In this Episode, cofounders of the How Do You Health? Network - Baldo and CJ - discuss what How Do You Health? is and where they see the company going in 10 years. They go into detail on the creation of the How Do You Health? Podcast and how it became a network. Really exciting episode! 





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Allison 0:14 This podcast is brought to you by MSW nutrition. MSW nutrition is a supplement line designed to help support your body in as many ways as possible, starting with the liver. By helping to repair liver health, you're supporting your body's biggest detox organ so that it can do its job taking care of the rest of you. We carry supplements to help with mood, stress, energy, weight loss, gut health, immunity and much more. Any products carrying the MSW nutrition label will be produced in an FDA certified lab and contain the most bioavailable version of those nutrients possible. Make sure to check out our website at www dot MSW nutrition calm to see all the latest stacks to help you reach your health goals.Baldo 0:58 Hello, guys, welcome to the How do you help network? This is our x your first network episode.CJ Finley 1:07 I'm here with CJ Finley, co founder of how do you help network we have some amazing things to be talking about. This is our first dry run of using the studio. We have shot two other episodes already. ButBaldo 1:19 But yeah, they've been they've been trial runs. But this is our first official ones. usually see me with nurse doza, which he will still be in here quite a bit. And but I don't know, we're excited to bring a lot of great content to everyone in every aspect of health, whether that would be just physical health or mental health or even financial health. You name it. How do you health is about what are you doing for your health? And how can we support that? That'd be a good assessment there. Yeah, it's, um, first off, thank you. I'm super excited. And we're sitting here tests and our our volume and everything. So we're good. Now we're good. We're good. You don't want it to chop. So I'm just making sure.Oh, we're in over here. Okay, cool. I'm actually three year one. Okay, cool. Yeah. So making sure that we're audios all hooked up, and we get the lighting in here. And yeah, really just excited to bring the best experience possible for everybody that we bring in here. Because I know Maddie miles was walking through here earlier. And we're working closely with her to get her podcasts as best as it can possibly be. And like that's my obsession is just helping other people optimize what they're working on. So super excited. I'm really stoked to also get john in here because just with this new branding and his his passion, I think it's gonna go hand in hand. So it's gonna be it's gonna be fantastic. We also had started producing faith,faith spotcap podcast, that healing feeling. And then we'll have the violent vlog in here quite soon. And, and I'm excited to hear about what do you and Erin have planned for for a podcast? Yeah. So in terms of that, I know I'm going to cross promote this on my own channel on thrive on the thriving life podcast. So one of the things I've wanted to do for a while is just create a podcast around health health is such has been such a impact had such an impact on both Aaron and I's lives. And it's one thing that I'm always down to talk about. But we just haven't really found the outlet for it, whether it be Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, all the social media channels, podcasting is definitely the one that we feel compelled and most inspired to put our energy towards. And I'm a big believer in the universe. And when you guys approached me to kind of get into this idea, I was like, This is perfect timing. Because we were already behind the scenes talking about how do we start our own podcast together talking about our health journey to maybe help other people on their own, and you guys are already doing it. That's the coolest thing with the hottie health podcast where you guys on episode 114. We just shot 150. But we're on 148 release. So when did you When did you actually start it? Interesting. We started so it started because john was doing his thing with with clients. And at some point, I just started asking clients, is it cool if I just record this and like, throw it up there? And they'd be like, Oh, yeah, for sure. So it became a thing. And then at some point it became we started putting on Facebook Live. And it was just recording.And then at some point, we had Allison start helping in the front desk. And because of that I was like, hey, well, can you help us film this? So I can jump into the conversation so that way I can kind of manage where the conversations going because or else it's just a rat kind of deal. And so that started happening. But then I also started having my own questions. At some point. I was like Allison, is there any way you can make this into a podcast? It's probably like two weeks later, we had a podcast and so that episode one was with, with john and i introduction and then Episode Two was my friend, Megan Kalani. She's a nutritionist. She lives in San Antonio now, and then all of a sudden, we just had likeCJ Finley 5:00 One after the other after the other. So that was three years ago. That was three years ago of podcasting, and what has been the progressions because so for any, for any of my own listeners when I dropped this on Robin life, I've been in the game for two years and going from my first episode was with bias. Prep to your door, we were on the rooftop of Whole Foods, and you hear the birds in the background. To now I have my own recording studio. And then now we're recording in this studio with all the lighting and bells and whistles that you could ever imagine. What did it look like at first, or at first? Again, it was just YouTube video. And we had aBaldo 5:41 I think it was just a regular mic with a recorder that we would just share back and forth. And, and it's funny because Yep, that's exactly what it was. It was just one one mic that we've just shared. And then they've got uploaded. So as one file right now, at this point. WayForward. Each one of us has their own file, obviously. Yeah. And makes it so much cleaner and all that but there was that progression. We also