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"If you really feel like the world is against you, like you have the freedom to exit. And I think that's so, so powerful."





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"They used to have like pay to play for doctors and oncology. Yeah, you really get paid if you use the drug. Like that incentive structure is absolutely madness."


Allison 0:14 This podcast is brought to you by MSW nutrition. MSW nutrition is a supplement line designed to help support your body in as many ways as possible, starting with the liver. By helping to repair liver health, you're supporting your body's biggest detox organ so that it can do its job taking care of the rest of you. We carry supplements to help with mood, stress, energy, weight loss, gut health, immunity and much more. Any products carrying the MSW nutrition label will be produced in an FDA certified lab and contain the most bioavailable version of those nutrients possible. Make sure to check out our website at www dot MSW nutrition calm to see all the latest stacks to help you reach your health goals.Baldo 0:57 Alright guys, welcome to the How do you help podcast? It is. It's not Friday morning, as we usually shoot on Fridays. It's Wednesday morning, and we're here with sky King, founder of modern stoah. And today we're talking about the health of the media industry and how that all works. But Skype, do you want to give yourself a quick introduction, we also have nurse doza. Here, we're gonna be talking all things health and where we're going with our businesses as well, too. But you want to give yourself a quick intro.Sky King 1:27 Yeah, of course. So I help podcasters monetize their platform. And my company is built on the concept of being podcaster. First, so essentially, we prioritize sincerity and media, we prioritize the podcaster. And so we allow them to function run their company, like we allow the creators to create. And so we do that by, I have a team of five people we go out and we find brands that we think will be aligned in the podcast will absolutely love so they can speak sincerely about a product. We don't allow that influence to seep over into the interviews. And this comes from basically a place where we have seen historically the relate the business model of media, I think is sick, as you said,Baldo 2:08 Yeah. We had we were having a discussion right before we started the podcast. And it was it was really about how how used to be like media was supposed to be where you know, it was a public service. Right now, it just seems like it's completely the opposite. I like the way you refer to like that the media should be the product, as opposed to right now it feels like the consumer is right. Yeah,Sky King 2:30 that's the like, the fundamental issue is that when we use advertising to fund media that makes the eyeballs the data of the individuals who consume the product versus the media being the product. And you know, people say it's a quote unquote, elegant business model, the only thing that's elegant about it is it kind of just hides what's going on. And that's, I think, fundamentally an issue. I think there's a lot of better business models that honestly, with the onset of technology that we have today, there's actually ways we can do it. Unfortunately, I don't think like Patreon is gonna win, you're not going to beat Facebook with a subscription fee. But we're getting to a place where people are living so much more digitally, that we can start to shift how we do it. And it's not something that's like, kind of like a high in the pie. Sky. I don't know for you that phrase, but like not one of those things like this actually happened in China. Hilarious from like a censorship perspective. But China is the biggest podcasting market in the world. Dave is application called Himalaya, there's no ads on Himalaya, in 2017, when the US has $700 million total for the whole podcast market. In ad revenue. China was at 5.2 billion, obviously have more people, but really, it was through this gamification and tokenization. And like, you know, professors would just go on live stream audio, or create podcast, audio books of their lectures, and students would like, listen in and vote and allow them to see what they really enjoying what they didn't enjoy.Jon Mendoza 3:56 That's awesome. So it was just, it was just live streaming.Sky King 4:00 Right? Yeah. And also podcast. So you did live stream, which is where a lot of the monetization happened, because you have that interaction, right. But then you could also listen to the podcast, or recorded or audio books and all that stuff. Well, one of the things that weJon Mendoza 4:11 mentioned before we got on was, you know, podcasts or freedom of speech right now at its biggest platform, you can measure. So what you say out there, there's, there's really no regulations. I mean, you're looking at saying whatever you want to say, and to an audience that will listen to you. Now granted, there's back and forth with that, but it's been throughout the course of history. You talked about publications, even since the first publication in America, we've had people who've had invested interest in what was said in that paper or that publication, and it's gone on to this day, and you can look at all the big media empires, they have an agenda, right and for a mass media is that they want you to buy all that they want the consumer. That's the number one thing the reason we have commercials in America, like pharmaceutical commercials is the only place we have in the world because they want the consumer to buy their products.Sky King 4:57 Yeah, I used to make those commercials used to Make this I used to make those commercials once I was walking down the beach. Yeah, I filmed who I did actually direct one of them. It was wild. And it was I was 22 years old and like the main, like, Director of that brand just didn't show up in Philadelphia for the shoot. So I was like the person directing it. And I was like, This is wild. That's nuts. Yeah, it was absolutely wild. But also like we could do, just getting It's crazy. And I don't really know what I'm allowed to talk about from it. But it was fucked up. Because I'm sorry. It was it was fucked up. Because I would be a 22 year old kid. And my job was to go into a room with doctors, lawyers and researchers I was my job was to know the study's as much as they did. And I would just wear them down to try and get what marketing wanted into the commercial into the commercial deliverable to the hcps. And like, these were doctors, lawyers who had families and stuff and I actually was working. I was like being shipped out to different pharmaceutical company. And I was there just like, trying to push a little bit harder, push a little bit harder, push a little bit harder. And it was insane. Like I've legitimately taken. I took I've taken like ibuprofen, Advil, three times in my life. I took hydrocodone when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. And I've taken zero pharmaceuticals outside that. I'm like, my name is Skye, I come from like a heavy family of parents, like what are you doing? And it was just like a good job out of college. And everybody I met there was incredibly nice. But the whole system is like, incredibly far talked about, like a bad health system. I after that experience, I've moved into global. So I worked on the rest of the world, which I enjoyed better, because the regulations are actually like, a lot more legitimate. So it feels like you're doing a competitive business where in the United States, like the pricing in the United States is insane. Yeah. Because like what happened with the Affordable Care Act is like pharma of the lobbyist group that represents pharmaceutical companies got in that like through Medicare, Medicaid, they cannot negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies, which is madness, that's anti capitalist, like, that's corporate is That's insane. So I like went to global, so I actually had to edit global pricing. And so like for a drug that would cost $10,000, like a cancer, we're in cancer. So drug costs $10,000, the United States, like we would be negotiating to try like have like a real value add based on its principles for like, 2000 US dollars in Germany, like the next highest market is madness. That's,Baldo 7:25 that's nuts. Because I was gonna ask you about that, like, whenever you're doing commercials, like, how did those regulations work? Because like, I mean, you'd watch a commercial and it's like, non stop of like, oh, all this shit can happen to you. And it has to be posted on that commercial. But nobody really pays attention to that, right? Like, it's a quick like we do because like, we we, we talk about that all the time, and like how different medicines deplete you different nutrients and how then we have to come and help because that's what we do. But at the same time, like dealing I mean, even just dealing with making supplements, cuz we also have a supplement company, and all those regulations and like the vetting process is like, it's It's madness. It's crazy. They're there for a reason. But then you see something like a vaccine being done, like in three months?Sky King 8:07 Yeah, it's okay. So like, I love to talk about like ibuprofen as an example. Yeah. Because like when, when like, when you're going through the trials, and your drug gets a blackbox warning. From like our perspective, it's like the world's ending. We're so bombed. Like, I would not take things have black box warnings. And it's like a very serious. Yeah, it's like an incredibly serious thing. And for marketing, it means we have to list so much more stuff, we have to, like there's this ratio of what can be printed, that's marketing material versus what can be printed that is, like safety material. And it's like, really bad. ibuprofen has had double black box warnings and people take it like candy. It's literally I'm like Mind blown. Like, it's something that I mean, Dr. Otto Patrick is talking about in Rogen. But even before that, just like insects in general, it's like, I can't even like