Mike Bledsoe started his first Crossfit gym in 2007; hosted Barbell Shrugged, the #1  Podcast for fitness & nutrition from 2012-2017; and has helped hundreds of coaches and gym owners build the businesses they dreamt of. 

"It was crazy as people are like, you know, walking around believing that there's nothing they can do. Yeah. And then, you know, some people have other recommendations like, Hey, take vitamin D, maybe glutamine. Yeah, take some Glutathione, I imagine it helps."


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"And that's what's definitely happening with medicine right now. Is it was bullshit before. Yeah. Isn't COVID just amplifying the bullshit?


Baldo 0:01
Alright guys, welcome to the How Do You Health? Poodcast! We I'm excited today it's a it's a Friday morning. No Actually it's not. It's a Wednesday. Damn, dude, it's crazy month. It has been great.

And I am here with with Mike Bledsoe. He is a serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO of the strong coach. And you know the the mike Bledsoe podcast and, man. We've known each other for what, two years now? Yeah, maybe two or three years.

Mike Bledsoe 0:34
Actually, I yeah. It'll be three years in the spring we met at paleo effects. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We missed it last this past year because of that. Yeah.

Yeah. So it's been it'll be three years in the spring. Yeah. Yeah. It's been it's been a wild year. And I just got done talking to Jonathan. Yeah. And talking about it all, but I got, I got some drop in time with him. And he was updating me on everything going on with you guys. And then also in Austin, and you know, I've been hanging around and different parts of the country this year.

Yeah. Austin has been sounds like it's just, it's the place to be. But we shouldn't tell people that, ya know, cuz

it's full.

Baldo 1:18
Well, it's interesting, because I keep telling people like, where do they fit? And it looks like it just keeps going up. Right? Because more buildings going up is like I thought, I thought things are slowing down right now. But it doesn't seem that way. And Austin. Yeah, it doesn't seem like that way in Texas, because Houston is also like blowing up. The thing about is that the cool people are coming, Austin. Yeah. But Texas in general, is it's not slowing down. And it's not shutting down.

Mike Bledsoe 1:47
It's very attractive for that reason, after being up in the bay for the summer, up in San Francisco. And, yeah, it's like everything came to a screeching halt. So people forgot. They're like waiting for permission. Yeah, waiting for permission to do something. It's a really interesting thing, where I think that in the world of entrepreneurship, a lot of people suffer because there's a lack of self expression. And people don't express themselves, whether it be verbally or like, fashion wise, or through a business idea, because businesses self expression, and because you're you're imprinting yourself on the world, that self expression. And, and it's interesting to watch, you know, an entire culture where people value self expression. And then, and and the, the, I guess, the antithesis to self expression is someone who's waiting for permission. Yeah. And I just came from a place where people prided themselves on self expression. And it's almost like it was it was like, Oh, you guys are just doing that for show? Yeah, like if it wasn't true self expression. It was maybe it was at one point. But it's what I'm witnessing in Austin is is self expression. Oh, this is cool.

Baldo 3:13
It's very pure. Yeah, I feel like Well, I was telling you about how I gave you the quick rundown of how like are how do you health festival came about? And that was all self expression? I think. Yeah. I mean, I reached out to a few people as like, hey, look, we got this cool spice. Like you can do whatever you want. Let your Let your heart run wild. Whatever you thought about that you needed space for now you have the space do it. Yeah. And there was no question about like, this is what I want to do. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I was like, Whoa, that was quick and easy. Yeah. When you think about like, it's funny, because before this we had talked about the dream was to have a three day festival, kind of like, you know, Austin City Limits Coachella like all those. But a health version of it. That is I meant that's a lot of work. Yeah. And just like what we just did a month long one and it wasn't a lot of work. Yeah. It's it's smaller, slow

Mike Bledsoe 4:07
roll. It wasn't this big, intense thing it was every day, it was something different.

Baldo 4:12
Yeah, it was natural. And it was just so the two things that we've always focused on. And when I moved here to help john start the clinic side of the business, it was like, Look, I'll do it. I'll even take a humongous paycheck. I mean, pay cut. I'll take a paycheck, eventually. Right. But I told him like, the main thing is like, I'll do it as long as we make sure that we always keep things educational, and, and that we're always helping other businesses grow. Because I think those two things, they take care of everything else on their own right. It makes it easy, right? You know, which is part of what you've done it throughout your life and through your podcasting careers. And now through the coaching, right, you're helping others, helping educators educate your sense. Yeah. And then tell me more about that.