have our first kit, which I remember you made fun of which was a big old thing.CJ Finley 6:10 bago freaking Yeah, bro. I still remember walking in here. And like, what the hell is that? What is that? You're 1980? Yeah, what is that even called? It's a audio booking system. I don't even know what it's called. It's huge, right? It's like with all the dials like a DJ set. Yeah, do and we bought that and that hooked up to another little transformer thing that then you hooked up the for up to four headsets to that and it was wasn't the cleanest headsets. But we had that for like a year and a half, maybe even longer before. Now we upgraded to this system. And and even this system has been upgraded to like it also there's a second mic so that we can use for backup audio and, and then there's all the cameras that we're starting to add. And now we have lights and you know, we have an actual studio, right? So it's a three year process. And that's that's a that's a lesson for business in general. So many people want to start at the top. And it's like, Man, it's good to build it with the foundation. I think also, by the way, when it comes to quality of podcasting, obviously, the better the quality, the better. But I don't think it's a big deal. I think if anything is it's a it's a plus for fans to listen to the first episode is like oh man, like they've gone a long way to where they're at now. Because then they see like, it wasn't like just all this money thrown at it is it started because we really wanted to educate. And I think, to piggyback off that, what it allows you to do is like even in this moment we're testing. So if you start like kind of on that lower tier, you're going to be able to continue that that testing. And what you're going to see is the ability to probably the easiest way to talk about it is problem solving, like on the fly rather than trying to figure it all out before we even get into it. And that's what I'm really excited for this is and just having watched you guys is just the willingness to adopt and not really care that it's not perfect in the beginning and just slowly progressive, because a lot of the issues that I've struggled with, with working with other businesses and other people is like, they want it to be so perfect, that we never even release anything. Like it doesn't even get out there. And I'm just like, dude, like, this is such a long term thing, like 20 years from now we're gonna have this really polished brand with really polished media and a team and maybe 50 people working under us, but like for right now, how do we get to that point is like, we just got to go, you just got to put the pedal to the metal and figure it out. And that's where one of the cool things is. I was razzing you guys for the audio. And the cool thing for me is I was like, dude, buy this system. And then a couple weeks later, you you already had it. And that's, that's really the best advice I can give to other people out there is surround yourself with people that kind of know what they're doing already. And then don't be afraid to bite the bullet and invest in upgrading. Well, even then it was like, you send me a list. And the first thing I ordered was all the little things that like I can afford all these now. And so it was like this little adapter right here that connects like this one was like 10 bucks, right? Like it was? Yeah, like yeah, to split the audio, right? And so that was the first thing I bought, because I was like, What can I afford that it's for me, it's always like, what can I do now? That's still gonna serve long term in the future. So I knew I wanted this whole system anyways, it's like we're going for the $10 thing. A week later. I then bought one of the headsets. And then two weeks later, I got the rest of it because like we had Yeah, you're just testing across the board. Yeah, yeah. And that was the same thing for me. I bought two headsets in the beginning, because I was like, one if I don't use these headsets, it's way easier to resell to then have to stress and sell the four. But as soon as I got the first two I was like this. This is definitely something that I want to invest in. So now for headsets and yeah, now we're here I'd love to ask you like the How do you health part.Where did you guys come up with that?Baldo 10:00 Interesting that was a that was really, we were thinking and it was that name since the beginning, actually.It was never like the MSW podcast or anything like that. It was, how do you help? Because the first person, well, we did a, we did ours. And we recorded three of them before we became before it was up on iTunes or whatever. Okay. And it was us and then Megan, and then the third one was aAIP diet, I think it was. But our but our fourth and fifth one, one of them was like a business podcast. And but it was also still about like, Business Health. So I came up with that name, actually, how do you health? And there was a little bit of back and forth, but that was my, my explanation for is like, well, because with health, you can put it with whatever, right and make that a verb of like, how do you health like, what do you do for your health? Again, whether that be a mental thing, like I go to a therapist, or like, Hey, you know, I'd meet with my financial advisor just to stay healthy with, with what my finances or, you know, I kind of lounge like this to get vitamins because I need my physical health to be to be great, or, or I'm trying to, you know, recover from this out of immune disease or another item. I mean, we had a freakin crypto course the other day, and that was really about financial health. Right? And I don't know, you name it, like, it could just be we've had some that are completely existentialism, and it was like, spirituality health. Right. And, and you name it, like people do so many different things for health. What is it that you do?CJ Finley 11:39 And I think that ties back to the ultimate goal, where I was really attracted to the MSW lounge in general. And you and john, because basically, your core values of what you're trying to build is, does it educate people? And does it help people grow. And I think that's such like a dying thing in today's world where one, capitalism is ramping, and people are just trying to make a quick dollar and kind of like push other people