Have Fun in Your Body

W/ Joy Scola


Joy Scola is a yoga instructor in Austin, Texas. She teaches around town, including at the MSW Lounge Yoga Room.

"I found that the more I pushed myself on the mat with trying poses that scared me, the more I was able to do that in my day to day life."


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"When you inhale, your belly should soften and expand. You feel the pelvic floor open and expand and as you exhale, then everything comes back in and then pushes that breath out. So it creates this furnace. You know, when you're heating that fire and it gets everything moving. That helps your metabolism it helps speed up healing your immune system. Everything is related to your breath. Your chi, your life force."


Allison 0:16
Hello friends and welcome back to the How do you help podcast I'm Allison here with MSW lounge in Austin, Texas, bringing you vitamin shots drips and I V's just getting drips and IVs are the same thing. Can you tell I'm not reading anything? Sorry, guys.

You can get made open mics around town doing some comedy if you think I'm funny, I don't think I'm funny. All right back to what I was saying. We have joy Scola as our guest today. But before I get into her a little bit about a couple quick announcements for you guys, if you could please take the time to give us a subscribe on iTunes as well as a five star review. Those ratings really do help us reach more people, they list us higher and iTunes and all that fun, competitive jazz, but it's true. We just want to share the Word of health with everyone. And we truly think that what we're saying his stuff that not enough people are talking about and we want our word to reach as many people as we think it can help. So there's someone that you know that you know, would benefit from one of these podcasts. Tell them about it, send them the link to our to our show. You find us on Stitcher, SoundCloud and on iTunes. So even if you don't have Apple products, you can use the SoundCloud app or the Stitcher app. We're on both of those platforms. We just really appreciate you guys listening and tuning in. But sharing it really would help help spread the word of health more. Sorry, I'm so sorry. today guys don't know what's up must be this coffee. I'm drinking. Anyway, back to what I was saying. We have a comment. Actually, we when we do these podcasts, we record them as Facebook Lives and Instagram lives as well as the audio for the podcast. And we will be getting those videos up on YouTube actually soon to our guests this week. Joy Scola is great on YouTube stuff. I know the basics, obviously. But she helped us film a better quality video and so from here on out we will be doing the videos the way she showed us. So look out for those will be on YouTube. If you want to watch what the Facebook Live was like. Our page on Facebook is MSW lounge. The video stay up there but yeah, we'll put it on YouTube too, because some people prefer prefer YouTube. Anyway, during our Facebook Live while we were recording this yesterday, which was Monday.

We had several live viewers. One of those was Tyler. He commented during the show and he said so many gems in this talk. great meeting you guys. So Tyler did come into the lounge earlier that day. It was great to meet him and chat with him a little bit. So Tyler, thanks for the love. Thanks for tuning in live. And of course you guys know if you're listening to this podcast, you don't have to tune in live to catch what we're talking about. It's all right here on the podcast. Whoo. Lots of different platforms love it. Okay, a couple of quick advertisements for you guys. We are brought to you as always by slender rella the liver detox shot which can also be brought to you in an IV slender Allah blends together a proprietary blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that promote liver detoxification. And a side effect of detoxing the liver is weight loss. So that's pretty cool. That's how it got the name Cinderella. We really love it. I take it weekly myself. I consider these shots as part of my supplementation routine. And they're more worth the money because that you absorb more of it. If you're eating if you're eating a supplement you don't absorb as much of it even if your digestion is perfectly then you would if you got it as a shot or ID so slender Ella liver detox shot helps with weight loss, awesome stuff. We are also brought to you by flabs to fitness and online wellness resource giving you tons of free recipes and wellness blogs and product reviews that our nutritionist approved. Also specializing in 20 minute workouts you can do anywhere, no excuses, get it done, get your body moving, feel good and go on to achieve your greatness for the rest of the day. That is FL ABS to fitness.com. That being said, we are also brought to you today by paleo Valley paleo Valley specializes in superfood bars as they call them. They're these protein bars that are paleo approved meaning that they are organic. They are gluten free soy free, dairy free. The protein in them is egg white protein, and the rest of it is plant based. So they're delicious. I love them. I snack on them. They also have grass fed beef sticks with natural probiotics in them. So yeah, those are a great go to

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Okay guys, today we have joy Scola, Joy is a yoga instructor here in town who first discovered her love of yoga through acro yoga, which if you don't know what that is, she talks plenty about it. And it's super cool. Her passion is to get people having fun in their bodies again and listening to their body. She talks a lot about listening to the cells of your body, which I've never heard it phrased that way before, but I love it. So she's also one of our yoga instructors at MSW lounge in our yoga room and you can find her at several other places around town as well as on her YouTube page and Instagram. Both of those accounts are joy Scola, so it's just the word joy. sc o l A. Without further ado, here's joy.