Mike Bledsoe 4:59
Yeah. So like when one of the things that I'm well is around the time that we met, actually it was, it was three years ago, I took some time off from work, because I was, I had been running multiple coaching businesses for 10 years at that point. And I was a little, a little more than a little burnout, I let myself really get way burnt out. And so I was taking I took off about six months. But the, what ended up coming out of that is realizing, and just when I was with my old company Barbell Shrugged, we did such a good job of finding the best coaches on the planet, and people who are the highest performers. So we're really good at finding higher highest performers and coaches that coach the highest performers, and figuring out what the fuck they're doing to make people as good as possible. And alongside that I was coaching, you know, we had 1000 clients in a time that we were coaching, and we built a really solid business.


what I noticed was what I really enjoyed, when I took that time off is like, oh, the coaches that were like the best at what they do, most of them had no business sense whatsoever. And I had early on learned about business, I'd also learned about communication, I took courses and leadership, you know, did crazy shit, like, go down into the jungle and drink Iosco and get some, some direct wisdom, you know, revealed and all that kind of stuff. And I go, Wow, these coaches, just, they they are some of the best on the planet, don't know how to quite communicate, like they, they have this knowledge, and they don't know how to get it across to their current clients. And they also have a hard time getting prospective clients in the door. And so I was like, you know, I'm just gonna help those guys and girls out. And so it's been really cool doing that, really. And through this year, especially, so many people. What I witnessed this year is people either they shrank or they expanded, and they were shrinking or expanding already. But with COVID, everything was amplified. And so what I what I witnessed was like the, the, the ones that are growing, and the ones that are doing it right when COVID hit they they actually grew their businesses, they grew their clientele, they help their clients through things. And the people that were half assing it or they their heart really wasn't in it, or they were making some really critical mistakes going in. It just destroyed them. Through this process. It's been it's been a culling of the herd in my industry specifically, and I'm witnessing in a lot of other industries, too. I mean, I think half the restaurants are probably close to two thirds of restaurants, at least on the west coast. are done. Yeah, yeah.

Baldo 8:03
Yeah. Maybe a little less here, but I guess there's a lot of leeway in Texas. Right. Yeah. But but

Mike Bledsoe 8:12
still is a value self expression freedom over overseas. Yeah, you're

Baldo 8:16
not gonna tell me what it comes down to.

Mike Bledsoe 8:19
That's why I prefer Texas. I'm pretty good at keeping myself safe. So thank you very much. Yeah,

Baldo 8:25
exactly. Like if you're not then, you know, go to another state. Right.

Mike Bledsoe 8:29
Yeah, that's basically it. Yeah, there's there's value safety over, you know, having money or a roof over your head.

Baldo 8:39
touching on the coaches expansion, or what is it? What are what would you call it a contraction or contraction of the business of coaching, there's a few coaches in there close to us, our community that also went through the idea that because of COVID, and a lot of people going switching over to online, their, their business has shot up for like a month or two. And it's almost like, again, not trying to call anyone out. But this is this is just my theory, and maybe you can expand on that, because of the complacency of like, oh, like I'm doing what I'm doing and I'm still blowing up at some point is like, that didn't work anymore. And I just like, tanked.

Mike Bledsoe 9:19
Yeah, it was funny. It's really interesting to like, I predicted everything that happened as it before it was happening. I was like, Oh, this is what's gonna happen this is what's gonna happen is what's gonna happen on a micro level inside the industry and on a macro level to like, as soon as it hit I go, there's gonna be riots. I don't know why. There'll be riots but there's need riots. You can't, can't suppress people this much. And conflict not ensue. Like, like, historically This is just how humans in large groups behave when you when you try to contain them. And that didn't happen the way I thought it was gonna happen. Like I had a few different scenarios, but None of those, but the riots did happen. But like inside of them, the micro level inside the industry, what I was really trying to get across to people early on is like, Look, you cannot just do what you've been doing. Your clients are going to for two months are going to stay with you out of loyalty. Yeah, they're gonna, you know, if you're doing stuff in person and you go online, you can try to replicate what you're doing in person online. Or if you're doing something online before, you know, you're gonna have to step up your game. Because the, well basically what I said is first two months, you're fine. But you better innovate from there, you cannot just keep doing more of the same. And

Baldo 10:46
the reason because that doing it the same didn't get you there is the idea that all of a sudden there is just a bigger market.

Mike Bledsoe 10:51
Yeah. Because all the coaches went online, immediately, which increased competition. Because, you know, I might want to work with somebody locally. But the moment I have to go online, two months into battle, and then only that a lot of coaches be in the first two months, they their service was just not as good as and yeah, after two months, people just kind of like go, Well, what else is there? If I'm gonna if I'm gonna do my shit online anyway? I might as well get the best. Yeah, you know, and which is great.

Baldo 11:25
And those guys have a system and they can offer it for cheaper.

Mike Bledsoe 11:27
Yeah, so the people who are already doing stuff online, this is what I see. People who are already doing it, well, online just started crushing, right, and the people who were kind of trying to figure out online, it stayed a little more difficult for them. But the overall, the coaches that did the best period, are the ones that had the best relationships with their clients. And so we want to take it to fitness, because we have all sorts, all types of coaches, but primarily fitness. So we had a lot of coaches or handful coaches that had gyms, and, and so on, still have them. But they, they actually grew their membership in the first month of COVID. And then three months later, we're still growing, whereas some others weren't. And what differentiated these coaches was, some people were just running a business and like renting out their space and equipment, basically, and had some coaches coming and going and all that kind of shit. But the people who were really doing next level coaching and had really tight relationships with their clients, those clients brought in more clients. And it was really interesting to watch her go, Wow, everything we've been talking about is spot on. And it was you know, I've been watching this for years. Put the watch it so be amplified to such a degree that is undeniable to other people's eyes. Like there's things I see that other people don't see. But when I'm looking at it, what I can now pointed out to other people, and they go oh, I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm witnessing the same thing. That's interesting. Yeah,

Baldo 12:59
yeah. I'm gonna take a little break here for a commercial. Yep. All right. So this episode is gonna get released a little later than, than what's going on this week. But Joe, you're holding on? You're holding up.