down. But then to just free thinking, and the ability to kind of not fall into a siloed learning system where you're just surrounding yourself with people that are just saying the same thing over and over again. So I'm super excited, because we basically get to provide a network where the whole core value and the mission behind it is to educate and then help people grow outside of that network without saying this is the right way or the wrong way. And you're granting people the ability to do that, because you're not defining like, what is health? Correct? It's not boy, it's not my decision, right? Like to decide what what's good for you, or whatBaldo 12:50 my job is to educate. And then for you to make that choice. I think that that we all can make that choice, right. And so when it's funny, because we were talking about different people that were helping as far as like their business, and like running a podcast, which is what we're doing is that we're providing these tools for people to be able to educate on their beat up, you know, using our tools, so they can educate in a more profound way, by doing a podcast or whatnot. But to not worry about, like, what tools do I need? How do I do this, because then they get lost in that, and they never get it done, which we were just referring to. So it'd be cool for them to just show up, that was the original thinking, do the thing. You know, we uploaded it's great content, and then take it from there. But we can already tell that that's going to turn into a completely different thing. Can you help me with my website? Can you help me with my marketing strategy, which is all things that we could do eventually, but that's not our focus just yet, because we just don't have the manpower. But we could already see that right? Like, if we had a team of X amount of people, we can say like, yep, to everyone is like, just talk to this guy. Talk to this department, talk to that department, it's gonna turn into that, like I would love. Like, imagine your daily becomes your basically how you're basically a network that is helping health based people promote their own brands and their own businesses. And that is just something that is so cool to me, because it mixes all the words that I love. Like, right now, we're podcasting, which is what I love. But then business and health is something that I've been doing. Since I was a little kid, I played sports and then I didn't really know that I was an entrepreneur. But I was shoveling snow and mowing lawns and babysitting and tutoring and doing these kind of like entrepreneurial endeavors. I just didn't know it's on there's no Instagram or YouTube to like, kind of tell me like this is what entrepreneurship is. I was just do innately doing it. But yeah, the the fact that we're going to, we're already getting those questions, and it's something that I do on a daily basis. So I know that we're going to get those questions, but I think the main focus right now is definitely dialing in. How do we serve the people that are working with us right now and make their podcasts as clean andCJ Finley 15:00 efficient as possible, and then move it to the next level where we could potentially build out a network. I don't know if it's freelancers or internal or what it looks like. But that's what I love to pick your brain a little bit on and like,Flash forward, because it'd be cool to look back on like flash forward 510 years. Well, yeah. What? What is how do you help? Interesting? Yeah, I, I'm excited about that. Well, because it's a, I think, if more than anything, it's foundational health, right, like for whatever it is that you're doing for whatever you're educating? Because that's, that's really what it is, is I mean, I think, like our foundations for for the MSW companies has has been what you said, like, does it help someone educate? And does it help a business grow? Usually a person grow? And we just don't make decisions? We just say no, if it doesn't meet both of those standards, I don't see why that couldn't apply to any business or to or to any entrepreneur that comes in here. Because, well, first of all, like, if you're just if you're not trying to educate, then like, what's, what's the point of your business? It's really how I see it, right? Because, I mean, if you're just trying to make money, then it's not going to last very long. That's just how I feel about life in general. Right? Like, if you're just doing it for the hell of it to make money. Like, that's not, that's not cool. I mean, it's not gonna, no one's gonna connect to that. Right? And then if you're not trying to grow, then then again, what's the point? Like, you don't need us to not grow? Yeah.Baldo 16:27 So but the idea is, that is there's so many supports us. I mean, I,by default, I end up mentoring so many different people. And it's like, so many different questions. And most of the time, I was like, I actually can help you with that. I don't necessarily know if I want to, because I don't have time for that. Right. But But if I did, and I gave you the time, then we would go really far. And so I'd want to be able to say yes, not because I want to say yes, but because I have a team of people that can say yes with me to you, and then support you on that. And then just make the world a better place. Right. So that's how I've so 510 years from now, I want to be able to say like, whatever you want, if we can get it for you. Yeah, it's basically like, what I look at is like, kind of like a conveyor belt. Like, you come in at the beginning of the conveyor belt. And there's different sections that you go along. And we have the ability to provide us service at each like stop point. Yeah, in that conveyor belt. So it's just like, you come to us with this, oh, I want to start a podcast. But at the end of the day, it's like, well, what does your website look like? What's your product look like? We can help you get your product there. What's your brand look like? Well, we've done multiple rebrand. So let's help you rebrand so that your podcasts, your product and your service do better. And against crazy, because we're doing a rebrand now, right? Like, yeah, I mean, and you're helping us through that as well, too. But I see that also as a moment of learning so that we when someone comes in, ask for