wrap my hand around head around taking that when like, some of our products will have like they'll have serious kidney like renal impairment. Yep. And we get one blackbox warning. Like the fact that it has two blackbox warning adult black was warning is why Yeah, it is.Jon Mendoza 9:11 But what's incredible about it is the blackbox warning gets negated almost in the medical communities. Here's what on the flip side. The reason he knows about the pharmaceutical business on a big sense is because I told him about what I went through as a pain management nurse practitioner. I was telling of the the, I guess the opioid crisis, like I was catching it at the very end. And so when we came in, this is what we were told. They were like, hey, whenever you get lunch, you have to sign in, because you have something called the sunshine act. And basically, you have to count for how many meals are being paid for by the pharmaceutical reps. And I said that that makes sense. Then the tail end of it was all these doctors were basically speaking on behalf of these pharmaceutical companies, probably the ones you were talking to. were traveling around the country telling us in our clinics, they were traveling with these foreign reps eating lunch over our table, saying hey, this Here's why you should prescribe this new medication. And it's going to get good coverage with insurances and blah, blah, tier 134. And you know, all that bullshit too. And when I'm sitting there, there's no talk about efficacy. There's no talk about the idea that there's a blackbox warning that came because this pharmaceutical drug is very new. But zohydro is a point is a very good example. I'll say that by name. So hydro, you mentioned hydrocodone is long acting hydrocodone. Before it was released about five years ago, onto the market, it was trying to get released onto the market for like six or seven years. And all the states were against this, like states, like, you know, Texas, Oklahoma, and all that stuff. 28 states wrote letters to the FDA saying do not release this, this will be a new cancer you're releasing on the public should have got passed. So we have that rep coming in telling us to our face, this is a much better, safer option, they won't have to be poppin for six pills, they only need one to control the pain for up to eight hours. And I looked at her said, I will never prescribe this medication to anyone, like there's no way in hell, I'm going to do this. And I can't believe you're gonna look at me in the face, buy me lunch, and tell me how safe it is how effective it is. Because here's what would happen. those commercials you directed, the Affordable Care Act happened. One patient I'll never forget older patient was on this one medication every month came in every month got a prescription never changed. He comes in with his wife later in their 60s. And he's like, Hey, why don't you prescribe me a medication? That's $400. And I was like, I don't understand, like, How do I know what the prices? You know, I just prescribed these things. You know, he goes down medications for dollars. I've been on it for like four years, I cannot afford this because the shift over in the Medicare and change with the Affordable Care Act. And I was like, Why in the world? Would it be $400 when generics are like four to $10 at the most for very similar things. So I found this out. Anytime that there's a commercial on TV that's promoting one of the most expensive medications on the market. That's why they want you to go to your doctor and say for sure, we want this medication. And that's what you're directing. And it's incredible, because we both saw the side of it. And what's interesting, we're both in health. Right? We both said we can't do this shit anymore. We're good at our jobs. But there's no and go to bed at night.Sky King 12:15 Yeah, right. 100% It's crazy, too. Because it's so you're talking about the sales reps, right? She doesn't know like the one that was, you know, getting you to sign in sheet. She doesn't really know. Like, she just reading the script that she was trained that like the mes would like, right? Yeah. Like, yeah, and like we're just like, you know, it's so it's crazy. Because like you just so in the system, like the company I worked for was a 40,000 person, company. Every single person I talked to you there wanting to help people be less sick. Like that was there.Jon Mendoza 12:49 Even in college, if you talk to pharmaceutical development in college, they think they're doing God's work they do they do they doSky King 12:54 it because they can't step back and look at the system like we would I remember having a conversation like, you know where I was. So I started in diabetes. That's what the the commercial that I was talking about. And I remember, we had this book that we gave out to doctors, and it showed calories of fast food restaurants to help patients I was like, okay, no, this has nothing to do we learn how like insulin works and the carbohydrate effect on insulin, like we learned that why are we making this work? That makes no sense to me that it was the, the company we gave it to doctors to help like, so like patients would know, like, what the calories were, like, why is this a calorie thing that makes zero like we know this, like, why are we still like, in this narrative, it was so wild. And people like Dude, just not step back. And it was it is tragic, because again, every person that I worked with are some of the kindest people, they really weren't money driven. Like, I've worked at other places where the founders are way more money driven. And like, it was insane to have how they just couldn't take a step out and like, look at the bigger picture and see what was going on.Jon Mendoza 13:56 Yeah, well, they're doing their jobs. Yeah. And you saw that to you, I pay well, for the job. I mean, I was promoted, I actually started pharmaceutical, first out of college, and I quickly realized it was office space, the movie, you know, timestamp here, you didn't initial this, and I'm just like, this sucks for this drug that may or may not get to the market. So I understood how long it takes to get a drug to the market. So that's a whole another topic here. So when you looked at, I think around the Affordable Care Act, and then Trump actually accelerated this, they said, We need more drugs to the market, like more than ever. So the seven to 10 year timeframe went to like three years. And then you saw what happened this last year. This is our emergency authorization use. And so we're like, whoa, wait a second. The vetting system is not in place to protect the public. It's to get the drugs to the market so they can cash in. And if you don't believe me, I think at this point right now, Pfizer may be up to about 25 billion in sales right now for this year alone. Yeah. 25 billion.Sky King 14:50 Yeah. And they've no consequence. No, no liability. No, I was like the one thing I'm like, that's insane because incentives are everything. That.Jon Mendoza 15:00 Yeah. And this is the media that they see every night at 6pm news to 7pm News. They're watching their primetime TV, and you'll see it I mean, I we cut the cord A long time ago so we don't really have cable but you have Netflix and all that other stuff. But when you look at local TV, I was like, there was three commercials, pharmaceuticals and there was five commercials in that whole block. And it was like all these people very happily walking down the beach not having a side effect. It just said it could cause violent diarrhea, you know, or could cause cancer. Yeah.Sky King 15:32 No every every I always tell it to pharmaceutical company because you see the pastel coloring? Yeah, the clothes they always rock pastels, I get this Farber commercial. It's like this really soft pastel coloring. And I was like, This is wild.Baldo 15:45 And I'm sure that that's a process to read like this like they have to wear but that wasbasically my main job. You're wearing?Sky King 15:53 Like soft.Baldo 15:54 You can't wear a black man youcan't wear black.Jon Mendoza 15:56 Yeah, a little lighter. A little lighter, aSky King 15:58 little bit warmer. Let's make it look like an NBC show.Jon Mendoza 16:02 God and it's it's so apparent because like you have that 5060s Leave it to Beaver kind of you know, Happy Days approach when it was back in the day. And the old school. I guess baby boomers are still in that. So they honestly believe that when they go to their doctor did the doctor is not going to but have the best interest in their in their heart, right? Like they're gonna say they're gonna take care of me. My doctor has been my doctor for 1020 years. I don't question. Right now there's new breeds coming in, they're not going to that same doctor, they're not waiting in the waiting room for 3060 minutes to hear this guy talk to him for five minutes to tell him like nothing, and just say here's a prescription. Like they didn't listen to me. They didn't order what I wanted. Fuck this. I'm out of here. Right? That's really what it comes down to. So now you're having this change in the guards and what I imagined the past year with ice on the outside, maybe we're just in a bubble. I'm like, doctors are not like, a very trusting profession anymore. And I almost imagine I think it was, like 60 years ago. They were probably like one of the most trusted professions in the world. That's not the case anymore. And it's unfortunately because they're in a system. That's pretty much like this catering to not the doctors support, but the people who are basically funneling them pills. Yeah. And it's, it's so do people not see this? Like, I don't know.Sky King 17:13 I mean, I think I do think people in like, the younger generations do see, I do think like people in the older generations don't. And it's, it's wild, because in certain ways, it's gotten better, like they used to have, like, before I got into it, like I think like early 2000s, late 90s they used to have like pay to play for doctors and oncology. Yeah, are you really really get paid if you use the drug. Like that incentive structure is absolutely madness, like that cannot