Mike Bledsoe 13:13
Okay, here we go

Baldo 13:14
tomorrow. Here at the native at the at the hottie health fest? What's that going to look like? What's the idea there?

Mike Bledsoe 13:22
Oh, yeah, we got to meet up. Tomorrow. It's It's all I haven't done very many of these, especially this year. Of course, I didn't want I'm in San Francisco late last year. And it was really cool. It was it was just said, hey, let's meet at a coffee shop and meet up with some coaches. And I'm hanging out some really high level people. And people who've become my friends who I'd never met, but you know, in person up to that point. And the same thing is happening here is this is a much cooler version of what I did there. So yeah, bring I said I put out on Instagram I put out to my community. I have an online community, where anyone who's been to my programs, and I just say, hey, come out and hang out. So tomorrow we've got john Wolfe is gonna stop by from on it. We've got Jeremy teal, from grey and CrossFit Central. He's also a serial entrepreneur in the coaching space. He's stopping by. We have one of our clients coming in. He's flying in from I think it was New York. Nice. He saw I was like, why, you know, I just wanted people, you know, local austinites to come through, but that's cool. Yeah. And

Baldo 14:37
I mean, there's not much to do in New York right now either, I think Oh, yeah.

Mike Bledsoe 14:40
Yeah, he's been spending most of his time in other countries. Like he's been finding other countries and chillin there. And so yeah, I you know, we just threw together and it's always one of those things where I love meetups because you never know what you're gonna get. And it's always a pleasant surprise. Yeah. So here it's great because like We got the best coffee. The best chocolate, the best IV drips, the best people. And I'm sure people are gonna jump into

Baldo 15:07

Mike Bledsoe 15:08
Yeah, the lucea like, an experience that I I've sat with it before, but I'm not in a space where I can really enjoy it. Yeah, I've done in like a conference before. Oh, yeah. Too many too much shit going on. Yeah, so like, doing it in a place like this is super cool. Because what, it's what I love connecting people to and watching that. But when you bring people in here, and I like sat down and talk to you all this morning, and just so much innovation is happening. That you know, a lot of people say 2020 suck, but 2020 is fucking great. Yeah, so much innovation. Yeah, a lot of things are gonna have to die. You know, a lot of businesses are gonna have to die, that economics are gonna have to shift and are shifting in a way that is going to cause things to happen never had would have happened otherwise. Yeah. And at a really rapid rate.

Baldo 16:03
What's almost like, there's got to be space made for the new shit. Totally. Yeah.

Mike Bledsoe 16:07
So here we are, we're sitting in a cutting edge studio, we're, you have all sorts of really cool stuff going on, you have high level people coming in that want to perform at their peak potential. So if you're in Austin, and you want to operate the highest level, of course, you're coming here. So we do a meetup here. So invite the highest quality people into the highest quality environment. And then just watch what happens. Just hang out. Yeah. And the, you know, you've been part of masterminds and stuff like that before. is in you go to a high level conferences. The magic is what happens in between? Correct. So we're just doing the in between spot Fuck, you know, fuck, yeah, let's just do the in between part and have a good time.

Baldo 16:53
Yeah, well, it's almost like when you're at a conference or like a mastermind, like, you hear the talks. You hear all that? But that just gives you something more to talk about. Whenever you're like, just hanging out great. Yeah, but then that gives you something.

Mike Bledsoe 17:07
And when you get to a certain, when you get with high level people, the context is, is is already what's happening. It's already there. Their life is already there. They're so mission oriented, right? You guys are mission mission oriented. I'm mission oriented. Everyone that's coming through has a mission or missions, you know, plural. And it's, you know, when when I dropped in here, it was like, boom, boom, boom, this is everything that's happening. lay it all out. And like, this is what I got going laid it all out. I was like, okay, where's the crossover? Wow, a lot of crossover. Okay, which is the most exciting thing we can talk about. And that's, that's, that's what I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Baldo 17:46
Well, I showed up and I had forgotten my computer so that we can shoot this. And I had no problem like leaving to coming back because I need like, like, there's plenty to talk about right now, though, because we haven't seen each other like almost a year.

Mike Bledsoe 17:57
It's been a year. It was last time. I've been in Austin since last paleo effects. Yeah, it's been a while. It's been a year and a half. Yeah.

Baldo 18:05
And I think we've we've texted back and forth here and there a bit. But we just haven't made it. Like we just haven't COVID at COVID. And, and so and so yeah. And so then I was like, I can go and come back because like there's plenty to be caught up on. You got to meet my assistant. And he's just like, he's brand new to all of this. And he's his mind is like what the fuck, I

Mike Bledsoe 18:25
can tell he's just trying to hang on. I gotta keep, you know, he's probably learning at the fastest rate possible. Yeah, like, I get it. You know, it's

Baldo 18:33
like, it's a really cool opportunity. I was like, dude, I wish I was 21. Like,

Mike Bledsoe 18:36
doing this like, yeah, getting to work with them. Nobody was nobody was taking me in that was doing cool shit when I was 21. Yeah, no, I mean, I was doing interesting shit. But it was not not not like this. This is a different thing. Yeah, this is gonna set him up for the rest of his life.