Jon Mendoza 6:09
Hi, everyone. Good afternoon. We are coming to you live from MSW lounge in the beautiful Westlake hills of Austin, Texas. To my right, I have the wonderful Joyce Scola, and she's going to talk to us today about how she helps. So as you could tell on each podcast, we tend to have people who come on and share their amazing story of their path to health and wellness and joy is no exception. So without further ado, joy, how do you go Hi. Lots of lots of different ways.

Joy Scola 6:40
I like to stay playful. And things that just like, doesn't feel like I'm working out. When I first got into fitness I had actually moved to San Antonio from California had never been to Texas before. And I got the second storey apartment and I'm one of those people, I have to carry all of my groceries in one run, I do not some like climbing up the stairs and like

I'm 25 my jeep

gets to the top of stairs and I'm winded and I'm just like, hit me. Like if I had to run for my life. If I had to protect myself, I would I would die. I would not be able to do it. Like literally, bear would catch murder or whatever, like. So I was like, Alright, this is pathetic. I'm in the prime of my life, I should feel like I'm in the prime of my life. So I found a gym, went there for a couple months. But then found this indoor rock climbing gym. And when I called they're like, oh, come early, we have this awesome, like partner yoga thing. We're gonna like pick each other up and it's gonna be wild and a lot of fun. So I was like, okay, so I just grabbed my friend and we went and literally like somebody picked me up on their feet as acrobatic yoga. They picked me up on their feet. And I was just like, this is it like this is the bee's knees. And I just got so excited. And I literally dedicated as much time as I could. At that time, I was selling veterinary equipment, like traveling all over the country doing conventions and whatnot. And so literally from the time I get off work until like 12am, I would just be practicing acro, rock climbing, author stuff when I first started like literally I couldn't touch my toes. I was petrified of going upside down this all this stuff. But acro is what helped me cultivate the strength, the flexibility and the courage. And I found that the more I pushed myself on the mat with trying poses that scared me, the more I was able to do that in my day to day life like something I thought, Oh, I could never do that. I was already writing myself off but then acro taught me You never know until you try and like so literally that has just snowballed into my life now where I quit that job after a year and literally dedicated all my time to teaching acro, teaching yoga, helping people to find play again. Because we lose it. We stopped going upside down when when we get past 11 years old. And there's no there's no reason for it. And it's so fun. Keeps it healthy. So yeah, I agree. Look as as we're speaking now. I mean, my I guess is this full pigeon, right? sort of know, what am I in?

Jon Mendoza 9:15
Okay, anyway, whatever.

Joy Scola 9:17
9% of Americans cannot sit in easy pose. Yeah, it's not easy. And like I probably did this last one. I was like, 10. Yeah, right. And the thing is sitting on the floor. Yeah, we stopped doing this. We stopped doing the basic things that we forget about that brought us up and made us humans like going outside and like getting sunlight or like feeling the grass underneath our toes. Right? Yeah, so many people are afraid of taking their shoes off their socks off. Like they try to practice yoga with their socks on them. Like, just take your socks off. Like it's okay to be barefoot and use your feet and so many people, they can't move their toes. It hurts to do any toe stretches, but then they complain of having neck pain or back pain and it's like, it's probably because your tight feet is causing your tightness.

Hips is causing your tight neck and it's all connected. And the podcast, she literally just spread her toes out. Yeah, I can. I feel like I was. I mean, I've always been able to pick stuff up with my toes, but my toes are like, as long as my fingers no joke, but hers like sprint completely, which is incredible.