that's like so bad for kickbacks super wrong. And like they've gone down on that they've gone like way harder on, you know, taking doctors to NBA games, like all this stuff that really like routed in. But I mean, if you just even look at medicine in general, like, you know, I forget what the stat is, but the average HCP will get like, one class in nutrition. And like we've like really started to see that, like, what you eat really impacts the state of your health. Yeah. But the one class in nutrition. Yeah. And like we would, I would, I've interviewed at this point, like, hundreds of doctors probably just through market research. But it's always like, it's kind of like a really bad feedback loop. Because the only doctors we interview are the ones that be willing to get paid, you know, like $400 for an hour to do research with us. Which that means that they're probably not the best doctor. Because like, if you're really a good doctor, or you have like a really like big practice going on, you probably don't have time for that.Baldo 18:36 Yeah, well, I mean, it's, and there is a concept, they all understand that intuition plays a part, but they don't well, because they're not required to get their degree. And then at that point, it just becomes like wanting to pay off my student loans. Which means that what's the best way to do that is to follow this protocol and do and prescribe these things. Because I don't want to like risk anything 100% on this, you're like, on this side, we're like, Look, I'm making money, I'm doing this thing and I'm saving my money because I want to do my own thing and do it my way because I know how to help. But there's very few people that think that way do they get burntSky King 19:05 out like some of my best friends are doctors and like they went in wanting to do like Doctors Without Borders really important stuff go to like rural areas, do family care, you know, three and a half years in, it's like I have I'm leaving here with $300,000 in debt. I've been jamming my brain with information not sleeping doing these residencies. All I want to do now is just be an anesthesiologist and go play golf. I guess most of my friends because they just get so burnt out on the experience. And it's okay. It's like not it sucks because what happens when that happens is then the continuing education that's supposed to be done to keep doctors up to date on information is just done by pharmaceutical companies, unfortunately, and what will happen is all their information comes from the pharmacy, or the pharmaceuticals and it's it's really unfortunate I'll never forget I was in. I was in a meeting with some some of the colleagues that I worked with. And we always had these things called rounds, which is essentially like a case study like you You meet weekly or monthly What you do is you go over like a patient who's a good example of, you know, a learning experience.Jon Mendoza 20:04 And I'll never forget this one time, it was like, I think was B trans B trans is a patch for pain pills. It's a derivative Suboxone, which is given for like, typically addiction and protection of overdose. So when you give it to someone, you know, that's kind of the last leg on the pain management world. Well, this person was like not getting the pain response they needed. And so we said, What should we do? One of the doctors looks at the other doctor said, well, didn't the rep say that we could do a two patch on this person. And I looked back and I was like, Are you serious? Like, you're going to use the 10 years of schooling that you just went through, they never taught us and they never taught him what be trans and pain pills were, I never was never taught that and the pain and like in nursing, and then you go in there, and so they're learning on the spot. And so either a doctor is going to tell him, this is what I did previously, or the rep is going to say, hey, guess what, you should do this. And they're going to believe them. Because guess what, they're just trying to do their job. They see 30 patients a day. Right, then they have three hours of paperwork or you know, notes they have to do at the end of the day. And you'll have prior authorizations. pharmaceuticals are one thing, the answer insurance companies, you talk about 32 areas that are basically stabbing the doctor in the back or the practitioner saying, hey, prescribe this or only order this. And they've never seen the patient face to face, the doctor is the one who's making the decision. And you have to outside influences. They're basically saying, If you do this, or the other will make your life a lot easier. Yeah. It's unfortunate, because like you said, the doctors that we even know, to our friends and mean, practice as well. Went in thinking we're going to help people get better, you know, the Hippocratic oath, you know, the idea that do no harm and food is medicine, all that was not taught, until you go into clinical practice and say like, Damn, like, I only want to do what's right for this person. But then like, if I order this MRI, they're just going to NIH, and there's three phone calls, go into my front office, and they're not going to pay for it. And I'm just like, I'm not gonna order it. That's what will literally happen. No, give them a muscle relaxer and say get out the door. That's life simpler, simpler for that doctor, which is unfortunate. And so I was talking to Balder like years ago, when I was like, we got to create something different. All right, during a game, a system that we can't win. I don't like to use that word. But that is too big of a system. Pharmaceutical, weBaldo 22:21 can change this, weJon Mendoza 22:21 cannot change that system. That's too It's ingrained in our taxes for crying out loud. Like, literally, if you don't get it, you get penalised. Well, that was done away last year, it's coming back again. Right? Because you're coming back. Well, I bet you're gonna have to have like an insurance, right? Like, in most insurances premiums are like a mortgage, that you don't use any of that stuff. But his his doctor, my kids, Doctor, he's not on our plan, his major medical in case something catastrophic happens. So then I say, All right, let's look and flip. You know, from the negative side, you're in the health world now. All you talk about is health. This is probably a throwback to that other world we live in. Right? Yeah. Okay. So then think about now you're doing something that is actually changing the system. It's establishing a new system. Yeah. Right. You're part of a system now that educates the masses on what not to do. And maybe there's another option. It's called the podcast world. Right? And you found maybe a calling that said, Hey, I know I can help more people. Right? I know how I can help people. I can help get a platform established. Some people have a voice.Baldo 23:24 Yeah. Well, the The interesting thing about it is that we we talked about how the, the pharmaceuticals own most of the commercials. insurances do too, right? And not not just health insurances, but also like, all sorts of insurances, car insurance, all those insurances, right? So it's like the two biggest players, you can't change that game. Like there's, they make billions and billions of dollars. I've always preached, like, I don't want to play that game. I'm gonna make my own game, right. And so that's kind of where we started. This whole podcasting world in the first place is like, well, I want to educate in a certain way without being, you know, censored, right? Without having someone tell me you can't say that. You can't say this. There's plenty of that already. Just because of like, we don't you know, we have a persona to to, to, to show right. And and we have clients that probably wouldn't like us if we set things in a certain way. So we kind of have to dial it down because he doesn't really matter because they everyone causes at least here right? But But it's interesting because yeah, we get we have this opportunity to create this whole new game and take the old game by surprise. Because if you try to go and change that it's not gonna happen. Like you have to play with lawyers, you have to play with like, you know, all sorts of campaigning with with you know, the White House and all that stuff. Like you just don't there's no way you can ever play that game because it's a game that's been played for so long by millions of dollars, that there's no way that we can ever do that. So it's a might as well just create a whole new game.Sky King 24:45 Yeah, it's crazy because like, you know, like this David and Goliath story is something that appears all the time. But like the I think the real way to win the game is you don't have to spend millions of dollars, all your energy fighting this battle, you can just exit. Yep, that's one thing I learned from Atlas Shrugged which like, you know, a lot of people have opinions on that book. But like, if you really feel like the world is against you, like you have the freedom to exit. Yeah. And I think that's so, so powerful,Jon Mendoza 25:15 right and exit in a positive way to benefit yourself, right? Because in your community and your community, right, so that's what we did. So we stepped away. And I quickly realized that I said, there's no way that I can fight this battle, David, Goliath is not worth it. Because in the day, you just want to go home to your family, or go to your friends and loved ones and say, I did a good job at the end of the day, right? And if it's not fulfilling, there's no amount of dollar or amount of dollars in the world that's going to satisfy your soul. There's just not so then you say, okay, we break away, we do something that serves us a passion make a hobby into a career. So we created something that said, Alright, can we make health our main focus? If no one is talking about nutrition? Then let's go places where people are talking about nutrition, and let's start conversations there. And then next thing, you know, it started growing people wanted this stuff, they like, Oh, you know about this? Yeah, I've heard about this stuff, too. And then next thing, you know, we're all in. We're