Baldo 18:53
Correct? Yeah. I mean, hopefully he just becomes the CEO of the hottie health, you know, network stuff that we're building. But you know, we'll see. We'll see that what that goes for him.

Mike Bledsoe 19:03
We'll see if he got an Andy.

Baldo 19:04
We'll see if he got it. He probably does. he's a he's a smart little kid. So you're getting an IV right now. I forgot all the different vitamins that he put in there. But the main thing is that he put some na D in there.

Mike Bledsoe 19:17
Yeah, that was that was really the thing I wanted the most. And do you feel it? I feel it. Oh, yeah. I'm completely turned on. Yeah, it's, it's, um, there's something like the what I'm experiencing is expansion in my body. So it it's one of those things where you couldn't mistake it as stimulation, I mean, is stimulating like the the stimulation is like a byproduct. It's not like a bunch of caffeine. It's more like, oh, there's space in my body. And then everything is just flowing with ease. Yeah.

Baldo 19:54
Yeah. It's so I'll tell you one thing I'll I'd like to run. I don't do it. often anymore, but when I do it, I'll do like a shot of any deal with it. And man, my speed is just, it's a different level. The main thing is that I don't get tired you know like if I'm if I'm doing like a 10 mile run, for example like around normally mile six, I started like taper off. And usually with when I do like a shot with a heavier dose of and I'm talking about an injection, not an IV, just a quick like, boom boost, like mile six, I'm like I'm picking up steam. Nice, which is like, that's, that's awesome. Like, I didn't have that when I was freaking 20 years old. How

Mike Bledsoe 20:34
often? How often Could you do an ad?

Baldo 20:36
So there's a couple of protocols, right? There's I mean, the things that people talk about all the time you listen to Ben Greenfield, all those all those cats, like they talk about doing like 1600 milligrams over like a freaking. They'll challenge themselves to do within like 20 minutes or whatever it does. But most of the time that takes like four or five hours.

Mike Bledsoe 20:53
Yeah, I have friends that when an ad was first a thing. A few years ago, I was like, oh, we're gonna go down. I was living in San Diego, we're gonna go down to Mexico. Yeah. And do a an afternoon and ad trip or something like that was like a whole afternoon. Okay.

Baldo 21:08
Yeah. But that's a lot. That's a lot. And so and then you would do that, like every month or every other month, there's protocols like that. And I think there's one that's like a there's a node we do three in three days in a row. And then you do them every other month kind of do different many different protocols. We've tried them. Well, we love especially john right. And he'll he'll have the actual clinical notes on the unknown, all that we prefer to have people just do them on a weekly basis on smaller dosages. Just so that way, they're getting that continuous help. That continuous other rejuvenation, that continuous like focus factor. And we find that it's well first of all, it's quicker, right? Because you can either do it like an injection or even this IV is going to take you maybe at the most an hour, we're kind of going slow with it. But but a

Mike Bledsoe 21:58
vitamin C in there too, I

Baldo 21:59
think. Yeah. So there's a bunch of other stuff in there that says this is not like, like, there's no reason. My theory is that a lot of these protocols, yes, they were once a for for addiction, right? Because we're they're trying to like remove those type of patterns. Yeah.

Mike Bledsoe 22:13
And ad was was used for that. It was used for addiction. I was talking to an addiction guy, I remember that years ago. Yeah, hi,

Baldo 22:20
hi, same same, some of those same protocols, and is like, well, if you're not having to deal with addiction, or maybe that's not the thing that you're targeting, you know, if they have addiction, sometimes we would never know that

Mike Bledsoe 22:32
we're all addicted to something correct.

Baldo 22:33
But, but if that's not the case, there's still plenty of other benefits to an ad. And, you know, in the same in the same way that like, you know, like glue the tie on, right, I get glue to tie on once a week. And that's just like a maintenance kind of deal. So that we kind of approach it the same way maintenance, right? Because any deal is natural in your body. So if I can help you, if I can assist you in doing it a little bit more often. More completely throughout your body. Like I always feel it in my knees or Well, technically, I don't feel it anymore in my knees because I just didn't exosomes two weeks ago. Change my change my my neat life dude,

Mike Bledsoe 23:08
I've been hearing a lot of positive feedback on exosomes. I'm interested in that. Yeah, what's been your experience

Baldo 23:16
dude. So we started doing it. So this new source that we got, they just got approved by the FDA to say that it can treat and cure COVID It's a you have to do like 15 doses digitally which is really expensive because it would be like you know, maybe like 40 grand or something like that 32

Mike Bledsoe 23:31
grand a pop?

Baldo 23:33
Yeah, it's like three grand, three grand it gets cheaper as you buy higher quantities to but like if you wanted to do once you see three grand is what are you doing

Mike Bledsoe 23:42
is extra zones where you have to spin out your own blood.