Jon Mendoza 10:20
So they're like, they could grab stuff. And like, really like, hold on to turn down the radio in my car. Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah. So I mean, that's, it's really cool to see things like that and be amazed by it. Because like, I was telling joy before this, I have to sit on a block right now because I can't open up my hips. And I have chronic low back pain. And Yoga has helped control my low back pain. But like Joyce said, it's all connected. And so when people come in here, especially to come and and maybe get treatment for low back pain or knee problems, they tend to say, Okay, I'm also having this issue with the two and you start checking on they have tight, you know, hamstrings, they have tight hip flexors, they have weak vastus medialis. But yeah, so it's all connected. And so you know, if something started the ankle, it worked its way up to the knees, and it worked his way up to the hips. And you're wondering why you can't get rid of your low back pain, because your hips are like, so restricted that you came in, sit down in this position, then you do have an issue. Oh, and people don't understand that our bodies are built on this new term called tensegrity. So like a tension bridge holds itself up. That's how our bodies hold itself up. It's not so much about bone stacking. And we're isolated, everything like, like when you tug on a shirt, every part of the shirt is affected by that that's the same thing where if you pull a muscle, every part of your body then has to compensate, to keep yourself in balance. And so when you start to open everything back up dropping into your bikes, a lot of people escape their bodies we live up here, we don't live down there. So when they even start to like, notice, oh, wow, like I actually have pain here. I've never realized that before. Like, I fell down when I was 11 years old and broke my back or whatever, you know. And so just becoming aware of that. And then tailoring stuff that works for you. Instead of like, Okay, I have to dedicate an hour of my time doing this workout at the gym or whatever, like, even just 10 minutes a day, have you at home with your family, there's so much partner stuff you can do whatever just to get you moving, and opening up your body dropping into your body building that awareness will help so much in your day to day. I agree completely. I mean, there's a bunch of pillars that I tell people, there's important like eating right, we know about that. We talked about, you know, drinking enough water getting good sleep, I talked to you relationship. Yeah, I mean, like joi talked on, you know, the connection and to everything, pretty much, you know, from the feet up. I mean, what about the connection of the brain, to how we feel physically like and a sense of saying, like, Alright, I'm gonna get up, it's Monday morning, and I gotta go hit the workweek. And you know, maybe I start off with a workout in the morning or at the end of the day, maybe I don't want to mentally maybe I'm not there, maybe I crap all weekend, and I don't have the energy, maybe I've been stressed out, I don't feel good. I mean, all of it's connected, it's going to affect your outcome. And so if you don't start off on the right foot, then eventually it's going to lead to all kinds of other issues. And so like, the little simple things that we can do on a daily basis, whether it's simply walking outside barefoot, or touching a tree, or simply just bending over to touch your toes, it has a prolong effect to where when you get older, and you're flexible, you'll be able to continue do this. And guess what, if you're flexible when you're 60, or 70, and you still can touch your toes, you're probably a lot healthier than some of your peers. And if you don't believe me, look at all those 67 year olds that are hunched over, and they can't even bend, you know, afford to tie their shoes, or maybe they can't sit up right like he knows that takes a talker. Yeah, and even if you're at that point, it's not too late to reverse that. But also like, if you feel good in your body, your relationships will be good because that energy transmits to other people when you walk into a room. Have you ever like met somebody or instantly like, Oh, I don't like this person or you instantly as many of you like, feel like you have this strong connection. That's their energy. So if you're good inside, your life will be good. Your relationships will be good. If everything's crummy in here and you're hating on yourself, you're hating on your life that will start to permeate. You'll get into car accidents, you'll lose your job, you'll get into fights with friends or co workers and Yep, I agree everything is all connected vibration. I believe in the law of attraction and I knows other people will say that and depending on what kind of books you read, I believe that whatever you put out to the universe, they give you back so for example, if you're mentally stressed all the time, and you just tell yourself you know what today's gonna be a great day like I'm gonna have great conversations. Yeah, your body Yes, cells vibrate and the biggest Yeah, you could resonate and you tell your brain today.