all in the health and wellness realm. That's all we think about. We're basically paid now paying ourselves now to talk about health and wellness. And it's the coolest thing because everything has gone on the past year. I mean, almost one year Exactly. I look and say Remember, we talked about the beginning, I said this should be the biggest time in someone's life where they emphasize nothing but health and wellness, for sure. So then I say how many podcasts they listen to? How many different podcasts? How many different types of information have they received through all their platforms and said, okay, what's true and what's not? And what's good for me and what's good for my family, what's good for my body? Right? You mentioned like, you know, vitamin D zinc, you know, those are like common now. You know, vitamin C? It wasn't common, like last year. Yeah. That's, that's just incredibly It took us a pandemic to realize you should take your vitamins,Sky King 26:52 dude. And what's crazy is like, what's what's tragic is I think, you know, there are a lot of people who have taken that health route. But there's like way more people who instead of thinking, this is the year that I need to focus on health, they decide this is the year that I need to focus on fear. Like, this is the year that I need to be afraid. As opposed to like, Yo, I have this is not going away a year I can get my BMI to like a place where like, the percentage is going to be way less likely that I have a really bad outcome. If I get COVID. Like instead of taking that route, it's like no, I got the alcohol sales went up. Oh, yeah. Like fear like crazy. So fast food, all these things, mental like all this stuff, as opposed to like, yo, focus on that stuff you can control. And those things are like how you treat your body?Jon Mendoza 27:34 Right? It's your boss? Well, theBaldo 27:36 thing is that fear feels good, right? Because there's unity in that, especially when the media is also like feeding you morphia right. And it's in its interest together. I'm scared, but at least we're scared today. Right? Like there's a lot of unity in that. And there's it's funny because I traveled to South Africa for the new year. And and I did a road trip down there. And one of the things that they did is that they banned alcohol sales across the country, because it lowers immunity. Yeah. And it's like, why is it like, that makes sense? Yeah. You know, I mean, there's plenty of people that wouldn't have been happy with that. Because it's like, well, I'm going home, like, I want to drink some wine or whatever. But inSky King 28:10 our case, Ban alcohol commercials.Baldo 28:12 Yeah, sure.Sky King 28:15 But we can't convince you to buy it, right. Yeah,Baldo 28:16 but But here, they're here. The fear was, if we ban alcohol sales, then like, we're gonna have a bunch of people that are addicts, like going into the hospital because they're like, you know, whatever. They're fucking just tripping out because they don't get their alcohol. Well, there's that aspect of it. But then like, we just here in Texas, we just took off the the, what's it called? The mass, the mass the mass mandate, right? For sir. I mean, we're in a nice little bubble. And, and I really felt like, do people are gonna, like, celebrate, and it was completely the opposite. There's so many people that are just like, Oh, my God, like, this is the worst thing that could happen. And I was really surprised by that. Because at that made, I mean, I figured I figured there was going to be some of that, but it was more like the majority of that were still very fearful. Yeah. And it's like, man, like a whole year of fear messaging is gonna stay in green for a while for a long time.Sky King 29:03 It's gonna take a lot of healing to like, get out of this period, because it's like, it's trauma, like the people experienced trauma. One thing that's wild too about the ad stuff is I forget, I wish I had the statistics top of mine, but one like fear is more shareable. Yeah, but two people buy more things when they're afraid. So like, there's again, another advertising incentive to one it'll have more eyeballs, but people who feel more compelled to purchase things andJon Mendoza 29:31 justify it.Sky King 29:32 Yeah, right. Oh, this is a scary situation. I should buy that. Yeah. Well,Baldo 29:35 I remember that there is an analogy given is like when people feel good, they're not going to watch TV because they're gonna go outside. Yeah. So the best tactic, the best tactic for like, even a news report is to focus on the fear because then you're gonna stay watching the TV, which means that you can, you know, you can announce that you have better viewing numbers, which means that you can then charge more for our advertising dollars, which is like that's fucked up. Like, come on, like theSky King 29:58 symptoms are just complete. Line, because you are the product. Yep, you are the product. So the incentives are misaligned. That's the medium as a product, then you can have the incentives be more aligned.Jon Mendoza 30:07 Yeah, I'll tell you right now, the last year alone, fiat currency has increased and circulation for the United States. I think since November of 2020. We've had a 40% increase and just Fiat paper money circulating the economy right now. And like stimulus checks come in. And imagine what people are going to spend that money on, right? I mean, they pay their mortgage, they pay their bills, they buy TV, or they're going to buy something. That's, I mean, could they buy cryptocurrency, like there's a shift and dynamic of what people are prioritizing, but when we really look at it, our health should be still number one. Because what we've learned throughout business, health and wealth are the two things you're always going to need, right? You can't have one without the other. That's really the truth. But from a wealth standpoint, defines on what really wealth is, if you want to be a millionaire, or a billionaire, that's fine, those people are still going unhealthy. I'm asking Warren Buffett eat McDonald's and coke, like it's going out of style, because he invests in it, which is incredible. So if you're saying those people who are the so called leaders, and the ones telling us what to do, they're not in it for your own health, they're in it for their own benefit. And if there was really logical, you would have banned fast food and alcohol at the very beginning. And guess what you could incentivize everyone to say, guess what, you'll be able to go outside in less than six months, you will not have to spend all your taxpayers money on all these health care hospital visits, because $360 billion dollars is spent on diabetes, no, all simers every year, and 260 billion is spent on diabetes. So between that alone, that's fueling the unhealthiness of society right now. And no one is talking about heart disease in that light anymore. We forgotten about it, because the media doesn't want to focus on heart disease anymore. That's billions of dollars. That's fear. That's billions of strategic marketing dollars into everyone's living room do their ears interface every single hour.Baldo 32:00 Yeah, well, the thing is that there's a fear from these companies of losing these billions of dollars, except that they have billions of dollars to play with. So you can't beat that.Sky King 32:08 It's again, so I'm like, I'm huge on incentives, like the incentives This is like I've always been really, really struggling, say, like a fiduciary requirement to grow every quarter, every single quarter, which means they can't make long term bets very well. Like it's difficult, like you cannot think long term you have to think quarter to quarter to quarter quarter, which becomes this like downward spiral, getting the outcomes that you don't want. And I think like that's one of the like, even like, Ilan talks about us all the time, like he hates they had to go public with Tesla he had to because he was broke. But like, that forces them to make different decisions where if he was private, like SpaceX, he would go way bigger, probably. Yeah. With tragedy with more control. Yeah. So it's like one of the like, major things I think we need to fundamentally shift in our system is like this fiduciary requirement, like, which changes to a tenure requirements, you know what I mean? Something like that. Yeah, it's just absolutely wild. One of the craziest things for Mike back to some media stuff, and like stories that I love to tell is that, I guess familiar with William Randolph Hearst. That sounds familiar. So he is a wild dude. And like the, like, early 19 hundred's he owned like 50 newspapers, he was like one of the, like, rich Playboy's of the time, and 50 newspapers across the United States, he had a ton of land in Mexico, like right over the California Mexico border. And so he was like, You know what, I want this land to be more valuable. And so what he did is on all 50 of his newspapers across the United States, he wrote in big letter us in small letters, is might be, and then in big letters at war with Mexico. And he put that in the front page on all of his newspapers across the United States and almost started a war with Mexico just so the United States would when he can get that land to be more valuable. And this is not new, like this province. It's incentives like these incentives can be incredibly wrong. And like I don't necessarily think that we should have like said fast food is completely illegal. Yeah, but what we should have done from the get go, it's like you watch what they do, not what they say when Trump got COVID What was he on? So he obviously had like the experimental drug but he was given zinc? vitamin D melatonin? Yeah, vitamin C Yeah. What why was that not being said from the get go? Yeah, yeah. to everybody. Yeah.Baldo 34:19 Well, that you know, they're always report all these studies on like, oh, like, this is why people are dying and like, this is like, what's going on? But they never focus on like, why don't you like report about the things the people that are not getting sick no matter what they do? Why don't you study them and