Baldo 23:44
So what I did is that we took out some blood spin out for PRP mix it in with some with exomes and went straight into my

Mike Bledsoe 23:51
so that are the exosomes from your body are these

Baldo 23:54
it's one daughter actually. Yeah, there's one donor super clean. species are being I should say. It we were thinking about like I wonder if this kind of just gives himself his own eggs. His own was like it on a weekly basis. Does he just live forever? Yeah. But people have been coming in and doing a two A's IVs for general health. And then like, in my case, I did it for a spot therapy just because I really wanted to completely rejuvenate my my knee. It was my meniscus. I had tore my meniscus and I've been healing it through fasting and two different things that I've been doing but it's it's been like it's been progress, but it's but not. But the difference is that when I did the PRP, it was like three years later I was running and no fatigue. So you get you get your you you spit

Mike Bledsoe 24:49
out your blood for PRP, mix it with exosomes reinjected, you do local site plus IV that's what I've heard is Yeah, is doing both correct. I personally don't have have any problem areas? I might just want to do an IV drip of exosomes? Yeah,

Baldo 25:04
that's what a lot of people that don't have problem is do like my friend Kinsey, he comes in from Midland every six months and he gets like just a general IV with exosomes, he's like, that's just what he's got. How

Mike Bledsoe 25:14
much is that as I like three grand?

Baldo 25:16
Yeah, it's about three grand. Okay.

Mike Bledsoe 25:18
Have you heard about the sight injection into the brain is a sinus cavity.

Baldo 25:23
I heard about it. I looked much more into that. But

Mike Bledsoe 25:26
yeah, yeah, there's a doctor and MD she she self administered? Wow. Yeah. Because I don't think I don't think that's supposed to be done yet. But I guess if you're doing it to yourself, it's okay.

Baldo 25:38
Yeah. I mean, I, I heard it in a podcast, same thing, right. It

Mike Bledsoe 25:43
was, it was it was a woman that administered it to my buddy in San Diego. Yeah, he was like, Oh, you gotta meet this woman. I didn't meet her. But

Baldo 25:52
yeah, yeah. That's dangerous. Well, I mean, I'm sure it is, right. A lot of these things, sticking needles

Mike Bledsoe 25:57
in your brains can be dangerous.

Baldo 26:01
Which is, which is different than like, what we're about to do is the lucila, which is a neuro stimulator, right. And the thing that we're excited about with that is that it does, it breaks amyloid beta plaques. So we're trying to do more research for Alzheimer's, because that's, that's a path that we were already gone down at the lounge, through through supplementation with vitamins and, and even with helping diabetes patients with it, because they're linked, right? Alzheimer's is almost like a type three diabetes. And so now we're seeing like, What can this do? Because it's definitely reducing brain inflammation. I mean, people come in here just with like headaches. And they're like, Oh, my headaches gone after doing like a like, session. And, you know, would you say, well, just the fact that they took 15 minutes to just breathe and just be there could have helped? Sure. Yeah. But they're not doing that otherwise. Right. So right. So whatever that might be, because it's fun, because it's like a little psychedelic trip without the psychedelics. Yeah. I

Mike Bledsoe 26:53
look forward to trying that out.

Baldo 26:55
Yeah, for sure. Let's see, what else can we talk about? Let's talk about you're going to miss the gene.

Mike Bledsoe 27:03

Baldo 27:04
What do you have planned for that?

Mike Bledsoe 27:07
You know, any ideas of a business partner down there? And, you know, I was I was moving and betting on the way to the day that they closed the borders. Because the COVID, I had a plane ticket, I had my two bags packed. I had my tickets. I was getting on a plane Three hours later. And then I get a text message saying, well, they close the borders at midnight, and your flight doesn't leave till five. And I wasn't supposed to get there till 7am The next morning, and I go, Oh, yes, I'm not going. Yeah. And so they opened the borders back up in October. And I've wanted to, because actually, Colombia closed down pretty hard. They had a pretty rigorous lockdown. And I have some friends that lived down there. And they did not enjoy it. It was like leave your apartment once a week, man. Yeah, super rigorous. And I was like, man, I don't really want to like heat. I don't want to hear from my friends who were locked down about how good it is now, because their contrast is different than coming from from America. So I had a business partner go down and she reported back she goes no business as usual. Everything's rocking and rolling down here. Bring your ass down. Okay, cool. So one of the things that I was going down there for I was I was planning earlier in the year to spend several months there. So I'm just like, you know, I'm just gonna finish the plan. You know, I'm gonna go back down there. And one of the things that I'm doing down there is looking to organize the purchase of a property for the purpose of creating a retreat center. And so there's it I've drink a lot of, I say a lot. I've drank a decent amount of Iosco with different healers in different parts of the world. And there's one particular healer down in, in Colombia 70 year old woman, she's been drinking since she was seven. Wow. And I sat with her for eight ceremonies at the end of at the end of 2019. very beginning of 2020. I mean, I went, I came back for a month and I went right back. That's how good it was. And I and there's a property right next door that's available now. They don't do any prepper integration. I mean, she's from the jungle. Sure. You know, she's not, you know, like, she knows the medicine. Yeah, she's like, I'll teach you how to work with the medicine, you figure everything else out. So we have a team that we will bring in cold therapy, build a sweat lodge, teach people breathwork. administer hop, a combo. Other medicines to help, you know, people connect with themselves and healer, their bodies, their minds, their spirit, and so on. The property became available right next door and already has multiple houses on it's perfect for this retreat center situation. And, you know, when I got down there, they, when the first thing they said, as we were walking around the neighborhood, it was like, well, we really want someone we know to purchase this land because it's for sale and it borders our ceremony space. So if somebody moved in that they didn't, like, you know, then we could have a menace, you know, next door, or someone like ourselves could come in, purchase this property, created more safety for the ceremonies, while also having a really dope spot to prep and integrate clients. So you know, I, I've just witnessed, I've witnessed a lot of a lot of Iosco like getting partnered with and it kind of like get, it gets diluted a bit, she has some things. So we're really doing it with the intention of keeping that medicine as sacred as possible. And then also letting people have their own experiences with the medicine instead of us trying to layer in our own spiritual, which I've also been witness to that a bit as people wanting to overlay their own spirituality on top of someone else's medicine experience. I go, No, this is