I'm going to have a great day. And if you say it over and over enough, guess what? Your body starts to believe it, your mind starts to believe it. And you can feel it in your body. Yes, sir. And your mind starts to present things. Because your mind always wants to be right. Your ego always wants to be right. So it will start to look for things to make it right. So if you're like, Oh, this is crappy, and I hate this, it will continue to find those things. And you're building that neuroplasticity in your head, that doesn't matter how old you are, you can always change it. So if you start to look for the positive, more positive, things will start to come to you naturally. I agree. Self affirmation is, is a big part of everything. There's a lot of misconception about the law of attraction. Like I feel like that's how some you know,

Joy Scola 15:44
what you think the law of attraction means? To me the law of attraction is putting out like what john said, what you want to get in return and aligning yourself to it. So if you're, if you're driving this like beater car, and you look next to me see this beautiful BMW that you've always wanted, Oh, I wish I could get that car went on to broke, I'm too poor one day, maybe you're you're putting it at a distance, you already don't have it. But you're like that car is mine. And you feel yourself driving that car and how good it feels to own it. And you literally can feel yourself resonating in response to that things, your brain will try and find things and the universe will try and find things to just present you with the opportunities to can you to continue to grow, to get to the point of being able to buy that BMW. Yeah, that the mind is an interesting tool. Because this relates to like athletes, you look at maybe an athlete that's playing basketball, and they're shooting a free throw. And they've pictured in their head over and over repeatedly hitting that free throw in their head, or a baseball player swinging the same way each time. If you see it enough in your head and you start to feel it, then eventually that's how you're going to produce it. And so when people come up and say like, I can't, I won't, I didn't. He said, You've got to put that out and say you got to say I will I can. And if you say it enough, then guess what you're going to believe it. And if it happens, then eventually you're going to say, Oh, crap, like I put it out there. It did happen. You know, what, what else can I accomplish? You know, and what like, this is a perfect example. I was wondering if not, we could be in a position to where I could work on my own. And a traditional medical setting is what I've always been used to. And now, after a year and a half, I've been on my own completely because I said I want to do it, I'm going to do it, it's going to happen. I don't know how it's going to happen. But I'm just going to do I'm going to take that leap. And so when people probably come to joy, and say like I can I've never been able to do this joy says stop thinking like that. Alright, you can I just try it what are already writing yourself off, you're already closing that box around you with there's no reason to how do you know unless you try and even if you do try it and fail, try a couple more frickin times. Because it's like, every professional athlete or physicist or whatever, they all had to start at the beginning, they all started not knowing how. And it's just a matter of practicing and trying and applying it daily to your life. Yep, and and for the people who are sick all the time, you know, maybe you get sick around the cold and flu season all the time, or you keep getting injured, or you keep having these bad things happen to you. There are ways to incorporate what joy is talking about in your everyday life. And it could be something as simple as you get up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and say today, I'm gonna have a great day. I like to say I am healthy, I am happy I am whole. And I literally try to feel myself resonating in response to that with the healthy, the happy, the wholeness feeling. And I think that that plays a big impact like you are your body. There is no disconnect between your mind and body. It's all one. So what happened? Why can't you talk to your knee? Why can't you talk to yourselves you can you can practice, but just everyday looking at yourself in the mirror and going I am healthy, I am happy I'm hold putting a smile on your face and going out into the world. Like you can even try this like at the grocery store and pick up if you know Ayurveda at all. I'm like a pitta, Vata and we're prone to like get really fiery and angry sometimes. And I don't like crowds. So if I'm at the grocery store, and I know he's giving me space, and everybody's bumping into me and now and then I checked myself, I see what am I putting out there I'm putting out nobody's giving me space, everybody's bumping into me. So that's what everybody's doing. Then as soon as I noticed that, I take a deep breath, I breathe down my body into the earth. And then like everybody gives me ample space. We're all free and clear, my path is made free and clear. And then all of a sudden, I'll be walking and somebody just moves out of the way awesome somebody has something else that moves them out of my direction. And also in that space is created for me because that's what I'm projecting. And that's the same thing of like, Oh, I hate this person. This not you're gonna continue to meet that resistance because we are mirrors of each other and we feel that we sense that. So if you come to somebody with love

just wanting to be friendly and open, and how can I help you? Like my biggest thing is at the grocery store or wherever I'm at, you know, people get into their, like robot modes of like, beep, beep, and you're like, Hi, you're a real person. Yeah, I like hey, how's your day then I also noticed, like,