report that? Yeah, right. Like, why is that? NotSky King 34:36 exactly I saw my girl I've been exposed like a bunch of times my girlfriend had it. We lived in the same room while she was symptomatic everything. Never got it. Yeah, like tested multiple times. Never got it. And like, why and I know tons of people who've had that same story. Yeah. Why? Yeah, nobody. nobody's looking into that. It's almost like we went a whole year and know nothing more about this thing, which is insane because it was just like, let's just focus on it. Fear Let's just focus on privacy like quite a lot to say, which is like, look where you're being told to hate your neighbor. That's where they're controlling you. And this was such a perfect example of this. It's like we just politicize this thing, and made people just hate each other over it. And we know nothing more.Jon Mendoza 35:17 That's right. And if you look at the pharmaceutical reps going back to it, the ones who were telling us in those rooms, prescribe this prescribe this, they're not telling doctors and practitioners what to prescribe, because there's no formalized treatment plan for this. There has not been anything formalized. From a just a allopathic standpoint, the only thing these doctors and practitioners have been told it's going to help them get vaccinated. That's only so they think this is the miracle Holy Grail. And if you think about this, just misleading, it's not going to kill the virus from being transmitted, it just kind of stops symptoms from being worse, kind of like the flu shot. So once again, we've been duped. And so now if you think about all these doctors or practitioners that are probably frustrated, this healthcare system is about to burst. It's almost like if there's an inflation mark on it, too, as well, Something's got to give, we spend more money on this country's health. And we're like, one of the sickest countries in the world. Yeah. And it's because of media. It's literally because media tells you take this don't take this was like, Okay, then I tell people, you want to get healthier. Let's say, Here's 10 podcasts to start listening to change your life forever. You can listen in your car, because one of the few places that you can still control what you do, right, the earbuds that you put in your in your head, yeah, you can listen to something that will blow your mind. And it doesn't mean you have to talk about it in a way that's politicized, or there's religious implications, education. That's what we lead with. Because if I go on the side of the road with a megaphone talking about how bad this shit is, you're gonna scare a lot of people away. And that's what happened. Fear drives people away from even more because now you're the crazy. You're the conspiracy theorist. And like it's not conspiracy theory man, that was developed duringBaldo 36:55 geochemistry,Jon Mendoza 36:56 JFK assassination, because people were like this. How do you just kill the president broad daylight in front of 1000s of people on TV and no one knows what happened. That's the power of media, they could say, well just wag the dog, just pay attention that dog or this cat playing with this ball of yarn over here. Oh, that's cute. Look at all the likes and comments. But when you have an informed person, that's the most dangerous person you have. Because when a person's educated, they're informed, which means they know more than you do in a situation. You look at, like, everything that's going on the past year, people who are cool and collected were like, I know what to do. I take care of myself, I'm going to exercise and go outside, expose myself to more germs. And I'm going to have a good mental state. And when you do that, you can almost withstand anything. And what bado was always talking about was no one's talking about how you stay healthy because of 99% of people, or 97% of people recover. That I'm like, Well, I want to know what they gave them in the hospital. I mean, this nurse came in last week said they're given vitamin C in the hospital. Yeah, yeah. It took him a year to do there it is. They're still not reporting that they're not reporting date.Sky King 38:01 Like you like it's crazy how much like Texas is getting all this flak when like New York literally kept people in nursing home. Sick. Yeah. Like that. Yeah. Another like thing to go through is the, like, the cultural issues that we have in the United States, like the sickness A lot of it comes back to also like how we treat our elderly. Like, like my family, like one of my grandparents lives at home with us. My dad's mom lives in a nursing home. My dad's mom died. She didn't even dive COVID she died because like, I think it was just like I call her like not a consequence but like she is a casualty of COVID even though she didn't die of COVID because like we were totally weren't allowed to visit her anymore. She was a person Yeah, and then she just well community so important if di o 's exactly stopped eating. And that's just like such a tragedy and that like that happens right? And then like we immediately put people on ventilators which we found out was like a wrong move. And so like wellBaldo 38:57 cuz it's not it wasn't even theSky King 39:01 it's just like because like a lot more left leaning because the commercials that sponsored them are more left leaning. Yeah, they like Texas is just getting destroyed. Not really like we have 1700 cases in a city of 2 million people like somehow like in honestly Austin hasn't really felt locked out at all this whole time to kind of do whatever I want nothing seems to happen and yet like New York I mean now like Cuomo in them are starting to kind of get it but they like literally you should be held responsible for killing like hundreds of 1000s of people.Jon Mendoza 39:35 Yeah. And then he got an Emmy. He got like an Emmy for his acting abilities or something and he got an Emmy for something I was like but he's a governor how to Hell is a governor get an Emmy tells you something. Yeah, go look it up. But I agree with you on so many levels, the common sense of it the other day I heard like to master better and and no, it's not actually and then they said, well, there's no point of keeping people from getting together because they didn't get the vaccine. There's no studies that shows that that Could be a helpful thing. You know, all this research is coming as we see it. So you could make the case and say we don't know the science till it comes in. But I'm saying you're dismissing science. When you have medical articles, they're paying each other against the pharmaceutical industry, which is now interest is the first time I've actually seen vocalized doctors and practitioners saying this is not right. It's, it's almost like there's going to be this uprising to some degree. And what I imagine is like, we always talked about Rogen coming here, the king of media is here is imagine if like howard stern was here back in the day, and we're on lockdown. Alright. Okay, so if that was the case, I don't know what if you have a king of media here in town that has the ability to captivate an audience, you now have exactly what the masses want, right? Like the corporation's want, which means like you look at someone like him and say, Please don't be tainted, please don't go the wrong way, right? Because you have so much influence. And the podcast world is where you're where you want that influence because you can educate people on a non bias sense. They can change the conversation, like you mentioned, clubhouse, right, you can jump into another room and get on a call with Ilan and here and ask him a question and be like, Hey, I got this business question. I've always wanted to ask you, Bubba, and he'll answer you. The connections that you have. No, you're not getting on TV. There's no connections, a TV, the dial in phone calls, emails, tweets. They don't want you to hear your voice. They don't want to hear your thoughts. They want you to just shut up sit down and hear everything they're doing and just take it in question it podcasts allow the person to question authority, which is incredible, because when do we stop question authority? When is that a bad idea?Baldo 41:38 we've we've done it since that what that was one of the foundation principles of this country. Yeah. So I got it here. It says New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in the midst of the pandemic wrote a book on his heroic leadership navigating the crisis, hollywood in the usual suspects sang his praises the legend, the legend of govern, Governor Cuomo grew and this past November, he was a proud recipient of an Emmy for his masterful pandemic briefings. All the while kidding me all the while under counting and hiding the actual nursing home debts by reportedly upwards of 60%. That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous.Sky King 42:13 Yeah, dude, it's just you know, you can also do like pay to play for TV spots. Like, like you pay to go on and get like a five minute interview. Oh, yeah. Yeah,Baldo 42:22 yeah. Yeah. I mean, yeah. And there's so like, there's one that we have a good community a good contact with. It's called biz TV, but they're almost like a public service. And you can do the pay to play and they actually don't like they don't. It's almost like you paid for some of these extra things that they'll do for you. But they'll do a free spot if you have a legit, but but I get that. But yeah, it's interesting, right? Because it's almost like infomercials. Right? And 100%.Sky King 42:47 Yeah, some podcasters do that as well. But it's definitely I think, the more that's again, why we need to try and figure out how to reestablish a different business model. And I think that really right now more than ever, there is the ability and potential to do that, which I'm like, incredibly hopeful and excited because we can again, leave this old system. So yeah, I'm not going to try and change TV. No, we can lead with podcasting. And the reason why podcasting, I think is so unique. Is it costs like so back the reason why advertisers have so much influence is because it's go to a newspaper, you