rebrand, like, Well, here's all these documents, yeah, you can use, right? So I don't have to reinvent the wheel, it's already there. You just have to apply it to your business, we're talking about quality control, I pulled out quality control that we've done for like pharmacy vetting. And it's like, well, that's a completely different side of the business. But it's like, but there's a lot of little things that you can apply. And I don't want to have to go rewrite a 20 page paper just to find out what kind of protocols work or don't work. But the idea is like people are creative, and if we can remove all the other stuff from them, and we can allow them to be creative. And then that's how you change the world is let people just be creative and not worry about like the little things that people just get lost. I mean, I we get lost in them sometimes. And that's the beauty of working with multiple people that what I found is this, like, it's way easier not to get lost. When you kind of have a checks and balances of a team. I was literally just listening to a podcast onCJ Finley 18:43 social networks and like teams and like how, like most people put themselves in introvert extrovert, but that's not really what like we are as human beings and different. In different times most people can be extroverted and different times people can be introverted. So there's a lot more mixture between the two. And the reason I'm going down this rabbit hole is when you're talking about a network and the Health Network and building teams and people. It's understanding like, Where is that person more like extroverted? And where's that person more introverted in their specific skill set? Because like a good instance is like a video gamer, right? You would think that he's an introvert, but if you put them on, like Xbox Live, he's now an extrovert, because he's talking to all of his friends or whatever. But yeah, if you put me on Xbox Live, I don't play video games, I'm probably going to be pretty quiet. Like, I'm going to be figuring things out because like, I don't know what I'm doing. Right. But if you put me on a podcast, already, I can vibe but if you put the gamer on the podcast, maybe he's just like a little bit more like gun shy, right? So it's like, figuring out where those people say and that's the other thing when you have the experience that you do, and john does have building multiple businesses you kind of start seeing like what lane Are you good at and whatAre you not good at? And I think that stops a lot of people in their tracks because they try to do everything rather than realizing, like, I can't do it all, I I'd rather have a Health Net, I'd rather have a network. Yeah, that I can like lean on to fulfill the needs that I'm just never gonna be able to, to do. And that's a cool thing for me because like, like, my goal is never to inject IVs in vivo. Like, that's just not my thing, right. But john can do that. And everyone else, the nurse practitioners can do it, right. And then he can hop on a podcast and help those nurse practitioners across the US with his knowledge. But then john, and I can work together because I want to get the Ivy's and I want to learn like Why should I be putting certain vitamins into my body, and then that's where we connect. So those introverted extroverted connections, that's what kind of like what they were talking about in the podcast is the best companies are able to find what lights those people off as like, quote unquote, extroverts, and you match them. And that's whyif we're playing sports, right, you've seen this before, if you put a bunch of superstars together, that play similar positions, like doesn't really end well. Right. But like if you put people that are really good at a specific thing,like the bowls Chicago Bulls, or Michael Jordan runs the show and but then you have Dennis Rodman rebound there, Scottie Pippen all around, great player, and then the gap fillers, you're gonna win six championships. Yeah.Baldo 21:39 Yeah, you just got like, everyone has their own role. And they stick to that, which is kind of what we were talking about, literally, right before this podcast, where it's just like, I mean, we will I won't bullshit like we, we have been kind of having mistakes happen in the beginning of this. And one of the conclusions like shout out to Noah, Heisman for getting us a whiteboard. I'm like, whiteboarding out, okay, like, Where are the mistakes that we're making? And then figuring out why are we making those mistakes? And a lot of it was doubt into just having people in the wrong seats in the wrong buckets. So yeah, yeah, no, I'm, I'm excited for what's to come. What's interesting about it is thatI growing up, and I mean, probably even in college, I always considered myself an introvert. I always threw the parties. But I like I didn't really talk to people. I was like, I know how to create a cool party and let people do their thing and have fun and like, but but I'm just not going to talk to people. Because I don't know what to say. Because I know how to create an environment, right? And so anyway, then same thing with john, who was always great, because he loves to talk. And I was just like, well, I can just like, do my own thing. Let him do his own thing. And I know my role. But But when I get on a podcast, man, I'm ready to talk. Because it's just exciting to get people excited about what they're doing. And I think that that's the cool thing about podcasting is whether you're part, introvert or extrovert, however you identify yourself, whatever your business that you're doing, you're probably excited about that. Right? So it's not hard to talk about who so you bring up a great point. And this is where I can give some advice. Anybody that's really trying to get their podcasts Out, out there is what I try to do on the thriving life podcast is I don't really come with a specific set of questions on purpose. I asked the the guests like what lights you up the most. And that's the path we go down. Because what makes great content is passionate content. If that guest is not passionate about the question that you ask, it's not going to come off in the right way. And it's one of those things that I like to call it that I've taught. One of my interns last year is Shani, who has now gone on to create her