Baldo 31:25
Yeah, it's like you got to let the person have their own experience. Yeah. So is that what it may be?

Mike Bledsoe 31:30
Yeah, so I've just seen some, some people come from from America and, and other places in the world to South America, and then you know, like start layering and these other things, and, and that's put me off a little bit. So I'm excited to be able to just create a container for people to get exactly what they need, and keep my own shit out of the way.

Baldo 31:56
Continuing with our, with our conversation here, we just had a sub client of ours drop off a bunch of meat.

Mike Bledsoe 32:04
That's always a plus, what a life. What a life you have when you when you get high quality meat delivered to your doorstep.

Baldo 32:11
Yeah, they own like a lot of land, like 30 minutes south of here, and, or at least the beginning of their property is 30 minutes south of here. And yeah, like venison and axes and bison, and it's all just, she's like, I made you a little cheat sheet of like, how to cook all this. Like, oh, I'm just gonna go to town.

Mike Bledsoe 32:30
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I had I had something similar. When I was in Northern California. I'd belcampo Farms delivering food. That was, yeah, there's nothing better than that.

Baldo 32:42
So yeah, I mean, this sounds exciting, what you're trying to create down in meta gene, Colombia, it's gonna be like, on the outskirts, I imagine.

Mike Bledsoe 32:51
Meta games, just, to me is a great town to live in a lot of expats, a lot of entrepreneurship and then the properties a couple hours from Bogota. So it's actually a different part of Colombia. But I've been traveling inside of that country is super easy. Just like go hop on a plane, catch a cab, and you're, you're right where you need to be. It's,

Baldo 33:12
that's what I hear. I want to go do some climbing, climbing a lot more. So I've been going to Colorado a lot more because of that. But I know that there's some good climbing at Columbia. Is there? Oh, yeah. Nice mountains up there. And what's the you got the Andes out there. So there's, there's there's a lot to do down there. And so I will be coming down to visit you. Yeah, for multiple reasons. Yeah, we'll be

Mike Bledsoe 33:35
organizing some things. Yeah. collaborating on something probably fun.

Baldo 33:39
Well, we were we were supposed to be doing a retreat in under us. So we went through the whole process of like, what does it take to to bring the IVs and all that and, and then that fell through and then we were going to do one in Peru in May. And we just cancelled that just because we still don't know how things are looking at. But same thing. We went through the whole process of what does it look like to bring IVs and all that stuff? And so now we're gonna have to set that up in Colombia.

Mike Bledsoe 34:06
Yeah. Colombia or Mexico. In Mexico. We're one of my guys is setting up a couple of retreats. It's one of those things where he has a spot he has the intention as the plans are, have yet to form and then I'm talking to you guys, like oh, yeah, we can do Mexico and do Monterey.

Baldo 34:24
Oh, yeah. Dude, I love Monterey.

Mike Bledsoe 34:26
Yeah. Or our friend has a 30 person retreat center

Unknown Speaker 34:31

Mike Bledsoe 34:33
with a sweat lodge, and also, you go out and pick your own pod, and they have a pod ceremony there. And then in wahaca, which is in a different it's in the southern part of Mexico, I've been wanting to visit will hook up which is where my friend Danny is from. Originally. That's where he was born and raised seven before he he came over to the states and he's been spent a lot of time there and have amazing mushrooms ceremonies there. They go and pick them fresh. It's only during a certain season of the year. So it looks like we're gonna be doing something down in wahaca.

Unknown Speaker 35:11

Baldo 35:12
I mean, I've been so well Hawk also has the best climbing in Mexico. Oh, really? Yeah.

Mike Bledsoe 35:17
So there's a lot of mountainous Yeah,

Baldo 35:18
yeah. Yeah. So that's part of the reason why I've been wanting to

Mike Bledsoe 35:22
do wahaca this summer.

Baldo 35:23
Let's do it, man. Yeah, let's do it. Let's plan it out.