know, you have 50 hundreds of people on staff. If they lose a big sponsor, people get fired. Yeah, it's a super low margin business. Like it's, it can be a huge issue. podcasts like biggest team is like six people, like legitimately. And that's like, really unnecessary. Rogan's team is like almost half that and, and you can still make a ton of money. So that way, okay, we lose a sponsor, cool. It doesn't really matter. Yeah. Or like, I'll fill it immediately, because we have so many people coming in, and the overhead is so much lower, and you can still reach millions and millions of people. And so that is why I think podcasting is really the media, like why I chose to go into it. why I chose to focus on it was because I think it is the one where we can actually shift this relationship with the least amount of pushback, because you can hit 10s of millions of people with three people on a microphone.Baldo 44:17 Yeah, exactly. And I think we get to do that all the time. And he keeps mentioning that but like the foundation of all of our companies, we have five now. Is those two is is are we helping people educate? And then are we helping their businesses grow? Because I think it always falls back anyways. Right? And we're definitely not going to we're not going to go choose someone to help out someone that's like educated on the wrong things, right? Like we wouldn't want that right. Like someone that's like, Oh, we love pharmaceuticals. It's like, well, that's completely off brand for what we're trying to do. And we probably disagree with a lot of that because like, that means that you're helping a an industry that is not really helping anyone else, only themselves, but because there's very little purpose for that. Right, like yes, like in a dead, you know, gun like death situation like you want something that will help quick to bridge that gap of like, let's get back to the natural stuff that's gonna help me long term and not have to depend on this like dependency is not good no matter what. Right like it just it just isn't right like if you could just say like well it's because I depend on on good foods but sure like but that's different because everybody we need food. And you can always like switch from like, hey, if I'm having kale this week like next week, I don't have to because I can just choose spinach at a different thing with different combinations, sit with different people have different conversations have nice lunch, and build community because that's so important. Right, which is part of what was what happened with COVID is that people just lost community. Yeah. And you talked about your grandma's example. Right. So well,Jon Mendoza 45:48 I don't know if they lost it so much as maybe they found it. I know. That's a tragic loss as well, you know, with with the family and all that. I mean, I feel like that's the most important thing is that you either lose it or you grab a hold of it. And you try to like get even closer. Simon got like, waySky King 46:01 stronger. Yeah, in Austin here. Yeah, exactly.Jon Mendoza 46:03 I saw each other all the time. Got to see. I mean, that's it's unfortunate, because like my in laws in another state. I haven't seen him in a year. Yeah, like, it's really, it's a shame. Because of that whole thing. Like we're not traveling, we're not doing like, well, people are traveling, like, you know, it's just gonna happen. And what we kind of realized the beginning like, This changes everything. It's incredible how people think you can go back to how it was before, it's not going to ever go back. I don't care what you do the trauma, the trauma in people's minds, and just the idea that you can still control them and what they think is not going to change. And so I imagine, okay, what does it really look like? Everything jumped online to the matrix. So like we're living, like you said, more online, as well. So people get their information online, right? Like you searched all your information, your research or whatever, do whatever you have on your phone. So whatever you look at on Twitter, or Instagram, if you happen to do medical articles, right. Could that be influenced, like Jama Jama has pharmaceuticals paying for those research articles? I don't know if I trust those. So then we come to the podcast. Most people come in here and they get information from podcasts in a sense, they say Did you hear bring Ben Greenfield podcast? Did you hear Rogan's? Did you hear obres? Did you hear all these podcasts that are really talking about expanding your mind? And what I think what we're talking about is this level of consciousness is awakening, again, to where people are coming to the realization, they're like, wow, I don't have to go into this lifestyle. I can choose to, like you said exit and come over here. Right. And it's as simple as not turning on your social media. And social media is not at least minimize but it's not podcasts. That's what I wanted. I want to separate through podcasts and not social media,Baldo 47:37 which is minimizing right? Like, I mean, how many times do you are you searching and you're just like, noticing that like, Oh, shit, I'm getting depressed, or I'm getting like, at least like fucking pointless? Well, yeah, we just got like, FOMO, right, like, FOMO leads to the other, like anxiety and depression and all that stuff. And it's just, and you're seeing that, like, as you're scrolling, it's like, oh, I should have been doing that. Ah, like, Fuck, like, oh, and you're just like, you're still doing it. Right? And then it's like, we'll stop because he just looked at it for 10 minutes, like five minutes ago, you know? And so yeah. And for me, the way that I've done is like, like, once a day, I'm checking it. And that's it. I don't even do stories anymore, just because it's like, I've noticed that So then, like, why would I keep feeding that type of health?Sky King 48:18 It's junk food, right? It's Yeah, it's essentially junk food. And you just can't stop because the same dope like dopamine hits that you get, we eat like a McDonald's fries, and you're stoked, and you want more and more and more, and the fat and carb combo is just phenomenal. It's the same thing. And you feel the same way after it's like, exhausting. And you think you're relaxing, when really, you're being fed so much information that your brain has to process in that short period of time. And yeah, just another,Baldo 48:43 it's an addiction, right? Because it's still a biochemical release, whether it's a good one or it's a bad one, it's still a biochemical release. And anything that's a chemical release Can you can become addicted to and become a habit, right? So how do you stop? How do you stop someone from like, being addicted to cigarettes, like you, it's really a very much, it's not necessarily a weird thing. It's like, I really want to do this, and I'm gonna have to fight it off a couple of times, I have to break this barrier, I have to break this addiction that compels me to do this action. And then you and then you'd follow through. But you can't do that with media, right? Because or, I mean, you can, but it's a little more difficult because not only you, but it's also your friends, like did you see this post? Like, Hey, did you see my story? Like, Hey, did you like whatever. And then for some reason, we feel bad that we didn't. And so then we go and check, and then all of a sudden, you're scrolling again.Sky King 49:29 Yeah, I really think that like the most powerful thing someone can do for for their life. In today's age, like in the 1920s. We had the last generation in the 2020s. We have the distracted generation. Now, the most powerful thing you can do to give a middle finger to all the middle media companies to really take sovereignty over your own mind is go spend an hour alone and do nothing. Every day, whether that's in a sensory deprivation tank or just in your room in a closet, wherever you can just do literally nothing. That is the biggest like anarchistic middle finger you Give to our current society because it allows you to take some sovereignty over your mind and realize that like, Oh, I love myself. Yeah. Oh, like I have good thoughts. Oh, like, I'm kind Oh, I don't have to worry all the time. Oh, I can feel fulfilled in my own existence. Oh, I can find a static states within myself. Like all of these things are the things that give us our power back and give us sovereignty. And then you can choose then from that position. Like I love to do it first thing in the morning from that position, you then choose Okay, what is what do I want to invest in? Say, what's the media that I actually want to learn about today that I can walk away from the end of day feeling nourished? Like I just ate like a really great meal? Yeah, versus like, just scrolling for like, three hours. It's interesting,Baldo 50:44 right? Because that goes back to the idea that the media is should be the product of like, I get to choose which one I consume, as opposed to like, I'm just whatever, they want to feed me. I mean, whatever, they feed me, whatever theSky King 50:55 algorithm is showing me today, I'm just gonna.Jon Mendoza 50:58 Yeah, and people haven't realized that it's because they're numb. Because what I realized, instead of feeling the FOMO, I'm like, What am I doing? Like, I could have done anything else to bring something and add value to my life. So like, Lately, I've been studying things that it's like a new skill set or a new trade, and it seems kind of scary at first. But it's more like no, like, I'll learn a little bit each day. So if I'm not, like, my downtime, I love is when people is like when my downtime, I just want to chill. My mind doesn't shut off. It's not like all the sides just stop thinking. I just say, Oh, I can hear my own thoughts now. Yeah, I can think about my own. It's my time now. Like, this is my time. You know, no phones knows, like, I don't have to talk to anyone. I, my wife taught me this too. She taught me He's like, well, I wanna get off the phone. I want to talk. And there's nothing wrong with that. Because I'm like, that's right. I don't want to talk right now. I