own little community and company I kid you not one of the things we talked about a lot is like look what i what i what my job really is, is to turn your light bulb on unfortunately, like we have a lot of people in this world that their lightbulbs are off and that's because they're living somebody else's life in my eyes. So they're not really passionate about life because they're not even living the life that they want to live. So you have to figure out like one what is the life that I want to live but then to a lot of my light comes from helping other people get their light and that's that's across the board I think for just humanity like when you serve somebody else you just feel good. When you figure out what inspires it gets them motivated and what gets them perked up like you get automatically perked up so I think the best I don't and I don't even know I don't know if it's from just reading or watching YouTube videos but I don't know when I came up with that or why but I just started realizing that what fires me up the most is seeing you fired up. Yeah. And what the way that I kind of likeCJ Finley 24:46 dial it into a one sentence statement is looks like your light bulb is on. Like that's really what it is like. And john like you get him on a podcast. You could tell he was made for that. Yeah, for sure. Like and that brings everybody elseLike, oh my god, like this is great. So that's that's what it's all right, because you help someone else. So you did something you help someone else. So doing something always feels good. But the idea that, well, they also did something and they learned. That's why education works, because now they're pumped because they also completed something. So now we're both bummed because we both did something, I helped you, but you did this other thing. That's just more massive. And then maybe you teach three other three or four other people, which is, which in turn, if I just do something for myself, Well, it stays here. And that's the coolest thing I think about, you're spot on. And that's the coolest thing I think about podcasts is like think about this right now think about I've thought about this before, how many podcasts are on Apple, iTunes, and Spotify right now, then think how many people are literally just in their own little world and own little lens, think like listening to a podcast right now, it doesn't even have to be ours. Like, literally all the podcasts out there all the minutes out there. There's millions of people listening right now. And then what they're going to do is they're going to listen to podcasts, and they're going to have an aha moment they're gonna make and then they're going to take action on that. And that's something that I think that other content, like doesn't do as good a job like you go on Instagram. And you literally just like scroll. It's not an intimate experience, really, with Instagram, or YouTube or things like that. But you're in a podcast, like most people, they're either like on a walk and they're like, listening or they're in their car, and they're listening. And then usually it creates like this ripple effect where I don't know about you. But for me, if I listen to a good podcast, like I sent you one the other day, and I was like, Hey, listen, this podcast, let's get by listen to one and it hits home with me like I share it typically. So that's another reason that I'm so passionate about podcasting is because I know that just innately people when they listen and it hits home with them. Now, here's what I think. And I'll ask you this, like, in the beginning, what was the hardest part for you guys? Because I think for a lot of people is like, you start this podcast, and not that many people listen to it. But for me, I've always been a skeptical optimist in life. So even if there's one person and it's my mom listens to everyone, I'm like, Alright, well, at least I'm helping my mom have a more positive attitude on life. Like, that's great to me. So, but for you guys, what was the what was the struggle above and beyond like, trying to get people to listen to it?What I don't even know if it was a stroke, I think there was an excitement because even from from the first episode, we threw it up on like Facebook, just promoting it. And like a day later, we had one download or like one review. And like what our first review came on the first day. And it was it wasBaldo 27:37 I think it was like John's mom maybe or something like that. And then that was exciting. But the thing is that we also got a client out of it. Like all of a sudden someone came in, like I listened to your podcast. And they had seen a Facebook post. But they had seen several Facebook posts about like the lounge, and they decided to listen to the podcast. And then they came out they came into it. I was like, Oh, I guess people listen. And I didn't even know what to expect from that. Like, I didn't I didn't have the there wasn't this capacity to think like, well, I wonder if like 1000 people or listening or a million people are listening, it was just like, I'm throwing it out there. And like, I didn't even know that you could look for the stats, like, you know, that wasn't even like, I wasn't even thinking about those things. We weren't like it was just like, we're gonna throw it out there. And people can listen, how did you get to that mindset, though? Because I think that, and this goes back to like, how do you help? Like, how did you get to that mindset? Because a lot of people aren't there. Like they're, they're so into, well, what's the point of this, if nobody, if I'm not gonna get the download, or I'm not gonna, but you guys do a great job. And I know it can be super helpful for other people, much like you, I'm more concerned with VA, this is really fucking cool that I actually learned how to even do any of this. So I want to put it out there. But I think a lot of people in today's day and age struggle with the actual like pressing that button to release it. How did you get to that mindset of just like, kinda I don't I just don't care.I mean, it's just another marketing tool. Right? But I don't know, it was already happening. That's really what it was. Is that like I was,when we were starting the lounge, I was doing a lot of like, oh, print out all the flyers go take them everywhere, like