Mike Bledsoe 35:26
and Mexico always plays a loose. Mexico is like, if you for IVs and stuff like that, I imagine what my experience of Mexico is. It's they they're very open. And the same in Colombia. It's there's there's some things you can access medically that you can't access in the United States even?

Baldo 35:43
Yeah, it really just comes down to like, you just have to pay the right person.

Mike Bledsoe 35:46
And that that is what it comes down. It's

Baldo 35:48
not a lot is not a law, because it's not a lot. That's a lot for them.

Mike Bledsoe 35:54
Right. Like it's no longer us, correct? Well, yeah. I mean, that's, that's the lesson I've learned about Mexico and Colombia is carry $50. Yes, you carry us 50. us and you can pretty much get in and out of anything.

Baldo 36:08
Pretty much. Pretty much. Yeah. And so it's interesting, because like, we'll run into the clinic, like we get people coming back from Mexico, even before COVID like, Oh, I got sick. And so like, obviously, that's still happening, because people are still going to Mexico. They're like, Oh, God, COVID I was like, No, you're you're just sick. Like, trust me, like,

Mike Bledsoe 36:26
nobody got the flu this year. Yeah.

Baldo 36:30
It's like you ate something off the street and you got food poisoning. And like, that's really what it is. And there have been a couple that have had COVID. But yeah, it's the same thing. Yeah, you know, except that, you know, if you go to the hospital, you're gonna be labeled COVID.

Mike Bledsoe 36:42
Totally, totally. It's, it's

an interesting world. Yeah.

I was like, I was like, weird. I haven't met anyone that got the flu this year. But half my friends got COVID.

Baldo 36:52
Well, this is totally not a correct number, I'm sure. But I've read something like that. That flu is down, like, I don't know, like, 40% or so. I was like, come on, like nothing never dies off by a bad amount. from one year to

Mike Bledsoe 37:06
Yeah, well, I saw a similar thing. And it was like, Could it be because more people were getting vaccinated? Or because people wearing masks and staying home? And I'm like, are you really proposing that? Yeah, that's why because people were staying indoors. Or you know, fucking lost your mind.

Baldo 37:24
Yeah, kids are still kids. Yeah, they're still spreading germs all over? Yeah. They're not wearing masks. Yes. For some reason. This doesn't affect kids. yet.

Mike Bledsoe 37:34
This stat has nothing to do with reality has everything to do with our labeling and categorizing things.

Baldo 37:39
Yeah, it's really interesting. But so is That's how life is right now. And you know what? It's fine, right? Because the way that I see it is like, Look, I haven't chosen to live in that reality. And because of that, like, we have been better off for it. And I think that our community has been better off of it for it as well, too. Well, we just had these two ladies come in. They didn't Uzziah they didn't got an IV. All that is really cool spot that we just acquired for no damn reason. It brought us meat, like so. Life is totally dope. Yeah, I

Mike Bledsoe 38:10
mean, it was all about expansion and contraction in the beginning. And that was that's and and things being amplified. And that's what's definitely happening with medicine right now. Is it was bullshit before. Yeah. isn't like COVID just amplifying the bullshit. Like, if you're gonna buy into the narrative you bought in even harder? Oh, yeah. And if you are on your own narrative and creating your own story, and which I highly recommend, then you had even more reason to do that now and to reject that narrative. So there's this it's just COVID now, but like, getting, I mean, look, I'm not a doctor. I don't play one on TV or anything like that. And but like, I haven't gotten a flu vaccination since I've got out of the military. I look down and go this is silly. I never get sick. Like I might get a little sniffles here and there. But people who are getting flu vaccinations or they seem like they always get sick every year. Yeah, and I'm going this doesn't add up. This just doesn't add up. I just my own my own thing. I take really good care of my health doing what I'm doing today with the IV and everything. And yeah, it's just Yeah, what what what narrative Do you want to live in?

Baldo 39:24
What I was hoping that would come out of this is that people would learn how to listen to their bodies more because I mean, sure, like I have a practice of health because we own a clinic and then we do a bunch of different health should but the thing about it is that anytime I feel like a little scratch on my throat, this is for years, right? Because I haven't seen I haven't been sick. The last time I got sick was like five, five years ago and I was in Cuba, it was food poisoning. So I don't know if you count that as sickness, that's a poisoning. And so and so. I was gonna say, but so anytime I feel like a little edge or like sniffles that are beyond Like the normal, like, I got a sample here, and they're like, Oh, it's I've got some nipples and it's been like 30 minutes. I'm gonna do something about it. Yeah. As opposed to like, Oh, it's nothing. It's nothing. It's nothing like, no, it's something and if I'm feeling that that's what I'm taking a little more cares. Like, I'm not going to drink the soda, which I shouldn't anyways in the first place, but right, especially if I have this and if we get

Mike Bledsoe 40:19
more risk, right, I get my IV right. I

Baldo 40:21
get my IV bunch of vitamin C. Sleep more.

Mike Bledsoe 40:24
Yeah. More sleep less caffeine. Yeah, whatever. Yeah, just relax. Reduce the cortisol, the biotechs. Get some sunlight. get outdoors. Yeah. Simple, really simple. Shit, slow down, slow down and enjoy what you have.