just want to think for myself. I processed a lot today that I encountered a lot today. I need to like kind of just go through and be like, what this is all mean, like you said there was a couple thoughts. You said earlier, I was like, Whoa, let me let me digest that for a minute. Because we don't have enough time to digest. masterclass, the one of the ladies their story, and she's to say, all the talking heads, just, you know, rip the president after any time they have a speech like state of union used to be there was no talking heads, whatever Roosevelt would say, or Kennedy said that was it. And it was echoed, you know, throughout the course of a lifetime, and there was no one to coming back. Now, that guy's an idiot. No, it's like, you don't want to undermine someone because thoughts and words are so impactful that if imagine a TV was full of Dale Carnegie or Napoleon Hill, right, imagine that those people had those people looking up to like him watching on TV. our thought process would change. Yeah, our thought process would be forever changedBaldo 52:38 what the thing the problem with it is, it's been this culture, like, build it, right? Because even if it wasn't Napoleon Hill, that was a president talking, there would still be like the same talk. He has been like, oh, that guy's an idiot, right? Like, it's sad.Sky King 52:50 Yeah. This is what I love about Rogen more than anything. And I know so many people personally, and then I've heard so many stories, not personally, where people have beaten addiction, or lost a ton of weight got unhealthy because of Rogen. And it's like, okay, so there's a popular saying, like you're the five people you spend the most time with, that's actually from a study about weight loss. Like you're the weight of the five people you spend most time with. super interesting and then it got transformed to habits and all this other stuff. But what what Rogan created, you know, nine hours of content a week or 12 hours of content a week allowed in with his kind of like, I workout, I try things, I'm open minded I read, but I'm also like, dope, like, you should be like me, it helped those people who take one of their friends that they usually hang out with, it's probably not great for them, throw this earbud in and have like, I now spend the number one person I spend the most time with for a lot of people who don't have good community is Joe Rogan. So I am working out now I am eating healthy. I am trying things that are open minded. I am taking care of my body and like that is phenomenal. Like that's the power of like his effect is that he could actually be that person that you spend most your week with four hours episode.Jon Mendoza 53:57 Yes, four hour. Yeah. And people listen to the majority of it. Wow.Baldo 54:01 But to your point earlier, I think that also one of those five people you spend the most time with is yourself.Sky King 54:06 That so that's what I was. I was talking about this last night. Yeah, literally like people always talk about the five people you need to spend the most time with the key person the person you spend all the time with you can even die with and born with is yourself. So get to know that homie. Yeah, for sure.Baldo 54:20 Like he was the one you get to know the best.Sky King 54:23 Yeah, we don't we don't have the tools. Right now we have the opposite. Because like, people think, Oh, I want to like I want to relax. I'm gonna scroll. Like my girlfriend last night, couldn't didn't sleep all night. And I woke up and she's scrolling. I'm like, you know what, you're not sleeping. You're getting blasted with blue. Getting like all like your body's not telling your body to sleep at all. And that's not relaxing. You're processing 1000s of like, millions of pieces of information. Yeah,Baldo 54:46 that's not relaxing. Because in the marketing world, they used to be like, oh, there's like, people see things seven times before like, that's no longer true, right? It's 1000s of times. Like before they do anything.Sky King 54:56 Say we have two or three ads on a podcast before you know people yeah. Sure, sure.Baldo 55:01 Sure, sure.Jon Mendoza 55:02 Yeah, marketing. Marketing is an incredible thing. It's a powerful tool. It's educational, more anything else. I remember Balder told me that breakfast cereals and breakfast was created basically by the cereal companies.Baldo 55:13 Yeah, it was it was a marketing move for sure. 100% Yeah. And now that's like everyone's diet. The idea that the idea that breakfast was the most important meal the meal the day came from a marketing move. And I'm not saying like, cuz there's plenty people that say like, I really need to eat breakfast before I workout. Sure, that's fine. That's you understanding yourself and how you felt when you haven't done that and when you have to, but as a key marker, most people don't work out in the morning. Like they do it at night, right? But, but they go to work first thing, so why would you want to like put all that stress on your body? One like that's like, the first thing you need to do is go focus on work. I would say like, hold off to lunch, right? Like that. That would be my advice. Because you because then it takes a lot of energy to process food. It's a ton ofSky King 55:58 realize that it's like no, every time you eat anything like blood is rushing to your stomach, like a ton of different processes are going on. You're removing energy, like it's a core function of our body.Baldo 56:07 Yeah, yeah, it's which makes sense if you're going to go work out right after that. Sure. Cuz you're going to need energy to fuel all that. But, but but the idea that we have to eat three times a week that we have to eat three times a day like that's, that's some bullshit. No, it is.Jon Mendoza 56:21 Most people's diets are pretty much going to change throughout the course of a lifetime. So I think people should not focus on like, what key tidbit of health I don't think you should focus on so much of what everyone's eating and what they're telling you should eat. It's like what is your body telling you? Right? So you go back to like, knowing and hearing your body a check in like this is I eat something An hour later? What is my body telling me? Am I tired? Am I bloated? Am I kind of mad, like a little moody or something you know where my energetic. And I tell people like imagine if you ate something you weren't full, like you were kind of satisfied, which is a whole different. I don't know how people must be weren't satisfied when they eat food. They're full. That's totally different. That's totally different. I think being satisfied means you had an adequate amount of sustenance. And then that's the case it's fuel for your body in order to function better. So my nutrition is more of like, I've done six day water fast with Baldo. He does it like once a quarter he didn't you know, I mean, people were like, You're crazy. I'm like, No, the body's designed to do incredible things. We were just told that our bodies was to run off carbs and sugar, like the food pyramid years ago. That's not the case anymore. You don't you don't need processed bread. No,Sky King 57:25 honestly, you don't. That's not the majority of what you eat. No, it's not. That's literally poison. ButJon Mendoza 57:29 how much of each of our meals and contain bread? Like almost like I told a guy when times you don't really need bread? Like he's like, what do I eat them? Yeah. And I was like, What are you talking about? All you eat is bread. Like, there's no way but there's bread with everything, right? Even, like they put a little maltodextrin or gluten just as a preservative in there just cuz. And so I look and I say right, you want another simple tidbit for health, cook your own food at home, for sure. It's so much healthier, 50% healthier, you want to throw a number out there, and you know where your foods coming from? I mean, literally, if I go to a place and I say give me some chicken gave some beef? Where's that coming from? How many steps they take from the farm to get to that wrapper that's caked with carcinogen x. And I'm saying like, okay, now I'm about to ingest this. I mean, there was people who don't associate cheese and dairy is the same thing. Like, you know, like, don't be like it's not, I mean, I I love cheese, but I'm not gonna give up dairy. Yeah,Baldo 58:28 there was a friend in high school that I convinced that cheese comes from jalapenos.Sky King 58:34 So they could get sick.Jon Mendoza 58:36 I mean, I get it teach their own but like it when it comes to health, you have to be very selective about what you do for your body. So once again, my thoughts are mine. I don't want someone else to think for me, let alone do I want someone to eat for me. I have to eat for myself, because I have to function so I can choose what I want to eat. So then I think about this, our brains made official. So they know pretty much as far as how many people eating fatty fish. They're not they're eating like shrimp and tilapia and catfish. Right where the Easter is almost here. So everyone eats Lent, which is lent food, which is like justBaldo 59:07 fried fish. For the most partJon Mendoza 59:08 for the most part. Yeah. Fish bottom feeders, right. And then the thing is,Baldo 59:13 fish contains pretty bad if you don't cook it well, but it's not that hard to cook.Sky King 59:19 Salmon like it's hard to make salmon tastes bad when you can eat it raw. Like Yeah,Jon Mendoza 59:22 do eat sardine cans all the time. Like pick me up snack. Great. I love it. Yeah, but I understand that it's not a five star meal but it's sustenance. Like if we're hiking right and we have either beef jerky or sardines I'm is perfect. That's that's a go food. That gives me energy. I'm not it's not gonna slow me down if I sit there and ate a bag full of like potato chips.Baldo 59:45 That's gonna slow but it's also different right? Because it's not like just any it's not like Slim Jims that we're eating like we're getting like rice and like in grass fed bison like jerky. And you know, that's that's it's it's a that's also a process but but it's like weird Doing like eight hour hikes. 