what me like even like that, like somebody will be sweeping the floor, like, Hey, how you doing? Like, how's it going, like, literally stop and spend 10 seconds, and then all sudden, they just you see their their chest open, they have a smile on their face, their eyes light up. And it's just amazing at how our energy affects other people and how we can make this world a better place by presenting everybody with loving kindness, even if they hurt you. Because those who hurt others are truly hurting inside themselves. So they need our love and compassion that much more. How can we give that to every person we meet, including ourselves? Yeah, I mean, it resonates today. Because just like this past weekend, there's always something in this world that can't be explained. And it's a tragedy that happens. And you know, Jimi Hendrix, as a great musician, he said, once he was when man, you know, develops a different mentality where they basically say the the power of love overcomes the love of powers when will finally know peace. Yeah, I mean, it's, it still resonates today, because with so much going on in the world, sometimes we can only control ourselves, you know, and what we do. And so if we react and how we react, and so like today, I want it to be happy. And so I wanted to put the focus on the idea that there is a lot of beauty in this world, a lot of beauty within ourselves that we can't necessarily necessarily see all the time. And so enjoys talking about telling yourself that you want to love yourself from inside out, it resonates with others, and people who come in and have that type of energy and that type of love, you feed off one another, and a grassroots campaign to where you basically go up to someone at a grocery store and say, Hey, thank you for doing what you're doing. I appreciate you being who you are, can mean so many things for so many games that day, life around like they could be contemplating suicide that day, and the love that you just shared in the read. People want to be seen and acknowledged. And if you just give that to somebody who knows the impact you can have, and again, with the law of attraction, like Mother Teresa said, Don't invite me to an anti war party. invite me to a pro peace party. That's another thing is like we have this month of like, don't let hate when you're letting hate when because you are putting the word hate into people's minds. And then that cultivates the feeling of hate. Whereas if you don't mention it, if you're eradicate those words from your dictionary, let peace prevail, that sort of thing. That's how you can start to get the law of attraction to work for you take the AI wants, take the wishing take the know, like take the nose out of it don't want this and just align yourself. Yeah, I love it. I mean, it's it's, it seems it seems simple, but it is but at the same time, like it also is really hard because I'm the first person like, I hate on myself. Like I've had to deal with a lot of changing how I talk to myself changing how I view myself. I grew up in a pretty bad situation and a pretty crazy home life. So I know all those thoughts and how to like put myself down and be my worst critic. And I'm the first person to do that to myself. So I know how hard it is to change it. But literally it needs to be a conscious effort. It is a muscle just like your bicep is a muscle. You need to practice it and just keep trying fill your life with things that make you feel good. Right. I I tell you the one of the reasons why we've been sitting here for the people who are watching at home we're in the yoga room and MSW lounge right now Joy's one of the wonderful teachers that we have here, the many teachers that we have that shared the gift of joy and peace and love that we want to emphasize here but one of the reasons why we have this an MSW Lounge is to touch on the health that is your emotional and mental health. And a lot of times we neglect that I've had a conversation this morning with a buddy who came in today. And I asked him I said you know how do you de stress defy your life? What do you do mentally to help you feel better? And he said, I work out I hit the gym, you know I run you know like I asked someone else that today too. I run I hit the gym I do yoga and all this and it's like this go go go because they think that makes them feel better. But then I say what are you doing to relax your nervous system? What are you doing to relax your brain to calm all those stress hormones down and over the years we've talked to more and more people and they're collecting it I'm one of them joy pie was one earlier so why we created the yoga room here and MSW lounges because you need therapy for your soul. You need therapy for your brain. You need therapy how how you fixate things on life, and that's what you get here. When you step in the door here and MSW lounge you'll be greeted by now joy Balder, Allison or me and we ask you how

