prove 100% that you're going to have repercussions. We're going to deem it 100% effective, which means that yeah, I mean, if it does happen, it's just an outlier. There's no causation, there's no correlation, which is incredible. And people accept that as blind faith. And I look at it this medication errors are common. I had a doctor friend of mine told me he says, you're gonna make two errors out of every 50 attempts for whatever it is, just make sure the minimum. And I mean, I guess that's one way to look in life, you're going to make errors, right. But I think some of like, the third or fourth leading cause of all deaths in the country are medication errors. What the hell like you can go to go die from a surgery as well. That happened exploratory surgery, you know, it's crazy. exploratory surgery is a real thing. And that gets covered for insurance. That's bullshit, right?

Faith Ashenden 48:06
It's such bullshit. It's such bullshit. I mean, it's, it's wild. You are just preaching to the choir. Yeah, it's absolutely wild.

Baldo 48:14
But but that's why people are people steroids get taken out at like, 24 before they try anything else, because then it's gonna put you on thyroid medication, and then restore, and then you're in the system.

Faith Ashenden 48:25
I had radioactive. So this is what happened to me. So I had that I was undiagnosed for a year. They tried, they said, it was anxiety, depression, all these things. And then initially, in 2012, I was in college at UT here. And then they said, you have two weeks to decide between surgery and radioactive iodine. And I said, Well, I want to go back to school. So I guess I'll just get radioactive iodine. And they were like, Great, okay, here you go. And I was, like, 20 at the time. So it was like, I was not who I am today. And I just assumed that they had my best interests at heart. I got the radioactive iodine. That was a bummer. And the way that I felt afterwards, it has taken a long, you know, it's been a long road to recovery, but I was never given any other options. But that is the case always. You're never given any other options, which is why I say like, you have to think for yourself and do your own research, you know, your body best. If something doesn't feel right, then it's not right. Right. Like, and but when you're young, or maybe you've not been exposed to these ideas before you just go with it. Right? You say well, the doctor knows best. They're specialists like they do this all the time, super easy. take this pill where everyone else is in a hazmat suit, but I'll just put it in my body that feels right. That's how it went down. And then I was like, I'm radioactive. So I'd like quarantine. I couldn't touch anyone. But it's gonna make me feel good. You know, that wasn't the case in the end. So I have to take drugs. Now I have to take thyroid medication for the rest of my life. I don't have a thyroid function anymore. I have the thyroid doesn't really work.

Jon Mendoza 49:50
Well is apt it

Faith Ashenden 49:52
is apt it these apt it and I take two different kinds of medication because I need a very strong dosage at this point. You know, as is it If I didn't have it that

Jon Mendoza 50:01
I had a lady she's pictures mid 30s. She'd had two kids. The third attempt was always a miscarriage. Like she just kept having it. They diagnosed her nodules on her thyroid, they took her thyroid out, did a thyroidectomy. Then they put her on thyroid meds for the first time. They put on Synthroid afterwards they even try the medication beforehand, you said you got nodules, they said, Your thyroids dead, we need to get it out of there. So they took it out like an appendix. And on a side note here, and people were born, what happens anymore. Now, just on a side note that it wasn't their appendix anymore people nowadays, but go back to thyroid think she finally was able to have her third kid. Because whenever like she came to us. She was like, I don't know what's going on. I can't go to term. Let's look at thyroid where there's a direct correlation between the thyroid and when you get pregnant. And so we say, Well, if we can control the thyroid, maybe you'll bring the term like you'll come to term and it happened. Like that was it and imagine if you go to ob gyn, you say, hey, you need to fix the thyroid. That way she can actually stay pregnant. They would be like, I'm going to send you to endocrinology.

Faith Ashenden 51:06
It's, you know, this is exactly why I stopped working with an OB GYN when I so I got pregnant and I as I always do, I use myself as like my own science experiment. So I went to my ob gyn and I said like, Okay, I'm pregnant. I, I got pregnant on my first try. I did all the things to optimize my health. None of the traditional things got pregnant right away How to perfect pregnancy minus being very nauseous. And I tried to deliver outside of the hospital, I ended up having to go in, but I worked with like my functional medicine doctor, I went to the OB GYN just to see what would it be like? First of all, we did not discuss any supplementation, which I'd been doing in advance for that year, I supplemented as if I were pregnant. She also did not check my thyroid at any point, I stopped seeing her and it's like, knowing that I had graves disease, knowing that I that is so incredibly important. Like what could be more important? No, nothing. She just checked my vital signs and said everything was fine, you know? And that was it. And so anyways, I was like, Well, I'm obviously firing you because you actually don't even know what you're talking about. Like, how could you not do this? Like it just and you know, she's super qualified, right? She's gone to a lot of school. So I ended up working with my functional MD and midwives outside of the hospital, which was an incredible experience and such an awesome pregnancy. But I it's the same thing with people who are constantly losing pregnancies or an IVF journey, I had a friend who had breast cancer had to do IVF, before chemo, they had three embryos, lost two of them. And I said, out of curiosity, you know, this people you're spending a million dollars with, did they take your thyroid? She said no. They said it's unrelated. Yep. And you just it's always so sensitive that topic as well. And so you can't come in and act like you know, everything. But at a minimum, these questions should be asked. And this is why I don't trust the system, because they know better. But it's very sad.