10 hour hikes at some point I need some substance to keep me if I eat just like some regular fruit, well, that's not going to last very long. And if anything, it's going to give me a sugar rush and I'm just gonna crash while I'm in the desert of fucking sound like, I don't want that I want I want something. Johnson is in the room. And I just I just said the F word. So sorry about that. So yeah, and so something fatty that that comes from a healthy environment. That is probably the best thing that I can do, especially when having to deal with like, you know, sun and freakin falling. And well,Jon Mendoza 1:00:33 I mean, what if the most important thing you could do in the daytime, was to get out and watch the sunrise? And that be like your first light of the day? Yeah, like you would be healthier, right? Because think about if we're not going outside, we've been indoors the whole time. You have solar energy, which gives you a boost in cortisol. Right? And it's a natural production of cortisol natural way to start your day. We're not getting that anymore. We're getting from fluorescent light, blue light. And then that starts your day off of making synthetic hormones, I imagine right? And then if we eatBaldo 1:01:02 By the way, I did run into an article about how sun gazing is the key to limitation.Sky King 1:01:07 Nice. I thought it was like for me I'm sunny.Jon Mendoza 1:01:14 It actually believed us that that was a train because it was it they attempted to do it. Yeah, it is good.Sky King 1:01:22 go sign up. You know God. Yes.Jon Mendoza 1:01:26 sunburn from it.Sky King 1:01:27 That's hilarious. Yeah, believe it.So might What am Igot? Matt maruka. He has to you guys when he comes to US and Mexico show him on the pod but he runs raw optics blue box company. Yeah, he is he like is all about the light diet. Yep. And it's wild. Like this stuff that he's researching can share. So I definitely can connect you guys next time.Jon Mendoza 1:01:48 I would love that. We really talk about sleep most of the time, like almost every like concept I have with clients now. It's like, let's talk about your sleep. Let's talk about your sleep and your poop. You know, like, really? And they're like, what? I came here for hormones. And I'm like, yeah, your hormones are out of whack. Because your sleep sucks. And you can't poop.Sky King 1:02:03 Yes, dude. Like, those are like my like, and I got the orange. Fine sleep like, yeah, sleep was my first step into like, the health journey was sleep. Yeah,Baldo 1:02:13 I keep referencing this masterclass that I did on sleep. And the biggest thing one, or the biggest statement was like, hey, sleep is is like the best health insurance you can buy for yourself. Yeah, it's the one that resets everything that just regulates if you're not doing it, and it's so weird how for so long there is this idea that like, you know, I don't really need a lot of sleep, or there's no studies that show that like sleep is needed. And it's like, come on, like we every species, every living species, does it like, there's got to be a reason. Yeah,Sky King 1:02:43 that seems like something that like, again, people made to watch more TV.Baldo 1:02:48 There's also like, in the business where there was a lot of pride in the hours of sleep, I'm still here, like, I'm doing this. And I mean, I fell into that many times, right? Like, growing up in the marketing world, in the sales world. It's like, man, we went all night, like we whatever and I'm here and I'm still gonna sell like so it's in, you know, X amount of numbers. And we would but we would push through a bit we so tired man like, and then that's when I started getting sick, right? And then I started breaking shit. And then I started like, you know, getting injured here and there. Just because that age guy. I mean, there's still a truth that like when you're younger, you can get away with the Archer, but only for so long. And it's probably creating long term health risk, right? But, but then we have to change the game, right? And it took two conversations with you before I was like, Okay, well then that's when I started doing right because it was as easy as like, if I want to perform the way I was used to performing. I can't eat the way that I was eating. I definitely should be sleeping more. And I needed like a reboot, because I used to not even stretch after like, I would go do my Iron Man training for like four or five hours and not even stretch, like just go to work afterwards. Yeah.Jon Mendoza 1:03:49 And he was hobbling to the house one day, I was like, dude, can you bend over touch your toes? And he couldn't. I said How you going to run an Iron Man and you can bend over touch your toes. Like that's, that's a hard sell for me. And so, when I was looking at athletes, you talked about how much stress we put on our bodies. I consider myself an athlete, I don't consider myself an endurance athlete by any means. I actually work out less now, which is awesome. But I work out more consistently. So like, imagine this endurance athletes come in here. They're usually high functioning CEOs, entrepreneurs, go getters, right? Like I am a high functioning high performance individual. What the fuck does that mean? It basically means that you will work 18 hours a day, run yourself into the ground and get up and do it all over again and can't and you don't wonder you wonder why you know you your mood sucks. You can't get it up. You can't poop you can't sleep. They take Adderall. They take coffee, they take whatever testosterone and get their hands on right? Just didn't get better pumps better games, right? What will happen is you'll have an iron man or a triathlete. They'll work out for six hours, right? And I've looked at this and I said, Imagine that stress is the major issue when it comes to our health. All stress leads to inflammation equals disease. Well imagine if you stress your body out by working out too hard, you can make yourself a diabetic. Yep, yeah. And the reason I do this because all these biohackers are raring to go glucose readers running for six hours. And all of a sudden spikes spikes their sugar. And I'm like, What the hell? Why do you turn into a diabetic? Yeah. Do you realize it? Yeah. And then they go in, they do it again, IBaldo 1:05:10 just take all my sugars high, sugarJon Mendoza 1:05:12 high, so they pound sugar, or goo, or whatever it is protein shakes or whatever they need. And I mean, I've seen beer and chips at the end of a race to you know, yeah. And then they get into their car, and they drive home. And they go to work on Monday. Yeah. And I'm just like, are we missing something here? This is not a key to longevity. You're killing yourself. Like, why would you do that? And insulin is the problem. So then it goes back to sugar and carbs and saying, Okay, well imagine we had a guy that came in on a 50 mile hike, right? 50 mile hike through Colorado. He fasted the entire time. He came in for an adjustment just to say I'm not hurting, but I just know I need adjustment came in for adjustment. How do you feel he was I was fine. It was the other guys I was with. They couldn't handle it. But I prepped beforehand. Yeah. Do you know because I knew what I was doing. He wanted to see how long he could burn energy by basically just having as reserves. So we were talking like a five or 6000 calorie bar that he ate. That had to be the cleanest possible because it could not spike his insulin. How in the hell is that possible? If you're eating like a bar of meat andSky King 1:06:13 fat bars, right, like keto bars, yes. a break of fat. Yeah.Baldo 1:06:17 The thing about it is that he was also talking about it. Like it wasn't like, just regular that this is my everyday like, I know these things. And this is what I'm doing for me. Like, why aren't people more like that? Right? Like what? Like, again, why are we using the media to educate us on stuff like that, like you can do so much your body's so fucking powerful, right? Like, why like you can get away with so well, I wouldn't say get away. You can make it perform in certain way for so many periods of times if you just do the right things. I mean, I do six day fasts, but my prep days, three days before that are like very intense, like the way that I have to eat and the way that I have to, like, sustain myself, I'm sleeping way more. He did one with me one time and you know, it was great. Like, it's fantastic. It's just that it's, you know, but there's a lot of knowledge, it's going into research, youSky King 1:07:00 learn a lot about yourself how much food controls you how much you like, just habitually, like, Oh, I should be right now. Oh, yeah. And then how your body can like really stay normalized. And like, Oh, yeah, stuff.Jon Mendoza 1:07:10 And yeah, so by default, you got into all the health and wellness world in what you're doing now, but it was probably by choice, right? You said I'm going to break my path. I'm going to go over here and create a new path, which I think you have. I mean, what's your what's your official title role? Like? What would you say?Sky King 1:07:25 I like to say founder, founder,Jon Mendoza 1:07:27 right. Okay, and then tell people how they can find you.Sky King 1:07:31 Yeah, so you can go to modern stoah.co we do if you want to see something cool. We do this thing called modern stomata co slash build where we're building the company in public so we reflections everything going on their sky kings mental playground on substack launching a podcast soon talking about China propaganda, decentralized centralized systems, kind of my personal obsessions. And then yeah, if you are a podcaster you need help monetizing your platform, need someone on your team to make sure that you know, you can one like monetize it, but to not be influenced by advertisers where your guy so go to Monster CO and seize the day. Awesome. And thank you so much guy for

 "The most powerful thing you can do to give a middle finger to all the middle media companies, to really take sovereignty over your own mind, is to go spend an hour alone and do nothing."

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