just doing old school marketing. And and then it was like, well, what's a great quote that you can promote somewhere, throw it on a flyer and pass that out. And then I just saw, like, how people were responding to conversations from with john and how those conversations were going. And he's so passionate, right? So then it was just an easier, like, that'd be cool. If I can just record that. And then people hear that because the one thing that about MSW Lounge is that it's always been an open field, right? Like we've never will, especially because we've never had the space like we do now. But I mean, when we started it was freakin 111 foot square foot room, and it was like in the shape of a triangle. So there is no room that if there was two or three clients there, like there wasn't going to be any privacy. Like they were going to talk about whatever health issue was going on in front of everyone. So there was always that goingAnd that was actually kind of a little barrier that we have to jump in, jump through because we have to write the proper type ofwaivers so that what people could agree that like, Hey, this is going to be out in the open as opposed to like, most of the time you go to the doctor and it's like one on one, like, you get a clipboard, they call you in and you come out and no one knows anything about anything. And so from that came from like, what can I just record this already agreeing to say it in front of other people? So then we had to find that loop. And as soon as we figured that one, it was like, Okay, cool. And then we just do it all all over the place, put it on Facebook, and it was cool. Some people said, No, and that was fine. But at some point, it just became like, I was listening to podcasts. And it just I don't know, it's just one of those things that I just asked. Allison was like, hey, do you think you can put this into a podcast? Like, yeah, I'll figure it out. And then she just kind of went like, this is how we do it. So like, Alright, we'll do it. Whatever we need to pay for. It's cool. And then all of a sudden, it was a podcast. And then it was like, way after a while that it was like, Well, how many downloads? Are we getting? You know? Well, I think it stems from like, you, you were living through that core value we were talking about earlier, just like it was happening in front of you. And you're like, how do we educate more people like this, this information that I'm hearing is,CJ Finley 31:09 could be used by somebody else out there. And regardless of if someone listens to it or not, like I know that it's better out there than it is better staying in my own brain here. I think that's, for me, that's what I've always kind of leaned into is the fact that it's better to be out and get one than to get, you know, for a fact if you don't put it out. It's 100% zero, correct? Yeah. What's the whole starfish thing, right, like the kid that that is throwing starfish back into, there's a bunch of starfish,Baldo 31:38 washed ashore, and he's throwing them all or one by one back into the into the ocean, some old man's like, dude, like, there's 1000s and 1000s of start, like, you're never gonna make a difference. And he's, like, made a difference for that one.CJ Finley 31:54 I've ever heard that. I like that. Yeah. And, and but it's true, right? Because that's all that really matters. Because you never know, maybe that starfish is like, Well, hey, guys, like, let's not get close, because this should happen. So then you basically basically helped the next million.Thatactually never thought I've never, I've never heard that word. Really? Where'd you get that? For? I read it. Well, there's a book that I was reading called the rhythm of life, or now, Matthew Kelly. And he explained that again, but I've heard it. So it was a recent thing that I read again, but I've read it over the years, plenty of other times.Baldo 32:28 And I love that, right? Because it's like, sometimes we worry so much about like, Am I really going to make a difference for all these people. And, and it doesn't really matter, as long as you can make a difference for one person, or for one being. And then from there, you can just you can create that. I mean, that's how movement starts, she starts with one person, it doesn't start with a million people. And I think you're 100% right. And I think we've bred an instant gratification society. And that's another troubling thing with with podcasts is like, you don't see the impact they really have, like, so you have to be the type of person where again, like I'm not after seeing the impact, I'm just after knowing that there's potential of impact, because you don't see like this. You could have a person that listens to every single episode that you ever put out. And they're making drastic changes your life. And they never tell you, versus like most of most people today are just like, well, I want like, let's use personal trainers for an example is just like, I want to lose 15 pounds, my client wants to lose 15 pounds, I want to make them send me photos, every single week. And then within a couple months, like I have this very clear photo of what I helped this person achieve. But in podcast world, it's like, it's not like that. You don't get that instant gratification. And I think that's another reason that I'm actually I tend to like podcast more is because I think that breeds more of an authentic and genuine genuine like organic approach to educating and helping people grow. Rather than putting things in buckets to make me look good, or to make the network look good. Like we're only as good as the sum of our parts. That's how I look at it is just likeCJ Finley 34:08 every person that we work with, if they're not getting better in their specific brand, and it's a hate on us. And I think most people look at it. The opposite way around is just like, how do we just be this all star and shine all the light on us.But I like that starfish thing. I think I'm going to use that. Well, you just never know. And then the using that same analogy, like you just never know, someone can be listening to all the podcasts and they're like, Oh, that's pretty cool. And it's really gonna be like one sentence from one of those episodes, it's going to make a difference for them. Right? Like, it's not going to be