Jon Mendoza 52:54
Why don't trust system because I worked on in this exactly. Now, here's the latest thing to happen. testosterone in women. So over a course of a lifetime, you have hormone deficiencies, like usually adrenals will probably be the first thing to go. But what also happens is your testosterone or sex hormones start decreasing. So as a guy, my testosterone goes down and woman's estrogen goes down to we accept menopause like is the inevitable thing. But I haven't seen that and some women leave in their 50s. So I believe that we could extend the idea that we don't have to have menopause, or menopause, whatever you want to call it, too. So anyway, so women get tested for testosterone. And a company a couple years ago, I will not mention by name, but they came up with the idea of this thing called pellets. And what they do is they inject pellets into a female or a male, and it's dosed, usually testosterone or estrogen. And it's basically spread throughout the course of four months. So women would go into the doctor's office and say, I don't have a sex drive, I'm tired all the time. They would look and say, oh, out of all the hormones, we've noticed, you're actually low, but so is your testosterone. What did you know you make testosterone. And just like women who takes estrogen, you might have take testosterone because you might need to replace that. So now they're putting pellets of testosterone in all these women throughout the country. And it I don't know if it's helping him I think is causing more damage. Because On the flip side, high testosterone is usually linked to PCs, or at least found in PCs, which is polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is essentially a cystic ovary that just burst and it won't produce hormones. And it's incredible, because PCs is very much a real issue amongst women who have fertility issues, and women who are basically a fatty lifestyle, like a fatty liver lifestyle, and then people who are stressed all the time. So PCs endometriosis are usually lifestyle issues. And the idea that we're injecting women with testosterone, we plug them up full of synthetic GMO estrogen, and then we either remove their ovaries or their uterus at the sign of anything going on, I mean, you got something on thyroid, take it out, you got something wrong with your gut, let's take it out, you got something wrong with your, with your ovaries take it out. And then the regulations say you cannot give a woman, estrogen for more than five years after menopause. You cannot give a woman progesterone, if they've had a total hysterectomy. These regulations are coming from gentlemen, who are not in the position to tell woman what to do with her body. And yet every single time there's an FDA medical device for women, it scars their uterus, it scars, the fallopian tubes. And then guess why these women are left with nothing. And there's no repercussions. There's no reparations, they're just silenced. And they look like they're idiots. Because people like go, whatever. And it's just, it's it's incredible. Because when you talk about taking power of your own self, if you don't, you're gonna get pushed and fall through the cracks. And all of a sudden, you're stuck in product with all these things. And you're like, I don't know, my doctors told me I needed this stuff. I mean, the severity of it is most people don't want to go through that. They're lazy. They're apathetic, they want to believe in the goodwill of people that politicians are still speaking up on the voice of the people in it. voter fraud is just the thing that people make up. I hate to tell you this, but you have to basically question authority. It's science. Scientists try to disprove that. CJ says, Well, you know what? It's sunny outside today. It's like, Nah, I don't think it's sunny. I think the moon is just sleeping right now. We're not ready.

CJ Finley 56:35
Yet, which is the world we live in right now.

Jon Mendoza 56:37
No, I don't. It's flat. How is how's it even possible? Right? We're living in a flat earth. So I look at when you question authority, it's your God given right? You should you should not accept you. I mean, think about if you had a mechanic that said, Ah, give me $20,000 worth of work. You're like bullshit. I don't trust this guy. I'm gonna second exact no one will bat an eye. No one will bat an eye. But the second you go to doctor and I don't know, I just don't feel right. So why did you go with that surgery? I don't know. We just