Jon Mendoza 25:00
Are you doing today? It's good to see you. How, how can we help you? What's your day like? That's before we even start getting into any therapy, but it is therapy right to come in here and say address what's going on in your head and what's going on in your soul at this moment. Yeah. And you know, like you said, was like, Oh, I run I do this, I do that it's like, no, again, like, being extroverted is so promoted here in America new being individualistic, and how on lots of energy and outgoing, but really, we need to slow down like, again, I said before, we spend so much time in the attics, our brains, and we don't drop into the rest of our body. And vinyasa is the most popular form of yoga and power yoga are like the most popular forms you can find. But that's not necessarily the best, especially even if you're if you are good at yoga and happen to be naturally flexible. That's actually the worst thing you can do. Because you're cranking on your joints, you're going past what you should be doing, and you're going to cause so much injury later on that actually yoga would be hurting you. But if you slow down once in a while, listen to your breath, connect your breath to your body, send your breath through your body, to the areas that you feel your tension, get to know those areas, release it, there's so much healing that comes from that instead of suppressing everything and running from everything, need it, welcome it into your home, like you would a friend for tea. And that's where the true healing and peace begins within yourself. And we can actually do like a little at home practice, for feeling grounded, especially with the holidays coming up. If anybody has those in laws that like drive off.

Joy Scola 26:37
You can actually just whether you're in your car at your desk at home, you can just sit down or standing.

We're going to take one deep breath in, and one deep breath out. But I want you to just become so present and aware of this one breath. So get comfortable, whether you're standing or sitting, you want to be somewhat up right, not not hurting or anything, you're going to close your eyes. Bring your awareness into your whole body, feeling the air and the energy around your skin. Then you're going to take one detail in through the nose, fill your whole body with oxygen breathing through your mind, pause here. And then as you exhale, breathe down your body through your feet into the earth.

And then slowly open your eyes.

That's it. You just did a meditation and it was 10 seconds long. You do that five times a day.

There you go.

There's your meditation practice. We're cultivating that muscle and your awareness is developing.

Jon Mendoza 27:41
That's awesome. Did you feel like I accomplished something? That's awesome. That was easy. All right.

That's all you needed. That's all you needed, right there. Yeah, no that. But the simple thing of just breathing is very hard for people to wrap their head around. Because if we're go, our nervous system goes directly into our lungs to regulate breathing patterns. So if we're breathing too quickly, we're probably over excited. If we're slowing down our breathing. We're very calm. So how many times out the day do we actually have calm, regulated breathing,

Joy Scola 28:14
and I would say I didn't know how to breathe until yoga and literally, on my inhales my belly would go in and on my exhales, my belly would go out. And that that is a common theme for people reverse breathing. And it's contraindication. Like how to actually breathe. When you inhale, your belly should soften and expand. You feel the pelvic floor open and expand and as you exhale, then everything comes back in and then pushes that breath out. So it creates this furnace. You know, when you're heating that fire and it gets everything moving. That helps your metabolism it helps speed up healing your immune system. Everything is related to your breath. Your key your lifeforce.

Jon Mendoza 28:53
Yeah, and I it's funny because I have worked out my entire life. I'm an athlete. And it wasn't until like, last year, I was like, I don't even know how to breathe, right. You know, it wasn't until I got into yoga and I think ballers to this day for introducing me to yoga. But, you know, it showed me that even the basics are very important in the foundation of life and health and wellness and this simple approach of saying, love yourself, breathe, right, you know, take some time for yourself, slow down. I mean, you have to hear this repeatedly, because we're not doing it. We're not doing it not promoted and

Joy Scola 29:30
in society where you know, go go go, what are you working on next? Do something now but it's, yeah, we're mammals. We need a break. Your body needs a break. And they've actually done studies where they have like two groups working out same routine for three months. One group takes a whole month off while the other group keeps going. They they test them at the end. There's no physical differences between the two groups. And I test I went to Costa Rica for like six weeks. I barely did any yoga. I was like, No, and I was like, how do I still have ab muscles like that? Weird then I was like, weirded out by still how like, my body still felt strong. I was still felt in shape. I really hadn't done that. We need time to rest, to heal, to rebuild, to recoup, re energize, fill your cup.