like, Oh, it's because I've listened to all of them. Like, there's fans, right? And I mean, I don't have a specific example. But I can see I know that there's people that do listen to every single episode. And and I know different people that every like, every once in a while I'll get some like, Hey, I really like how you said this and that and I was like that's interesting because I have I have a clue that you've listened.Baldo 35:00 into a lot of our episodes yet, this is the first thing you say about one of them. And, and that just goes to show to that right? Like, you just never know what is going to make a difference. What's going to resonate with them. And that's the other thing I love about our podcast is that it's not specific about our particular podcast, and then our network is that it's not specific for, for us dictating what health is, like, there's so many different aspects to health. And so that's what we're trying to do is just help help that grow and help people understand that, like health is not one way it's many different ways. Yeah, it's forever. We're forever learning. It's a thing like with new science, new science comes out every day. And science is predicated on trying new things and doing doing these things in a different way. And so is entrepreneurship. And I think let's, I got one last question for you. And then we can wrap up.CJ Finley 35:52 Who Who do you want? Who's like your your?Like, if I was like,we could teleport someone in here today to be on the How do you health podcast? Who would it be? Hmm, that's interesting.And why?Baldo 36:11 Who, so I think that you can have multiple people for multiple different reasons. I'll make it an open ended type of thing. I would have Ilan Musk, and which he's in town now. Right. And then Joe dispenza. Those are my two like, I just wanted. Okay, why Ilan musk and why Joe dispenza. I like how Ilan Musk is always thinking like, I don't know, 50 steps ahead of everyone, right? Like, I love that I want to pick like, so I would ask him a question. And I could imagine that he's not even going to answer it, how it's going to be next year, he's gonna answer he's gonna be like, 20. Yeah, he might answer like, what are the things that we need to do to get there, but he's not even thinking about? Like, that's just a stepping stone. Right. So I'd like to, you know, just different things to help me I don't know, to tap into, I think that we all have that ability, he just is always there.Right to think that way. And then Joe dispenza, just because I, myself practice law of manifestation. But like, he just understands that at a very scientific level, and I and I'd like to pick his brain a little bit more to clarify, because every time I read it, I've read many of his books multiple times. And each time I've just, there's something else I implement. And so it's like, how do you? I asked this to someone else? And that is like, how do you create leaps in people without them having to have a drastic event, to then to make that the catalyst to them want to, like, be there, right? Because I don't see that I don't think it's a necessity for someone to have a very, you know, I don't know, bad situation or, you know, near death experience in order for them to be like, Oh, this is why I now need to do this, I think that that should be able to happen without without something very negative happening. So I want to be able to tap into that type of energy.And see how that feels.CJ Finley 38:00 I think,because I've thought about that as well. And going back to the whole personal trainer example. It's like, what's not flashy doesn't get seen, and what doesn't get seen doesn't get utilized, and that a lot of the most successful people in the world are just slow and consistent. I have the saying slow, smooth, smooth is fast. Like I say every day to everybody I see.And it's one of those things. That's not flashy, though, it's like flashy is I lost 30 pounds in 30 days. flashy is not okay, I consistently eat healthy, I exercise. I meditate in the morning. Like, nobody wants to hear about that. They just want to hear about like, what is the one thing that I can do that could change my life? And then what changes a lot of people's lives is Oh, something really like someone died, or I'm really sick or insert whatever you want.But I think those are the two trains you kind of get on is just likethe society and consumers want something flashy, yeah, to attach to. And then certain discipline changes in the world. Yeah, like, and I'll want up you. The number one thing that I think everyone lacks in today's day and age that if you can just have that would change your life forever, is just the ability to focus. Because focus, no matter where you put itworks. If it's health, it works. If it's well, it works. If it's relationships, it works. Like if you focus on wherever your your brain is, you're going to see results in gains in that area. And it's one of the things where like, we have so much noise with phones and laptops and meetings and zoom calls and everything that everybody has lost their ability to really focus on what is most important, and that even discipline, like you have to be focused to be disciplined, like whereas some peopleWe'll say, okay, you just have to have a neat discipline. Not really because like, I mean, even the most disciplined people are going to eat chocolate cake every once in a while. Right? So, but what they're focused on is how do I stay consistently disciplined? That's the focus for them. Like, that's the focus for me is just like, how do I, every single day, just wake up and say, How do I just move the needle one little step closer and one little step further. And again, that's just not flashy. If I every podcast or every time I have a conversation, I say that it's not flashy, most people are just like, How do you stay fit? What do you eat? They want like, some miracle thing. And it's just like, no, every day, like, Where's like, I ate three chocolate chip cookies.Baldo 40:43 Right, like, like they just want to get I mean, that's part of why the system is broken is because people also do want just to build to like, fix whatever their issues are. But it's just a, it's just a bandaid. It's never helps the root cause it's gonna come back in a different form. Right? So actually, we'll end on that one, because I do want to hear your answer on this. Why do you think? Like what, like, go back? Because pills weren't always a thing. We would think that they'd been here for 1000s of years, but they haven't been. So I can't go back to 17 whatever. 