CJ Finley 57:02
so to the surgery. So like, I had my appendix out like it was like birthday, my birthday. And when we were there, they couldn't like, because it was like leaking. So they had to put this liquid in me and they have to check. Then they're like, your gallbladder is also inflamed. Do you want us to take that out, too? Yeah. I said, No. I already knew that to say Now luckily, like my my Aaron was there and my mom was there. But the fact that they even asked me without even like, you know what, maybe we should we're gonna take your appendix out because it's gonna burst. But you need to look into what's going on with your goals don't know, like, it's just like, Hey, we're already in there. Let's just take it out. It's like that. What else can we take? Yeah, what else can we do? Because they can, it's a price tag on it, there's a price tag on that gallbladder to take it out of me. And they're there. They've been brainwashed. And, again, going back to the logical standpoint, like it's, I always look for the root cause of all this entire discussion. It's just like, well, if you set the system where people are going up to school, where they're not learning the right thing, and then they're put on put under pressure to pay back debt. It's Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Are they going to care more about you or more about their debt? They're going to hear more about that as well. Even if they say that I care about you. The debt is on their mind. Like if you're a doctor. Yeah. And if you're a practice,

Jon Mendoza 58:25
and I don't think they're making decisions, like and I'll just preface this, I don't think they're making decisions based off the idea like, I'm going to get paid more to pay off debt. But what's happened there in a system to where they don't speak up, because they're just like, I don't want to disrupt a symptom already in here, like, you know, I'm just going to go along with the hospitals will come in here and said this, they develop something called the fifth vital sign, it's pain. So if you're in a hospital for last 15 years, they said treat their pain. Like that is the number one thing they're coming in for. And it's a smiley face. It's a smiley face. This is how you measure the scientific community came up with this idea of a happy face, a border. It was a merchant frown face. Yeah, where's your pain at in the scale? I'm here at frown? Give me some morphine. Okay. He said the magic word. He's unhappy. Let's give them pain pills. And so when you look at it, they said the cut the client experience is the customer experience. They could choose any other hospital in the county. They chose us because we take care of them. We give them pain meds and dope them up. And it's incredible because there's no real valid discussion on this. It's subjective information. If you say that the day sucks today, I'm just that's your opinion. That's all it pain is an opinion. Your pain is different than my pain. And if literally, that's what we're going off of for science. That's the whole medical community and why we had an opioid crisis. We just came out of that we'd literally put people into addiction. Yep. I mean, I'll be the first to admit it. I helped contribute to that because I was prescribing things that was not going to be beneficial. Just like whenever an OB GYN prescribes a birth control. are they thinking about I'm about to screw up this woman's life? No Don't think that. So what's incredible about is wrapping it back up to what you do, there's always going to be a position for people who care about other people's health. If the people don't care about their own health enough to do something about it, you will always have a job, which means you will be the voice of reason for these people who are lost. And quite frankly, it's a necessity, we need more faith, we need more people, like CJ standing up and speaking out, because eventually it's going to resonate with someone, somebody heard this podcast today. And some of them preach and acquire other people said, You know what, Mom, you need to listen to this, because this is what I've been telling you all along. And maybe you change the mindset for just one person. It's a lot of effort just to do that. But it's a ripple effect. That's what we're trying to create here. So I applaud your efforts and everything you're doing it sounds like you hopefully, you'll be doing this for a long time. I hope so. Yeah. Right, saving a lot of people and helping a lot of people.

Faith Ashenden 1:00:51
It's really, really fun. Honestly, it's so gratifying, and I could talk about it for ages. And it's always going to be important, like you said, No, right, the system is not going to change. I don't I don't, I don't think it's going to change.

Baldo 1:01:03
Well, it's it's it's we have to create a new system, we do just, it's just a different game that we have to play.

Faith Ashenden 1:01:07
And you and you have to the thing is like they're always trying to hide the evidence, the truth, right. And in order to change your belief system, you need to show yourself that there's evidence of something else that exists. And the media is always trying to hide that. And so that's what I want to do. And that's what we do, you go out there and you you give people the evidence, and they can construct a new belief system. And when they believe in it, they're open to it and, and their reality is in line with this journey of healing that is possible for them. But that is the opposite of the belief system that we've constructed from the medical community and just what we learned in school and what's in the media. So that's really what it comes down to. And that and that is probably the hardest thing you can do as a human being is to kind of construct a new reality for yourself based off your beliefs and it comes back down to this the evidence the science and putting it out there. So it's so fun to be able to do that and talk about it and, and put that in front of people.

Jon Mendoza 1:01:59
Well, thank you for doing what you do. We really appreciate it. How how would people find you?

Faith Ashenden 1:02:04
They can find me on Instagram. I'm that healing feeling? My Websites link there if they want to contact me directly as well.

Jon Mendoza 1:02:12
Awesome. Well, thank you for joining us. Thank

you, CJ.

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