Jon Mendoza 30:14
Yep. And I have a lot of athletes that I talked to throughout the days and I'm sure join us too. And I mean, let's say how many times a week do you workout joy? Well, would you say every day pretty much Yeah. Okay. Allison, but then

Joy Scola 30:28
also, my yoga practice is purposely slow and gentle to counter,

Jon Mendoza 30:34
right. But But, but listen to this though. Allison, how many times do you workout in a week? Five to six, Baldo sometimes twice a day. Okay. All right. I worked out, like every day, except one day last week, and I'm making a rule to just work out four times a week. And I could tell you this right now, if I were to tell Joy, joy, I want you to take a week off. Yeah, that's exactly the reaction I get for most people. I say, let me tell you that another way. What if you took a whole week off in order for your practice to be that much better when you return? Yes. Now you're saying Okay, do tell, what would you say? Well, recovery is prevention. And recovery is just as vital as what you're doing during your workout. So the breathing exercises, the meditation savasana, at the end of your practice is the most important pose you will ever do. How are you getting into savasana? How are you getting into that deeper meditation where you're feeling every single muscle of your body contact the ground to where you can feel the energy flowing through your toes up to your fingers? I mean, Baldo, Joy joked one time he was teaching a class. And at the very end of the class during the most important part of savasana, right? A guy hooks up, it's like, Are we done? Like Is this it? You know, while everyone else is just meditating and melting, and it's a perfect example, that we don't have time to meditate, we don't have time to relax, I got to do this. Yeah. And so if you were to just take time to sit down and go outside and enjoy the beauty that is out there, you're going to find that beauty within yourself.

Joy Scola 32:07
Yeah. And I can attest to that taking a week off to make your practice better. Like I have some chronic shoulder stuff that I have been working on in my yoga practice. And sometimes I have to stop handstands for like months at a time. And handstands are like one of my favorite things to practice. And I find that like when I stop, and I come back to my handstand practice, my handstands got better. Yeah, because I let go of the mind, the mind got to take because sometimes your minds like I gotta do your muscle that way. And it's like, no, the body knows the body has the wisdom. And so when you can step outside of that, like, I got to do like this, let that go. And then your body has a chance to rest and then you come back to your body's like, Oh, I remember.

Jon Mendoza 32:49
Yep, I agree. I agree. I mean, recovery, mental health, emotional well being breathing, right drinking water. I mean, it's, it's exactly what you need. And so joy is a prime example of her being able to emphasize this others but learning by her own example, right? So this has taken her years to develop, and she's still practicing every day, hence why she talks about doing these little things that take five seconds to do 10 seconds to do

Joy Scola 33:16
you have to do something that's gonna work for your lifestyle. You people want to be optimising like, Oh, I could dedicate an hour and a half a day. No, honestly, on your worst day, how much time? Could you honestly give yourself five minutes? Great, one minute. Great. Pick one minute and before you get exhausted from working, where you sit on your matter, you go do some sort of stretching and breathing and get your body moving. And you do that every day, you'll start to notice some incredible changes happen just from one minute. So be realistic, do something that is fun for you. I hate going to the gym. I hate lifting weights. That's not fun. For me, that's a job. So I pick people up instead. That to me is fun. I lift people in the air because that's my favorite way to play and workout. So find something that resonates with you and stick to that but also incorporate the softer aspects that are going to allow you to heal and drop in within yourself. That's right.

Jon Mendoza 34:09
I love it. Well said so, joy I know is in Austin. How do we find joy Austin, Texas.

Joy Scola 34:15
You can also find me on youtube youtube.com forward slash Joyce Scola, SC o la like cola with an S in front. I was gonna do crazy stuff. I'm on Instagram, Joyce cola. Yes. And I teach at three locations around town. So if you head to my Instagram, I'm always posting about my schedule and

Jon Mendoza 34:33
stuff. Yeah. And she has some really cool classes here at the yoga room. So definitely come and see her talk to her. I mean as you could tell, she is more than willing to help you with any aspect of life it whether it be from just the breathing aspect to teaching you how to do handstands, right? Yeah. Oh, yeah. So

Joy Scola 34:51
but I've had to pretty much face I've gotten injured in almost every year. I've had to work through a lot of stuff and mental emotional stuff as well. So it's all part of it. It's

Jon Mendoza 34:59
all I love it. So y'all come see us over here. Thank y'all for joining us today.

"Pick one minute and before you get exhausted from working, where you sit on your mat or you go do some sort of stretching and breathing and get your body moving. And if you do that every day, you'll start to notice some incredible changes happen; just from one minute."
"We're mammals. We need a break. Our body needs a break."

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You can find Joy on Instagram @joyscola or visit her website: www.joyscola.com

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