Baldo 40:40
And we keep seeing articles and articles on glutamine. how effective it is on for COVID. Right, really? I can show you like four of them off of my phone right now that people have texted me He's like, Is this true? Is like we've been saying it all along?

Mike Bledsoe 40:52
I mean, I mean, yeah, it's funny. The vitamin D came out. Yeah, it really is like, yeah, just, you know, if you're, if you have sufficient vitamin D, you're probably fine. And I get probably so it was glutamine and it. But it's interesting, because if that's counter narrative, counter mainstream narrative people like freak out, and it's like, it's like this is this is science. Yeah, too. We'll see there's, there's more than one narrative. When it comes to science, there's like, it's a much bigger conversation that most people are willing to even consider.

Baldo 41:27
So here's a little lesson on glutamine from like the non science guy out of operation. glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your in your body it if you have tissue, there's glue to glue me makes part of that, like, have that. If you What do you call it, like have that formula to create a tissue cell?

Mike Bledsoe 41:46
Got a lot of athletes, big believers in glutamine?

Baldo 41:49
Well, sure, right. Because like, so the idea is, like, if you tear your muscles, they they, for those of you that are not seeing this, I'm kind of pretending like that your like your muscle is expanding because it's torn, and it's inflamed. So if you supplement with glutamine at that point, then it starts to heal. When it's bigger, yeah. As opposed to like, if you don't supplement with with, with glutamine, it's still going to heal. It's bigger because it just happened. And then there's glutamine production anyways. But if you happen to supplement with glutamine, then before it starts to contract back again, that glutamine helps you start fixing itself or healing when it's bigger. So obviously, you have bigger gains. Yeah. But it's everywhere. So if there's any damage to any part of your body, then there's damage or there's less glutamine there.

Mike Bledsoe 42:42
Yeah. Sounds like you get a more of a compensation, like a super compensation. Because you're, you're getting what's needed to repair much more quickly and online.

Baldo 42:53
Correct. Yeah. And so anytime there's any type of damage anywhere, which COVID is damaging all sorts of like lung tissues and boba, then there's lack of glutamine. So if you're supplementing with glutamine, then there's going to be less lack of glutamine.

Mike Bledsoe 43:06
Yeah. It was crazy as people are like, you know, walking around believing that there's nothing they can do. Yeah. And then, and then, and then, you know, some people have other recommendations like, Hey, take vitamin D, maybe glutamine. Yeah, take some Bluetooth ion, I imagine is is helps,

Baldo 43:27
is a precursor to glutathione. So like, you can also produce more time with glutamine. So it's just like, m glutamine is cheaper, it's more readily abundant. You could buy it everywhere like lutein is a little more difficult to find. It's a little more expensive to but it's like if you have nothing, I mean, we saw tub like it's, it's called gut because we do four gram doses, and it goes in there and heals your gut. But it's just glutamine. It's just happens to be a four gram dose. We sell like a three month supply of it for like, like 70 bucks, right? And you could do that all day. And it's a it's a powder. And obviously, you can get an IV as well, too. And that's more efficient for other parts of your body, not just your gut. But it's just like it's a simple thing. And you can find it pretty much anywhere. Like you just have to go get a scoop of it like, yeah, you can buy $10 $10 ones for a month, like they're not as high quality but glutamine. There's not a lot to do with quality.

Mike Bledsoe 44:19
Right? Like we do hard to screw up.

Baldo 44:21
Yeah, yeah. It's a difficult one to screw up. It's everywhere. It's very abundant. It's everywhere in your body. It's an easy fix. It's an easy help me help.

Mike Bledsoe 44:31
Yeah. Yeah. So it makes me sad that people are just sitting around in doors waiting for a vaccine to come along, when they could be doing all this other stuff. Yeah, all those other stuff. But you know, the people who are hip to these things, they're doing these other things, so they'll be fine.

Baldo 44:49
All right. Well, let's, let's wrap it up. Where can they find you? What's going on? Yeah.

Mike Bledsoe 44:53
You know, I'm on Instagram, Mike underscore Bledsoe. And if you're a coach And you want to join a really dope community, we have an online community where we're, we're sharing information, like I have courses in there on how to build your business. But also, there's a whole community of coaches in there just sharing. You know, we have weekly trainings from other coaches on like things that are fitness related, maybe psycho emotional related, communication related. It's, it's really we built a platform where a coach can go in there and access other coaches, because it's community based as a community platform. So as education, coaching, accountability, like all sorts of all sorts of really cool stuff. We just launched it a few weeks ago. So I was I was like, man, our community is strong, even though we don't have a central technological platform for everyone to meet. Let's build one. Yeah, so we built one and launched one and it's, it's just a beautiful place. So I highly recommend if you just go to the strong coach.com or you shoot me a message on Instagram, we can, I can hook you up with a free week, so people can get in there and just scope it out a free week. We'll

Baldo 46:13
put all that in the show notes as well too. And thank you guys for listening.

"I had my two bags packed. I had my tickets. I was getting on a plane Three hours later. And then I get a text message saying, well, they close the borders at midnight, and your flight doesn't leave till five. And I wasn't supposed to get there till 7am The next morning, and I go, Oh, huh. Guess I'm not going.":

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