1800s. Like before, like modern medicine. What What do you think in human nature changed that? along the path? Because I'm really into how do we change the way that we change the futures understanding the past? Why don't think that it's a, I don't think that it became a new thing. I think that as humans, we're always trying to make things do the things that we do a lot easier. I mean, even our brains are wired that way. Right? Like, it's like, you learn things and like, you learn how to drive. And it's always like a thinking, all of a sudden, it's just automatic. Yeah. And you because you want to put your attention somewhere else, I think went wrong. It has really more to do with, with the fact that like,think about whatever pill was first I can't think of john could tell you right now. It was it was almost like a mistake. Right? And, and, and it covered some pain. And I was like, Oh, this is a solution. Great. Let's do that. But at the point where they were like, oh, but this has long term effects. It never became, well, let's stop that. It was more like let's regulate it.CJ Finley 42:19 Because I was watching a documentary where like, heroin is legal. Yeah. So like, so that brings up a good point. And I think I'm gonna look this up afterwards is just like, so it starts with pain, pain, fixing pain. Yeah. Which then goes back to what we were just saying, of being in pain to actually make that change? How do you go away from being in the pain to make the change? What is Joe dispenza, think about this, this, this, you have anything out there that where he talks about this? No, because he focused, he doesn't focus on the pain unnecessarily, the pain, he focuses more, or he teaches to focus more on, like, what it is that you want to accomplish. And this is also what I'll teach in manifestation, and then, like, try to tap into how you're going to feel.Baldo 43:01 Once you hit that, you know, I used to do that in sales, I mean, used to be to the point where like, I had a sales goal for like a three day event. And, you know, whatever that number was, I'd be sure it would like, buy a lot with like, two hours left. And I would use one of those hours to go and focus on what it is that I wanted to feel once I hit that number. And, and it was always like this practice of like imagining myself good, like, dude, I can't believe I'd hit that Like, even though I only had one hour left, and how all that was like, and then feeling it now and then just going back to the booth and be like, I'm just gonna trust it, I'm going to be there somehow. And then just things would start to happen, right? And, and I was like, Oh shit, like to the set like, you know, and it would happen many times that way. And so it wasn't about like, what can I do? What like, what, what's my pain, it was really like, this is how this is what I want to manifest. And that's my focus. Going back to the focus thing. And all the other things doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if I am in pain, it doesn't matter, all that stuff. Because what I want is here, and in my focus is somewhere else, you know, where where your focus goes, your attention goes right or like, yeah, and so that's the whole idea.CJ Finley 44:09 And then your world becomes that. And that's the thing like,like, if you're focused on the positive, you see positive everywhere. If you're focused on the negative, you see negative. And that's my, my biggest gripe was social media. I actually asked someone this, like, couple days, a couple of days ago, or like a week or two ago. And they asked me like, how do I keep up with all my social media? It's like, overwhelming, and I was just like, Are you overwhelmed? Or is the social media? overwhelming? It's just like, and I asked him specifically, I was like, if you only followed me, would social media be overwhelming? And he's like, no, yeah. And I was like, well, there's your There's your clue. Why don't you just follow me then? Because he was like, you know, like, it wouldn't be overwhelming. I was like, so the tool isn't the thing that's overwhelming. What's overwhelming is your ego thinking that you have to follow all these people and look at all these different things, when in reality, if you just had the focus and the discipline to say I only want to lookGet these few things, then you wouldn't be overwhelmed. And that's where, for me, I think sports was the thing that like, helped me really lean into focus and discipline because I realized that the more I practice, the better I didn't know a game. Right? We would win. So it was just like, Okay, I'm just gonna focus where what actually gets me the W Yeah. And most people are blinded by that they're only looking at the end result rather than that, so it's been a it's been awesome. I'm so excited. Yeah, the rest of this. It was a good dry one. What do we got almost 45 minutes exactly how we want to wrap up. Well, guys, please follow us on all I mean, I'm sure if you're listening, you know where to find us on the podcast right. on Spotify, apple, all that stuff. Follow us on at how do you help follow that at thrive on life follows at MSW nutrition MSW lounge? And that's about it. Right. Is there any other ones? Yeah, come chat with us.Baldo 45:59 messages. Yeah, we're trying to we're really trying to help and we don't have followers yet.We're gonna answer.CJ Finley 46:07 I mean, even even when that happens, like we're gonna build a system to build a chat where we can connect I really like that's what I'm really looking forward to is the more we grow and we can get resources to really serve people better like at an individual level. We're just like, if you have a nutrition question, go here. If you have a mental health question, go here. If you have like, physical health question, like I've already started thinking about, like, how do we build out the nutrition coaching and the personal training and stuff like that? years down the line, so super excited. Thanks for having me. Thanks, guys.

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